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First Day Out

Original and similar lyrics
Here I am at last, I've just jumped off the train I'm about to start my life as a wanderer in the rain I know so many people would give anything to be in my shoes Well, that's all right for them to say, but my shoes are soaked right through. I don't know what made me want to come all the way out here I guess when I was dreaming, my skies were always clear Now I'm here in a meadow with the rain streaming through my hair I guess this is what you call traveling freely, living without care. Here I am, all by myself, and I'll admit I'm scared All I've got is my guitar and a couple of dollars to spare And I know even that's not gonna last me long. I suppose I could pick myself up and carry myself back home But after what I put my folks through, I think I better stay alone. Anyhow, five years of aching are packed behind this plan Since I was ten, I've wanted to get out of the city and live out on the land. My parents thought I was crazy and I think now maybe they're right But I can still feel the freedom in following the eagle's flight. I just had to come and see what all the songs were about My hope is returning quickly and I don't think there's any doubt That I'd better start moving if I want to get somewhere I'll go on to the next town and see what I find there And stay a while until I go traveling on.


I was born in '37, a sharecropper's son Out on the great south plains There in the suburbs of a dryland cotton patch In the middle of a west Texas rain And for all of you folks out there in radioland who don't know what a West Texas rain is, Well that's what's commonly known as a sandstorm Remember that, you'll need it later I guess times were hard but livin' was easy We always found a way to survive Fried chicken and gravy and an old tune off the guitar Was enough to keep a country boy alive And on Saturday afternoons it was Lester Pruitt's "The Picture Show" On Saturday's nights is the Grand Ol' Uproar from Nashville Tennessee, take it away boys Lookin' back now and thinkin' it over Life was like an old country song My mama taught me the melody and daddy taught me the chords I made the words up on my own And sometimes it didn't rhyme, but they always had a reason, Even if it was unbeknownst to no one but myself I guess all that west Texas sand in my crawl, that's what make me so mean I'd bet I was the only boy ever expelled from Sunday school Lover, fighter, wild-horse rider, and purty dern good windmill maker Look out world, here I come


FAT JOE "Don Cartagena"
*phone conversation* [Fat Joe] Since day one, niggaz died at the Don cause I was anon, now Terror Squad is a thousand beyond Not only strong but we loyal and royally treated Quadripalegic any squad that wanna squab when I'm heated Not even God can believe it, the way we regulate and levitate, heavyweight niggaz like they was featherweight Every day I do the same thang It's the paid game, to amputate more body parts than gangrene [Big Punisher] Yo this a man's game, it's a shame how niggaz truly mock me But who can stop me, from breakin niggaz off like Fujiyaki My crew's probably the only niggaz that really live the lyrics Niggaz really fear us, they must of heard we really killers We're Philly fillers and 40 guzzlers with millimeters and army cutters Willie niggaz that laundry dollars I'm Nostradamus predictin the future, my position is crucial with a known friction obsession addicition to shoot ya *BLAM* [Fat Joe] Hey yo I'm better off dead than givin the feds the satisfaction Subtractin my freedom have me missin in action [Big Punisher] A fraction of y'all, raw like Colt to the jaw The rest of y'all, fear war, and couldn't follow out the protocol [Fat Joe] Joe the God is like the angel of death, strangle your neck That's why Don Cartagena's the name your respect [Big Punisher] I bring the pain to your chest, that'll make you question your threshold Flex like you been forced, still bless you like a chest cold We destined to explode, that's why I stay on flip mode Your dick rode me long enough Dunn, now you can let go Chorus: Big Punisher Every man in this world has a destiny Can't no other rapper in this game get the best of me; unless you just def dumb and blind you know the pedigree Better get ready because I'm veddy and there ain't no gettin rid of me (repeat 2X) [Fat Joe] Uh, uh, uh, yo! Somebody hold me back, Joey Crack's about to load the gat and blow this track to the stars like the zodiac Hold me back this max n better, out for the ass n cheddar But fast cash don't last forever [Big Punisher] I asked the felons, if I don't stay wrapped in leathers and hats with feathers, I got all the ostriches actin jealous Track the trailers in chrome black Cateras Two hundred inch Mickey Thompson's, flown back from Paris [Prospect] Dat dats the illest, these body tracks make a rap killings Others is trying to stack billions out in crack buildings My destiny was to shine, to climb Especially in time, with the recipe in mind From the jump start, they ain't have to pump hard in this I was a part of this, and marvelous stats, it wasn't hard to miss And yo, I had to burn cats like arsonists and still continue Whose on my menu A record deal they couldn't lend you I had to burn my glock and earn my spot The time flew by, had to turn my clock and start with a new resume, not really that bitch named Des'ree She ain't really my dream there's a better way -- what Prospect'll have to collect dough Dialin 905 to L-A-X with somethin I was tryin to drive A life that's trife for what I wore in the fuckin A thug in pain, I swear to my little cousin's grave Chorus 1X [Big Punisher] Every man in this world has a destiny Can't no other rapper in this game get the best of me; unless you just def dumb and blind you know the pedigree Better get ready because I'm dead in a minute if you're *phone conversation*

Hillwood Hustlaz II

[Chorus:] Hillwood Hustlaz You can't See us We run Houston Thousands Of tons [First Verse:] i'll take my gun and make you run cuz it really dont make me numb, slip through the hood dope i cook. living my life the best i could, robin hood the youngest crook here they come now watch out look. go by the book, jaws i shook. its that mexican dance with wolves. swimming pools we some fool's diamonds and them ruby jewels. making moves, haterz lose, just last week i made the news. They accused but I won't lose Mama's happy, Daddy's cool What about you What do you do If you young, stay in school We stay true, Dopehouse crew Smokin' yabba dabba doo Jam this crew, we brand new Followin' up this plan I drew SP-Mex bubble jet Countin' dollars and them cents Kick your door down and have you tryin' to jump your own fence [Chorus] [Second Verse:] You haters ain't no friend of mine Boys don't wanna let me shine That's all fine, take in mind Bust a rhyme, like a nine How many times do I have to tell ya All my life I've been called a failure Write my friends in the pen 'Are you gettin' these letters I mailed ya' Rock and roll, opthimals Then go eat at Poppa Dough's So many hoes in the club Pull my cash and buy them all a rose Eighty-four, the story goes On about that boy Carlos Sippin' fours, hittin' dro But never put nothin' up my nose Body froze, casket closed Nightmares of the life I chose Try my dope and overdose Suckin' up my killer flow Freestyle pro, style: girbauds Silky socks and matchin' clothes Mama told me life was like ballet, you gotta stay on your toes Crackin' jokes, spin a spoke Silly question, do I smoke Breakfast Milk and Quaker oats Eighty thousand dollar boat Better not puff, better not pout SPM is in your town El Coyote in el mote, a.k. Senor Charlie Brown [Chorus] [Third Verse:] The barbarian Look where we buried him In the hole, right next to the librarian I married in, to the very end Have your kids askin', 'Daddy, who are those scary men' Make a stripper bitch, wanna be my fuckin' wife She told me 'This the biggest tip I ever got in my life' Nothin' can save us, starched, stuffed Ben Davis Sellin' dope, to my coked out neighbors First full trip and let my clip get to rippin' Blood drippin' out his shit, tryin' to run, but he limpin' I come from the slums, survived on crumbs I live like a man, and I'ma die like one [Chorus]

It Goes

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
SLUG Now, when you come to apply for a job Don't tell 'em you're homeless 'Cause I promise they won't hire you And if they like your songs Just nod your head and play along Never tell 'em what inspires you I bet my fans know me better than my friends do Because my friends don't pay that much attention The fans memorize every single sentence Which makes them far too smart to ever start a friendship I need to start writing pieces about other people's problems 'Cause strangers are starting to get worried I'm in a hurry to try to slow the system down a bit And find happiness before I hit thirty OK, OK, I've said too much I wear my heart on my sleeve When all I need to do is write a hit Somebody shoulda showed me how to shut up and breathe 'Cause there's a time and place to bite your lip It goes peace to phobia For the boots made for walking Now if only Best Buy could break me off with a Walkman Everything would be fine I could spend time smiling Instead of pulling a sad clown around this island I've got no suggestions Well, maybe one Leave my type alone when you decide to touch that microphone See, me and you We're on different pages We're in different stages We've got different flavors I'mma let you do your thing Just as long as your thing Ain't got a single thing to do with me and what I'm trying to bring But if my name crosses your lips You better guard your tongue Pardon me, give me my respect, and keep it all in fun If I had extra time I'd walk around and shake everybody's hand (Like, how you doin' my man?) But I'm not allowed I'm trying to beat the clock now So I'm out, right after I rock this crowd It goes: ola ola olaaa (yeah) Ola ola olaaa (2x) It goes: one two three four five Six seven eight nine ten And all I ever wanted out of live was rhymin' Either from me or an innocent bystander I wasn't that picky, just give it to me quickly Whatever it takes, to cook these cakes You wanna hear your voice but don't know nothing 'bout the breaks And it's obvious you haven't found your place Got me askin', 'Who is he? How did he end up in my city? I'm the crocodile that the trucker tried to wrestle I'm the main ingredient from yesterday's special Close the hole and push that level I'll chop the head off the devil and I'll throw it at you And I'll be damned if I ever climb another tree From here on, the squirrels and birds can come to me From sun to sun and from sea to sea (Girl, they call me Slug, do you wanna make love?) Now all the leaders in the place, throw your hands in the air All the feeders in the house, throw your hands in the air All the thinkers here tonight, put your hands in the air Anybody we forgot, you can stand there and stare Yeah, you remember, tracksmart (?), off to a bad start The way I used to carry got buried in the backyard Caught between a scotch and a cinnamon Pop-Tart The bell doesn't work, foo, you better knock hard Line by line, I'm doing fine Ideas on my mind for my time Hail when my kind does leave behind They'll find that I was the one that died trying I would never trade the way I am for the way I'm not My crew is kinda popular, we get to play a lot And my son thinks that I am the coolest thing in the world 'Cause he's still too young to fall in love with girls It goes: ola ola olaaa Yeah, you're listening to the cool sounds of Atmosphere Ola ola olaaa From Minneapolis, Minnesota Ola ola olaaa Givin' a shout-out to the whole world Ola ola olaaa And we'd like to tell all of y'all, it goes: Ola ola olaaa To y'all Ola ola olaaa To us Ola ola olaa Now band, shut up, let the bassman do his thing, shush It's like that and It's like that and It's like this and It's like this and (2x) It goes: ola ola olaa Ola ola olaaa (3x) It goes...

Stay Ready (What A Life)

[Jhene Aiko] We do not exist in Any other instant Here in this dimension You and I are meant to be I have waited lifetimes to find you Now that you're here I can remind you Of the things you've been dreamin' Times two I promise you If you just give me 24 Man, all I need is 24 hours I promise you'll want plenty more You'll probably be with it forever So how does it sound Us on the ground Giving you my love? There's no place quite like here There's no better time than now You gotta stay ready There's no place quite like here There's no better time than now That's why I stay ready [Kendrick Lamar] Tell me find your spot with the warning that I might slip And when you climb on top that's the ultimate road trip Ride on me like your Pac got me thinkin' it's '96 I can rap on some nineties shit, wrap your leggings around my hip I'm so hip to it tourists want to come speculate But if I stay monogamous promise this kiss will always taste like candy And yeah, it's obvious momma now probably can't stand me I'm sure they're tired of this look that you have when you're antsy We gon' fuck around (Mmm), we gon' fuck around And triple through triplets of babies right now And that might break the record and no, that don't mean you're fertile That means we're fucking reckless, plus we don't use protection I find myself reading old text messages when I'm bored We find ourselves sexting 'til that connection is restored I know that sounds immature, but if we never grow up Then I'm wishing good luck on the seats that's inside this Porsche Come to me Come, come to me Look at what you've done to me You put a gun to me Then you brought the sun to me Shine like blood diamonds Learning to have patience Only cause you are timeless The universe energy doesn't lie And this chemistry is infinity at a million times I wrote a million rhymes describing your star power And after 24 bars, you get 24 hours There's no place quite like here There's no better time than now You gotta stay ready There's no place quite like here There's no better time than now That's why I stay ready [2x] All that I know is right now Nothing's for sure but, right now Gotta get yours like, right now, like, right now I been through some shit man But I be on my shit man I decided that what you give is what you're given So I been tryna do it right I been doing like Whatever gets me through the night What a life I'm steady always on the go You steady always on the go We steady losing all control [3x] What a life They say The truth ain't pretty But coming from that pretty mouth The truth is fitting Cause you ain't never talking loud And you know plenty Yeah you know what I'm talking bout Cause you just get me Yeah you so pretty If everything is dipped in gold Then baby it will never grow Everything sweet ain't sugar coated [4x] What a lie What a life What a life that I've been given What a life What a life that I been living What a life What a life we die to live in What a life

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