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STEVIE NICKS lyrics - Trouble In Shangri-La

Fall From Grace

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I choose to be his confidant And to keep him from the fire I choose to be quietly discreet If that is his desire I touch with gossamer wings To be quiet around you There is so much going on You could easily [Chorus:] Wake up with a stranger It's not something you plan One night in a world of pain And you finally understand Not all the king's horses, not all the king's men Could put it back together You say you wouldn't do this for very long The applause from it all is so defining Well it bounces off the wall at you When the miracle is happening High priestess...she's the keeper of the peace in this Twice as much, intensified What people will do To get...this...high [Chorus] And now alone in my room As it all begins again Was I so wrong Why am I always so intense In this same place I sit The same place as before Well I came all the way here Just to watch you walk out that door I didn't ask when you shook your head I always accepted what you said As the truth and the truth only Well it's not enough that you depend on me And it's not enough that you say you love me It's not enough to just save face Because sometimes You just fall from grace Sometimes You just fall from grace Maybe I am calmer now Maybe things are fine Maybe I made the whole thing up Maybe it isn't a lie Maybe the reason I say these things Is to bring you back alive Maybe I fought this long and this hard Just to make sure you survive Just to make sure you survive

Come The Fall

THE ASSOCIATION "Waterbeds In Trinidad!"
I've been playing out of tune Sittin' smug in my balloon Strung out on my long phoney life Cheated on your test You thought I gave my best But I hid it all Afraid of what you'd find I evangelized good will Kept my fingers in the till Masquerade of truth Upon my face But now I'm lonely, scared to death I can hardly catch my breath Suffocating in my own embrace And come the fall Oh, come the fall When it's all said and done When you've played your game thru The only one you've got is you The end of a series of one Come the fall So take a look inside your soul Sort out all the things you stole Return them to their owners if you can Things like trust, love, and time The other person's place in line If you tell the truth I think they'll understand And come the fall Oh, come the fall When it's all said and done When you've played your game thru The only one you've got is you The end of a series of one Come the fall

Running For Home

MATTHEW GOOD BAND "Beautiful Midnight"
They beam things into your head the ghosts of your pleasure and contempt when we were liars things were seamless when we were wired the world was like a secret i close my eyes now and i scream i turn the light on and there's nothing left redeeming i saw your face before it changed the gun it makes you look nicer in a bad way so low for how high well it's too late tonight and i'm sure you're right as low for how high and after this there's just the circus and every morning you carnie heart stops workin it gets tight in there sometimes looking for the defects, talking like it's a reflex i close my mouth now and i scream i open the door and there's nothing left redeeming i saw your face before the rough you should wait around awhile cause your body's bound to turn up so low for how high well it's too late tonight and i'm sure you're right as low for how high


by Jason Mraz Ariel Quirolo Running to catch up again, jumping higher and flying more often than not Your trampoline has got holes in it but I can still see the top Let me climb aboard and sample some of next years fashion I'll wear the coat if you can put the hat on, I will wear the coat, Just let me clear my throat so I can say what's been delayed away Let me crawl into your lap and just lay here for awhile Satisfied by your seduction like a handshake would do the job Never know how long I have waited, anticipated your smile to be pressed against mine Well I feel it. (oh boy) and I'm gonna settle tight She could pour me over this sugar hill or mountain Until I get hat cool breeze, tight squeeze, I'd do it over again And I drink from her ever flowing fountain And then I wake up I comb my hair and I hurry it up But I arrive late I pack my things and I pick it up Well I put down a good amount of deodorant this morning And I found that I could drown a little bit of peace of mind Cause it's no secret that to some degree they're gonna have to see you sweat Strong enough for a man just do what you can to keep me soft and dry, I stink awhile I don't know anything about those things I almost don't wanna know anything about those things And I don't care anything about those things Cause if I did you know I'd share myself on those things, and I feel itÉ And I'll be here all night, I'll pick up the pieces and I put them back together now They may not be the right way but that's okay as long as they're all the same I wish you well that you'd get better, and I know you'll find that it's a wild world And if you had noticed well would you have thrown the towel in Before I missed out on all this love, and watch me roll away again Watch me disappear under my skin I don't believe it that things could get any worse than they did that time You must have seen it I mean how could we get lost running in a straight line Your cries of why's and why not's, may it all get back to you And trickle and dance upon your headaches, years of biting cheeks are through So I don't believe in it. But I feel it.

I'm Good Now

Bob Schneider "I'm Good Now"
there was that time in west virginia when the cops showed up when the shop blowed up where we didn't know what was gonna happen they messed the whole place us and tried to kill my dad took all the money i had and what was really bad was i couldnt do nothing to stop them i had to move to mexico to get away you reap the seeds you sow or so they say i spent most my nights hanging out at a place called the rainbow bar drinking cervezas all night long singing mexican love songs getting all the words all wrong and not giving a damn hoping that my luck might change feeling crazy acting strange never worrying about the danger i was in well ive had a might bad run of luck since you left town sometimes you hit the braked but you cant slow down i know what i want on my damn tombstone when they put me in the groun tell them to write it big and tall or not at all just put im good now well as the story goes things only got worse fell in love with a nurse she smuggled drugs in her purse she worked for doctor gonzales it turns out the doctor was a mighty mean man who couldnt understand how things could get out oh hand but then he had to find out though her tried to stop her one night well she pulled out a knife there was a struggle and then her fell there in the end as she ran home he lay on the floor dying wondering about the things he'd done thinking about his life and the fun he'd had choices that he made and roads he had taken and he thought about his kids and all the crazy things he did and he wondered if anything at all really matters when your life is almost over and there is no hope to be found when your dying and blood is spilling out all over the ground and the last words he said although he hardly made a sound and he spoke each word in spanish cause he couldnt speak no english he said i'm good now

Highway Blues

Roy Harper
Take a look down your highway Tell me what d'you see Well if you're down my way It could well be me Stood on your corner I'm nearly down on one knee Can you hear me calling for you So damn easy to see And it can't be forever And it won't be for long So don't you think that it's better We speak the same tongue Out here in this weather We must surely belong Birds of a feather Whatever the song: Please give me a lift man It can't be for far The way that you shift man In your empty car, I've got the highway blues In my holy (holey, wholly) shoes And I cannot choose What I look like And I got here from yesterday On porridge and bait Swallowing sorrow Following fate Poaching tomorrow From God and the state Of homo his shadow The well known long haired straight But I've got a good reason For being this way I'm happy for certain And hoping to stay Travelling trust Across the new day Gathering dust Down your highway Please give me a lift man... It can't be for far The way that you shift man In your empty car I've got the highway blues In my holy shoes And I cannot choose What I look like Out on the streets Or where my drum beats In between the clean sheets Of my love life And I need little Margaret Out here again Screwing some traffic From the shaven insane With thumbs like a dragnet She pulls like a train And she looks like a magnet; And she comes like a warm rain Please give me a lift man, etc

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