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SYLEENA JOHNSON lyrics - Chapter II: The Voice

The Voice / Intro

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[Verse #1:] One day I was feelin' low down (Was havin') Bad thoughts like I won't be around (Was thinkin') Maybe I should get out of this game (I thought that) Nobody wanted to hear me sing (I thought that) Nobody even knew my name (I thought that) Maybe 'cause it was I didn't lose weight (I thought that) I had failed and I felt so ashamed (And not just) At my music, but at everything (But then my) Momma said "don't you dare think that way" (And my) Sisters told me not to lose my faith (They told me) "Get on your knees and let GOD lead the way" (And then I) Closed my eyes and I heard a voice say [Chorus (2 Times):] It told me "Stand up" If you want to be seen, It told me "Reach out" So you can catch your dreams, It told me "Cry out" If you want to be heard It told me "Be strong" And take heed to my word" [Verse #2:] So from now on when I hear that voice say (Stand up) I'm on my feet, and I'm showin' my face (Because I) Won't go quietly into the night (I will be) Strong and faithful, oh I will survive (I will be) Honest to me, I will try even when I cry (I will be) Humble, but fearless knowing the LORD by my side (I won't take) Life for granted, I'll live everyday like my last (I will make) Lemonade even when lemons is all I have (I will pay) All my dues and tithes in Sundays (I won't break) When haters test me, focused I will stay (And when I) Cannot hide from those low down days (I will just) Close my eyes and hear that voice say [Chorus (2 Times)] [Intro:] Live by and die by the power of the voice The voice of strength, the voice of reason The voice inside of me, the voice inside of you Holds the key to the answers to the questions And so my story continues, but this time I am guided by the voice Of love, every step that I take And every challenge that I face, and its says to me

Lonely And Totally Confused

Holly Tree
everything started in 1993 when i met a girl that lived in a place near me she was so nice we began to stay together i tought we'd be happy forever but she took my money and smashed my life and it was not easy, no it was so hard despite all those things i loved her but i found i'm not the only one i don't know what to think just because the motherfucker is in love with my friends and also with me how would i feel with such stupid thing? she is so rude not feeling sorry for me even smashing me up i thought she loved me so rage will develope up and i will learn that i can never trust people nowadays they just think of power, money and their dirty own ways i never thought of her doing that now i'm so confused lonely and bored my life is sad

No Foy De Ti

Lil' Rob "High Till I Die: Remix 2000"
You know ever since you've been gone I find myself unable to sleep at night To some people it's just another day But the Lord knows down inside, I just don't feel right Love gots a hold on me, think I'm about to fall baby But I can't let you see all the things you're doing to me Remember when you told me how you wanted to be free, and you left me (y te olvidaste de mi) What about me and all of my pain, times I thought I was going insane Calling your name, you're no where around, no where to be found Nobody cared, nobody was there it was just me sad and lonely, broken homey I smile for my friends and cry later for you just like the oldie told me Remember how you treated me, you said you never needed me Spent all your time deceiving me, why couldn't you just believe in me Now your en mis suenos y pesadillas And I can't wake up from this state and I can't take heartbreak again What would happen if I took you in, I would lose and you would win again You want your cake and eat it too, what would happen if I cheated you Gee I can only imagine all the things that I would be I belonged to you but you never belonged to me, no soy de ti [Chorus] Your love's got a hold on me No matter what I do I just can't seem to break free All I know is I want you right here next to me Baby tell me is it real of fantasy I said your love Come a little closer, look at me, what do you see The tracks of my tears because of you and wasted years After all the times you lied to me, all the fake tears you cried for me Now you wanna try to be, something that you denied to be Reality didn't live up to my dream, I never thought that you'd leave me Torture and sadness these things you left me, paired when I'm lonely Drives me insane, I'll never be the same as before you Girl I live for you, please say it isn't so The one in love is always the last to know Remember when you'd write that fool up in the pen And asked me if I cared and I said of course I did but you went and did it again Said he was just a friend, but then it was someone you went out to see While I'm standing underneath the streetlamp wondering who is the girl for me I never knew that when you said I love you it was just for a little while When we get married have a big celebration Send invitations to all our friends and relations That's what I wanted, I wanted to make you my wife But now I want you to stay out of my life [Chorus] Everytime I find another love and try to settle down And build my castle to the sky, you come and tear it down I treated you like a queen, how come I didn't feel like a king I told you if you lose me, that you would be losing a good thing I'll always remember that day in September, cold as December Leaving behind a fool such as I teary eyed I guess you had your mind made up, now you've got your fools mixed up Tore off our legs, throw them on the ground for me to pick up That's the night you laughed at me, threw your little past at me Never thought I'd see the day that you would see the last of me Fears of losing you kept me holding on, but I got strong You never know what you got until it's gone Cuando te queria no me quisiste Cuando te fuiste me dejaste triste y te reistes de mi Ain't it funny now you want me vete con su hombre yo vida te de mi No soy de ti [Chorus]

Robyn Is Here

Robyn is here Robyn is here Robyn is here gotta let you know Lend me your ears can you hear my flow Wake up people there's something new in the air Can you hear it, smell it, feel it, Robynis here Provin' I'm alive when I'm comin' with the spring Makin' my debut summer '95, startin' to sing Better wake up 'cause I will make you feel alright Will get you in that freaky mood, will make you make love tonight I am here to sing, joy is what I bring Comin' with a positive feelin' Cause this is a Robynthing Robyn is here Robyn is here Robyn is here gotta let you know Lend me your ears can you hear my flow Goin' downtown sittin' in the frontseat My head is spinnin' around and around because of the heat The sun is shinin' it makes everybody horny I'm just about to face it that everybody I konw is goin' crazy My girls are dressed up from their heads to their feet But there ain't much them clothes will hide Guys are mackin' making the scene complete I'm tellin' it's contagious it's the summervibe and I'm here [Chorus] A dedication to this special time of the year And a celebration 'cause finally I am here Spreadin' love to all of my family and my friends To that special one I'm thinkin' of and to my audience I'm lettin' everything else go, have only one thing on my mind tonight I am gonna let you know my flow I'm gonna make you feel alright

My Life

Gnashing Of Teeth "Gnashing Of Teeth"
My life a life of shame and regret I dwell in my hole of self pity my heart blackened by self righteous anger I build my world upon sand my time is spent in a constant struggle just for a breath of air but I find I'm continually drowning sinking downward into my despair the things that I trust in when put to the test will not withstand fire but still I rely on my flesh leaving my mind in the grasp of the liar when will I learn when will I turn around and reach for you why can't I see why can't I hear you calling for me always the same I scream louder so I can't hear you whisper my name always the same I don't want to hear I already know I'm to blame I try myself always to no avail I try myself again only to fail then I turn in my shame and my regret to see you still there Your hand still outstretched wrists impaled with my selfishness brow bleeding from thorns of pride Your back whipped with my words of hatred I've thrust my spite into Your side I can't comprehend why You even care for me but You choose to be there my life a life of worship and praise I dwell in the midst of Your spirit my heart change begins on the inside I now have my feet on solid ground help me to trust in You to leave behind my shame and regret free my mind from the grasp of the liar my God release me from death give me life.


ANOUK "For Bitter Or Worse"
I remember you stepped in the store And you kept me standing in one place for way too long There you smiled at me but all that I could say was just 'Hello sir what will it be' You're a Jesus with shoes on I can see the light in your hair It's happening again Ooh baby Well have you told your mom That you won't be coming home Don't you worry now She can do it on her own You shot me In my heart And I just wanna be Your woman Now we're all alone You make me lose my cool I can't deny it and I can't pretend What I see is what I get Your arms around me Here we stand Now I believe that we can make it through Take me as I am it's up to you Can you see the things that nobody else can see Think it over now that you still can Are you though enough to be my man Or will you also try to walk away anyway Well have you told your mom That you won't be coming back Boy you look so fine baby how about upstairs

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