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STONE TEMPLE PILOTS lyrics - Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop

Seven Caged Tigers

Original and similar lyrics
Pass the time kickin' as time rips by Neither goose nor the gander fly Buy a minute spend an hour burnin', burnin' Take a peak as the model earns it, earns it Walk a mile as it keeps crawlin', crawlin' Clean the politician, wash with everpure So the answer gets harder, harder And the truth's getting farther and farther And the bottle keeps churnin' and churnin' Seven caged tigers fly Wastin' time chasin' those cows that fly Churnin' out all that butterfly sugarboost Track the blade as it sweeps downward and onward Take a pill it'll kill all the martyrs, martyrs Passin' time rippin' as time kicks by Pass the umbilical cord down for this fly by Take a sneak while the model earns it earns it Hike a mile as it keeps crawlin' on crawlin' on

My New World

The place she called home was high on a hill, way up in a big house under the trees Day's in the sun she's seen by the river, reading a book, feeding her dreams Now she's a loner, now she's a stoner, no one can touch her ... He was the boy, the pride of his mother, stainless and shining, all heaven sent But then the country calls for a soldier and he went out to a foreign land When he returned faces look different, at the end of innocence nothing's the same My new world was spinning me around And that was all that could be My new world was spinning me around And nothing's lost on memory My new world was spinning me around ... Hiked up to Woodstock, she got high in Frisco, summers of love, that child she was wild She had the need for total expression, painting and poetry filled up her mind Boy, he took pride in serving his country, went off to war no more than a child My new world was spinning me around And this is all that i've found My new world was spinning me around And time can be my enemy My new world was spinning me ... Now she's a loner, now she's a stoner, no one can touch her ... Out in the fields we met in the summer On a poetic island no past to recall Breaking like waves we flooded the moment Laughing at the perfectness of it all My new world waits patiently When living is lost in a memory My new world is ahead of me But sometimes I'm back where I used to be ... Then the fall ran away with our time Dissapointment struch so hard When he found out there was no Lucky stars and stripes They set it all on fire !!! While Jim and Janis got us higher She's so freaky, she's so fine Soldier, he can't get her off his mind Down the desert to the sea Leave the raving 60's all behind ... Out of the blue still reaching for something Feeling the window of time out of mind Catching a glimpse each one to the other Always not knowing the spark left behind Going and going with fictional borders Passing two feet from the door My new world keeps spinning me around And this is all that can be My new world is ahead of me now This is all that I've found My new world keeps spinning me around My new world keeps spinning me And time is not my enemy My new world is ahead of me today And all things pass away ...

Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)

I am waitin' 'til I don't know when, cause I'm sure it's gonna happen then. Time keeps creepin' through the neighborhood, killing old folks, wakin' up babies just like we knew it would. All the neighbors are startin' up a fire, burning all the old folks the witches and the liars. My eyes are covered by the hands of my unborn kids, but my heart keeps watchin' through the skin of my eyelids. They say a watched pot won't ever boil, well I closed my eyes and nothin' changed, just some water getting hotter in the flames. It's not a lover I want no more, and it's not heaven I'm pining for, but there's some spirit I used to know, that's been drowned out by the radio! They say a watched pot won't ever boil, you can't raise a baby on motor oil, just like a seed down in the soil you gotta give it time

Heavy Weights

DJ Muggs "Muggs Presents the Soul Assassins, Chapter 1"
Intro: Schyeah! Stick em I said ya best hit the ground and don't be late Ya crews pay dues with heavy weights Verse 1: Been brained in the pain since hotter than July My crews do-or-die, insist to ride high Clients never fuck us (uhh uhh) like Hammer can't touch us, automatic workers No showstop always get in for the realer Y'all deadmeat, clock the dollar billa I said Y'all in? , never stood too tall like Mike outta motherfucker Off The Wall Me's cheese cos the rats got my pockets with holes Keeps bitin on my dick like yo' ass oppose Mr Tony got the paper (uh huh), no doubt Been doin crimes, one time definite in '89 Can't stop it though, y'all gots pounds to push in the back of the *?Allenue York?*, Ducati Got em fly like birds, OK who got the pick-up? Keep it cool, one-time try to stick up Schyeah! Chorus: Ya best hit the ground and don't be late My crews pay dues with heavy weights And don't play hero you might get shot Cos you ain't got scrill like the scrill we got Verse 2: Watch out for the phonetap One-time tryin ta stick me for the murder wrap Ain't nuttin happenin Best step back, the guns gone clap Ya know how we do, the crew come strapped In a minute, weight pushin '96 SS's and niggas bailin 'round with S's on their chests The problem solver, uhh uhh, chrome revolver Executor, Billy The Kid the straight shooter Got it locked down cos all the fiends be beggin for the tight My nigga Muggs got it sold like Chynna White This ain't the row, jack, situation's lookin grim B's like Tina out on a limb We's pimp niggas, we make the paper on the regular Got styles's but still floss on burnt-out cellulars I'm tellin ya we runs the whole fuckin show And you can't see me go toe-to-toe (BING!) Chorus (x2) Verse 3: I push ya round like Mr Biggs stuffin a fire No TV screen keeps my access live Got the Glocks on ready to shake rumps like Teddy Keeps ya distance we be's the Gs that's deadly Keeps the Cristal chilled in my favourite cup Gots money to burn, no which way is up I hangs with the playas and rolls with the riches Keeps my grip, don't trust a bitch You knows the business, it's paper, son Gots the cash, freeze a nigga on the run Better known as Chester who gets the cheesin Everybody lay down when I starts the squeezin For the money I do's the evilest things Keeps my work goin nicely to the happy fiends It don't stop to the break o' dawn Half ounce with the chronic, Dom Perrignon Chorus (x2) Outro: Schyeah! (Ya best hit the ground) MC Eiht in the house one-two (Ya best hit the ground) My nigga Muggs in the house one-two (Don't play hero) Can't fuck with the crew, schyeah! (Heavy weights) Schyeah! '97 in the house, schyeah! Ya best hit the ground and don't be late My crews pay dues with heavy weights And don't play hero you might get shot Cos you ain't got scrill...Muggs one time

Mirror Man

Talk Talk "The Party's Over"
Out in the street today We're parading around We're the height of the fashion And she laughs 'cos we look the same And follow all of the rule Every little bit of my time Keeps me checking that my clothes are in line I'll identify without wasting time Mirror man Inside of her room today She's been working all hours For the final presentation Each day, dressed a different way She's the star of the road Every little bit of her time Keeps her checking that she stays out of line She'll wear anything you can't recognise Mirror man SEE THE STATE SHE'S IN

Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way

THE CALLING "Camino Palmero"
Well he can't sleep at night And he can't do what's right It was all because she came into his life it's a deep obsession, taking up his time [Chorus:] She's all that he wants, she's all that he needs She's everything he just won't believe Take away his doubt, turn him inside out Then she can see what he's been dying to say but things don't always turn out that way And he must confess All the impure thoughts of his beautiful temptress although he keeps it all bottled up inside although he keeps it all safe within his mind, oh yeah [Chorus] So wipe that smile off your face Before it gets too late There's only so much time For you to make up your mind [Chorus]

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