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SYLEENA JOHNSON lyrics - Chapter 4: Labor Pains

Maury Povich

Original and similar lyrics
you doin all that you can to take a stand and be a man (and take care of your shortys) all your love your heart your time your mind your money every dime (do you picture how you want it?) but she don't care (cuz she knows that your there) every month on time (but she wont let you see the babies) cuz she knows it aint yours in the back of her mind (now she got your ass on tv) Oh now your an episode feelings out of control on some maury povich shit looking all crazy when clearly you could have prevented it pay attention to the chicks you hit and oh your just an episode now everybody knows you want some maury povich shit how do think it cuz when mainly you got the attachment? bet you wear a condom with the next chick. all you ladies making babies just to keep a man around (there is one thing you should wanna know) sit and think about the drama you would bring to the child (and how you using him for doe) and you goin' say (hes the babies daddy) when you been all over town (don't you know you read this part too slow) open legs and empty heads don't do much to keep you down (you goin' get more than you wanted though) Oh now your an episode feelings out of control on some maury povich shit looking all crazy when clearly you could have prevented it pay attention to the chicks you hit and oh your just an episode now everybody knows you want some maury povich shit how do you think it czu when mainly you got the attachment? bet you wear a condom with the next chick. first of all you know that i know that i know that you know that u lyin that babys eyes ain't nothing like mine all a suddin you still wanna be mine now you callin my mama and lyin talkin bout me doin sometimes girl quit callin my mama she don't need that drama she done chased me with that knife so you tryin to get me to do whats right sometimes i wanna slap you with all your might cuz you'd be trippin for nothin you must be crazy or something and i took the blood test twice girl you baby wanna be like mike cuz thats who it look like tryin to stick me with a shawty even though we did the nawtie it could be somebody else's right? Oh now your an episode feelings out of control on some maury povich shit looking all crazy when clearly you could have prevented it pay attention to the chicks you hit and oh your just an episode now everybody knows you want some maury povich shit how do you think it czu when mainly you got the attachment? bet you wear a condom with the next chick. Oh Oh you want some maury povich shit now you looking crazy baby. Oh

The Symbol

ACTION BRONSON "Rare Chandeliers"
Yeah, fucking throw up on the floor shit Get the cleaning lady My bad! Hey yo! [Verse 1:] In only one year, considered as a veteran Top of the line, the whip look like tropical lime Off the boat, cousin, Glock by the spine Do a murder seven thirty, then they flying at nine Shit! Handspring half twist into the Buick You say you're doing shit but never do it I say I'm doing shit and then I do it Never going back to work in labor Fuck that your little chain, you better tuck that Uh, vultures flying over the carcass Bitches blowing on my dick like a cartridge Throw some grass up, aim a little east of the target My brain was sculpted at Harvard Never mention all the crime I been a part of Serve like Ivan Lendl up in the rental The cheese been assembled They receiving health benefits and dental The lamb was laced with fennel Left hand then shift the right foot touched the pedal! [Hook:] From now on I'm just the symbol Hundred dollar drugs smoke at the window Paper plates, I never had a license Could always cash, we're smoking spices Triple lindsey out the Jeep, land into a splint Get up in the spin, doggie, I'm the shit! You're staying broke, like Maury with the hip Huh, catch me on Maury with my bitch Fuck with me! [Verse 2:] The whip gymnast Jump out the car into the river Don't splash on the dive Straightforward money, cash on the side If you catch him I want that bastard alive My bitch's ass is like an apple You bitches see me look astonished Your boy is ill with the phonics Since Gary Payton had the pill for the Sonics You're still a novice And to be brutally honest, your shit is garbage! Dog, I've been a scholar My shoes are still alive from Lake Victoria Fuck the order up, leave you stretched in the corridor I got my aura up, hoes that drive me in foreign truck (dykes) One is riding me, the other one is rolling up (weed) Pray to science they don't pull me over If they do, then the fun is over Whether young or older, motherfucker's been a musket holder Just sprinkle cheese on top of me, and let it get crusted over! [Hook] Fuck with me! [repeated throughout]


[AZ] Yea, back off vacation Time to send y'all pros on a permanent vacation though Check my track record, respect is my black Lexus Expect me to act reckless, I'm rich and I'm ass naked A mink with half leopard, my drinks and my glass separate I roll and I'm half breathless, just stroll through my last message Like...niggaz can't be serious Never that leery shit, shit I'm mysterious Move mystique on 'em, the doses increase on 'em You ghost if you sleep on 'em No joke when my peeps stormin The cars they come in heavy The God of the Serengeti I charge with a large machete And carve through ya starvin belly shoulda known I was serious Still the prettiest, point blank period [Nas] Feedin while alligators on swamps, got miles and acres No comp, whether it's freestyle, or written down on papers So far, I've been down from maybe, a decade, I'm still the raw-rest Plus, suede, and ferragamo's, cause the made jury's on us Garments fly apartments, they buggin say Nastradamus Just wasn't one of my hardest, sold over a mil regardless Chill with them hard looks, I spark clips If you blood, or Muslim, 5 percent God, or crip [AZ] Yea, ok Guns in the glove compartment I'm dapper but love the nonsense The rappin up of my conscience I'm strapped when I come to conscious Attack with a hundred monsters They black and they runnin bonkers We back and we come to conquer [Nas] To master the fucking genre Like, niggaz can't be serious Still the grittiest, point blank period Flow tight as a midget's closet As tight as a prison block is No sight of po-lice, when we riot Fightin the system, fired Be quiet, when I'm approaching Get tired, jump out the roses Sip Meyer's Rum out in open I'm smokin that hydro, choking I'm scopin, my eyes are on you Don't reach cause I tried to warn you No street corner Nas won't come to To bomb you, 4 5's will harm you Eccentric, I'm live but calm too Cordial, but crazy cautious Roll through with some crazy gorgeous Hoes, bodies like lady horses Like, my whole stampede serious Ya'll niggaz is funny like Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" Sped up or real slow, never neo-soul Hip-Hop only rockin with homey, we Co-D's Nas not no Hives, or Coldplay If there was an old days, we pioneered it Anthony Cruz, Nasir Jones shit, very serious

Laugh At You

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) "Dirty History"
A mind is a terrible thing to waste High school reunion wouldn't show my face I was always looked at a little different And I got blamed for everything, even if I ain't do the shit It was hectic, a total fuckin' nightmare A room full of preps, and one thug with braided hair Runnin' through the halls screamin' "Fuck all ya'll!" Brass knuckle punch jackin' all jock's jaws Insane in the cranium, people always starin' Pointin' at me, laughin' close enough so I can hear 'em Until the day that I got my revenge When they found one student stabbed to death with a pen Whole school goin' through some emotional stress Gotta half day off cause of that bullshit Let me take another victim see if I can get a whole day Remember that bitch Lisa? They just found her in the hallway I ain't playin' no more, stop laughin' 'Cause all that chit-chattin' as got this killa crackin' Teacher's pet, bullethole in ya chest Whole football team damn near layed to rest Half the students missin', and no one knows shit They haven't got a clue that it was all me, bitch Higher education learn a little something ya'self Who's next to be got, not too many left I'm so glad this year's almost over And maybe next year, before they laugh, they'll look over the shoulder New students comin' in, I'mma still be in the same grade Murder after murder all the way until I graduate Crazy killa, crazy killa's what they call me No evidence, but I'm still the number one suspect Never once was invited to a party And if I ever was, all I'd do is bring bloodshed [Chorus 2x] They don't like me They don't want me Ever since I got here They treated me strange They got me going crazy Ain't nobody feelin' my pain Shed no more tears So many years, my head's been clear But now I understand to make all those around fear [Repeat 25x until end, through all the chaotic sounds] They're all gonna laugh at you!

Power (Remix)

[Jay-Z - Intro] Is this thing on? Oh, I thought they silenced us, 'Ye Power to the people We're living in that 31st century, futuristic fly shit The penthouse is the projects and everybody flies private New watches (you know what time it is) Watch us (you see us) They can't stop us The prophets Beotches! [Chorus: Kanye West] No one man should have all that power (Yea!) The clock's tickin, I just count the hours (Yea!) Stop trippin, I'm tripin off the power ("No one man should have all that power!" - [King Crimson]) [Jay-Z] Rumble young man, rumble Life is a trip so sometimes we gon' stumble You gotta go through pain in order to become you But once the world numbs you, you'll feel like it's only one you Man, you got the power to do anything you want to Until you ask yourself, "Is that what it's all come to?" Looking at life through sunglasses in the sunroof Do you have the power to get out from up under you Fuck all these labels, fuck what everybody wants from you They trying to ask who/Axl Rose you, (Welcome to the Jungle!) To be continued, we're on that Norman Mailer shit In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift Tell 'em this! [Kanye West] No one man should have all that power...[echoes] [John Legend (Kanye)] Yea-ei-yea-ei-yea-ei-yea-ei-YEAAAAAAA-EAH OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) {"No one man should have all that power!" - [King Crimson]} [Kanye West] Now when I walk in everybody do the power clap - clap, clap, clap Fresh for the club, I just took an half an hour nap - clap, clap, clap I seen people go crazy when the whole world in our lap - Clap, clap, clap My psyche was out the plug, now it's time to get the power back - Clap, clap I've seen people abuse power, use power, misuse and then lose power Power to the people, at last! It's a new hour Now we all ain't gon' be American Idols But you can 'least grab a camera, shoot a viral Huuuh? Take the power in your own hands I'm a grown man, doin my grown dance I don't stop until I see the end, my vision clear, bitch I'm on my Van Gogh, I don't hear shit No one man should have all that power The clock's tickin, I just count the hours Stop trippin, I'm trippin off the power 'Til then, fuck that, the world's ours [John Legend] EYY-YEAAAAH OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) Eh-ay, eh-ay, eh-ay, eh-ay (The power) [Kanye West] Now everything I'm rhymin on cause a Ramadon Been a don prayin for families lost in the storm Bring our troops back from Iraq, keep our troops out of Iran So the next couple bars I'ma drop 'em in Islam They say as-salaam alaikum, we say alaikum as-salaam/salam' That's no Oscar Mayer bacon, you should run and tell your mom Now the question is how we gon' stop the next, Vietnam Keep, Flex out of Korea 'cause you know we drop bombs! [explosion and music stops] [Swizz Beatz - breakdown as beat changes] Showtime! Aiyyo Yeezy man, stop playin wit these people man They wanna see you act all crazy in this muh'fucker man Take that jacket off an go crazy on them niggaz man Ya'knahmtalkin BOUT? {"I GOT THE POWER!" - [Snap!]} [Kanye West (Swizz Beatz)] What do it mean to be the boss? (OH!) It means second place is the first one who lost (OH!) The crucifixion, the being nailed to the cross (OH!) The truth or fiction, it's a hell of a cost (BOP!) Do the dishes, I'm 'bout to hit that Jeff Gordon (AY!) Michael Jordan is the only one more important (AY!) But I be feelin like Jordan when I'm recording (C'mon!) 'Cause everytime I record, I dunk and slam the booooards I don't know what rappers gon' do afterwarrrrrds (OH!) Prol'ly spaz like I might do at the awaaaaards (Right!) Huh! I got the whole crowd goin CRAZY! (AY!) Homey, I should be rewarded (WHOOOOOOO!) Gettin money Yeezy, Yeezy how you do it, huh? (WHOOO!) Eating Wheaties, drinkin Fiji, bein greedy, huh? (C'mon!) Don't even think you can elude to the rumors (C'mon!) I'm immune to the boos, I'ma PROVE to you losers -- {"I GOT THE POWER!" - [Snap!]} (Huh!) It's all in timing, nigga (Get 'em!) See I dream my whole life that I could rhyme with Jigga (Get 'em!) Now Jay my big brother, and B my lil' sister (Get 'em!) And excuse me, but, you cain't see my lil' sister (HANDS IN THE AIR!) Number one sound across the board - HEY! (OH!) Number one now and forever more - HEY! (HEY!) Number one rule is niggas gon' HATE! Maybe I drop the album - naaaaah, y'all gotta wait (Oh!) And on the net, they showin pictures of my Cali place My Maybach in NY, but it still got the Cali plates All my ol' gurls know that I'm the one that got away (Whoo!) I think about her Christmas and play some Donny Hathaway (AY!) And keep my bulletproof, hater coat on (Chill...chill! Chill! Yo!) Lookin at some photos that I'm lookin crazy dope on Hand up, talkin shit, yeah I get my Pope on (Yo!) and go home with, somethin to poke on (WHOO!) That's what Dre said, but this what 'Ye said (Huh!) How 'Ye doin? Who 'Ye screwin? (Huh!) That's for my dick to know, befo' you get to know 'em She ain't gave you ass, that pussy fictional I gotta give her the eviction no-tice "Getcho ass out, bitch! Vamanos!" Five seconds to the song end, we gettin close I got the power muh'fucker if you didn't know [Swizz Beatz - Outro] Chill! Chill! Chill man! Chill 'Ye, chill! Chill! Chill! Shit's burned up already... It's over

Chinese Beats (Skit)

JIN "The Rest Is History"
..Got my Cds on deck and everything ready.. [Jin] Yo, waddup waddup waddup my man? [guy] Oh Jin MC, wassap baby 'Jo maiyo'? {he pronounces it wrong} [Jin] Aight, its 'Jo maiya' actually but its coo' man [guy] Oh, uh I c u I c u *laughs* [Jin]-(guy) Aight, u got..u came wit tha beats rite? (yeah i got it rite here) Yo Ive been waiting to hear this joint. Yo go ahead, put the CD in rite there yo,(aight hold on) yea I need that crack for this album yo [guy] I got crack for u baby.. This like..This like my chinese club joint. Like its crazy, like..*cut off* [Jin] Chinese club joint?! [guy] Its crazy *joint being played* Intro's sick.....Its hype {*Music playing, guy singing: uh huh, my chinese people in tha club say hoo.([Jin]Oh shit..) and if u wit my people let me..*cut off* [Jin] Yao go to tha next joint yo [guy] man that was crazy yo! [Jin] Yea go to the next one [guy] they in the club like.. 'whooo!!' [Jin]yea its coo'.. nah its hot tho.. its coo' yo u got something else tho? u play like.. u can play tha next beat yo? thats coo' u know but I need something different yo [guy]-(Jin)I got this joint rite here (uh huh) this called the chinese fly. this shits crazy. *joint being played* flies goin everywhere(pshh u cant be serious) I got it from a flick and all that shit its crazy (go ahead yo, play it)*guy singing: Jins tha name Jins tha name woo Jins tha name Jins tha name woo Jins tha name. Ji- ahh chika urr this is tha remix [Jin] Yao, stop it stop it..stop it yo stop it [guy] *laughing* woo u hear that shit? [Jin] Its coo'.. nah.. its..Imma..its coo' man. but yo I want some real shit like I need, I need that fire yo I need something different. Im tryn'a change tha game yo. Lemme get somethin yo. c'mon man I know u got more beats [guy]-(Jin) I got some Outkast. Bang (oh wut u got) I got this chinese outkast shit. Its crazy *joint played* its a chinese Caroline (chinese wut?!) Chinese Caroline, thats Caroline singing 'oohhh'...(yo, wut happened to tha beats?!..oh shit..YO YO TURN THAT SHIT OFF YO!) *guy making noises to go wit tha joint* (THAT SHIT IS GARBAGE!) GARBAGE? Psschh, aint u Chinese?

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