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Wet My Bed

Original and similar lyrics
Hey everybody, where did Mary go Where did Mary go And where's my only cigarette Please think for me, I can't bare to I'll just lie here for a while Wet myself, wet my bed I've readied it all for her, you know Clean sheets, incense, a lots of fluffy pillows Now soiled And where's my cugarette Did you check the bathroom, the bathtub She sleeps there sometimes Water cleanses, you know Washes dirt away, makes new Maybe she, maybe she, maybe she, maybe, maybe she swam away

Clean Sheets

ATREYU "Lead Sails Paper Anchor"
[Bonus Track] [Descendents cover] Clean sheets mean a lot, To a guy who sleeps on the floor, I wanted your love, An a shelf in your dresser draw, You tucked me in, Stopped my tossing and turning, But I turned back the covers, And saw those sheets are dirty. [Chorus:] Even though you'll never come clean, You know it's true, Those sheets are dirty, And so are you. The warmth of a bed, To a guy that sleeps on the floor was enough to perpetuate. All the lies I heard before, I want to hold you, I hold my pillow instead Because my pillow will never lie Or be with a stranger in my bed. [Chorus] Where's the love I was looking for? It's out the door. I'm afraid to see you anymore, So it's back on the floor, 'cause those sheets are dirty. Woke up this morning, Alone on the floor, Thinking about those clean sheets And the way it was before, When I looked in the mirror, I saw your face and thought of the past, But now I know how dirty you are, I took my fist and smashed the glass. [Chorus x2] Those sheets are dirty. [x3]

What's The 411? (Remix)

[Puff Daddy] Oh shit (what's that man) I don't know kid, I think it's a party going on Oh it's the remix Check it, yeah muthafuckas What we about to do right about now We gonna get kinda funky I am the Puff Daddy And I'm rolling with my man Biggie Smalls, Mary J. Blige and J-C from Jodeci And we about to do something new And we about to Check it, say what, say what CHORUS: [Biggie] Hey yo, what's the 411, hun (What's the 411, hun) I know you got it going on (Hey yo, I got it going on) [Biggie] As I sit back relax Steam a blunt, sip a Becks Think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex I'd probably go to jail For fuckin Patti Labelle Ooh Regina Belle, she'd probably do me swell Jasmine Guy was fly Mariah Carey, kinda scary Wait a minute what about my honey Mary The jeans they fittin like a glove I had a crush on you since Real Love Hold your horses I'ma show ya who the boss of intercourse is Sex, I'm takin no losses Even groups like SWV and TLC Can't see B-I-G with telepathy The recipe, a picture hardcore with a gun Pimpin ain't easy but it's always fun When it comes to nuts, I bust'em one by one So what's the 4-1-1 hun CHORUS [Mary J. Blige] Yeah nigga, what makes you better than the next nigga Seen you last week in your black ass car, freak You try to play like Mr all of that But now you wanna come to me with some chit-chat I don't have no time for no wham-bam thank you mam Gas me up, get me drunk and hit, then you scram The same old shit you pulled last week on Pam I'm not having it, no I'm not having it You got to do a lot more of this, that how it be I'm Mary Blige and you just ain't running up in me I need a man who's looking out for some security So come correct with some respect, and then we'll see So if you with it, then rock the 7-digits And I might just give you a call (Damn) If you ain't with it then don't waste your time at all Biggie Smalls, and you don't stop All my love dreams that I've had And my dreams are very special All my life I've looked for you And you make the dream come true You make me another you Love like this is kind of special Things you seem to do devine This is ours to combine I know our love must make a begining Love is life and life is living [Puff Daddy] I like, the sexiest muthafucka And I want to bust the 411 '94 is here We gonna have something new for you on this next album, man Yeah, we gonna have something new for your asses We going to keep it funky Yeah, it's a Bad Boy thing My man Raj on the remix tip Yeah, big shouts to the uptown crew Ugh, to all the people in the Bronx and nation Funk nation that is, that recorded the album My man Busta Rhymes, my man Grand Puba, check it Ugh, yeah, Flip Gray in the house My man Buttnaked, Tim Dawg, ugh

Seven-Mile Island

JASON ISBELL "Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit"
Take my body to Seven-Mile Island. Lay my head down where Indians sleep. Take your shoes off and walk across the water. It's been so long so I heard a man speak. Watch the spillways when the water starts rising. Take your hat off when the sun goes down. Keep your eyes on that concrete tower. Maybe one day it will crumble to the ground. Mary's crying 'cause she can't hold water And her clothes don't fit her right. She used to say that she wanted a daughter, Now she only wants a Saturday night. There were days when that dusty cave was empty, Back before this city made a claim On that hotel for wanderers and strangers, Back before you could live off of your name. We all live in an Airstream trailer About three-hundred yards up the lake. Call the doctor, Mary's going into labor And you can't raise a baby on shake. So take my body to Seven-Mile Island Lay some stones down on top of my grave. Tell my lady I just couldn't bear to see her Tell my daughter I just couldn't be saved.

Muddy Waters

Mary grab the baby river's risin' mudy water taking back the land Old frame house she can't take no more beatin' ain't no use to stay and make a stand Well the morning light showed water in the valley Daddy's grave just went below the line Things they say you just can't take 'em with you The flood will swallow all you leave behind Won't be back to start all over cause what I've held before is gone Mary take the child the river's risin' muddy water taking back my home The road is gone there's just one way to leave here Turn my back on what I've left below Shiftin' lands broken farms around me muddy water's changin' all I know Hard to say just what I'm losin' ain't never felt so all alone Mary take the child the river's risin' muddy water taking back my home Won't be back to start... That muddy water taking back my home Muddy water's taking back my home muddy water taking back my home


All "Allroy's Revenge"
If you talk to Mary please don't look at me Cause she's never seen me before Don't call attention to the man outside of me Cause she can cut my head off with the blinking of her eye And I'm not supposed to be here and I'm too young to die See, she carries my confusion in the pocket of her jeans I go bouncing like a pinball in between extremes I'm not surprised, this happens all the time And my hand lights her cigarette inside my mind And she's never seen me before So if you talk to Mary please don't mention me Cause she's never seen me before Just let me hide behind the smoke and the pleasantries Cause I do my best work with the mannequin brigade I just peek around the statues spitting art and foreign trade She looks a hole right through me to a shadow on the wall Till I'm sick of my surroundings while I'm not here at all I'm not surprised this happens all the time And my hand lights her cigarette inside my mind And she's never seen me before Warhol monotone, robotic talk, we're all so smart we're so perceptive But her mouth doesn't move, except to smile to be polite To receptive She burns me with a glance. I look away I'm safely cool, I'm so deceptive I'd give my right arm for a different situation Convince myself I see everybody watching me I set myself up for this stupid situation

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