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SYLEENA JOHNSON lyrics - Chapter II: The Voice

No Words

Original and similar lyrics
Just the mere thought of you Makes me oohwee And I, I, I, I, I, I Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh and Every time you touch me I I, I, I, I, I, I, I Oh Whoooooa so I [Chorus:] You make me feel so good That I can't put it in words And I feel so feel so good 'Bout you tat I can't put it in words Every since word you say Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I, I, I, I, I, uh I, I See and I can't get enough of you 'cause I Oohhhhhhhoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I [Chorus] I can't find the words to say it Really I just can't explain it I don't understand it But I won't take it for granted 'Cause it makes me feel so good And I don't know how I could Let myself overlook it A love so beautiful and pure [Chorus (x2)] See I don't know what to say about it And I don't what do about it So I I I I I I So I I I I I I OHHHHH

Back To Good

Take a While And take a Breath Let yourself down slow Gather up your memories Hold on to what you know And everything's been moving way too fast You thought that you'd found something that would last And it passed... So if you find that in your mind You're putting up your guard Trust me when I say it's not suppose to be this hard You'll fall again and it'll feel so fast Every single fear you thought would last It'll pass... And you'll fall again And it will feel so fast And every single fear And every single fear Will pass... Do I have to let go and watch you walk away Do I have to let go and wish you would have stayed I think I'll just play the part I think I'll just play the part It may take some time before you find you're back to good again Where you should have been Even though the letting is part is the hardest part I think it's time we start I don't care where you've been I wish you'd let me in Show me how to get you Show me how to get you back to good Back to good Get you back to good Back to good...

Don't Let Me Get Started

[Missy Elliott:] This one for ya broken hearts Sittin at home with ya broken hearts Put this one, make ya lights come on Feelin all alone, got the blues, c'mon You ain't gotta worry, Ima save the day Write a little song to take ya pain away You know how I do, it be A-Okay Find anotha one, in fact find a betta one... [Jazmine Sullivan:] Breaking up with you is a painful thing I can't believe the way it went down, I thought it was love And no one told me that feelings would ever change (Don't let me get started) It hurts me when I talk about it (See how the tears runnin down my face) The time we lost could've been spent on better days (I bet you miss my lovin) [Chorus:] I know you miss my lovin My kisses and my hugs and... The time we spent on fussin Should've been used for my lovin I know you 966 miss my lovin My kisses and my hugs and... The time we spent on fussin Should've been used for good lovin Relationships are built on trust before you begin But I believe a good love should never end When I look in your eyes, I feel it still (Don't let me get started) Me, I sat and sat and thought about it Beating myself up until I'm blue If milk is spilled, why sit home and cry about it? (I bet you miss my lovin) [Chorus] Me and you used to be so love Now look at us All this time that we shared Now my heart no longer cares You and I, were apart Can't make it work cause I lost your trust Now I bet your missin me [Chorus]

Medley Of Hits

WAYLON JENNINGS "It's Only Rock And Roll"
[I'm A Ramblin' Man] Well, I've been down to Mississippi Down through New Orleans, yes, I have I've played in California There ain't too much I haven't seen, No there ain't. Oh, I'm a ramblin' man Don't fool around with any old ramblin' man. [This Time] This time, if you want me to come back It's up to you But remember I won't allow the things You used to do. Gonna have to toe the mark And walk the line This time will be The last time. [Don't You Think This Outlaw Bits Done Gone Out of Hand] I'm for the law and order the way it should be This song's about the night they spent protecting you from me Don't you think this outlaw bit's done got out of hand What started out to be a joke the law don't understand. Was it singing through my nose that got me busted by the man Maybe this here outlaw bit's done got out of hand. [Clyde] Clyde played electric bass {layed it with finesse and grace Set on the porch, ain't got no shoes Pickin' that bass and singin' the blues. [Good Hearted Woman] Lord, she don't understand him But she does the best that she can She's a good hearted woman In love with her good timin' man. She's a good hearted woman In love with a good timin' man She loves him in spite of his wicked ways That she don't understand. Through teardrops and laughter They'll pass through this world hand in hand A good hearted woman Lovin' her good timin' man. [Ladies Love Outlaws] Ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs Ladies touch babies like a banker touches gold And outlaws touch the ladies Somewhere deep down in their soul. [Luckenbach Texas (Back In The Basics Of Love)] Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas With Waylon and Willie and the Boys This succesful life we're livin's Got us feudin' like the Hatfields and McCoys. Between Hank Williams pain songs And Newbury's train songs And ''Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain'' Out in Luckenbach Texas Ain't nobody feelin' no pain. [I've Always Been Crazy] I've always been crazy It's kept me from going insane Nobody knows if It's something to blast heart of flame. Till now I ain't found the rhyme Or the reason to change I've always been crazy It kept me from going insane...

World Of Girls

JOE "Better Days"
Met a girl on trip to Spain Took a walk and in the rain Dinner by candle-light Every night She was every man's delight Had a dream__ Bentley and humor And I fell in love Instantly the way she put that thing on me I have kissed the most exotic faces From London to Honolulu Made love in the most romantic places What more can one man do Livin' in a world of girls It's like swimming in a sea of peals Tastes like caviar Watching shooting stars She's like _sh to the touch Diamonds in a ruff Had a girl who was a beauty queen Most beautiful one to me Straight out of a magazine Centerfold Took a ride on my__ Puerto Rican, Dominican, Americana And beautiful Rio Janiero And they all look so good to me Like a ride in an air balloon Through the sky on a night with a silver moon Like the first time lovers kissed Like the first time lovers with come true Like a Saturday sun Like a rush when you know you're found That one It feels so good to me

Time For Goodbye

COURTNEY JAYE "Traveling Light"
Feels like I'm falling out of love Heaven help me Voices of angels high above Criticize me Just when I find out who you are I regret letting down my guard Give me the word Give the sign If I should move on Is this a good time Time for goodbye I can be so full of myself That I'm empty Such a believer of the truth You resent me Just when I find out where you've been I regret ever giving in [Chorus] Stains on the carpet The holes in the wall We're tearing it down til there's nothing at all You ask me to stay But you waited too long Cause I'm already gone Now this is the word This is the sign Yeah I should move on Now is a good time Time for goodbye

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