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Its All About You

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Hey yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh yeah Ooh yeah, ah yeah, yeah (Verse) Yesterday changed my mind Now I see you as one of a kind How I really need you (How I really need you) Hope you feel the same way too (Hope you feel the same way) (Chorus) Cause if you look (If you look you will find) It's me (It's me you need in your life) It's really not about me It's really all about you (Verse) It's drivin' me crazy Can't figure you out How ta keep you steady going this route Tell me that you feel the same (Tell me that you feel the same) The thought has crossed you won't remain (The thought has crossed you won't remain) (Chorus) Just to think (Just to think that I) Could bring joy (Could bring joy in your life) It's really not about me (It's really all about you) (Verse) Mmm oh oooh I know what you're going through Every girl expects from you They just wanna (take control) You'll never have to figure out I'm one woman who's not with that crowd You've gotta believe me (It's really all about you) (It's really all about you) (It's really all about you) (It's really all about you) (Cape) OooOh (It's really not about me) (It's really all about you) So I'll give (I'll give you time) To let go what's hurting inside (To let go what's on your mind) It's really not about me (It's really all about you) (It's really all about you) (It's really all about you) It's really all, it's really all - all about you, it's really all about you (It's really all about you) bout you bout you baby yeah It's really all about you mm, hmm All about ya baby (It's really all about you) It's really all abbout you yeah Oh yes it is

I Confess

Bahamadia "Kollage"
Verse One: Word life boo, I checked you flexin wit' cha crew lookin sweet enough to chew wit them saint eyes like tha brew, roughneck mannerism, fly disposition, ya live like channel sparkin' like mad-izm, my mission, is gettin into you like a religion, my woman's intuition tells me cupid's arrow's hittin, you're the prince with the glass slipper that my foot could fit in, this feelin that I have is never endin, I'm sendin, my love like Zhane' up in a box with the bow up on the top, cause, for you I got the hots so please accept these feelings I posess i'm like a damsel in distress in pursuit of happiness, I confess chorus: I've been really tryin' baby tryin to hold back these feelings for so long and if you feel, like I feel baby come on, ohhh, come on Verse Two: Many men wit mass appeal expand across the globe by the mills, but still I picked you like a daffodil cause you thrill me like magnetic fields that give my body chills, perserve my chocolate ties and it's a thrill; I'm sayin that when you swing my way I, get a sudden rush, that entices me not to keep it on the hush-hush, boy times girl times lust equals us, and you can count on that like you would an abacus so bust the equation, baby cause I'm facin the fact that I only think of you on two occasions, but I'ma max once I get this off my chest, and just let nature do the rest.. I confess Chorus Verse Three: I wanna be down like brandy with you handy for tha duration, engage in electric relaxation, build a conversation, probe ya intellect, put ya manhood to the test, but not just ya physical, ya individual is what I'm after, ya heart I wanna capture, I'm open like a space that NASA explores, truly do adore, every little move you make and more, my word is born but I could go on and on throwin hints, that I'm tha chick, you should be celebratin life wit, so instead I felt it best if I just, stood and represented in the flesh, that I confess... Chorus

Ohh Na Na Na Na

ohhhh oh yeah im so horny baby so come on touch me baby ooh ooh babe * chorus ooh na na na na im so horny and i want u to f*** me im tired of masterbatin got my body shakin no orgasim fakin w/ me ooh na na na na im so horny and i want you to f*** me i hope ur ready for love cuz i got moer than enuff come bust a beautiful nut upon me *verse now im just sittin in my langere' sippin on sum alazai tryin to formulate all the ways i can make u say ''ooh baby, right there, dont stop, put it in ya mouth twirl it round till ya make it pop now im gonna make u sweat when u go down in between my legs u gon' be fantasizing bout these lovely thighs its gon' be hypnotizing wont u come on and see *chorus *verse 2-rap i see ur pussy lips smilin and grinin like they want sumthin up in em' i wanted to ask you for sum but didnt want to affend ya but now i see u bout as freaky as me i busted 2 nut already now u waitin for #3 you ask me wut will it take to get me hard again i say saliva but see you aint down for swallowin you'd rather have it on ur skin u wanna rub it in move ur tounge once more like that girl im bout to nut again f*** ya friends up in ur bussiness askin why i call everyday and why ur face is so clean just tell them oil of olay i thought i could run a good race girl u can do miles lay on ya side raise up ya leg let me see that beautiful smile aww yeah imma put all in there and u relax but u ask me to pull ya hair then ill do it u'll scream but the nut wont last caus right b-4 u know it SPLASH *last chorus ooh na na na na im so horny so come n touch me baby i know that u want me so come and bust one on me ooh na na na na im so horny and i want u baby ooh na na na na i see its nice and hard for me ooh na na na na so come and skeet it on me

One Thousand Words

Verse Baby baby I just got to let you know How you make me feel inside, yeah Baby baby like a river we could flow How I wish that you were mine Prech Is it your eyes? Is it your kiss? Is it the affection that I miss? I never ever want to say goodbye Are you for real? I need to know Hopefully my heart will tell me so Before I lay my feelings on the line Chorus One thousand words are not enough I need to feel your tender touch It is the only thing to satisfy my need One thousand kisses on my lips Won't give me the relationship I want much more than that A love that I can keep Verse How much longer will I have to hold it in? I want to give you all of me I am waiting for the moment to arrive When my soul will be set free Prech Is it your touch? Is it your love? That sends me to the heavens up above? Baby only you can take me there All of my friends say I'm a fool 'cos all I ever think about is you My life won't be the same Until I know for sure you are Chorus Repeat Bridge Can't you feel it baby? Boy you drive me crazy All i want to do is share my life with you I know that you're thinking Is she what I'm missing? Let me lead you baby 'cos I can take you there

Back When I Knew Everything

Aaron Tippin "What This Country Needs"
Oh, if I had a big ol' eraser I'd start from today And go back through life's pages And correct a lot of things Yeah, steppin' on toes with my foot in my mouth Yeah, thought I was the king But that was back Back when I knew everything Yeah, a good hard head and no regrets Is what I thought made the man But now life's hard knocks is about all I've got And sorry's what I am Yeah, I had my old worn-out opinion Oh, and I sure made it plain But that was back Back when I knew everything CHORUS So whaddya say forgive and foget One more chance is all I need Yeah, this ol' loose cannon is a mighty long shot This time I'm askin' please Yeah that's right, I was wrong Now all that I can say Is that was back Back when I knew everything Bridge A little too big for my britcher But life's a whittled me down to size I just hope there's enough of me left To apologize (Repeat chorus) Oh, that was back Back when I knew everything

Feel The Funk

Immature/Imx "Immature/Imx Greatest Hits"
Chorus Let your mind go Put you in the mood Let your body groove Let it soothe Feel the funk now Feel the funk Feel the funk now Feel the groove Batman: Let the music Take your mind Into a place You never been before Take the time To think about memories Of you and I It's alright for you to be Next to me So I can hold you tight Girl the mood is right Oh yeah Let's take a stroll To the park or to your house Trying to do my thang Let the music play Chorus Feel the funk Yeah, yeah Let the rhythm take you Yeah, yeah, yeah Feel the funk Feel it Let the rhythm take you Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Romeo: Focus on the flava of the beat I say the rhythm So take a little time and let your mind relax To this phat track Reminiscing on yesterdays And feeling kinda crazy Take out my pen and I think I'm gonna write Nothing else to do on this crazy filled night But to feel the funk But to feel the funk Yeah uh yeah Chorus

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