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Tea Party lyrics - The Tea Party (Indie CD)

Poem On The Inside Cover

Original and similar lyrics
I'll show you the door when you've decided to hold on to all that you've lost. You see, all this is nothing when she comes and tears you apart. Of course, all this is nothing if you hold the key to her heart. I told you I am your saviour and your truth. When you get down on the floor, I will steal the soul from you if there is no truth. Let's end this lie tonight. When the thirteenth apostle is knocking at my door, a new sun is rising in the east. Did I tell you that It's true. So sing thorughout the streets and sing throughout the night. Go and tell the people my soul is aflight. Although you might save me from all these emotions that are filling my mind, all of your healers are still hurting my kind. I will watch what the rain blows in, and I will continue to tell people that a climb to the holy land is a slide to the devil's hand. Something is going to change these times and I'll watch them fade away. So if they want to keep me hung on their crosses they'll have to find some bigger nails. I will continue to walk these streets like a doubting Thomas and I'll swear at saints when they pass me by. Nothing is pure when everything is tainted. Where am I going to go when I die. So you see, I'll try to let you go and I'll try very hard to forget. I don't think my thought will subside, I guess I'm just losing my mind. I'm walking alone, I'm standing in the sun. I'm thinking about my life and how it's barely just begun. I want to run.


in this lifetime you don't gatta prove nothin to nobody except yourself and after what you've gone through if you haven't done that by now it ain't gonna never happen yo, hey yo i'm never be what you'd expect me to be clever like that just when you cats think you know me never let the negativity hold or stop me never forget the knowledge hiphop has taught me even though the prophets might never get signed never drop a video or go platinum with my rhymes it'll be cool just knowin that we've touched a few and rocked the mic with some of the dopest mc's too you'll never catch jes givin anything less than my all and i'll forever be with mad sun until the day i fall i'll never be as dope as you dog but i can live with that you'll always give it up for me but you'll never give it back i'll never see a million dollars in this lifetime and you'll never be blessed to have a woman quite like mine to gain respect is a never-ending journey cuz i'll always be jes and i guess i'm never worthy never could find my voice lay down and die give me one good eye to see my influence fly forever i'll try to wear a genuwine smile because i've planted my style across a million miles i'll never turn my back on the heads i attract mic check need a breath to keep a step on the path never lose sight of what this is to me and how it helps my plight to let everyone else see i'll never go out of my way to hold you back i'm just here to make your head rock maybe make your shoes tap and with some luck maybe i can get stuck within your memory remember me i'm the one that does give a (what) and i will never be you and you will never be me but i'm like whatever we can work together and see all we need is the sun and some water for this tree and we can all be free and even i can get free and yo i'll never forget those who always believe and the ones who gave us R-E-S-P-E-C-T yo i'll never be the mc that you want me to be there'll always be something i do or say and you won't agree that's my individuality, originality even though some of y'all get pissed off and mad at me never forget my family or where i'm from never blame others for the wrong i've done yo i'll never hold a grudge i say peace and show love never believed one day i'd be rhymin with slug never know the ablities that you posses till you find yourself and lay all your assumptions to rest i'll never stop writing when there's no ink left and i'll never stop blowing even when there's no breath and i'll never find the words that describe my mind yo i'll never stop lookin and i'll never stop tryin better believe i'll never be the best word-worker instead i use the soul to take the flow further i'll never rhyme about guns, sellin drugs, or murder sooner see a future of flippin burgers i'll never forget about the city that raised me the women i've chased and the cops that have chased me the people that pushed me to become who i am and everyone that came to the jam (like damn) i'll never be the freshest never be the dopest even though sometimes it's hopeless i'll never lose focus i'll never be afraid to show the depth of my emotions there's a side of me that's deep within the belly of the ocean i'll never be the smartest never be the brightest i'll never be the hardest never be the tightest on the mic i'm just your average joe never bored but i've been more dedicated than ever before i'll never give up never call it quits you can never hold me down and i never did like to fool around i'll never be life for me ain't never been easy yo i try to be positive no matter the weather and no matter what i'll never say never and i will never be you and you will never be me but i'm like whatever we can work together and see all we need is the sun and some water for this tree and we can all be free and even i can get free well i hope you folks enjoyed yourselves catch you later on down the trail

Revolving Door

CRAZY TOWN "Gift Of Game"
[CHORUS:] Now Ladies come, ladies go, Out my revolving door Some ladies never come back, Most come back for more. I've got a house in the hills With a door that spins. Goes in and out, Out and in, ‘Round and ‘round again. I live a life these player haters Would love to be living. Since a kid, I've been surrounded By beautiful women. And slippen' in them To win them The unforgiven. Still something's missing, Cuz deep inside I'm suffering Of a lonely heart condition. Wishing I could find a girl That would take me away From the chaos of the city And the everday part that I play. Tell me why lay low, Why say no When I got girls serenading at My window. Ladies good to go We's major league The new breed. No so-so. Highly advanced and got the game To get in any girl's pants. And romance her stone Cuz I more than hold my own They call me Shifty Capone I make them moan Yes, I'm the one. Between the sheets, I amaze and stun. Ain't no need for me to brag About the way that I'm hung. Let's just say I got the skills To get the flyest girl sprung. Or to take and make An older lady feel young. [CHORUS] I keep my girls in rotation, Door rotating. You looking for a good time, I'm always on vacation. You could stop by baby, If you want to try your luck. But don't waste my time, Unless you're down to fuck. Unless you're coming back for more, Well then you know what's up. You know the routine Girl, you're not the one. You're just a one night fling. Some ass to hold this casanova over. Till the right girl pass, I'll drop this lifestyle fast. Cuz what I'm really looking for Is the one will last And make my present past. My adolescence surpassed. By the will to chill, I'm looking for something real. In a world of fake hos in high heels I'll drop hot wax on your nipples, Causing trouble. And when you ride me, Yo, I'll be throwing up that triple double My sex drive's kicking. I'm sexually exploring. So many possibilities, It seems my life could never get boring. Cuz I'm not fucking around. I'll rub you down the right way. I'll rock your world nightly. So, can I hit it lightly Yo, girl, I like it like that. Let me hit it from the back. I'm a natural aphrodisiac. Better known as a Mac. [Chorus]

Sleep In Deep

Bel Canto "Shimmering, Warm Bright"
while the cold wind blows the heroes return left are troubled souls that nothing but yearn for a better day for some rightfulness will their wounds get healed? rest body and mind let them sleep in peace their minds demand a release from the dread they hold, oh do I need to see what eyes can not bear? do I need to hear that nobody cares? for the things I have done and the things I've learnt are now scars in me rest body and mind let me sleep in deep and disembody the fear and the fright I hide but until then I will pray that I'll hold on to...

We Hold The Key

I'm watching as the morning sun rises Before my very eyes Revealing all this beauty Questions fill my mind once again Clearing my thoughs have I been blind Now I see The hole is getting bigger in the sky Do you know the reason why nobody seems to care Everything is so well in your life Did you ever give a dime To things that you really believed The future will show What happens to our world We hold the key to the door Of salvation eternally We hold the key to minds To the future of mankind It's time to wake up from you dreams To reality this can't go on believe me If you just turn your head away Will tomorrow be the same Try to foresee The future will show What happens to our world We hold the key to the door Of salvation eternally We hold the key to minds To the future of mankind What will we find Mountains to climb More destruction And hatred we'll discover Suddenly sounds awake me Birds singing beautifully Maybe there is hope still left In this world

The Anthem

Eh, where you from Canada? Everybody on the left Everybody on the right In the front and in the back Let 'em know where you're from [Chorus:] I'm from the T dot Oh Rep it everywhere I go Rep it everywhere I go Everybody from the cold Everybody from the cold This is where we're calling home This is where we're calling home I'm from the T dot Oh Rep it everywhere I go Rep it everywhere I go Million people at your door Million people at your door This is where we're calling home This is where we're calling home [Verse 1:] I'm from the T Dizzle Oh Hot with the sizzle flows Cold when the planes land in the dot oh Home of the blocko, patois and proper English Rep it like it's my gang, that's why I sing this Bleed red and white like a Coca Cola Classic Some people that I know have their couches in the plastic Good people got blasted So we pour a little liquor out and think about 'em while we plastered Real figures here, never seen and Eskimo Front in the wrong area, niggas might let it go Yeah, I love where I'm from all 2.5 million Sing out [Chorus] [Verse 2:] I'm from the depths of Scarborough One ways of Vaughan Road Apartments of Flemingdon, shadows in the PO Every area reppin' the home team My Italians hold me down, Africans same thing Portugese get it in, Filipinos rock with me Nuff Trinis and Yardees holding the block with me So many faces like we the Winter Olympics Greatest city ever, after dark you better think quick Club district, parking lot politicing We got hotter women than any city admitting We number 1, check out the figures we gettin No apologies and never quitting [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Regent, Jungle, Vaughan Road, Malvern Chester Le, Rexdale let the fire burn If you from Toronto let me see you put a hand up Born alone die alone, but I'm never on my own Don't watch no face, stay true is what I was shown I'm a product of OG's and social workers 3 years of University and Lick's Burgers Harlem Underground, black owned businesses Big It Up Hats, and immigrants from long distances Working class people and some others with some privileges Any way you look at it we seeing past differences Yo, I am multiculture Hand on my ear listening like the Hulkster And all I'm hearing is we the greatest around To the grave I'm a rep my town

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