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STONE TEMPLE PILOTS lyrics - Tiny Music

Big Bang Baby

Original and similar lyrics
I got a picture of a photograph Of a wedding and a shell It's just a burning aching memory I never kiss and tell So turn it up and burn it There's a hole in your head There's a hole in your head Where the birds can't sing along Does anybody know how the story really goes Or do we all just hum along Sell your soul and sign an autograph Big bang baby, it's a crash, crash, crash I wanna die, but I gotta laugh Orange crush mama is a laugh, laugh, laugh Spin me up, spin me, spin me out Station to station send me up and out Is that what life and love is all about I think I think so We used to see in color Now it's only black and white It's only black and white Because the world is color blind Nothing's for free, nothing's for free Take it away boys Nothing's for free, nothing's for free Take it away boys

Red Hot In Black

ROD STEWART "Every Beat Of My Heart"
I met her in a little French cafe Legs like a young giraffe She was sitting reading Baudelaire Not exactly working class She had a studio in St. Michel Crucifix around her waist Che Guevara all over the wall She can't stand the sun on her face Hey boys, what a look Stop a train at fifty feet Matching hair, matching clothes and eyes Kinda like a tiger in heat Red hot in black Red hot in black Revolution running through her veins A radical from head to toe The only record that she ever played Was just like a rolling stone We started talking by the candlelight Her lips get closer to mine We started dancing all around the room Helped by a bottle of wine Hey boys, mystery Didn't even know her name One night in Paris, with a girl like that Never going home again Red hot in black Red hot in black Oh my, when I woke up She'd already gone out to her work My head was aching and my back was scratched I've never, never, never known a night like that Took a walk along the avenue So in love and so confused My plane was leaving in half an hour What would you have done in my shoes? Hey boys, so you see Couldn't get her outa my head My regards to the folks back home Gonna spend some time with red Red hot in black Red hot in black

Requiem For The Masses

Requiem Aeternum Requiem Aeternum Momma momma forget your pies Have faith they won't get cold And turn your eyes to the bloodshot sky Your flag is flying full at half-mast For the matadors who turned their backs to please the crowd And all fell before the bull Red was the color of his blood flowing thin Pallid white was the color of his lifeless skin Blue was the color of the morning sky from the ground where he died It was the last thing that was seen by him Kyrie Eleison Momma momma forget your pies Have faith they won't get cold And turn your eyes to the bloodshot sky Your flag is flying full at half-mast For the matadors who turned their backs to please the crowd And all fell before the bull Black and white were the figures that recorded him Black and white was the newsprint he was mentioned in Black and white was the question that so bothered him He never asked he was taught not to ask But was on his lips as they buried him Rex Tremendae Majestatis Requiem aeternum Requiem aeternum


METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Street Life, Raekwon, Masta Killa) [Method Man:] Uh [Masta Killa:] Deadly Melody part two [Method Man] Thats my word It aint safe no more bitch [Masta Killa] Yo yo Brain is punctured and drained through the nasal Hour of assassination be upon you Moving with the tiger strike, bound, gagged and shot the head in, (not sure of this verse) East remains hot with police But I keep a lease for my, four-fifth automatic Extended clip rewind, bust mine, Anytime you reveal your snake is raising actions Observe the magnetic attraction [Method Man] And its time for some grid... [Street Life] ...iron rap, action-packed grudge match Tough act to follow, hard copy novel throw you off the Farasauno We swimmin with these sharks, yo I raked body guard Stamp my initial in your birthmark, P.L.O Plus like a calico, tally ho Black expo, checks in afro, we back yo, Stole-a-mite, crash your wind pipe, with the (right to right) Fatal strike, daily mic fights, shoot-out street lights [Method Man] Sight beyond sight, late night, city light Tight like a virgin, merging with my aye-a-like Splergin, dirty to the grain, no detergant Filthy, innocent till I'm proven guilty Submergin, deeper in the lecture I'm servin Truth or consequences, life or death sentence I'm hurtin, your person, I'm certain, its curtains [Chorus:] It aint nothing like hip-hop music You like it cause you choose it Most D.J.'s won't refuse it Alot of sucka M.C.'s misuse it Don't think that Wu can't lose it Too much to gain you'll abuse it The name of the game is rapture This one is completely captured bass [Inspektah Deck] Yo I bring chaos to blocks like the riots in Watts Rapid fire shots ripple through Kevlov, 9 Glocks Technique your rhyme part machine gun ammo Sporadic flow buckle the foe, intro to outro Galico, throw verse, we slide my dough first I make thousands in the club with no shirts, go beserk >From the Shao burrow, wylin out on the furlow Commando, style thorough, solo inferno It burns slow, thermal nuclear degrees Heads of underseas down to the youngest seeds Wannabes clone, they light like summer breeze Hundred G's for the garden, the fierce stampede >From the die cast, hit the mic like the iron-palm blast Equipped to perform the task S-I-N-Y, and what, had a gut The head rush, will cause your cerebellum to bust [Killa Sin] We be the world's most fabulous, hazardous, to fuck with these ravenous Killas get you stuck to the wall like wooden cabinets Extravagent, drop a helicopter high Up into the sky, lines philosiphie Watch my pockets ride, to the bottom bus Confide in God and Sin, I trust the villianous Criminal minded killas rust I intend to build a fortifying man, Mastermind vying men, navigate the globe and retire quick [Raekwon] Aiyyo fluid rap bend, through a black Veluga black act Tackle that, ghetto tabernackles throw it in your lap Slang A-K, national, geographical, mathematical Slide up in your worth casual Night air dog, who wear it all, blouse down to bra All a thousand with a bloody hair, flammable Rap mayors, who clap Himalayas pinky fingers Ever glacer, lacer, hand laser touches grail bomb blazers Sly-workin, network beserk, mad hurting Killing whales, fucking up sales, crash Bloomindales , John Lennon tenor break, mad descendo Fuck yall niggas carve my ice through my beige window [door creaking open] [gunshots followed by a car alarm] [Chorus] [Method Man] Spazz Spazzola Ola S-I-N-Y 10304 Lock your door Crack your jaws Drop your draws It's all day everyday with this rap souflee' Muzak...


Adrian Belew "Here"
Color futurevision red...for the angry young skinhead with a gun stuck down his pants and his hands wrapped around a gasoline can blue...for the cruel nude tattoo with a dagger slashing a heart in two and the words I'm cool, so screw you , yeah I hope we can see there's more than one side I know there's no such thing as race, just a human race I hope we can see the world is not black and white Color futurevision green...for the hatred of the mean people and the victims they mistreat who could just as easily be you or me violet...for the violence of a riot and the gunfire police siren cars burning and people dying I hope we can see there's more than one side I know there's no such thing as race, just a human race I hope we can see the world is not black and white Color futurevision black...for a black man on a black rock on a black night when America forgot to say It's alright to be who you are white...for the white robe of Jesus Christ whose message was each one of us is equal in the eyes of God Color futurevision

Charlemagne's Home Town

JAMES MCMURTRY "Childish Things"
I've got it all to myself now Crack the window just a hair Dark and close, the way I like it Black tobacco chokes the air I keep to myself, I lack the language I measure out my life with coffee grounds The trees are the color of ashes In Charlemagne's home town I said I didn't fear the distance As if I'd ever been that tough I can hear your voice across the water But that's nowhere near enough Won't you fly across that ocean Take a train on down Because the night's growing lonesome In Charlemagne's home town The fortune teller told me nothing That I wouldn't have found out on my own She read my palm and she took my money She looked at me with eyes of stone She said the odds are long and stacked against us Still we try because we must To keep from leaving our senses Long forgotten in the dust Like the bones of some saint Beneath a church floor Who must have died for lack of light The color snapshots I sent you All came out in black and white There's a lonely child on a snow white pony On a carousel in the market place He sits on that horse and he looks right through me A shadow falls across his face What will I do when my glass is empty What will I do when it all comes down What will I do when it comes to nothing In Charlemagne's home town

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