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STONE TEMPLE PILOTS lyrics - Shangri-La Dee Da


Original and similar lyrics
Regenerate the impoverished souls That echo you Bleed to feed the masses Soup line two times two They got your picture from the Sunday Plain Dealer that listed you (Dead) Forget the story. There's a bounty on Your head. They fingered you Right away. Right away Green light. Get a move on Right of way, right of way Stop sign, put the brakes on Positive cell regeneration Positive cell regeneration Celebrate the immortal youth That wasted you Peel the skin back from all the lies That blistered you They hold for ransom All the watered down truths That splintered your (Faith) So sell your soul, because you're already (Dead) They've listed you To the fields where lesser mice go To the fields where men follow To the fields where lesser mice go To the fields where we all follow


Bonefish A Peacebone got found in the dinosaur wing Well I've been jumpin all over, but my views were slowly shrinking I was a jugular vein in a juggler’s girl I was supposedly leaking the most interesting colors While half of my fingers are dipped in the sand You progress in letters but you're used to cooking broccoli The other side of takeout is mildew on rice And an obsession with the past is like a dead fly And just a few things are related to the "old times" Then we did believe in magic and we did die It's not my words that you should follow, it's your insides You're just an inside. Adjust your insides. You're just an inside. I bet the monster was happy when we made him a maze Cause he don’t understand intentions and he just looks at your face I bet the bubbles exploded to tickle the bath And all the birds are very curious, all the fish were at the surface. With half of me waiting for myself to get calm I'm like a pelican at red tide I'm a corpse, I'm not a fisherman and A blow out does not mean I will have a good night Cause an obsession with the past is like a dead fly And just a few things are related to the "old times" When we did believe in magic and we did die. It's not my words that you should follow, it's your inside Adjust your insides. You're just an inside. Well I start in a hose and I'll end in a yard When I feel like I’m stealing I can't keep myself from hearing God Only the taste of your cooking can make me bow on the ground It was the clouds that carved the mountains It was the mountains that made the kids scream Oh well she bore all her parts but She never was found You think I'll carve a path through New York and be an artist, but are you anything. Then you find out that you can’t ask a baby to cry And an obsession with the past is like a dead fly And just a few things are related to the "old times" When we did believe in magic and we did die. It's not my words that you should follow, it's your inside Adjust your insides. You're just an inside. Peacebone

Wut Tha Dead Like

TWIZTID "Freek Show"
Big E, Violent J, Shaggy 2 dope, Madrox, Monoxide Tell me what the dead like Whut the dead like We be killin' off mainstream We make it out to earn a dollar in this pipe dream Whut the dead like It's very complicated I give a fuck about nothin' bitch and I know you hate it Whut the dead like We the people in the moonlight sittin' in the graveyard all night Whut the dead like We don't let you bitches crawl off We chop your head and watch it fall off Whut the dead like They sit and wait for armageddon So they can put a slit in your neck just like a neden Whut the dead like They be runnin' with the hatchet And strangle your soul and let you jump and tryna catch it Whut the dead like They like a boom boom boom They like a hahahahahahaha ridin' a broom Whut the dead like Well they just like me Not givin' a fuck the world baby, care free J talking about life and death don't follow me, don't follow me J talking about life and death* Whut the dead like They like living underground Is what the dead like When it's dark they come around Out the shadows, like a serial killa With a double headed axe we dub the wig splitta We sum off the wall, like givin' a fuck and all And while you bitches hate we laughin' at all y'all Is what the dead like Runnin' wild beneath the streets From the southwest back and to the muthafuckin' east Whut the dead like Sixth feet deep beneath earth Diggin' the deep but that's underground since birth Subterania hearse, coming out through the dark With the blood thirst and juggalo love comin' first Whut the dead like You gotta be dead to comprehened it We'll still be standin' when your airplane's ended Buried alive you eternally you can't stand it The dead like always forever in a trenches J talking about life and death don't follow me, don't follow me J talking about life and death Whut the dead like They like the psychopathic shit If they see the hatchetman then it's underground legit Is what the dead like And they takin' nothin' less Keep it underground for life is the dead's only request Whut the dead like They be worshippin' the reapa Someone at you and I feel that's the keepa Whut the dead like You can ask what Richard Pryor I know that muthafuckas life is about to expire Whut the dead like It's like a stream of bad luck Mad curupt, covered in blood, bitch whut Whut the dead like Whut the dead like We daze and confused Runnin' with the hatchet to death we can't loose Whut the dead like Whut the dead like Fuck the spotlight Only come out at night cuz we melt in the sunlight Whut the dead like Whut the dead like Don't know, ya don't need know We stay in the graveyard with our dead ass juggalos J talking about life and death don't follow me, don't follow me J talking about life and death


Josh Joplin Group "Useful Music"
Gazing down on fields far away Staring out at all I see I've just returned from a war that was lost And the only foe I had was me No retreat from the forces I fought Believing I could only win And from grace to the ground I fall I am human again I saw myself untouched by hate But I was much too numb to feel And the angels that carried me away Let me know they weren't real (but I am) And no matter how strong this vision was It was not of who I am And from grace to the ground I fall And I am human again Hold me now until I sleep my love Follow me down, follow me down I will not be so scared anymore As long as my feet don't leave the ground And I'm staring down at fields faraway Surrounded by this dream I'm in And from grace to the ground I fall And I am human again

Do What Ya Feel

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[laughing] Yea [more laughing] Follow... Juss do what ya feel and never follow Never follow... Juss do what ya feel and never follow [Chorus] Juss do what ya feel and never follow Juss do what ya feel and never follow Ha Ha Metical [Meth:] Who wanna flip wit the acrobatic From Ground Zero all the way to attic Well we be smokin Tical The reservoir is now open I swim the English Channel backstrokin You don't know me or my style We hold court and blow trial You catch cal when you browse through my X-files Who be next now Man's down, hands down Hold ground by yo side when it go down I dedicate this next dart to my fuckin heart Little Meth pea the best pod Now walk wit dat one, word, time time fo some action Dreamin bout Toni Braxton Blowin her back out like Bob Backlund I'm throwin wrestling holds Tag Team wit Funk Doc We in Funk mode Take yo best shot If it don't hip it don't hop If it don't quit it don't stop That's the life [Redman:] I be the supalyrical individual I be spittin though that Teflon material To knock Big Ben off of schedule Betta move wit a set of tools I be doin it to mics when I'm a heterosexual I load the mic then cock, drop it like 3 quarters when I slaughter Don't get caught in the water Cause the Bricks got its own World Order Leave yo bitches shot like the third rail caught her Style stay deeper than Orca I float the seven seas with ease Get more drugs than pharmacies So call me that lyrical genevyz You can't compare, get you steppin like stairs Frats, sororities Don't make me bring it on back, I fuck up the majority Of niggaz lookin hard at me I port them like authority And when my nigga Meth shine, I be in the How High mobile Rollin 3 dimes at a time [Redman and Method Man still... (unknown sample)] It's the Jersey representa Get hit from the bottom to ya head when ya enta [Meth] Word [Chorus x 3] Ha Funk Doc, break it down [Redman:] Yo, suck my dick outta animosity The velocity will fly dat head and freeze yo camps like pottery then give labodomies to all you rap colonies And shut yo million dollar investment to economy And possibly might be the one in black leather Name tag sayin 'Caution when wet' By the track wetter The ass-spreader I love the grimey shit even my girl did grimey shit to me And I went back wit her 3 years for carryin a loaded handgun but its forever wit a nigga (ch-ch-blouw) and he lands one to yo cranium That red dot on your forehead is not cause you're Arabian (Watch what you say to him) You caught up in a tight situation I should start erasin your organization for makin, wack tunes While my whole platoon rocks the basement You couldn't come if I gave my bookin agent Or producer Royalty poise 12-shot loaded Luga Even the crowd get you souped up You still wack I peel caps on the regular Destroy emcees etcetra Hooped like the Predator Fuck you, your label, moms, and yo editor Give you two to the jellular Left you spreadin all on my shirt The King of the Flirts, shittin Bitches hit me off more than New Edition (tw tw twee twee twee tw twee twee twee twee) I make them pigs heart skip a beat from the steel fasique So I alone (one me gun dun) Get on the mic breakem off a shum shum [Meth:] We moonshine and grow crops Purchasin a handheld wit the sho-shot It got me spittin These slugs at my competition, in rap sessions You ain't be got no weapons you live professin Next in line Parental discretion advised These explicit, street linguistics Betta than yo momma biscuits We bombshellin I might know but ain't tellin, too bad you missed it Johnny, dangerously, Blaze Anotha enemy made, anotha due paid Color-safe bleach so I don't fade Scar you mental wit my double-edged blade Razor Sharp get yo bandaids Hold that Like E said get the Pozac Show dem wack niggaz where da door's at On the case like I'm Kojak Kissin the grits on that floor bitch Flip scripts, take loooong shits Raider Ruckus, one I come wit premeditated Red Rum Gingivitis to yo filthy ass gums Bottom line eitha get down or get done, Muthafucka

New York Undercover

DJ Muggs "Muggs Presents the Soul Assassins, Chapter 1"
[Featuring KRS One] Intro: Reak skills Bronx styles Cypress Av meets Cypress Hill Real hip hop bounce to this shit motherfuckers READ EM! You know what's up SHRAP! Commisioner Gordon rock on Tony Touch y'all rock on Kid Capri yeah rock on DJ Kenny Coffin yo rock on Verse 1: In 199 sess KRS is in his peak in You are weak in and collapse like Mike collect the beacon You talk more ish than a cellullar You can't last, just call me Enema cos I give that ass-troid, heaven and mergatroid I'm that six, umm, microphone-holdin humanoid Pyschological like Sigmund Freud But I get annoyed cos these rappers have no brain These hardcore rappers crack me up like cocaine They got no skill or game They sellin that commercial let me say it Ask for Minoxnial with row gain True skills I will explain The teacher breaks this whole shit down plain Chorus: West Coast beef must dead, no-ho-ho East Coast beef must dead, no-ho-ho Time for us to move ahead, no-ho-ho B-boy hip-hop is dead, no We must move ahead (x8) Verse 2: People always say when they see us, teach us so we move by the inch, teachin only some of it, believe us Hustlas and players and hos will never leave us They been around since Mary Magdalene and Jesus Run wit it, pimps and players run the government We been raised on a tonne of it that's why we're lovin it Bein a player is cool when you a kid until you get sent up for a eight year bid Now you use and abuse and serve like hell til one day you are found face down upon the ground two shots to the dome, we need to switch quick Dyin over what you players, I think, call a bitch I'm not a player hater cos I hate no one but when you start destroyin hip-hop, you gots ta go, son Government attack one who's brainwashed Government attack two who is, yes, brain rinsed Government attack three is for you and me to constantly dream about the Lex with bulletproof tints It's pointless to think I'm knockin ya If you a pimp, be a pimp, I'll be a philosopher So the.... Chorus Verse 3: Y-yes are the intelligent, we descend on every establishment In the East or West, microphone grabbin it Chess-to-chess, lyrical confrontation is dope for the hip-hop nation, yet our hope, your scope is broader than who can kill who and who got the biggest crew? That's why black people cannot seem to break thru It's like crabs in a pot when one crab reaches the top other crabs wish to pull down and blood (BLOODS) I'm not understandin what's all the fuss Hip-hop belongs to all of us The East created it, the West decorated it Learn the lesson, the unified picture is black expression When black expression heights itself it becomes black digression leadin to depression in health Now question these ideas today If hip-hop was destroyed could we blame the CIA or the FBI, you'd be a motherfuckin lie- -er, li-ar, pants on fire-er Conspiracy theories are contrise or we keep them on the shelf We got no one to blame but ourselves So.... Chorus We must move ahead (x8) All beef is dead!

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