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SYLEENA JOHNSON lyrics - Chapter 3: The Flesh


Original and similar lyrics
[R. Kelly] Y'all know what this is so bob your heads, yeah ladies it's your boyfriend and Ms Johnson we mixing drinks right now y'all I step up in the spot and all the heads turn pull up in the green apple beema ya boy so hot the club might burn fresh tennis suit walkin' with 'Leena like brass knuckles on my fist aint it mane like sun shinin' on my wrist aint it mane like a pimp with a twist, hypnotic with the criss fuck with models with the hips whats the name? canary yellow ice came with the chain just like money, cars and clothes came with the fame just like big pimpin y'all drew all this hoes just like thats why im in the club poppin all these bottles tonight [Syleena (Verse 1)] Boy, you got that crazy magic formula And I can't shake it babe Just wanna drink it babe And I stay hungry for your love You keep me wanting "beef" Wanna eat it up Tell me what [B-Section] (What is this) (That's so addictive) That's so addictive that I Lose control It feels so good I had to ask a question (What is this) (That's got me feenin) Got me fiending, yeah Can't seem to let go Oh, baby your love is so [Chorus] Hypnotic, hypnotic, hypnotic, hypnotic, so hypnotic Your love is so [repeat] [Verse 2:] Can't seem to run, can't seem to hide Your love keeps finding me It's that chemistry between us Oooh, boy you are all I focus on I'm loving every moment So why'd you had to go on and blow my mind [B-section] [Chorus] [Fabolous] young money on the flo' connection to the Chi what it is! I roll through the block and the roof be low and the 22's couldnt be cleaner they start yellin' out F-A-B-O its the young boy with Syleena they lookin with a flash light in the daytime coz the cash right and the words may rhyme some say i'm the real talk of the city of New York its the Diddy in the walk and the smooth in my style groove with a smile 'till they prove in the trail that i move with the cow 40 that is shorty is his when she see's how icy the automo' is the game is hypnotic summin' like the blue drink you see me on the hood frontin' with the blue mink stuntin' with the new link ya like how i do's what i do's and i have 'em like Wow! [Bridge] (You're my medicine) Oh, you take the pain away And bring me healing, boy (And you bring me so much joy) (Feeling) Whenever you come near me I just cannot help myself Because your love is so [Chorus / Adlib] Ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh

'til The Dawn

E-40 "Grit Grind"
(talking) Testing testing, Bosko where they at Tonight swinger what we getting into [Chorus: Bosko - 2x] If you wanna dance we can do it tonight If you wanna smoke c'mon it's alright If you wanna drink c'mon we popping Don Perion Doing the damn thang till the dawn [E-40: bridge] Love me tender, love me sweet, I'm a thug, pack my heat All I do is spit these p's, L-R-P's, overseas Get your feddy, stack your bread Make them duck heads give you head If it's money, bout them dollas Jack your slacks and pop your collar [Verse 1: E-40] Ooooh, fa shiggedel So slick, so sly, so slal Ghost pick, those thighs, those gals Came prepared, to my last show Fire it up, wire it up off of the V.S.O.. Higher than the birds trying to throw it at me now Let me breathe on you for a minute as I snatch up This fine ass little brusslesprout and I have to apprehend her [Chorus] [Verse 2: Suga Free] Now guess what, what, chicken butt Bitch goody goody, wait a minute It wouldn't be cracking if my cousin 4-Tay wasn't in it, goody goody Now if you wanna dance, smoke, drink We got the party cracking like all for you baby Goody goody, god, make a pimp wanna jump back Goody goody, don't stop, the beat rock Cause we hot, the heat rock, and don't stop Believing, just get your money where you're breathing This is for the thugs set butts in they laps, goody goody And this is for E-40 and The Click in the land goody goody [Chorus] [Verse 3: E-40] I prosaic, chemically imbalanced Black folks, lactose and talerance Red cup, strictly riding gut Hard licking tricking, bitch playa banked up Love the baby with the big butt Walking up, to my F150 truck What's your name, Sandra Like that, where you from, Atlanta [E-40: Bridge] [Chorus - 2x]

The Tugboat Complex Pt. 3

AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
I could make 'em all dance, or I could sleep I could walk with a limp and make your step feel incomplete people are made of match sticks, light this bread a flames note at the craft work door the last smirk of the the Damien mainframe my box cost siphon third rail juice from lost poets inhabit ocean bottoms with a bitter rotten scapegoat pardons (note to self) don't bargain at martyr parliament rallies where participants squeeze your last giggle then whittle sacrificial finalies I can tie my new faces alone, save your knee deep offerings sorta bring puke coughing bunk persona to light (I might) build [?] railroads, find you, and lay tracks adjacent just to scream "fuck off" as the engine pulls out the station what should we do with a thousand drunken sailors? "kill 'em all, locate their family address, release a mailer" (dear sir or madam, your son or daughter's embarrassed human kind consuming booze and gut fuel, till they cruised across the line) I spin gold, your raps are dirty lapsed towards the nursery class act impression of a bubble (yeah I could of been more subtle when polluting paradise gene puddle) man huddles make us look like cool peeps and I'm trying to school sheep towards the right idea {c'ya - [5X]} this basic divine subsidiary bust center syllable logic, fold origami plantation shut this picket fence hang on to your dreams kitten, you'll probably never hear this song let alone sip the mission long enough to listen (I smoke cigarettes down to filter, smoke the filter down to space now I'm gonna roll this question tight and smoke that shit up in your face now if you were to alter masks every time fame circus approaches do you really think your maker wouldn't notice?) Okay, I've died a thousand, and I'll die a thousand more, I leave footprints in fours, two for bi [?], two operate [?] practically caress the utterings of crushed [?] brothers and sisters mothering stickler cabin and madden shit I'll fix the wing for a penny and a parabole, yeah but this friendship sunk with a barrel full of [?] pull I seen guys harbor bad shiners then wonder why the culprits sitting at the their rainbows ending want's garbage bag liners [?] with out the apple seed it's useless (I sat for greed) patched for boredom crafts a castle out of toothpicks (I sat to breath) I breath to hard nearly metamorph castle loose pins now I stand to breath as not to disturb the [?] and I know that's not a story, it no longer turns my stomach hollering wolves in the form of one frustrated culprit but a love tap full of washed up stardom melted trying to milk it win a ticket to right white lines highway sideways [?] one love to the rungs in my ladder, one love to the gathering of laughter bats that hung from my rafters see the jackal met the badger, they were both such fucking bad asses that clashing wouldn't make sense (hence my tape deck) now I ain't gonna name name's, and I ain't gonna drag others in but I ain't about to say that I'm the only cat you got bubbling your lucky, somehow you managed to befriend some good people who will sit and soak the evils you secrete, but why? I'm not really sure (knock the fuck off, kicking his lip across the floor 'til the archival vinyl venom soak the [?] anti-clarity mechanism spit flattery burners fusing a million majesty murders then stole the crown) oh wait that's right, you discovered me right? offered up the peace pipe, and oh It's all cotton candy when Aesop Rock the B light he's actin foolish left in the middle of laying bricks (oh we weren't building nothing but a great wall around these stones and sticks) oh and for the record I've been rhyming since me and Andre thought we could freestyle built foundation out of passion and brother dusty [?] studied dope rappers, vocab expansion, poems and syllable placement your just mad cuz somewhere in there you came and went (I ain't the type to dwell) dismissed it as casually non compatible and bounced obtained status where I could straight objectively critique your after projects like (damn that sounds fresh) or (damn that shit is garbage, what happened? I'm not even laughing) yeah, but the barriers were broken (you choked) you made comments to the wrong [?] who out of respect and honor leaked your program now like were both trying to sit and breath another dawn so my advice to you is when I say just "move on" (move on [5X])

By Myself

[Chorus: x2] No more lying friends Mourning tragic ends Know they do pretend They won't go when I go [Verse 1: Lil' Wayne] Come on home biscuit for man's sake No more fake hugs and handshakes Stand straight You sweeter than a pancake Me, I'm tryin get that green like the landscape That's for my team in region eight See what I gotta say can't wait I demand cake Gotta eat, keep the family straight They all holding out they hands and plates, yeah Wayne's from a place called hollygrove From the bottom of the globe Area code 504 Be hero joe and I zero in With the eagle when there be no him Ion need no help Ion need no homie Ion need no buddy Nigga I got money Nigga I got heart to go along with the guns Call me weezy f. baby I be by myself when I come yeah [Chorus:] No more lying friends (yeah, yeah) Mourning tragic ends (ion need em, ion need em) Know they do pretend (ion love em, ion trust em) They won't go when I go (so motherfuck em, I was born by myself with my dick in my hand) no more lying friends (with my mind on the million dollar plan) mourning tragic ends (now baby you are looking at the million dollar man) know they do pretend (and I'm a die alone, so alone I stand) they won't go when I go [Verse 2: Juelz Santana] (I feel you nigga) Dudes that never spoke to me now wanna speak (beat it) Girls that never said a word now wanna creep (beat it) Guys that never ran with me now wanna be (what) the only passenger in my coop with two seats Damn, what is it homes You boys breast soft and fake, I can feel the silicone (yep) you all a bunch of pamela andersons Me, a family man, I take care of the family man (ya dig) and it seems like my day one niggas ain't actin like day one niggas (uh un), I ain't change I just came up niggas (yep) and trust me when I say I ain't put the streets down or them thangs up nigga Bring the phantom through the hood, I ain't frontin on ya'll, Just tryna let you know it's bigger than the corner my dog I ain't playin basketball, but I'm ballin for sure Now back to the money Catch me when I come off tour Fuck em [Chorus] [Verse 3: Lil' Wayne] The rims may offend you on the shit I slide into Fuck you Send you to the desert, tell ya be cool Uh um, hold on the pistols Roll by the cops and turn up the stereo Sittin in the corner lookin like a owner Talkin to the owner, yeah my price gone up All in the strip club, never get a boner Only get hard for doe, I'm homer, and you're a simpson and I'm a pimp son and she ain't comin to the crib til her friend come We gettin money over here you need to get some Out comes the cold steel for my income [Juelz Santana] Out comes the cold steel for my victims Born alone, die alone, but you could die with em Cars white and sexy like Nicole Kidman Bad chick by my side, video vixen Might fly to L.A. just to shop at Kitson Thousand dollar hoodies I'm pickin up about 15 That's about 15 thousand I'm trickin zero on bitches Zero Zavosky crystals, great china wall My money run longer than the great china wall And my pockets is mediterranean sea deep So keep plottin and prayin to get me Come on

Let Me Blow Your Mind

EVE "Eve-Olution"
Let Me Blow ya Mind [Eve] Uh, uh, uh, huh Yo, yo Drop your glasses, shake your asses Face screwed up like you having hot flashes Which one, pick one, this one, classic Red from blonde, yeah bitch I'm drastic Why this, why that, lips stop askin Listen to me baby, relax and start passin Expressway, hair back, weavin through the traffic This one strong should be labeled as a hazard Some of y'all niggas hot, sike I'm gassin Clowns I spot em and I can't stop laughin Easy come, easy go, E-V gon' be lastin Jealousy, let it go, results could be tragic Some of y'all aint writin well, too concerned with fashion None of you aint gizell, cat walk and imagine Alotta y'all Hollywood, drama, passed it Cut bitch, camera off, real shit, blast it CHORUS: Gwen Stefani And if I had to give you more It's only been a year Now I got my foot through the door And I aint goin nowhere It took a while to get me in And I'm gonna take my time Don't fight that bull shit in your ear Now let me blow ya mind [Eve] They wanna bank up, crank up, makes me dizzy(?) Shank up, haters wanna come after me You aint a ganster, prankster, too much to eat Snakes in my path wanna smile up at me Now while you grittin your teeth Frustration baby you gotta breathe Take alot more that you to get rid of me You see I do what they can't do, I just do me Aint no stress when it comes to stage, get what you see Meet me in the lab, pen and pad, don't believe Huh, sixteens mine, create my own lines Love for my wordplay that's hard to find Sophomore, I aint scared, one of a kind All I do is contemplate ways to make your fans mine Eyes bloodshot, stressin, chills up your spine Huh, sick to your stomach wishin I wrote your rhymes CHORUS [Eve] Let your bones crack Your back pop, I can't stop Excitement, glock shots from your stash box fuck it,thugged out, I respect the cash route Locked down, blastin, sets while I mash out Yeah nigga, mash out, D-R-E Back track, think back, E-V-E Do you like that (ooooh), you got to I know you Had you in a trance first glance from the floor too Don't believe I'll show you, take you with me Turn you on, pension gone, give you relief Put your trust in a bomb when you listen to me ?Dancin much, get it all? now I'm complete, uh huh Still stallion, brick house, pile it on Ryde or Die, bitch, double R, can't crawl Beware, cuz I crush anything I land on Me here, aint no mistake nigga it was planned on CHORUS

Eyes Closed So Tight

Eyes Closed So Tight's been so long(oh) I find myself still thinkin' about you. Do you ever think about me?(ever think about me) Check this out girl All those nights that we kissed All those nights that I miss Holding hands as your man for sure We were young but secure What we had was so pure Innocence ever since we spoke [Hook:] Why do we fall in love When love will only tear us apart Back when the world was ours Everything was so right(yeah) [Chorus:] But we were kissing with our eyes closed so tight So young and feeling so right Never thought that we could do wrong Oh we were kissing with our eyes closed so tight So young and feeling so right I can't believe that those days are gone(Yeah,I miss you baby) So much pride as my girl Thought I showed you the world Memories,you and me,so real(so real) Gave my heart and my soul Made you sunshine from cold All those days,far away from here [Repeat Hook] [Repeat Chorus] I still think about you,hear me out... We danced so close, we held on tight(yeah) I never knew that love could feel so right We danced so slow, we danced all night(aah) Assuming that tomorrow would be bright We kissed goodnight, you walked on by The vision of your shadow caught my eye My life stood still, you went inside I never got the chance to say my last goodbye(say goodbye) [Repeat Chorus x2] I still can't believe it(no no) After all this time(all this time) I'm still missing you Damn, some things 'll never change...

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