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Spiderbait lyrics

Jellybean Drifter

Original and similar lyrics
Last night I got chased on down the hall Rolling down like a cannonball It ended up on out in the yard And attached to the back was a postcard I didn't read it 'coz I hate goodbyes I couldn't read it 'coz it stung my eyes My feet were hard from the cold cement But I've still got the stamps from the letter you sent I will find a way To get on If it takes all day On and on Spin me out I'm feeling as light as a feather Count me out I'm breathing better than ever Wring me out I'm soaked right through to the bone Put me in to get second wind again

Man I Thought You Were

Lay down and I try to close my eyes Pictures dancing, memories gone by Wonder if it's this hard for you at night Every now and then I find something you left My heart stops until I catch my breath And I can't forget you yet [CHORUS] Cause you're a summer sun in a cold winter breeze Gives you just enough to knock you off your feet And I fell like you can only fall the first time You would tear me down just to build me back up Leave me praying that you loved me just as much And the truth wasn't what I deserved So much, for the man I thought you were I bet she's not too different from me A trusting heart just yearning to believe Every idealistic dream A perfect man, a perfect fantasy She can wish, but you will never be No you'll never be, what she needs [CHORUS] I wish I could tell her everything she put me through But I can't hate her, cause I know she'll find out soon [CHORUS]

Another Sunday

I MOTHER EARTH "Scenery And Fish"
Sunday... Always hard to get to sleep when Weird noises are implying threats On cold sheets I sweat On any other day It's all rest and flowers And a long night of nothing In the morning some coffee 'Cause when the sun goes Down you close your eyes and think That you might wake in the same place I'm out of my head That was what they said There was no way I would Ever trust again There's something that fills you up And it feels you up and then It takes control of your better sense There ain't no control of things You take for granted But they came and they Held me up and they felt me up And left...I miss them Take me to your world I want to know if I belong There instead of here Is there religion It is unordinary To want this affection But I don't have a real friend And I hate my whole family But from my bed, my window's Lit by a red light I have seen before, while floating away

In Sadding Around

Sleeping off the last five years takes another five. Recovery in lieu of being here right now. When I throw myself at your feet, You know it's to be walked on. We're breaking up every single night. If I had a choice don't you think I'd make it? I lost my voice. Hope I didn't break it. Little demons by my bed whisper secrets. The kind you never hear. I dip my toe in this cold, cold life. I want to dive but I can't find your feet. You with a view so unlike my own. I'm trying on your eyes. So I let go, fall to the ground. It's a long way down again. Petty cons keep peeling back my ears. We make plans. Collaborate and give to you my better half. Until now just dead weight, A prisoner of doubt. In a cell we kiss and tell all our keepsakes. Sore, hit the floor. Got my first glimpse of the sky. The stars were on your side. Who would've thunk the thirteenth fell on Friday? I say hello and it's goodbye again.

What I See Now

If I could go back to the seventh grade I'd tell myself, you'll be OK. You're the last one picked and the first one out, But wouldn't let it get you down. Middle school is a lonely road, You're faking sick to stay at home. But give it time and you will find Friends you'll have for your whole life. Ooh... you're gonna make it through I promise that you'll do... somehow. I wish you could see what I see now. If I could go back to 23, To the nights I cried myself to sleep. Lying in my bed alone, With nobody to have and hold. I'd say that I know the feeling well, When the girl you love loves someone else. But give it time and you will find A lover who won't leave your side. Ooh... you're gonna make it through I promise that you'll do... somehow. I wish you could see what I see now. I see a perfect plan, I see God's guiding hand. I see a better man, you'll be a better man. Sometimes it takes a while, sometimes it takes the trials To open up your eyes. So here I am at 29, But I feel just like that boy sometimes. Praying, please God give me faith, To make it through just one more day. But every time I have those fears, I think of me in twenty years, Telling me, you'll be just fine, Just keep on walking towards the light. Just keep on walking towards the light. Yeah, you'll be just fine Just give it time, give it time Ooh... Oh, just keep on walking towards the light.

Good As Gold

Melissa McClelland "Stranded In Suburbia"
Who keeps track of things like that Well, I do You better keep me happy Or I'll be howling at the moon It's all fun and games Till I'm feeling blue I discovered a continent in you But now I've settled So I'm hitting every party Gonna find myself some fun We'll take uppers in the morning Light our cigarettes off the sun When night falls we'll go cruising And drink until we're numb And I'll make you Make you want me Want me until I'm done Here's your last attempt At keeping me at bay You're gonna chain me To every word I say Oh, my resolve is weak I always crack And I've been reading too much Nin And you Kerouak When you wake me in the morning I'll be motionless and cold You will bring to me some water Yeah, you'll do what you're told When I see you looking somber I'll say babe you're as good as gold But I can't see you again tonight I've got a reputation to uphold Then he whispered in my ear 'You're a sly bitch, you are' So I drank away my headache And I stumbled out of his car Through the fogged up glass of the window He made a clearing with his hand And with his eyes he told me 'One day you'll understand'

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