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STEVIE WONDER lyrics - Conversation Peace

I'm New

Original and similar lyrics
Try to envision you as the oldest living someone Being every night and day all alone Going through ages and ages,places and spaces With never finding that someone to call your own Like a treasure chest of dreams long forgotten Hidden for good in a stolen lost and found But just when fate was calling quits Love appeared in the midst of despair Came and turned your life around I'm new,new like the first day of spring New like a nightingale that's just learned to sing I'm new,new new like the very start of dawn Like a child that's just first born with your love,I'm new You're standing amongst a crowd of six billion people Crying out for help,but no one understands Cause much to your dismay, you've been taken far away To a land where joy is pain and sorrow's an happy man Where an aching heart's the sign of the mighty And a love-filled heart looks down upon with fault and shame But at the very instant allways through Lady lucks appears,says 'love can do' And changed you like a christia who's been born again I'm new,new like the fresh morning dew New like a work of art that's finally through I'm new,new like a first flight of a dove So safe and secure with your love,I'm new Love took a long time coming to me But I've gotta say I owe my thanks to him for sending you my way,hey Cause I'm new,new like the first winter snow Like the start of forever,with infinity to go I,m new,new like the birth of the sun Forever young I will be Cause with your love,I'm new New like from a restful night of sleep New like a starving man that's had food to eat I'm new,nothing compares or can compete Sharing with you the sweetness of your love,I'm new

Love Letter

Yo, I almost cried writing this shit yo We met at college for the culinary arts First time I saw that ass, boo, it swallowed up my heart, damn Plus you were gorgeous, I played it cool though Slipped me the number told me utilize it Only thing I thought about was your pussy, how I'ma brutalize it Size six in the sneakers, smoking reefer Was the daily routine, gave her call one day Told me meet you up at forty deuce, I didn't hesitate to say 'yes' Threw on the sweatsuit, hopped in the Beamer Top down, twenty below, she gave me butterflies Had her father light complexion and her mother's eyes Thunder thighs, I'm trying to make some babies with her We grew closer, connected at the hip She started flipping over little shit Became a bigger problem, and she pregnant, what I'ma do? I went the coward route - what a fucking jerk I hated myself for years and thought I made up All the pent up anger in a while, and tell me straight up Do you love me? Then what's the next step? It's either 'yes' or 'no' before you take your next breath Remember the days you held me on your chest? I listened to your heart, gentle kisses on your breast You said I was your king, or was it just a show? But we don't even talk, so I guess I'll never know How does a love so strong just fall to pieces? I believe in science and she believe in Jesus Yo, what the fuck boo? I fucking lust you And plus I loved you, bitch fuck you I miss you so much, fucking bitch I'll fucking kill you, but I love you I just want to kiss you one more time

(Another Song) All Over Again

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "FutureSex / LoveSounds"
You've been alone, you've been afraid I've been a fool In so many ways but I would change my life If you thought you, might try to love me So please give me another chance To write you another song And take back those things I've done Cause I'll give you my heart If you would let me start all over, Again I'm not a saint I'm just a man Who had heaven and Earth In the palm of his hand but I threw it away So now I stand here today asking forgiveness and if you could just please Give me another chance to write you another song And take back those thing's I've done Cause I'll give you my heart If you would let me start all over Again Little girl you're all I've got. Don't you leave me standing here once again? 'Cause I'll give you my life Yes I would. If you would let me try to love you So please give me another chance to write you another song and take back those thing's I've done 'Cause I'll give you my heart If you would let me start all over Again Again, oh,no no ohh You know I love you, yeah give me one more chance No no, no no no no

Wish You Were Here

You're living your life in somebody else's heart My love is as strong as oceans are far apart. A summer song keeps playing in my brain, and I feel you, and I see your face again, there's no escape, I lost everything in losing you. Ah I wish you were here, drying these tears I cry They were good times, and I wish you were here and calling my name, but you're dealing with a man insane, the cost, how hopelessly I'm lost, I tried to throw our love away and I can't let go. VERSE 2: And so I awake In somebody else's dream (It's not what it seems) it's only a lie I've yet to decide who's real. The blood red rose will never never die It'll burn like a flame In the dark of the night I'm not afraid I'd give everything If you hear me there. Chorus 2: Ahh I wish you were here, drying these tears I cry They were good times, it's that time of year for being alone but you're dealing with a heart of stone try to kiss and say goodbye try to throw our love away And that storm will blow. Wish you were here. Wish you were here, 'Cause you're dealing with a heart of stone try to kiss and say goodbye try to throw our love away And I can't let go. They were good times and I wish you were here, yes, I wish you were here. Repeat to Fade.

Bandit Of Love

Carlene Carter "Musical Shapes"
He's a heat in the night A dust in the wind He stacks the deck right So he's sure to win He's just an illusion A master of confusion One of those losers That always wins Chorus: Don't lay down beside him 'Cause when you reach to find him He'll be gone The song he was singin' He's a hell-raisin' angel And a heaven-sent devil He cannot be trusted with love He's a song you can't forget Once you sing it Like the money you bet You'll probably regret it He's an answered prayer A childish dare And a fool-hearty outlaw Who's just passing through Repeat Chorus Keeps his hat on his head His hand on his heart His boots by the bed While he studies his heart His truth is deceivin' Stays for the leavin' He's a bandit of love A collector of hearts Repeat Chorus He cannot be trusted with love No he cannot be trusted with love He cannot be trusted with love

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DE LA SOUL "Stakes Is High"
[Never gonna give up on you] We gonna do it like this [Just a little bit] Like that [just a little bit] Zhane [just a little bit] De La [just a little bit] c'mon] [Chorus]: I'll never give you up No, I'll never stop Keep it comin' Keep on comin' 4 more [2x] It's that brown man from long islandin' shores Got a way with women, so I get away with yours Because you're whole game's outdated Which leaves all the pretty women heavily sedated Mummy you can play your ripley's Or believe it or not I shoot gift like heron With skills of gil-scott Nights like sir lancelot can get heated Prescribin' your vibe, love, I know how you need it [Chorus]: [2x] I like to mingle sometimes So I head out of state to find a couple of dimes But a government rate can't settle for no nickels Even pennies for thought for short I need connections With big bank selections Securing all the sections With sing-sing corrections Seedin' like nature, escapin' like gas Tell me how long this love is gonna last Thinkin' fast might spoil somethin' Turn a [?] to nothin' [?] to your lady is special Seen a bigger picture on the screen But you're a movie, you move me You soothe me like holidays, getaways The brochure said do it So true It's not a hold hand mission Cut the public display Heard you're headed for the stars Put the gazers away Mine times out of ten We cut to good friends But when we on the tenth We gotta go the length I'm not a playa Yet i get more play Than a talk show shown Cross the USA Have em' moanin' out the vowels sounds Ooh, eeii, and aahh And how by now you should know me and my Do members of the opposite sex Have their boyfriend screaming out We got more techs Than that ball team in georgia [Yo, he said he's comin for ya] All because the ho wanna go to the casbah [Chorus]: [2x] You can get with Some of these women Some of the time When your face is in the light [?] stirred with lime Is it a crime To set your mind to death? Resuscitated See how many brain cells left I feel your body's drawn to my positive Don't even want a baby If it's that easy to give I live right around the corner Three states away Take a holiday Come check me Watch how I set the Mood, check a movie on the tube Get your belt mad loose like lee Phone's turned way down To avoid the beef Or the questions If she's the only one gettin' lessons You're into crime faces, huh? Well i'll play your capone Suzy q got the grill To make the cake chrome Situation's gettin absurd Hot on a plat So work the format See how we do that? And you're figurin We love on the rock I'ma keep it up front To maintain the stock Displayin all the goodies From your knuckle to knees Make it hot like the island degrees Now that's special [Chorus]:

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