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STONE TEMPLE PILOTS lyrics - Shangri-La Dee Da

A Song For Sleeping

Original and similar lyrics
Finally I've met you The day has come You're more than beautiful And you're my son I don't deserve this I never thought it could be Quite like the moment When you first smiled at me A toothless, wonderful feeling Like I'd never seen It's you, Noah, it's you And when you lie down to sleep I'll protect you From the demons of the night While I'm watching you grow I'll pray There's so much I could teach you If you only have the time Pray There's so much God can teach you If you only have the time So will you tell me the little things What does God look like And angels' wings I don't remember these things So would you teach them to me So for the moment I'll watch you breathe And when you wake up in the morning And I pour the coffee You're always smiling sweetly

I Wish

KUMBIA KINGS "los Remixes 2.0"
[Spoken]: Baby girl, I was just sittin here thinkin' Bout all the times that we shared together Wishing that things could be different But now I'm sitting here all alone, And wishing is all I have, Listen..... I wish that I could take away the pain, That's very deep inside my heart. I wish we didn't have to play these games, That's tearing all this love apart. I wish the love we had would have never ever changed, Cuz girl, you know we're both to blame I wish that I could turn my back and walk away, Just walk away. I wish that I could tell my eyes to stop crying, I wish that you would tell your friends to stop lying, I gave you everything a man could give a woman, Like fancy cars, and diamond rings, and all the things that money brings, My time, my heart, and soul were happy on someone on who and it wasn't good enough How could you be so blind? [Chorus]: I wish, I wish... I didn't feel this emptiness, ohh And I wish, I wish... It didn't have to end like this, ohh I wish that you and I would be a family, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh... But wishing is all I have... I wish that I could turn the hands of time, Go back to the night that we went wrong. I wish you knew the things you put me through, I've got to get you off my mind. I wish that you would just pick up the phone, To tell you baby, please come home. And I wish that I could take away the things I said. Though you said some messed up things too. I wish that I could tell my eyes to stop crying, I wish that you would tell your friends to stop lying. I gave you everything a man could give a woman, Like fancy cars, and diamond rings, and all the things that money brings. My time, my heart, my soul were happy with someone on who and it wasn't good enough, How could you be so blind? [Chorus] [Spoken]: I wish I didn't have to replace you with someone else.....


Things will never be the same Still I'm awfully glad I came Resonating in the shape of things to come Never waiting when I know there's only one Messed it up but rest assured No one ever thinks they're cured Just a minute while I reinvent myself Make it up and then I take it off the shelf [Pre Chorus:] Over the laws of light Over the moon by midnight Let's do it all this time Everyone wishing well we go [Chorus:] Everyone knows anything goes We are the lotus kids Better take note of this For the story The rising moon is on the shine The blood of scorpios a nine Like the fear that's in the eyes of every doe Say it now cause John and Jane would like to know Is it safe inside your head Songs to serenade the dead All along I said I know no enemies Mix it up until there are no pedigrees [Pre Chorus] [Chorus] [Pre Chorus] Enter the rolling tide Over the ocean so wide Let's do it all this time Everyone wishing well we go [Chorus x3]

New Religion (A Dialogue Between The Ego And The Alter Ego)

I've been now sauntering out and down a path sometime. Come on, it takes me nowhere which I know Faces everywhere pulling grins and signs and things Telling me not there man, it's no go (Don't go there boy) I need a reason (I can't think without one now) Too much learning got to show Call it treason (Maybe catch her don't know how) Too many things too much to know I'll bring my timing in, seagulls gather on the wind. Lady screaming, lady leave me out 'cause sometimes people stare (Sitting down, electric chair) And steaming crowds they gather and they shout Don't know why this evil bothers me (Take another chance boy carry the fight You can take him if you're fast) So why is he trying to follow me? (Didn't I say if you're holdin' on You'd be laughing at the last) How many reasons do they need? (I get along fine with them friends of mine, But you have to make a choice) I might just believe this time (You're singing out of tune, but the beats in time. And it's us who make the noise) I'm talking for free. I can't stop myself, It's a new religion I've something to see, I help myself, It's a new religion Okay my reasoning might be clouded by the sun But someone sees the departmental lie You know this peacetime (jabbing fist in, stabbing knife) Only get one look before you die Gotta take pay from the saints 'n' sinners, in regulation hats 'n scarves 'n things Walking in formation down the lane. They carry their cross make a church bell ring Army majors pull a mean cool truth, they're a-lying in the swimming pool Searching for the undeniable truth, that a man is just a fool

This Moment Is Mine

CHANTE MOORE "This Moment Is Mine"
don't look back, there's only things you can not change the past you're wasting time asking what if you linger on too long pick the roses from the thorns wash with waters of the storm see the sun in your bad day smell the flowers in your valley -2- this moment is mine I'm living inside I grow with each breath that I take I cherish my freedom I'm sharing this joy I'm glowing like sunshine I'm spreading my wings and I fly I'm still as the night this moment is mine this moment is mine possibilities travel endless through infinite our finite minds can not see the unknown to be in your worry what can change not a thing in the spirit of your mind be renewed it's not too late, redeem the time, seize yourself repeat 2- sweetest moment passing you by live in the now and let's go I can't tell you how it feels (it's) so good -repeat 2-

Teach The Children

Eric B. Rakim "Don't Sweat The Technique"
No more time to pass time 'cause these are the last rhymes, 'Cause we're living in the last times... They wanna go to war, more wars to come But most of us fight more wars than one Discrimination in the racial nation While they destroy our strong foundation Nature's balance is way off balance They tip the scale, now it's no more silence The hole in the ozone layer is outta control But they wanna fight for more oil and gold Unemployment, I got laid off The streets is the last resorts to get paid off For more, more mint, no doe for rent I gotta shed blood to make a red cent Maybe I should ask the president Somebody give me the president But he don't want to hear it, it's out of the question 'Cause in my section it's worse than recession So I go to a rich neighborhood and play Robin Hood Take from the bad and give to the good First I go to Bensonhurst, steal a Benz, snatch a purse Pick up my friends, that's when it gets worse 'Cause I need government and they need government Alot of mint spent, now I gotta pay rent Who makes the most dead presidents in the projects You're gonna get robbed and wrecked I parked up the block to plot on a kid that made a knot Let's get him for all he got I approached him slow like I was a basehead Put the fo-fifth to his face and said You see those kids over there wit the hoods Walk to them real slow and give them the goods First the gun and the doe and crush the jumbos One false move and no one knows 'Cause I got a silencer to hush the bust And I'm in a rush, so hush the fuss Plus the poison you fed will no longer spread You good as dead, I'm a fill your head wit lead That's when I pushed him into his building To murder him ...but I remember the children... chorus: We gotta teach the children everyday, keep a song Show them the light, teach them right from wrong Make some sense so they can carry on Teach the children We gotta teach the children so that they can sing along Understand the words in this song Can't be done when we're gone, so... Teach the children ,save the nation I see the destruction, the situation They're corrupt, and their time's up soon But they'll blow it up and prepare life on the moon Sounds like Total Recall But who gotta spaceship, you get it, we fall So hope for the best and expect the worst The end is near and it's U-N-I verse... The one's that interfere wit nature Labeled you limited and underrate ya, His plans over rule when he separates ya Now it's U-N-I verse, the one that hates ya So we gotta let them know, we're hip to the script Change the skit, or we're about to flip 'Cause we want access to happiness Livin' the good life and much success Equal opportunity Self awareness and unity Education, the kids need a sculpture Teach them the abacus and their culture... And that'll help stop the robbing, raping and killing Poison neighborhoods are illing But they import more keys from across seas A drug disease hits the streets wit ease So keep on building.... 'cause we gotta keep building Till the answers are filled in And make sure you don't stop till then... And if you do, remember the children!

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