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Tatyana Ali lyrics - Kiss the Sky


Original and similar lyrics
Daydreamin All day long I think of you I can't even think of things to do Wishin' all of my daydreams come true Now, baby, what am I to do? I think about yesterday Somebody was talkin' to me But I couldn't understand a word they said Not that I was tryin' to be rude But conversation couldn't make it through The thoughts of love I had for you... Baby your face takes up my time Because I can jus' see your face with mine I try to change my thoughts; it's a waste of time You keep my mind occupied Refrain. Tell me what am I to do? When I can only think of you Even when I have simple things to do Like talkin' on the telephone or watchin' TV when somethin's on If it ain't about you then what's the use? Refrain. What's up girl? You all grown up now.... Doin' ya singin' thing the charts sewed up now Well you know I do my rap thing, I'm holdin' it down And I knew that me and you was gon' connect some how Your people called for this track, it ain't no trouble to me I dreamt that you and me got married on the WB You on channel 11; I carry the M-11 RJ the reverened; it's a match made in heaven Whatever have you I let you know I'm from soundview Down til I found you I'm tryin' to be around you I'm still comin' up Chasin' the fame and wealth I could spoil you with time; you got everything else I'm still New York to the heart But got love for all When I first saw this girl Thought I wanted to fall Mean the hummer so stunnin' That my bod was tense And I wishin everyday that I was fresh like Prince Then I came across my man RJ parlayin' in a 6 With Tatyana Ali playin' I heard Steely Dan 'Black Cow' and went wild You tell me how can I get down That's when they threw me on the redeye to LA I dirtied my cash and peeps back And hit Shaq on the cellay Courtside seats so close that we could touch Tatyana and Lord and Peter Gunz Refrain...

If I Could Start Today Again

All the kings and queens in the bible They could not turn back time So what chance have I of a miracle In this life of mine? I only want one day To unsay the things I said Undo the thing I did Twenty-four little hours Oh God, please wipe them all away And I promise I will change If I could start today again I know I'm not the milk and honey kind Today I proved it true When the red mist falls around my eyes I know not what I do Please give me back today And I won't say the things I said Or do that thing I did Every minute, every hour The replay's just the same And I can't stand the shame Oh let me start today again I only want one day One lousy day, that's all Of every day that's been before Since time began I know my prayer's in vain But for a second I'll pretend That I can start today again

I Want You Back '98 (Bad Boy Mix)

[Puff Intro] Yeah The old school To the new school Bad Boy, remix, let's go [Black Rob] Like that Black gon' slide with Mike Jack Puff done remixed one hell of a track Put me on it I wanna know How many want it? Damn, it feels good to see people love on it For those who love slow down 'Member Motown had a brotha' happy as shit I mean the whole sound Bangin' and catch six-four since we was shorties Fee owes now rebooked from California Carry 40's but I 'member them times in '79 When I first started to rhyme Sometimes I gots to look back at what it was The good old days The triple o'shays when there was love I want you back But I can't grab that far It's how it is When you're living like a star, bad boy Come on, let's go [MJ] When I had you to myself I didn't want you around Those pretty faces Always made you Stand out in a crowd But someone picked you from the bunch When love was all it took Now it's much too late for me To take a second look Oh baby, give me one more chance (To show you that I love you) Won't you please let me (Back in your heart) Oh, darlin' I was blind to let you go (Let you go baby) But now since I see you in his arms (I want you back) Oh, I do now (I want you back) Oh, oh, baby (I want you back) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (I want you back) Nah, nah, nah, nah Trying to live without your love Is one long sleepless night Let me show you girl That I know wrong from right Every street you walk on I lay tear stains on the ground Following the girl I didn't even want you around Let me tell ya now Oh baby all I need is one more chance (To show you that I love you) Won't you please let me (Back in your heart) Oh darlin' I was blind to let you go (Let you go baby) But now since I see you in his arms (I want you back) [Black Rob] It's just like Jermain Jackson Tito, Mike and Marlon Only think on my mind now is stardom Blowin' the F-up My game's stepped up 'Member when Mike and them First came to record Singin' hits like Skywriter My Girl, People Make The World Go 'Round Mama's Pearl, Can't Loose it Joyful jukebox music Never Can Say Goodbye That's why we use it It's money honey So I gots to be there And I'mma be yo Sugar Daddy Say it's real Versachi chair, PD, life of the party Bad Boy, make joys for everbody Jackson 5 Chorus in background while: [Puff Daddy] Motown Berry Gordy History Let's go, come on Yeah Come on Yeah This is the remix, come on From the old to the new Come on Motown Rock on Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Jackson 5 Chorus until fade


i wanna be the everything you need the every sight you see the closest thing to epidemic slightly your disease a love without a cure no uncertainties for sure the closest thing to alcohol that calls you back for more your sensual tough it's all too much unbearing love my obsession i speak your tone dance to your song of my confession of my obsession it's fearful when i replay over life no existing night feels like this one i feel your presence underrates romance no fear, you're my one, slight obsession you stand beside and everything resides every surrounding fights to fall into the moment, take their seats into the night an unexperienced heart is begging & it starts to collect all the elements of love that's sure to draw have you read the surgeon's general tells me it's not healthy still i know maybe i'll be the one to teach a lesson baby but the first step is to admit my obsession baby have you seen the way i look at you my eyes glare along with fireflies in the night your response is only a test and obviously i failed cause you're my obsession

New Life

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
[Featuring Monifah] Intro: Yeah Close your eyes, fly with me Spark your lye, get high with me Raise your glass with me Come inside see Come on, come on Close your eyes, let fly with me Light your lye, get high with me Raise your glasses Verse 1: AZ Yo, blesses to the young ones trapped in the world Never hate the next man that be tappin your girl It's just a hype, shoot anythings a man vision thru life Help me to understand the chosen ones livin thru Christ Blinded time from so many signs shown from greed Tryin to calculate all the funds I blown from weed Started out just a young shorty, wakin the rules Turnin out to be the wise, educatin the fools So many lost in these last days, closed curtains Tryin to change from my past ways, I'm soul searchin Diggin deep, tryin to feel within, it's real ill Takin time just to chill with friends we still bill Always told when I kick it with moms, to stay strong Watch out for them bitches that's wicked, they play wrong Keep your game strong, maintain yourself and live Star bless the kids, soon sometin gotta give Chorus: Monifa The last days, are comin Towards you, it's time to build I need a time that's real The last days, are comin Towards you, it's time to build AZ turnin the deal Verse 2: AZ You got to know when your end is near, I been there Seen years disappear in thin air, nobody wins here Swore on the population, we fightin blind For sure, we need to stop the hatin, enlightin minds Many die from a tragic death, in cold blood Behoggin niggas lost or lack respect, show love Sometime I wonder, was we ever free? High officials they move so cleverly, don't ever sleep Got my mind on the proverbs, ecclesiastics These Bible words, so absurb, I read em backwards They open doors, gave me a cause to stay swift And reward, it gave me the sword to stay rich Understandin is the best part, besides that I fell-a off to a fresh start, no time to sidetrack So much more still to come, it seems strange I was much more iller young, but things change Tryin to grow old, so many sights to see Told it never fold, just more righteously, you know? Chorus Verse 3: AZ I never knew any Bloods and Crips, but they exist In New York, it's just thugs and clicks, we offer tips Makin moves, tryin to stay afloat, it get deep In these streets, you either stay or walk, or get beat So strategise like the wise king, respect due Brothers get high and let they mind scheme, I got Tek cool In this world where so many stress, understand ain't nuttin left but the thoughts of death, we're sons of man So off track it's a shame to see, it's open season Got police movin dangerously, for no reason Hopin soon we can all adapt, get wise It build lies, it was all a trap, in disguise Assassinated by my own kind, so why ask Because blacks to have a closed mind, deal with facts Keep your eyes open, never rock yourself to sleep Love to the East, let the dead rest in peace Chorus (x2) Outro: Monifa We gotta do, what we gotta do Brothers, sisters, you gotta wake up, you gotta wake up Ain't nothin gonna come from this We gotta make it right now, we gotta make it right now, now Oooohoho, think about them babies Yeah, think about the babies Ooooohh, what kind of.......

What's On Your Mind

JOHN DENVER "John Denver"
You know sometimes I can't sleep at night. I can't quiet my heart or my mind. I toss and I turn, I ache and I burn, I get caught in the passing of time. It's like too many miles, too many heartaches, too much that needs to be done. Yes, and too many sidewalks, too many people, too many hours alone. What's on your mind and what's on my mind is really quite the same. I've been working so hard and I'm ready to play, I know just the right game. What's on your mind is what's on my mind. That's the way it's gonna be. I'm gonna find me a place I can hide, I want you right next to me. Oh, I've never seen a more beautiful day, it's my favorite time of the year. The colors are changing, she's rearranging and I'm so glad to be here. I've been up and around, I've been lost, I've been found, I've seen love face to face in my dreams. And the things that I know and the things that I show are not always just what they seem. What's on your mind is what's on my mind, it's just that way. It's like catching a ride on a beautiful river, let it carry us all away. What's on your mind is what's on my mind is really nothing new. I want to get you alone, I want to make you my own, baby, I want to make love with you. What's on your mind is what's on my mind, is really quite the same. I've been working so hard and I'm ready to play baby, I know just the right game. What's on your mind is what's on my mind is really nothing new. I want to get you alone, I want to make you my own, baby, I want to make love with you.

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