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TANYA TUCKER lyrics - Collection

San Antonio Stroll

Original and similar lyrics
When I was a child down in South Carolin' Soon as the Saturday sun went on down. My folks and sister would go, And leave me home all alone, Goin' to that big square dance in town. Well my old radio would play that old Opry show So I never got lonesome or blue I'd fall asleep in my chair and dream that I was right there Just a'singin' the whole night thru. When my folks would come home They'd be hummin' a song, Mama'd smile and say child don'tcha know There ain't a thing in this world To make you fall in love girl. Like the San Antonio Stroll. Well the day finally come When my momma said hun It's 'bout time you came with us as well Well I had me a time, Yes, I danced all night 'Till they rang that old crack midnight bell Then the lights went down low The fiddler picked up his bow And he played something stately and slow And my sister Eileen and her husband to be They held hands and began to stroll. I've been away for awhile, But it still brings a smile When I think of the way that it goes Now I'll sing it to you Just so we both can do That old San Antonio Stroll Yes, I'll sing it to you Just so we all can do That old San Antonio Stroll.

Let It Be

Kane "So glad you made it"
Well the answer is always the same Won't you please just let it be Cause I've been there and all I can say Is that it slips away from me With the memory of yesterday's grace She spins away from me So I can go on As cold as the void of the night The dark surrounding me She leaves me there every time As alone as I can be And I drift with the thought of her eyes She's all that I can see But I will go on Every long night Every whisper Every song that never saw it coming And she says it's oh so right Every cold night Every shiver Every time I didn't feel it coming She says it's oh so right As heartless and cruel as can be She moves away from me Still I need to be hers every time With all that I can be As she calls in the deep of the night She takes all I've got from me So I can go on Every long night Every whisper Every song that never saw it coming Baby don't you know that is not alright It's not alright, no, no, no Every cold night Every shiver Every silent scream And she never listens Well it's not alright, not alright She rides with the gods of the night She rides with the tides in me She crushes the waves with her sigh And she...oh lord...she becomes a part of me But her care is as sharp as a knife I'll say, for how can she step away from me How can you just walk away from me Every cold night Every whisper Every silent scream And you never listen And you say what...It's alright Well it's not alright, no, no Every last time Every shiver Every dirty game Well it just isn't right It just isn't right She wakes at the dawn of the day And takes my heart from me Leaves with nothing to say Nothing left for me But the fever of final goodbyes She spins away from me So I can go on I can go on

The Thrill Of It All

ROXY MUSIC "Country Life"
(Ferry) The sky is dark The wind is cold The night is young Before it's old and grey We will know The trill of it all The time has come It's getting late It's now or never Don't hesitate or stall When I call Don't spoil The thrill of it all And before you go to sleep at night Preying shadows - do they ask you why' And in the morning through the afternoon Do you wonder where you're going to' Every word I use Each crumpled page Strange ideas Mature with age Like leaves When autumn falls Turn gold Then they hit the ground Every time I hear The latest sound It's pure whiskey Reeling round and around My brain Oh and all o' that jive It's driving me wild - The dizzy spin I'm in Everywhere I look I see your face I hear your name It's all over the place Hey girl Though you've gone Still I recall The trill of it all You might as well know what is right for you And make the most of what you like to do For all the pleasure that's surrounding you Should compensate for all you're going through So if you're feeling fraught With mental strain Too much thinking's got you down again Well let your senses skip Stay hip Keep cool To the thrill of it all When you try too much You lose control Pressure rises And so I'm told Something's got the give Oy Veh High life ecstasy You might as well live I can't see I can't speak I couldn't take more than another week Without you - oh no So I will drink my fill Till the trill is you Oh the thrill of it all Oh the thrill of it all No I won't forget The thrill of it all No no no no no no no....

Billy's Gone

LEVEL 42 "Forever Now [Resurgent]"
well I ain't come here to try to save you I don't want you to rescue me but you need a friend like a godsend it's plain to see I was watching you from my window from 'cross the street only yesterday you were pleading, he was laughing he drove away so it seems so out of place the smile upon your face it's the pain inside brings me to your door on the day after billy's gone so you tell me you barely miss him that you'll be cool now you're on your own but you can't tell me why you're waiting by the phone so many people say it's the smile gives you away it's the dreams denied brings me to your door on the day after billy's gone well I'll try to keep it simple if you need somebody there I've got all the love you're searching for and time enough to spare well you fulfilled your obligations and baby none could ask for more and you had good cause to hesitate come on and let your spirit soar well, I can't give if you won't take you've got to open up the secret door and as a matter of fact I'm not taking you back in time you'll know for sure after billy's gone after billy's gone, oh yeah

Jersusalem Tomorrow

Harris Emmylou "Cowgirl's Prayer"
(David Olney) Man you should have seen me way back then I could tell a tale, I could make a spin I could tell you black was white I could tell you day was night Not only that I could tell you why Back then I could really tel a lie Well I'd hire a kid to say he was lame Then I'd touch him and make him walk again Then I'd pull some magic trick I'd pretend to heal the sick I was takin' everything they had to give It wasn't all that bad a way to live Well I'm in this desert town and it's hot as hell But no one's buyin' what I got to sell I make my lame kid walk I make a dumb guy talk I'm preachin' up a storm both night and day But everyone just turns and walks away Well I can see that I'm only wasting time So I head across the road to drink some wine This old man comes up to me He says I seen you on the street You're pretty good if I do say myself But the guy that come thru here last month he was somethin' else Instead of callin' out for fire from above He just gets real quiet and talks about love And I'll tell you somethin' funny He didn't want nobody's money Now I'm not exactly sure what this all means But it's the damndest thing I swear I've ever seen Well since that time every town is the same I can't make a dime, I don't know why I came I decide I'll go and find him And find out who's behind him He has everyone convinced that he's for real Well I figure we can work us out a deal So he offers me a job and I say fine He says I'll get paid off on down the line Well I guess I'll string along Don't see how too much can go wrong As long as he pays my way I guess I'll follow We're headed for Jerusalem tomorrow

Life Must Be So Wonderful

PULP "Freaks"
Life must be so wonderful, living here on your own, please call / around to see. And maybe I've been loving you for too long, / and now blind, I watch you bleed. You rot in your bedroom, you cry on the phone. Well I'm sorry / but he's not at home. You give me your secrets, you give me your heart and I smile whilst you fall apart. Oh no, / please not now, / can't you see there's no time No, I haven't the time. / Can't you see there's no time Oh-oh, / oh-oh-oh-oh, / oh-oh, / oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh... Now all our dreams melt / in the sun, / and visions / dwindle one by one by one. / Perhaps you should move somewhere / far away, to another town / where maybe they / could see things in your way. It shouldn't be like this, it shouldn't be hard. I smile whilst you fall apart. You're sorry, you're sorry, is all that you say. Well, / I'd stop it, but I can't find a way. Your life must be so wonderful, / your visions die and fall. And in the end, / nothing ends, / just grows fainter and farther / away.

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