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SUZANNE VEGA lyrics - Days Of Open Hand

Tired Of Sleeping

Original and similar lyrics
Oh Mom, the dreams are not so bad It's just that there's so much to do And I'm tired of sleeping Oh Mom, the old man is telling me something His eyes are wide and his mouth is thin And I just can't hear what he's saying Oh Mom, I wonder when I'll be waking It's just that there's so much to do And I'm tired of sleeping Oh Mom, the kids are playing in pennies They're up to their knees in money And the dirt of the churchyard steps Oh Mom, that man he ripped out his lining He tore out a piece of his body To show us his 'clean quilted heart' Oh Mom, I wonder when I'll be waking It's just that there's so much to do And I'm tired of sleeping Oh Mom, the bird on the string is hanging Her bones are twisting and dancing She's fighting for her small life Oh Mom, I wonder when I'll be waking It's just that there's so much to do And I'm tired of sleeping Oh Mom, I wonder when I'll be waking It's just that there's so much to do And I'm tired of sleeping

Not Enough Words

Statik Selektah Playing through the broken ankles, man Never sit down, cause I'mma stand up Book a ticket to the tropics cause I’m through with all the shit That I'm living every day, in the mirror saying why me? Hide my eyes cause I'm sickened with the image Of using marijuana, sipping vintage for the time being My skills set is very serious, in fact Spit a wild rap, carve a steak right off the cow's back Throw it on the grill, I'm cooking in the stew Same shit that's on the grill gave me leather for the boot If they make me take the stand then I'm lying through my teeth though Ask to swear to God but in that I don't believe though My man Stevie Mo playing safety for Toledo Hustle 'til my fingers staying cheesy like a cheeto Shorty on the bed pleasuring my pee pee Smart crew TCN, lyrical graffiti Drug roll precise, like a hooker with the dice Butcher with the knife, you get tooken for your life So much to say it's so little time and shitty Killer Queens the borough, New York be the city Coming crazy out your mouth will get your split up like a philly Running through the maze like I'm Willie, you gotta feel me [Hook:] I’m moving forward cause nothing's gonna be the same Eyes blurry from the smoke, I can't see the lane Swerving heavy, bottle in my lap I'm looking for a problem so I'm modeling the gat Somebody save me, cause I don't wanna go to jail I'd rather be up in the mansion for the polo sale But I'm here, stuck inside my thoughts I'm tryna have a bag of money stuffed inside my shorts My life is like a movie, Blizzard with the shottie Hookah house on Roosie chilling in the lobby Yes I'm living gnarly, the 40 ounce of Barley Open up cigars and fill 'em with a bunch of Marley Double cut porterhouse straight from Luger's Ruger for intruders hand to hand made by the duelers Ginger ale in Knicks glasses, your style is piss mothafucka Time to flip the mattress, kick it swift as Cassius My mind is stronger than Mariusz Pudzianows Obvious to see I'm a star straight off the couch You rapping with a blouse, you get slapped up side the mouth By the Zangief look-a-like, Bronson always cooking right Spray the vinegar to tighten up a yummy Smoking got me squinting like the sky is high and sunny Attachment on the nozzle make the iron fire funny Never stop until my body diving in a pile of money [Hook] I'm already smoking like a gunshot You know the fuzzy light green, call it Dunlop, flow nun's twat Many hours, one man standing, one spot From the morning to the mothafuckin' sun drop Cause I'm one with the Earth, eyes red Mothafucka I've been blunted since birth, age 9 Mom dukes kept the gun in the purse, next to the hair spray Fuck tomorrow, money coming in the fast way [Hook]

What Has She Got

CARLY SIMON "My Romance"
(Simon/Kosatin/Brackman) I've got eyes they call beguiling A string of cultured pearls And my lips are always smiling I'm not one of those moody girls I've studied cooking in a French cafe As bal and cheins last prodigy A one time runner up Miss USA What has she got that I haven't got Why am I not he girl that makes you heart go dancing Puts stars in all your dreams She's everything you want and I'm just me What has she got that I haven't got I've got a bed that's warm I've got a room that's sunny Kisses so honey sweet I try everything to sweep you off your feet Do you like her kind of trouble Does she bring you to your knees Have I been playing you all wrong Always trying to please you What has she got that I haven't got What has she got She's got you.....

Who Are You

TOM WAITS "Bone Machine"
They're lining up To mad dog your tilta whirl 3 shots for a dollar Win a real live doll All the lies that you tell I believed them so well. Take them back Take them back to your red house For that fearful leap into the dark I did my time In the jail of your arms Now Ophelia wants to know Where she should turn Tell me...what did you do What did you do the last time? Why don't you do that Go on ahead and take this the wrong way Time's not your friend Do you cry. Do you pray Do you wish them away Do you still leave nothing But bones in the way Did you bury the carnival Lions and all Excuse me while I sharpen my nails And just who are you this time? You look rather tired (Who drinks from your shoe) Are you pretending to love Well I hear that it pays well How do your pistol and your Bible and your Sleeping pills go? Are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes? Well I fell in love With your sailor's mouth and your wounded eyes You better get down on the floor Don't you know this is war Tell me who are you this time? Tell me who are you this time?

Hope Street

There's a young boy in the queue Not much else for him to do He's had a drink, he's had a few Down the pub on Hope Street Dear old lady you're looking thin Got a shopping bag with your life in Your old man's going through the bins So it goes on Hope Street Rain on me come pouring down Clean the dirt of this old town Tell the sun to come around And show his face on Hope Street There's a fight right down the street The betting shop has got him beat Blew his money for the week on a horse called Hope Street No old faces out today Someone took them all away Cleaning up or so they say The dirty face of Hope Street Everyday I look at you Dressed up in your ties of blue Saying there's not much you can do To help the kids on Hope Street They don't seem to even care That it was you that put them there You seem to think they like it there Hanging out on Hope Street

80 Bars

WYCLEF JEAN "Masquerade"
[Intro: Wyclef] 80 bars, 80 scars Yo, engineer turn me up, yo [Wyclef] I started off in the underground From mono to stereo, now I'm surround sound Blowing through your tubes, leaving holes through your speakers Cracking through your tweeters, my frequency's off the meter Jam packed arenas from here to Bangkok I'm ahead of my time like Jimi Hendrix playing Woodstock Me, I'm playing Hoodstock before I had the dreadlocks I use to reminisce 'Should I do music or sell rocks' Wrote my own props, living in the PJ's That's when the Angel came to you and said 'It's all a Masquerade' Eyes with no faces, speakers with no lace I feel that Earth's spinnin, but I'm standin in the same space With no trace of what happened last night I seen two fiends fighting over a crack pipe Now I'm watching TV, my antennae was a close hanger Blurry vision, Mister McGee Hunn, David Banner Flip the data, the kids was wearin bandanas Totin hammers aimin at your medulla oblongata Blaow blaow, a young thug with a slim figure The romantic type like the movie 'Castle Blanca' Herbs, sell 'em once, got busted by undercover Buyer, my supplier was a Gypsy cab driver That's when I realize I need to find a new hustle Living in the jungle to get taught became my muscle I strive through snake eyes who wanted me crucified I thought that I was drowning but I was getting baptized Now behold, I heard you sold 20 mill' But with no street credibility, your overkill You ain't real, talkin bout keep it gangsta Phony, if you knew the gangstas sent me to shank you Gank you, gank you, tie up your ankles And if that ain't enought, I call Henchman's to linch you Now, at the funeral, I can see the Priest bless you But in the after life, I'ma still touch you Knockin on heavens door, your beggin to get in That's when the center man greets you with the face of Satan Now you look frightened in the belly of the whale That's when the warden say 'I wanna welcome you to hell' Fools, is 5 bucks, get off the phone, times up I seen him cut from his head to his nuts You wish you wouldn't, wish you couldn't, wish it got to me Cause you screamin so loud that a deaf man can hear Back to the silence, no more droppin science Er'body rappin about diamonds and violence And they ain't are's, all they do is charge credit cards And when the bill comes, they blame it on the rap stars Now how you figure I ain't rent a car I wasn't at the spa, I ain't by the bar Now here's a jewel when you get your first record deal Don't subject yourself to the mass appeal First Class, caviar in the vel' In the new S Class with the Jordan wheels Remember, the music in the streets like the streets You know the cold of the streets, er'body tryin to eat The evidence is concrete, I'm tired of the same song You take me how, you must be high off heroin Sharper than I ever been, this one gon get a 10 Rappers, I'ma murder y'all with your own medicine I move with faith, I never have doubt I'm so hungry you will think I'm just coming out But I been here before, from 'Blun' to 'The Score' To 'The Carnival', Ecleftic World Tour I'm causin whores, waitin in the back doors They want me to rock they boat and shift they more short That's when the Father said 'Take me to this lesson' They wanna cut your hair like Deliala did Sampson I felt that, so I went back to my format Raps and backpack, gats for carjacks Hats for pussycats, cause Aids, I don't want that And for the DJ's, here's something y'all can scratch Technique 12, Benito hits the watts Hypnotize the crowd, the dance floor is jam packed Now sing along like a negro spiritual No one got shot tonight, it's a miracle What's this I hear, y'all wanna take my spot You got a better chance putting a gorilla in a headlock I'm too focused, I can see through your lens You ain't a G, just a wanna be, Kingpin said... 'The next time, y'all wanna pay for protection I suggest that you hit up the Haitian Sicilians' [Outro] 80 bars, 80 scars 80 bars, 80 scars 80 bars, 80 scars 80 bars

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