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Sparta lyrics - Wiretap Scars

Vacant Skies

Original and similar lyrics
Crumbling around the freefall. This missing are will forever make your nerves crawl. Crumbling. We will assume the worst. Incapsulation, fists clenching and falling. Mistakes make it easy. Incapsulation, eyes dry and vacant. Mistakes make it easy. Harmonic turbulence shakes. Ties red booths to magazines. Stand and clear. Harmonic. We will assume the worst. Say no more. We recall, it's all meaningless. Green eyes blur, give in easier, and make you blind. We recall...simplicity.

Glad Tidings

VAN MORRISON "Moondance"
And they'll lay you down low in the easy And the lips that you kiss will say Christmas. And the miles that you traveled the distance So believe no lies, dry your eyes and realize That surprise La, la, la, la la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la... And the businessmen will shake hands and talk in numbers And the princess will wake up from her slumber Then all the knights will step forth with their arm bands And ev'ry stranger you meet in the street will make demands So believe no lies, then dry your eyes and realize That surprise La, la, la... Bridge: And we'll send you glad tidings from New York Open up your eyes sa you may see Ask you not to read between the lines Hope that you will come in right on time And they'll talk to you while you're in trances And you'll visualize not taking any chances But meet them halfway with love, peace and persuasion And expect them to rise for the occasion Don't it gratify when you see it materialize Right in front of your eyes That surprise And they'll lay you down low and easy


ANI DIFRANCO "Revelling / Reckoning"
White people are so scared of black people. They bulldoze out to the country, and put up houses on little loop-d-loop streets. And while America gets its heart cut right out of its chest The Berlin wall still runs down main street separating east side from west. And nothing is stirring, not even a mouse, in the boarded up stores and the broken down houses So they hang colorful banners off all the street lamps Just to prove they got no manners, no mercy, and no sense. And I wonder then what it will take for my city to rise. First we admit our mistakes and then we open our eyes. The ghost of old buildings are haunting parking lots in the city of good neighbors that history forgot. I remember the first time I saw someone lying on the cold street I thought, I can't just walk past you, this can't just be true. But I learned by example to just keep moving my feet. It's amazing the things that we all learn to do. So we're led by denial like lambs to the slaughter Serving empires of style and carbonated sugar water and the old farmroad's a four-lane That leads to the mall and my dreams are all guillotines waiting to fall And I wonder then what it will take for my country to rise. First we admit our mistakes and then we open our eyes. 'til nation's last taker succumbs to one last dumb decision And America the beautiful is just one big subdivision.

Babies Falling

Magnetic Fields
Where the workers stand in querulous rows awaiting dislocation I will be there too When you're cashing in your food stamps When you're sleeping in a cattle train I'll be with you Pushing up against the ticket counter window face against the glass Bleeding from the waist and kissing to be chaste It is said that those who will not rest have been cursed To tramp like soldiers through the marshes Or that blessed are the ones who leave the stage Like babies falling fast asleep So I twice am cursed and twice am stuck Affixed to this corner of the earth. That old river keeps on rolling but the old man doesn't see it, He just stands there with his eyes closed Asking where'd you go? where'd you go? So wherever you may sleep tonight, Be it bed or bedrock, home, or open field: When you begin to yield, then, whatever you have taken as your pillow, May it serve as mine as well. Underneath the weeping willow I will wait for you forever, My eyes forever closed, asking where'd you go? where'd you go?

I Spy

PULP "Different Class"
I spy a boy, I spy a girl. I spy the worst place in the world, in the whole world. Oh you didn't do bad, you made it out, I'm still stuck here oh but I'll get out. Oh yeah I'll get out. Can't you see a walks among you seeing through your pretty lives. Do you think I do these things for real I do these things just so I survive. And you know I will survive. It may look to the untrained eye I'm sitting on my arse all day And I'm biding my time until I take you all on my Lords and Ladies I will prevail, I cannot fail. Cause I spy. Oh I've got your numbers taken notes and all the ways your minds work out. I've studied and your mind's just the same as mine except that you're just clever swines You never let masks slip, you never admit to it, you're never hurried. Oh no no no. And every night I hold my plan how I'll get my satisfaction How I will blow your paradise away away away ooh. Cause I spy. It's just like in the old days - I used to compose my own critical notices in my head. The crowd gasps at Cocker's masterful control of the bicycle Skilfully avoiding the dog turd next to the corner shop. Imagining a blue plaque above the place I first ever felt a girl's breasts, the whole 'nana. You've got to wait for the best. You see you should take me seriously. Very seriously indeed. Cause I've been sleeping with your wife for the past sixteen weeks Smoking your cigarettes, drinking your brandy, messing up the bed you chose together. And in all that time I just wanted you to come home unexpectedly one afternoon And catch us at it in the front room. You see I spy for a living and I specialise in revenge On taking the things I know will cause you pain. I can't help it, I was dragged up. My favourite park's a car park, grass is something you smoke, birds is something you shag. Take your year in Provence and shove it right up your arse. Your Ladbroke Grove looks turn me on, yeah. With your frightened eyes and roach burns under your eyes and addresses And thousands of tiny dryna-slides running a path, running a path to the corner of your eyes. And every night I hatch my plan, it's not a case of woman v man. It's more a case of haves against haven'ts and I just happen to have got what you need, just exactly what you need yeah. La la la la la la la la la la, in the midnight hour. La la la la la la la la la la, I will come to you, I will come to you I will take you from this sickness, dinner parties and champagne I'll hold your body and make it sing again. come on - sing again, let's sing again. Oh yeah, cause I spy, yes, I spy, ssss. I spy a boy and I spy a girl. I spy the chance to change the world, to change your world.

In My African Dream

Johnny Clegg
Something broke the place where the rain is bornb something stole the promise from the light of dawn people, people were everywhere struggling to get their share honest cruelty in the eyes of the innocent squeezing one more harvest from this tired earth they call to you, but the wind just blows away their words didn't believe in miracles, didn't believe you'd come didn't see any reason to carry on Chorus: But in my African Dream, you touched my face raised up my children and gave them grace in my African Dream you wiped away my tears and whispered the promise of a thousand years Children with eyes like souls ready to fly looking at me -- for some kind of sacred sign who will teach the young, the names of the ancient ones who will tell them from whence they come I have no answer, don't even have a prayer All I can do is close my eyes and hope that you will be thre In my African Dream you blessed the rain let me stand proud, eased the pain, you raised me up, gave me love, filled my cup. Old man sits in the shade of the thorn treee he says these thorns are all that are true life is suffering, suffering is life, be happy with the small things that come to you They will come to you, come to you. Chorus

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