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TALIB KWELI lyrics - Reflection Eternal

Touch You

Original and similar lyrics
(Intro) Oh what's up everybody this is Rick James Talib Kweli, DJ Hi Tek, Reflection Eternal (Chorus) [Supa Dav West] We Make the Music That Change your life 'Bout to touch you just right All night we gonna to shine the light 'Bout to touch you just right [Piakhan] Piakhan floating on the mighty clouds of joy Building a future, yo, for my baby boy (uh huh) I moved form the hood yet the shit still in me And your opinion is nothing to me I have plenty like bein' out of prison With a roof over my dome And possessing the gift such as sparking the microphone Accumulate the provolone makin' it happen with Talib A Nattian cat we got em' snappin' Roberta Flackin' the track and Killin' em softly with out flossin' But yet the shine is glossy and the run the lyrical train through your brain shit Strategy pain, I'm on some Clubber Lane shit With the iron, ain't no use in you trying I ain't lyin' Through your ears mesmerize em' It's about time we started risin' Once again replace bullets with words, try to make it fun again (Chorus) w/ minor variations [Talib Kweli] if the put my life on the screen then its got to Be the IMAX I live large stroke your mind, till you reach climax Terrorist hijack on Hi Tek fly tracks front don't try that My niggas got my back, you gotta relax, ease back What's that all about with the feedback All up in my mouth we don't need that, the asphault is the place to be at Where the people fire burn so bright you can see that believe that It ain't light music (no) We make the right music (true) Keep it tight music (yes) Affirmin' life music (come on) (Chorus) w/ minor variations [Talib Kweli] It's like girls got the bass all up in they hips My favorite part on the face is the shape of the lips Yeah I wanna touch you there (right there) Your mind is my concubine, when I deliver shivers up your spine Like the bread and wine, my brains embedded with rhymes That's ahead of they time, I rock the better design You cats ain't got the touch You all suck, like getting head from a dime I run up in em and, clutch em' if they tremblin' It's a rush like adrenaline, at a point break the joint shake When you play this (yeah), your crew is haters when they come Through with the newest/latest (like that) Reflection Eternal Shine light bright like the day till the sky turn purple And the moon arrive, reflection through the night That touch you just right (Bridge) [Talib Kweli] With the rhythm, the rhythm, God bless the rhythm It's the rhythm, rhythm; yes ya'll the rhythm Shorty on the dance floor giving me rhythm Hi Tek make ya'll nod ya'll neck to the rhythm And (Chorus) w/ minor variations (x2) [Talib Kweli] Uh yeah yeah yeah Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh (x2) Clap your hands everybody (x4)

The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin')

BEASTIE BOYS "Hello Nasty"
Dear Alex and Marilyn They're Lovey and Thurston howellin The grasshopper unit is prowellin And Rufus is back home growellin For all of y'all that are dozin On Hornblower's lederhosen Like Walt Disney he is frozen And then the Swiss Hall of Fame he goes in Cause when he's out in space carousin Pick up my mic and start joustin My name plate medallion Says never trust a hal 9000 Can't, Won't, Don't stop rockin to the rhythm 'cause I get down cause I Check the horizontal hold and check the tint Are these three fools back at it again Inspector Clouseau and Derek Flint Nothin but sparks ignitin' Check two one two mic testin This one goes out to Dechen Rise fallen fighters take your stance again Don't think too much about the color of skin Order in vegetarian sharks fin Try to keep my life non violent Mario Rewind the tape and punch him in Like Chuck D with the where you never been I'm in Can't, Won't, Don't stop rockin to the rhythm 'cause I get down cause I get I'm a long way from where I've been but I gotta keep movin', movin on Ooh my my I'm really not feeling it Ooh my my something's really wrong The p.a. sound is deafenin Bitin MCs I'm oustinin With spinach in your teeth you're grinnin So on your way out please take a mint Got the studio to throw a craze in The basslines Yauch just lays in This song is the grass you're grazin Add a little flange and phase in Don't get mad 'cause I'm beguilin I'm off the hook so don't bother dialin They're gonna put me in the b.i.n. And if I die notify the next of kin It's like that y'all Can't, Won't, Don't stop

Twin Towers

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Bizzy Bone "Chorus in background"] Turn my vocals up.....turn my vocals up, turn'em, turn'em up, a little more Turn'em up a little more, turn'em up a little, yeah there we go yeah, uh yeah [Bizzy Bone] Born in the poverty probably we never get off the monopoly, won't we just stop it with all the monotony, look at me awkwardly hide my broccoli, nigga what Fuck the media, how could you come to me, follow me, bother me, tell me to simmer it down Part of the system is worser now, melody murder must've ran What if the rapture happens, nigga just deeper than rapping vanish or not Never gone change my style, I do what I wanna pop, 'til the "Body Rot" stop Generation X, I am the mastermind, general militants seven times, revolution rebellious, totally out of line I still in the mind of apocalyptic, biblical optimistic Thank my lucky stars, never I say my graces, I'm so thankful god Take me to the promise land, all I see is cops with guns Soap in my sock, county charges stuck in the struggle with number one Never will have a friend like me, reality checking the crooked judge Man because the rapping is over, we fucking soldiers, we fucking thugs And ain't nobody stopping my fucking drugs If I can melt down the words, and put them in plastic sucks, rip it to the nation, let it go what, what Bitch I would speak your mind, even if they offended you 'cous Ride off in the sun set, with the streets niggas 'cause that's who I love Standing next to Capo twin towers shoot up to the heaven sky We rolling down the ninety-five, take the bridge, I'm ready to die.................. [Bizzy Bone] For the grace of Capo... for the grace of Capo, in the moment of silence, now the grace of Capo, in the moment of silence, in the mist of tyrants and silence, and the demon malignancies, motherless children are born, poppa the one who murdered her, witness the vision first hand plumping master of source of us [Jim Jones] By the, grace of Capo, in the moment of silence, in the mist of tyrants and violence, I'm flossing my diamonds, by the grace of Capo, in he mist of the hood, and it should be all good, But murders go down, you know they go down [Jim Jones] Straight out the projects b, I'm telling ya'll it was so hard for me (so hard) Coming up hard in these Harlem streets, where niggas will starve, cause it's hard to eat Some niggas will rob in the hardcore streets, ridiculous all it's hard concrete (watch it) Bitches the boosters the credit card scammers, niggas that shoot cause they all gone blame us People they shoot cause they cocky 'bout scanners (scwalay!) So if watch where the birds fly, (watch it) don't speed when you swerve high Cause believe me the third eye, put the squeeze on your whole ride (lock down) See I'm always in the rear view, see the law in your rear view (what else) pray to the lord he can hear you (why) I'm the nigga on the corner, plus my niggas on the corner bring same shit Three carry gripes in the crime in heaven, I'm in this Fahrenheit called 9/11 When I go to the cross roads, lord knows Ferrari white, mean highway to heaven (forgive them lord) And these digital times, we all need to have a political mind (that's right) Federology, technology, and we can shine like astrology (they can see from the stars) When we walking on eggshells, when you talk on next cells (what happens) When you talking on fed cells (listen to me) and we all on sex cells (whooo) When the drugs and rock-n-roll, and when the drugs lock your soul Don't blame it on 'caine, got rich when the reggae came (that's right) Bill Clinton rejuvenated us (yeah), all been the Bush's hoovernated us (stupid) Police will soon be chasing us (that's right), the streets they be afraid of us (yeah) From cutting up raw, from frying up coke, give a fuck about war We ain't trying to voting (voting) So if you draft me jail me (you hear that) Or better yet kill me (uh-huh) 'cause I rather go to hell b, and there's nothing you can tell me Cause we risking ourselves, just sit in the cell, over punk as nigga in cells (damn) All the grief in the cells, spin on shelves, I'm running out of time, cause I'm living in hell (yeah) [Jim Jones] By the, grace of Capo in this moment of silence, in the mist of the violence, the mist of tyrants, Flossing my diamonds......yeah, by the grace of Capos nigga, you heard, that's two strong armies nigga Two under bosses we can't be stopped, we will not be brought down like the twin towers We some political soldiers ghettolutionists, we freedom fighters

What Cha Mean

Fiend "There's One in Every Family"
[Fiend] What up out there kenfo This be Fiend coming at like this here here I brought a couple of my people with me Fiend, Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane and Abel A couple of No Limit soldiers to help me out with this here Chorus What cha mean, mean, heard about Soldiers got some daily clout Slangin in the dirty south What we really worried about x2 [Soulja Slim] (Peep this shit) I know you heard about this nigga from the 3rd Raw, then a uncut bird with bad tempers and bad nerves Serve, dope to a dope fiend gotta get more cream than the rest of the dealers Every nigga that I fuck with gotta be from killas Fill up in this shit, that was ever smokin, you can catch me smokin On some shit that will have me broken, (cough cough), I'm so high, I can ride, barely need to slug some dealing No optimos, no keep moving, fuck it, pass the feeling Real niggas feel me, cause I'm bout as real as it get Son or stranger, no love for that studio shit All my little partners gone, I'll be damned if I G-O But if I do I'll grab my gun shoot like and pull let em know Chorus x2 [Kane Abel] You know I'm from the ghetto, hit the glock and pop my shots clean up your block Red beam, maintain my aim, bullet holes in your brain When I stop that motherfucking clock, Kane Usual suspect, down south niggas bout respect Choppin off slugs like a mailman in a corvette like the weed when i lower my tek Niggas is seeking, pump down like bricks, in the trunk of the 626 Is something you hate cause your boy just got flipped, AK with a strong clip In the hood I bust you with the tank, in the pen I trust you with the shank My mind go blank, I'm a soldier smokin dank all the way to the motherfucking bank Chorus x2 [Mac] Now what yall mean, niggas on my team they all about the cream And my enemies, we take it to the street to get the green, knowa mean Came here with Slim, Mac and Fiend I still scream WOAH! In the drop where my nigga walk runnin from the cop who was trying to meet his quota I'm young and I'm black, I'm a soldier so he thinking I'm slanging that baking soda You ain't heard about, nigga from that dirty south where the po-po's scout Everybody, everybody that knows what your bout won't leave your house Cause at night, nigga freaks come out Grab your gat with that extra clip cause if you catch us slippin You might connect the grip shots there cut up strip bout a couple of ship Like the peoples in summertime agent trip Lets take a trip to the land where the niggas do the murderman dance on their enemies And fake niggas pretend to be a, they be them friends of me Woah, slow your roll and daddy I'm camoflauged I'm psycho warden I stay on my guard and bitch I never die Chorus x2 [Fiend] What the world don't know is I'm a hurt A soldier without a pause I'm prayin about cause, break jaws and all laws My bullet scars didn't heal, my tatoos reveal Bout to ride explain a million of hostile The burn feels like almost a step from death Fuck spending lives, I barely leave a minute of breath I'm set, families with teks, release my stress in thier chest Wouldn't know where I'd be without my god and my vest Killers, we the best fuck all the rest, here hit the cess Snort, c'mon the test with the charge the best, cause I open your chest God bless, I made my way back so I can say that Me too whatever, should have known that Fiend believe in payback Do it for haystacks, me, Slim, twins, and Mac Gotta attack, with the jest to ask, deftly in the act I doubt that, I'm strange cause I'm with the right change After soldier consediration, I'm the live range Chorus x4

Fairwell To Pripchat

John McDermott "Old Friends"
It was a Friday in April 1986, The day that nightmare begun, When the dust it fell down on our buildings and streets, And entered our buildings at noon, Touched the grass and trees, bicycyles, cars Beds, books and picture frames too, We stood around helpless, confused, Nobody knew what to do. At two o'clock on Sunday the buses arrived, A fleet of a thousand or more, We were ordered to be on our way, Not knowing what lay in store , Some of our citizens fled in dismay, And looked for a good place to hide, When four o'clock came and the last bus pulled out, T'was the day that our lively town died. (Chorus) And the shirts, sheets and hankerchiefs cracks in the wind, On the window ledge the withering plants, And the Ladas and Volgas are parked by the door, And the bikes in its usual stance. Our evergreen tree lies withered and drooped, They've poisoned our fertile land, The streets speak a deafening silence, Nothing stirs but the sand. A visit back home is so eerie today, A modern Pompei in view, To see all the old shops ond the Forest Hotel, And the Promyet cinema too. The momentos we gathered all left behind, Our photos and letters and cards, The toys of our children untouchable now, Toy Soldiers left standing on guard. So fare thee well Pripchat, my home and my soul, Your sorrow can know no relief. A terrifying glimpse of the future you show, Your children all scattered like geese, The clothes lines still sways but the owners long gone. As the nomadic era returns, The questions in black and white blurred into grey, The answer is too easy to learn. (Chorus) (Chorus)

Shattered Glass

Alexander Heather "Midsummer"
The swirling of dresses, the scuffing of shoes- Should my hair be in tresses? What tie do I choose? - As the hall fills with dancers, and the strings start to sound- We will take that first step, and we won?t touch the ground- (chorus) For there?s only the music, that plays on and on- Yes, there?s only the music, the heartaches are gone- We can stand close together, while the world dances by- Cause there?s only the music, between you and I- Yes, there?s only the music, between you and I A head on a shoulder, an arm ?round a waist, If the weather gets colder, we both will be braced- For what-ever the trouble, we still have a chance- If we hold hands together, and take time to dance- (chorus) The clock hours bending, the hands spinning ?round- From beginning to ending, as dancers we?re bound- With the memories like treasures, all safe in their vaults- When we hear the last measures, we?ll dance the grand waltz- (chorus) (chorus)

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