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TALIB KWELI lyrics - Reflection Eternal


Original and similar lyrics
Yeah Now here we go Here we go (come on come on) Now here we go Here we go (come on come on) Yeah Stay strong this ain't for the plain hearted My name's honored cause my style is insane retarded Remain hottest from St. Marks to St. Thomas Take game farther than the Putt-Putt planes chartered The same artist who smoke rain forest will bang hardest My brain smartest break a nigga like a lame promise All city like train bombers Check out the pictures we painted (yeah) More colorful than Kelis naked Your skills is least debated and your album least awaited Even Big Tiger wouldn't let you in the basement Face it y'all niggas face down with your legs kicking They call your momma Roy Jones cause she raise chicken Your down for the count like Rah Digga I'm straight spitting Make pidgins say, uh uh no they didn't Yes we did so god bless the kid yo I got my own so I never stress his no Chorus (repeat 1x) In this journey you're the journal I'm the journalist Am I eternal or an eternalist As soon as we showed up I sensed nervousness As soon as we rolled up y'all burn to this Here we go Come on Yeah yeah (yeahhh) Yeah yeah (yeah yeah come on) Yeah yeah Come on come on Yo we send this bullet straight towards your brain We taking over like mores in Spain there's more to gain Runaways get aboard the train (come on) You can't ignore the pain (no) When it come down like the pouring rain Caught the train of thought and claim to cross the broad terrain The cold weather break your spirit like a water main I looked in your eyes and I saw the shame Y'all don't know that a greatnest came before the chain Till you can't imagine a future where this all could change If one of us ain't free then we all to blame So we attack each other fighting project wars and thang It's all the same across the board we off again You wanna sieve through that shit then you can call my name Kweli I chopped it up like raw cocaine I drop jams in top ten I'm not for the fame You wanna test and I bet you get wrecked like lost planes Yo Chorus (repeat 2x) And there it is (yeah) Yeah yeah (yeah yeah) Come on Yeah yeah (yeah yeah) Yeahh Yeah yeah (yeah yeah) Yo yo yo Say whaaat Say what, say what, say what I rock for the purest and I rock for the players I rock for the fellas and I rock for the ladies (come on) I rock for the elders and I rock for the babies (yeah) I rhyme to the sirens that cry in the night (yeah) Live on the mic even though I've been dying to write (yeah) Since the day of flying a kite and ridding my bike (come on) Open my eyes and keep the prize within my line of sight (yeah) Cats dropped out of school to keep fiends high on the pipe (word) Seem like that's the get away of trying to fight The system thats based on trying to stop you from shinning your light Dying in spite of getting rich That's why I rhyme like a battle emcee Battling the tragedies and fallacies That be killing niggas quicker than infant mortality They acting like whats going on now is distant reality Behaving so casually that they become a casualty Plus they don't wanna battle me anyway They try to walk away but they stubble like Macy Gray Cats hit the tunnel to rumble and say, Hey DJ! Make me wonder why they call Sunday the lazy day Chorus (repeat 2x) Check me out yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (fades)

Peaches And Cream (Remix)

112 "Part III"
(feat. Fabolous) Oh yeah Yeah Fabolous 112 Peaches and cream Know what I mean [Fabolous:] Ma I can't get enough I'm a fiend for peaches I done freaked everywhere from Limousines to beaches The kids well known by Deans and teachers It's that player who even Scored in between the bleachers Chicks used to be Seam and speechless Now they talk because the X-5 got so many Screens and features Thats why I threw marines On each-trice Look its the F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S [112:] Let me tell you What I wanna do Let me show you That I'm feelin you Wanna sex wanna Ride with you you Wanna kiss wanna Put my lips all over you Can't get enough of you Always taken of you So sweet so very wet So good girl You make me sweat Girl I'm talkin' 'bout Peaches and cream [CHORUS:] [112:] Peaches and cream I need it 'cause you know That I'm a fiend Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine It's even better When it's with ice-cream Know what I mean [Repeat chorus] [112:] I never thought that I would be so addicted To you on top underneath On the side of you Better yet baby Inside of you Love the way You just flowing down and I can feel it all around In the front in the back Of you oh I love the taste of you Girl you know What I'm talkin' 'bout [Repeat chorus twice] Yeah oh yeah yeah F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S [Fabolous:] My nigga Mase gonna Bust through those doces Few mo roses Meet me in room uno doce You know mo say It's even better When it's with ice-cream Know what I mean I ain't with the ordinary I get the strawberries Straight to the hole With my sh*t like Marbury Never down with a quickie And it ain't no secret I'm trying to strip you Down to your vickie Some girls be tweakin' Believing I'm lookin' For a freak in the morning A freak in the evening That'll do more than kiss me On my cheek When I'm leavin' Can change a way a man Speakin' and breathin' Sugar. I know you love Some cream in your coffee I'll give it to you till You scream get him off me Ya pants is up now A minute ago You was shaking like You was doing that Dance from Uptown Oh [Repeat chorus twice]

Freestyle - Jay-z

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 2: 60 Minutes of Funk"
Yeah y'all this Jay-Z, coolin out with the Funk Flex 60 Minutes of Funk, volume two, how we do Motherfucker... yeah you don't stop You won't quit, Jay-Z drop shit like this Aiyyo, my records sell cause I was born to do it Kick that Willie shit well, cause I'm really gonna do it The voice of the hustlers, who else gon do it? Most niggaz is locked or in the box with embalming fluid That's how I get it locked when I come through in the V You rap niggaz on the radio don't do it for me Insert the removable face, place the CD Your Prince, cause you rap dudes don't make sense Talk about bitten lines Nigga I did ery bit of crime that I writ in mine Ran so much coke, I could shit a dime And this is way back when, way before your bullshit was signed Tryin to indirectly, effect me, directly Careful what you wish for, Jigga get raw Nigga I'm straight gutta, let me remind you Act like you, out of your mind, I put your mind out of you I do anything when I put my mind to it A whole lot more when I put the nine to it I flow shit blow shit smash shit tow shit On some sho' shit hose it down totally and you knows this man Keep niggaz in awe with the old shit No shit, and I don't give a fuck who you go get I fold shit like poker, smack em around On some Joe Schmoe shit, I back your whole click down what? Frito Lay rappers I slay for play, tell me Who in your circle could fuck around with Jay? No mo' shit, Cristals get dough shit Shoot my pistals on the reg, I'm on some double-fo' shit Bout to drop a jewel and make po-po sick I only the respect feds, beat cops know shit I'm pro slick, the dopest nigga to your brain, the comatose shit Cause after all, what's my name, oh shit! Yeah Funk Flex and uh, we don't stop Y'all wanna rhyme like me, wanna dime like me Every Tom Dick and Harry wanna ride my mami Drink Cristal, play diamonds in his wristal Sell fish scale, y'all niggaz love this style Wannabe players, Jay-Z's offic-ial Been through out, I could tell you what to do and how to do it Foundation is layed, we can take this to the top babygirl if you're not afraid, the world is watchin Most certainly, clowns wanna get up in your drawers think they hurtin me, ha hah I keep you ill and traced out, tennis brace style Cartier watch my diamond face style Crib on the coast, marble floors laced out Chase you upstairs singing 'Let's Play House' Drop a seed in her, little life to breathe in her Wanna boy so to be sure, I OD'd in her His days are laced in Caesar Leguars All the chicks jealous at the baby showers Beatch! How we do, Funk Flex, yeah Brooklyn... *fades into How About Some Hardcore by M.O.P.*

The Way It Is

Lee Kernaghan
its a plume of dust down an old dirt road and hanging off the rails at the rodeo a back verandah with creaking boards and the dark range of a thunderstorm its the stockmans bar at an old bush pub and chasing mickey's though the scrub its planting seeds and praying for rain and the red dust runing through your veins CHORUS: its the way it is, its the way it goes when my wheels hit the gravel road it feels like home its the way of life, its the life i live and im right where i want to be thats the way it is its a corrugated iron shed and work boots on a backdoor step scones in the oven and preserves in jars talking prces at the saleyards its long straight roads and one horse towns and sheep dogs bringing the mob around its she'll be right and having a go its good on ya mate and what do ya know? REPEAT CHROUS its the eerie still in the grey of dawn feilds of wheat and rows of corn a rusty tank and flaking paint a weary digger on ANZAC day its the dreamtime land and uluru aborigine didgeridoo its batterd hats and calloused hands the spirit of a hard won land REPEAT CHORUS

I'll Be The One

DRU HILL "Enter The Dru"
I'll be the one I'll be the one I heard a rumor there's a vacancy Somebody said he put you down Seems he found pleasure in some other girl Baby, he's dogging you around So now yhou're looking for a special guy Someone that you can call your boo A man that cares about your feelings girl A man to just be good to you Well [1] - I'll be the one making you feel alright I'll be the one doing the things you like I'll be the one keeping you up at night I'll be the lover in your life I'll be the one you're gonna wanna call, yeah I'll be the one making you climb the walls I'll be the one gon' have you beggin' me I'll be the one, the one you need You gave him seven years of your life To think about it akes you cry Why don't you come with me I'll make it right Let's bump that nigga outta your mind Let's take a ride baby, no special place, yeah Somewhere where we can be alone, hey Take off our clothes and let our feelings flow I wanna groove you all night long I'll be the one [Repeat 1] Here's the thing you should know about me, yeah Jazz is the man when it comes to ladies I know what I want Baby I'm keepin' it real, said real babe Ain't no him now that you're with me That's the way that it's gotta be If you're down, then be down Don't be playin' around with my heart, oh no I'll be the one [Repeat 1] I'll be the one I'll be the one

Wild One

i'd like to ask you from the start if u could pull me out the dark or if our love would fall apart like cookies crumble see i'm a demon on the loose i'm like an engine with no caboose and i need somebody who can really handle me chorus (2x): yeah baby im a wild one don't let me run don't let me get away yeah baby im a wild wild one i just wanna let u know girl i'm attracted to ur physical but i got this lazy eye that likes to wander u see i'm tired of feelin alone so if u throw this dog a bone maybe you and i can make our house a home yeah chorus (2x) oh you could be the one who saves me or try to be the one who tames me girl you are the one who's changin my way of life i'm tired of paintin the town with ladies livin their lives fugazi i'm tired of all their lies i think i want some real love but girl u gotta realize chorus (2x)

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