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Tania Kernaghan lyrics

The Verandah

Original and similar lyrics
We haven't used this swinging chair in a long time And I don't know where the days are flying to And the evening is giving into starlight I wanna share a little summer time with you CHORUS Darlin' come on out to the verandah It's been too long since we took the time Just to talk about your day and how we're feeling Come on out to the verandah for a while You know I can't recall an night so still It's like the world has taken time to sigh And the December Moon is glowing over purple hills It reminds me of the love lights in your eyes CHORUS X2 Darlin' come out to the verandah for a while

I'll Be OK

[Slug] Burn it down... Pad the circles 'round your life To capture all the sides you sight Magic tricks where skeptics sink The ice is thin, stay off the lake Waiting for a clock to punch Wish I could breathe and stop for lunch If I stop tocount the leaves on one of these here trees Not sure that I know what's pure Born to kill the insecure Some respect, some resent, some remain from start to end Wear my heart on my short sleeves I'm stuck out here, I lost my keys From the roof I watch the street And pray for those that's caught beneath [Chorus--Slug and Aesop] 2x As long as I know right from wrong I'll be ok, I'll sing my songs [Slug] I dunno what I have to left To give other than truth and breath Angel when she shuts her eyes Like we will leave to my demise Between my time is short About to start my last resort Wake me up when it's time to make babies Talkin planet earthquakes Tied the laces, touch the ground Let emotions ruptured now As long as I know right from wrong, I'll be ok I'll sing my songs Chorus 4x [Aesop Rock] I wanna lift every yellowbrick I never felt pressure to have to justify my selfishness At least not to your and yours Maybe just my friends and fellowships As long as the mood is somehow linked to my enhanced development I swear they'll understand!!! There's a storm outside my tenament Beats upon my windows with Mother Nature's adrenaline I guess that's why my homey Blockhead stays glued to the television Now I look less intelligent Cuz I'm the one that tried to bear the elements and lost Well it's warm by the filament Huddled up close in the company of all my relatives Stories lash like coffee and honest-to-God sentiment Cucooned in the unified efforts to all get settled in Away from where the rain pours! Well count your delegates Weed out the bums who practice migration under the elegant Of course I realize to fill the ring, procedure's delicate But lead devils inside to collide with your overzealousness And fall to rock bottom Spot em with their carelessness The urge could burst to turn even those hazardous to militant You can't even have half of free second The beat comes gelatin You gotta aim, fire and the spider be model veteran Buried in merit badges I'm stuck in the center and could care less About the eye of the storm and its monstrous measurements I got a defense that I call coolin with my brethren Sometimes I get wet But it's better than risking life and limb to me, don't you agree? Chorus 4x [Aesop Rock] *repeat to fade* If you wanna push, than I'm ready to push But if you pulling while I'm pushing Then why did you ask me to push?


She was sittin' on a park bench Feedin' pigeons on Beacon Hill I was takin' my dog Jack out for a run We had a little time to kill I still don't know if it was Jack or me That somehow caught her eye But the next thing I knew we were sittin' there talkin' Laughin' into the night And from that moment on She never left my side Those autumn nights were long She was the first love of my life Chorus: I still can feel the softness of her hair Fallin' on my face My arms all around her There's always somethin' 'bout this time of year That takes me to that place And I remember (Yes, I remember) November Oh yeah She was workin' her way through school Waitin' tables at the Hungry Eye I was playin' a club down on the waterfront Afterward she'd come by Around 3 AM we'd grab some takeout In the heart of Chinatown And we'd hang out and stay up all night long Just talkin' and messin' around I never would have dreamed We'd ever say goodbye She felt like the sun to me On those cold November nights (Repeat chorus) Lookin' back I can't explain What happened on that dark December day I guess we were just two kids Going different ways (Repeat chorus)

I Need Your ETA

Code Red "Scarlet"
I Need Your ETA (Ratajczak/Lew/Graham) It's been a day since you've been gone It seems already like a whole year long And I've been waiting just to hear your call Are you near, are you coming before night time falls? I'm so anxious I await your return Just a call from you would ease my concern Minutes seem like hours, girl, when I'm alone I hope you're near, I hope it's you each time I pick up the phone Chorus: I Need Your E.T.A Doesn't matter if it's night or day Just promise me you won't be long I'm waiting here, I'm all alone Tell me what time you're coming home I've tried everything to keep me calm But what I want is to be in your arms You're so tender girl, you're never cruel And you'd never, never, ever treat me like a fool Chorus When will you give me your time of arrival I can't go on like this anymore I know you still want me Yes I'm sure I know you still love me And I know you're coming home to me I know that's where you wanna be Chorus

Killing Time

I wait and wait Sleepwalk the hour glass This way and that The pendulum swings Yes there's plenty of time Always time left to kill Does time stand still Or hurtle on by? Let time unwind Let all the cogs fall out Let man's machines Collapse and rust Face down in the dust I'll kiss no other lips A lifetime of nothing Condemned without you Been so long here I could die here Lying by your side But time won't claim me Time and me only I'm just killing time If the sun went out I wouldn't mind too much Who needs the days To trouble to fill? If the moon didn't rise I wouldn't be upset Who needs moonshine To cause tears to spill? I've been so long here I could lie here Under dying sky This thirst and hunger Holds no wonder I'm just killing time I await your return There's no other one

The Last Time I Saw Her

GORDON LIGHTFOOT "Did She Mention My Name"
The last time I saw her face, her eyes were bathed in starlight and her hair hung long The last time she spoke to me, her lips were like the scented flowers inside a rain-drenched forest But that was so long ago that I can scarcely feel the way I felt before And if time could heal the wounds, I would tear the threads away that I might bleed some more The last time I walked with her Her laughter was the steeple bells That ring to greet the morning sun A voice that called to everyone To love the ground she walked upon Those were good day The last time I held her hand, her touch was autumn, spring and summer, and winter too The last time I let go of her, she walked a way into the night I lost her in the misty streets, a thousand months, a thousand miles When other lips will kiss her eyes A million miles beyond the moon, that's where she is But that was so long ago that I can scarcely feel the way I felt before And if time could heal the wounds, I would tear the threads away that I might bleed some more The last time I saw her face, her eyes were bathed in starlight and she walked alone The last time she kissed my cheek Her lips were like the wilted leaves Upon the autumn covered hills Resting on the frozen ground The seeds of love lie cold and still Beneath a battered marking stone It lies forgotten

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