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TAKE THAT lyrics - Take That & Party

I Can Make It

Original and similar lyrics
I'm tired of closing my eyes, to picture you in my mind It feels so cold to be alone Not sure where I want to be, so close to finding my dream We need to hold on to all the times we spoke of love Now I pray to God above that someday I can find the door I'm looking for I can make it, I know I can I can save this love forever I can make I know I can We can make this work together It's not a lonely men's dream,it's just that now that there's been A taste of love in my life That I refuse to return, I've got so much to learn How can it feels as though I've reached the top of this steep hill For a moment I was standing still Now I have the faith I've needed to believe 'Cause you knop what this love means to me You know how it feels when I can see it in your face That you're missing me now, you feel I've let you down You've gotta hold on, you've gota reach out and believe I can make this world a place for me and you We can make it, we can make it together

My Shadows

Deine Lakaien
I sing a song For the sad ones like you But you don't hear What is wrong what is true My shadows I can't hear your heartbeat Your narrow mind Takes the air that I need I have to fight For air But I breathe no longer Life is what you want it No no no you cannot close the door Yes yes yes I fly away for sure My my my answer is my faithful pride And you and you should vanish You should go You better listen The words that you read Your eyes should close And pray for the key It's out of reach And I give gold give everything Your looks ignite Your voice is a mess Your smell of perfume Should make you regret You are a loser And you are made for failing No no no...... The face I see In the mirror, it's yours But I am also A part of it all You cannot hide me Because I am the best you've got I start to feel Ashamed when you walk You talk about The rules of our life But I'm no loser And I am made to save you No no no..

Shadow Of A Lonely Man

Look at me now, a shadow of the man I used to be... Look through my eyes and through the years of loneliness you'll see... To the times in my life when I could not bear to lose A simple game. And the least of it all was the fortune and the fame... But the dream seemed to end just as soon as it had begun... Was I to know? For the last thing of all that was on my mind Was the close at the end of the show. The shadow of a lonely man feels nobody else... In the shadow of a lonely, lonely man I can see myself... (Looking out of nowhere...Looking out of nowhere...) But the sound of the crowds when they come to see me now, Is not the same. And the jest of it all is I can't recall my name. But I cling to a hope till I can't hold on anymore...anymore... And for all the acclaim, I am all alone! And I see as I look through the door, The shadow of a lonely man...There's nobody else... In the shadow of a lonely, lonely man I can see myself! ...Look at me now, a shadow of the man I used to be....

One Never Knows, Does One?

BILLIE HOLIDAY "The Quintessential - Volume 3"
Mack Gordon / Harry Revel One never knows, does one? When love will come along Then so suddenly life turns out to be a song One never knows, does one? The moment or the place Then right before your eyes Someone occupies your embrace Someday look and you'll find Two hearts were blest Someday fate may be kind Pray for the future Hope for the best One never knows, does one? That's just the way it goes All at once you hear Hold me. Caress me And then love may come But when, one never knows

Underneath The Ice

Assemblage 23
I can feel the violence Spill across the floor Mys eyes have grown too clouded To see it anymore Fading into nothing Turning into steam Left in desparation With nothing to redeem CHORUS Underneath the ice I find A place to rest my weary mind The cold deep water numbs my pain Until I can face myself again Waiting for redemption That never seems to come Hands reach beneath the surface But I don't know where from I'm not ready to return yet I just need a moment more So I can try to remember What it is I came here for (CH) Sinking Fast Too dark to see The buzzing din Envelopes me Too late now Nowhere to go I'm sinking in The undertow

Till I Get Me (To Get Free)

Don't wanna look you in the eyes and say a cold goodbye but i've so much to do i just can't stay,i can't pretend that here i've my life i really need to go don't wanna leave without a kiss giving you a sweet lie after all we've been through but i'm afraid you read me wrong and then you start to cry sometimes you were my truth but as you reach the end of the day someone asks you to stay but as something's missing, something's unreal and you want to,you need to to find a way don't wanna make this story end without a pretty smile you mean so much to me and even if it hurts,it might hurt for awhile i just want you to see that there's a chance,there's a place where i could know myself and get ready to be someone who could come back one day and hold you really tight and make you happy there's emptiness in my day sadness in my night it's not your fault but somehow it doesn't feel right there's nothing here to find and i need to find a way something's out of sight...away until you get,til you get me so i can get,i can get free so until you get,til you get me so i can get,i can get me...

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