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Temptations lyrics - Ultimate Collection

The Way You Do The Things You Do

Original and similar lyrics
VERSE 1: You got a smile so bright, You know you could've been a candle I'm holding you so tight You know you could've been a handle. The way you sweept me off my feet You know you could've been a broom. The way you smell so sweet You know you could've been some perfume. CHORUS: Well, you could've been anything that you, wanted to And I can tell, the way you do the things you do (the way you do the things you do) (the way you do the things you do) VERSE 2: As pretty as you are, You know you could've been a flower If good looks was a minute, You know that you could be an hour. The way you stole my heart, You know you could've been a cruel crook. And baby you're so smart, You know you could've been a school book. CHORUS (music) You made my life so rich, You know you could've been some money And baby you're so sweet, (oh oh) You know you could've been some honey. CHORUS you really swept me off my feet (the way you do the things you do) you made my life complete (the way you do the things you do) you made my life so bright (the way you do the things you do) you make me feel all right (the way you do the things you do)

Baby Come Back

My love, You were the one thing in my life That I treated bad Sometimes enough I made you cry And I know the way I made you feel was wrong (I left you sad and lonely) The things I did, the words I said were much too strong And I swear if you come back to me I'll do things much differently If you were here with me today This is what you'd hear me say Chorus: We could've been so good together Couldn't we give it just one more try? I thought that we would last forever But now you're gone and I think I know why I guess I should have said I am sorry Maybe things wouldn't be this way heaven knows I love you baby If you love me, baby come back to me All the times that I made you cry I'm sorry, don't you say goodbye I wish I had this chance to love you more (I love you, I love you) But now you're gone I can't go on I'm all alone And I swear if you come back to me I'll do things much differently If you were here with me today This is what you'd here me say Chorus Tonight I'm only thinking of you Feeling sorry for myself that's all I can do Without you here I know I'd fall apart So at night I dream of holding you in my arms (At night I dream you're in my arms) (Ooh baby baby) If you were here with me today This is what you'd hear me say Chorus

Just 4 You

Cross Movement
Chorus: Just 4 U, Just 4 U, is why I wrote this rhyme· Just 4 U, so you can understand what goes thru my mind· Just 4 You, so you can understand who I be· the way a walk· the way I talk· the way I think (x2) Verse 1: Welcome to a place you've never been before· It's laid back but raw· Jesus Christ for yall· I'm coming like a jab aimed straight to your jaw· so you better duck· when I bust· cause I'm letting off· · From the door, I'ma lay some things to rest· for me it's Christ first and then this microphones next· you can boogie like the monsters, but I'll still be vexed· if what you speak is not about his most highness· · Allow me if you will, to chill and build a few things· my foundation the Rescuer, The King of Kings· · And Lord of Lords· deserves more than your applause· King Jesus say His name cause he reigns yall· · For mankind, sin made a great big hole· and he became the cement filler to hold up the pole· · called life, no pun intended· you think there's more than one way I recommend you listen· Choosing Christ is not like switchin' long distance· or choosin' what pants to wear with what shirt, it's different· · much different, extremely different like strokes· but there's no Arnold, Willis, Mr. Drummond and no jokes· · I'm provoked, by a world who wants to choke me out· my light's lit, but like Fro's they want to blow me out· · So I let my light shine like a frost bit bracelet· the world you living in face it· His voice shaped it· He changed the face of history and you can't erase it· Sin and death couldn't hold Him and they tried to glue and paste Him· · So where should I take it from here let's see…· I guess that's enough work for the first verse piece Chorus Verse 2: It's been made plane like Jane to me· and doesn't take an Einstein brain to see· that if your born your gonna die and that's the way it be· So you can kill your after life philosophy· cause if it's not Christ, your livin' slopily· like Joe, so I flow hopin' you'll copy me· and get down with Christ who's gotta monopoly· on the universe and works without stoppin', Please!· · He don't need sleep, cause he's the word, ya heard· show me one better than Christ and it's him I'll serve· · But you can't, and I'm not· and you won't, so just stop· feeling shaken; your thing is breakin'; come stand on this Rock Chorus Verse 3: I'd like to take a minute or so if I could· to drop these last packages off in your mental neighborhood· · They're postmarked urgent· from the Lords Bondservant· in care of the Holy Spirit who's now red alertin'· you to the fact that your deservin'· · of no more· than the blaze of the torture and the scorch· but you're the next contestant, so come on down, cause you've been bought · But your feeling bugged cause it seems like your caught· · in your seat or ya' feet feel like they're stuck to the floor· but see the life of Our Lord· was spread out on that Cross· So we could escape the torch,· not just for sport,· no longer to be lost· If we recognize of course· that we're sinners and He's the true and living Life source· · from which we must draw· it was sin and death that he fought· and when His breath left, Oh my God we thought· · he took the L, but we soon saw he prevailed· so when I exhale· Oh yes, I expel myths· · , that outside of Christ you can know God cause He's it· High Priest, Prince of Peace, King Jesus· You better believe His -name is -King Jesus Chorus

He'll Arrive (Coming Back)

YOLANDA ADAMS "Mountain High... Valley Low"
Chorus: Jesus is coming back, Time to make up for all you lack Neither you nor I know the day or the time He'll arrive, he'll arrive Verse 1: There are things that seem Right in your mind Until the time in life When things must change Will you sacrifice a little Of your time to get right Now is the time ... Chorus Verse 2: Coming like a thief in the night In the night for your life And He'll catch you off guard If your heart ain't right Don't hesitate The longer that you wait It may be too late And you don't want it to End that way Bridge: Ohh(ad lib) Get right, Get right Chorus

Friend Or Foe

Intro: I want you I got to have you But what will this lead to? Will it just be me and you? Tell me.... you know I want you Tell me how you feel.... Verse One: MJG I'll be obliged if you step outside because my ride is awaitin our date an of steak an a night cap we matin awakin by smells of perfume that I inhale and then tell how well we raise hell on the dizzell satin sheets heat from your feet keep me warm The mood is perfected by sounds from the storm You came stronger I lasted longer Than I've ever lasted your mouth was fantastic the fuck test you passed it the way you made a nigga laugh I had to getcha and when I saw that ass pass I had to hit cha ya makin me fight against my will What must I do? [Would ya kill for me?] Ya if my life in danger too [Even steal for me?] Ya if that shit belongs to you [Then feel for me?] Ya if the way you act is true Who knows fine clothes Lexus doors you'll be closin when you become one of the chosen hoes in different places different faces different cases got me tied like shoe laces no mistake this MJG you ain't gotta be constantly tryin to shoot that P claimin that you ain't heard of me keepin it real let me know how you feel when we communicate We'll be straight if you express your mind instead of referring away some who can't do it lose women but nigga like me used to it Space Age Pimpin' Chorus: New day, new age Every once in awhile this is how we slang our game New day, new age Nothin is too strong New day, new age when settin it out is all we straight to do New day, new age Just me and you, just me and you Verse Two: Eightball You and I, me and you situation gettin sticky your mouth is sayin no but your body's sayin stick me lick me don't be afraid of what your friends say rappers get dat ass then be outta here like yesterday but not tonight you look so tight it feels so right this indo got me pervin let's go hop in my Suburban and ride til we get to where you want to be no matter how far just call me Oball baby to me your the superstar ask me time and time again why did I choose you Do I wanna be your man or just misuse you I hear your partners dissin' when they think I ain't listenin' them hoes just be wishin they could be in yo position wit me in luxury I got to be everyday chief in hey would somethin stout wearin lingerie Let's hit the hotel get a suite an order somethin to eat tell me things about you I'll tell you things about me then out the blue I'll be carressin you undressin you You start doin all shit you said you'd never do lustin bustin all out of my boxer drawers fingers dripping slippin in an out in an out constantly tellin me the things you don't do Yet you do it like a pro and think I don't know but I do that's why I'm here wit you and you know this slip on the latex and dive in SWISH! Chorus Outro: Hey... please come back to me baby don't ya leave... [shhhh... don't do that] you know I want cha, you know I gotta have you... [Ya, I know but I got to go] I want cha please come back to me... [Damn, you makin it hard for a nigga to leave, don't do that] Don't cha leave, don't cha leave, don't cha leave [I got to go, I got to get up an go] I want you, I want you [I think I want this baby]


P. DIDDY "No Way Out"
[singing by India] Sabes bien que fue un enga~o lo que me hiciste fue un pecado asi mismo me enga~aste (~ substituted for the spanish n) translation: You know well it was a lie what you did to me was a sin that's the way you betrayed me.... Verse One: Puff Daddy Honey I keep you hot and wet, just flooded with ice And you can spend all day and chill, all night Come sleep with the king, peep what I bring Every few weeks it's a bigger size ring Carats ain't nuttin when the cabbage ain't nuttin I got habits like goin to Paris I ain't frontin You can never need for nuttin, only one pipe Would you like to go to dinner, wit Jordan and his wife Am I moving fast It could happen real soon Thousand dollar shoes, dance in ballrooms You know the dress, that got the party impressed You'll only wear it one time, cause the world is mine I try to address it, but you never get the message You the water in my life and I'm trapped in the desert I never seen a honey sweeter, won't stop till I get her cause I need her, my senorita Chorus: Puff Daddy (singing) Mami ven aqui, I wanna be your papi chulo can't you see (mi amor) Baby I need you conmigo Your style is my steelo te necesito aqui (te necesito yo a ti, te amo) Baby come to me (2X) Verse Two: Puff Daddy Her name is Carmen, she live down in Spanish Harlem And I think I have the key to her secret garden When I seen her, I used to want to beg her pardon But I was scared, I ain't really have the heart And when she walked by, I would panic, even though I was cool with her pops Lou, the mechanic Went to school with her brother, that's right I never could build up the words to express how I loved her Long hair, pretty face, slim waist The kind that you marry and take to another place [India sings again] and exchange vows, spend thous Make love in a hot tub, where there's a hot towel She'll be loyal without being spoiled You can shuck all you want but she's still gonna ignore you Makes no sense to say mira Cause bet she won't turn him around, she's my senorita Chorus Verse Three: Puff Daddy I rock regular clothes, as well as Gucci too And if you don't believe me, ask Groovy Loo You're beautiful, so I stay true to you I think you oughta see things like Bermuda boo No cooperation, got me walkin around pacin Patient, waitin for my day of penetration Your relationships is bullshit, your man is a prick with a little bit of bricks and a whip baby Please, I got plenty of V's What you want the pink C-2, or the yellow 3-2-5 That's when I opened my eyes I was dreamin, damn it was all a surprise But it felt real, I hopped up in a wet chill Yet still gotta keep this one concealed Even though I never got a chance to meet her I still need her, cause she's my senorita Chorus *Puffy talking over the chorus* *India sings her part from the beginning again* Chorus *woman singing, man talking*

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