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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN lyrics - Time Is Money

Oh My My

Original and similar lyrics
Uhh...yo! I can't hear myself on the mic! Uhhh....yeah maybe I can! Ugh! [First Verse: SPM] Now take a trip off the trip let me trip you out Cause I'm a trip, I'm a nut, I'm a fool no doubt Y'all boys really trippin on the money I make But I'm trippin wet tryin to kill some I hate Separate all these fake niggas all in my face You a disgrace, you should wish well for your own race Tie your laces and hide your two faces Guess I been lookin for love in all the wrong places Follow in a trail to the land of hell Everybody knows I belong in jail For my Raza, anyone else no tienen chanza Fuck with my click i'll put a hole in your panza I give two fucks, three shits, and one damn Scram you bitch you aint with my fam I don't cut for the jealous Guess where your gal is All on my weenie like mustard and relish [Chorus: Baby Beesh] Oh my my, oh hell yeah Let's all get to puttin' some in tha air Fix me a drink and sing me a song But do it quick baby cause I can't stay long Oh my my, oh hell yeah Let's all get to puttin' some in the air Man I'm so blowed Man I'm so throwed Somebody grab the wheel I can't see the road [Second Verse: SPM] Mama Mia I wanna put somethin in Aaliyah Sippin Sangria and smokin on Maria I drill a nine milli through your liver arm trilla Lone star state home of the armadilla Blow killa with Priscilla and ganja with Blanca Catch me at the club in my Nike chanclas Vida chueca, my girlfriend's name is La Muñeca Dios around my necka Sangre de Azteca S P M on choppers like men Y'all run and hide while I count to ten I'm a wait till fall then I'll cut my grass Stop and make my girlfriend pump the gas I got enough birds to have a snowball fight My dream is to keep the world up all night I done sold you a dub sack Used to chase a hub cap Now I'm in this game tryin to see where my love at [Chorus] [Third Verse: Baby Beesh] Its the return of that nut, Baby Beeshie Love my chicken greasy Shittin on them haters that love to taste the feces I'm a fool I'm a nutta Gone off the butta I'm from Vallejo, California Houston to Calcutta Gone wacko off tobacco mixed with the dough dough You squares aint ready for the modern day cholo Used to be a player but now I'm an official Doin big things like Shine and Pen & Pixel The only nigga with a Benz still on welfare No insurance, no license, and no health care Computer illiterate Smoke dank like a cigarette A straight fuckin idiot You think that I give a shit I need a hearing aid for some handicap parking Damn Baby Bash your so damn retarded [Chorus]


[Chorus:] Someone tell me why, why, why Does it hurt everyday All I do is cry, cry ,cry Why do I feel this way Just let me live my life Please undo this pain 'Cause I can't take this no, no, no more You're all I'm living for Now baby, I just sit here and think Of you and how it got this way I told you that forever's in view But instead you chose to leave Now I'm on my knees [Chorus] Now you knew that I wanted you to stay So how could you just turn away Now baby, I've done all that I could But you're still going away, I never thought you would How can I go on living this way When my love was yours to claim, you just turned it away... [Chorus] This is a letter to a thing called love A lot of people tell me that love is a beautiful thing But I witness the pain it brings So love, If you still remain Please bring your sun to my never ending rain I love you

Last One To Know

[CHORUS:] I hold my cause close to my chest I had my heart put to the test Na na na na, na hell nah I don't wanna be in love Living in the dark confused because you moved a mark I don't know how far you go, is this the start? Will this episode explode to a lot of love, I just don't know Is this the door that will never close? Like it's done before, a thousand times [CHORUS] If you asked me this a year ago To lay down by your side, I'd run a mile Being close was impossible, had too much to lose Just the thought of letting go, I'll never know But you keep pushing on, pushing on [?] [CHORUS] In love, I don't wanna be in love Don't make me baby, don't make me Don't make me be in love I think that I've just found me the right one I can't believe that I'm the last one to know I hold my cause close to my chest I had my heart put to the test Na na na na Hell no, I don't wanna be I really don't wanna be in love Don't make me be, take it back baby I don't wanna be, I don't need to be in love Heal me baby, I don't wanna be in love I don't wanna, I can't, I don't need to be I don't wanna be in love baby Take it back, take it away from me Take it away baby, I can't handle it, I don't wanna be Oh yeah, I can't believe that I am the last one The last one to know what the hell is going on I can't believe that I'm the last one to know Say it ain't so, please, please.

Love Groove

Billie Piper "Honey to the B"
Sugar honey honey sexy Sugar honey honey sexy A Limited sensation To that feeling that you crave One that means much more to you Than to socialise stroke rave the remady is pure to me Taking the honey from the bee You adopt this smooth sensation Taking in deep meditation Baby sacrifice your stress then I'll help you melt your best Trust it baby nice and slow Trust me baby you're to know The love groove Has a different kind of move The feeling of security Tenderness, reality The love groove It flows from me to you Your filling your best fantasies Baby set your mind on me Sugar honey honey sexy Feel it set your mind on me (Repeat 4 times ) The portion that relies on pulse Absorb it baby to your most Oh I'm sure you know the score Just lay it honey nice and cool Come and fix your dreams on me Be the best that you can be You adopt this new devotion Take it st-st-strip low Baby baby baby you know Take it st-st-strip low trust me baby cos you know The love groove Has a different kind of move The feeling of security Tenderness, reality The love groove It flows from me to you Your filling your best fantasies Baby set your mind on me Yo what up shorty, i've seen you move Shakin your thing, you're looking real smooth. Slide my way girl make it real hot There's never a doubt I can hit the right spot Each time we touch I can tell its just more than lust Just take my hand and a little bit of trust And when you're all alone With thoughts of nothing but me Look in the phone book under Sweet P The love groove Has a different kind of move The feeling of security Tenderness, reality The love groove It flows from me to you Your filling your best fantasies Baby set your mind on me The love groove Has a different kind of move The feeling of security Tenderness, reality The love groove It flows from me to you Your filling your best fantasies Baby set your mind on me... the love groove... the love groove

I'm A Junkie

ANDRE NICKATINA "Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll"
[Intro: Andre Nickatina] Now I, played some hoes in my life But I never played this ho before ANd I swear, if it's cool Ho I only wanna be [Andre Nickatina] Man I speak with percision Money's my religion Freak how you livin I fly like a pigeon This is the mind of a rap cat And get all the money and the hoes yo and never try to hatchback I talk shit in the cadillac It's about two AM my freak is sippin on cognac She love me I love her right back But yo it's a different kind of love Man kill her with the kisses and the hugs Sometime she might cry like a dove She know I got hustle in my blood She know I don't spit no scams I like candy yams I never jepordize who I am I don't have to try to cross her Man I'm her sponsor The word play I display man it'll haunt her Man take these CD's yo and bring the cash back I'm a junkie for the money how you like that And how you like that I bet you like that I spect you like that I think you like that [Equipto] I live life we think we didn't care And leave the scene with my pinky in the air I left my mark with dents in my imprints And chalked it up with Goldie my big friend Discuss the thang like what's the game When all fails it's all hell we trust the game And I'm confident, I spit it like no other on the continent And I ain't lookin for your sympathy or compliments You work regardless put it aside You might feel a little pain that's just your pride Now baby wide open, breakin the rules In the shoes of a prostitude bout to choose I'm chosen all up in the rhyme like a metaphor Promote the Queeze help me go ghetto gold [Andre Nickatina] You're lookin at the culture of the rap culture You stare long enough you might see just move on my poster I might have to ice grill ya If you talk outta line and the god don't feel ya I put your mind in a octagon And you'll devote your whole world tryin to play with Kahn You ride around in the flyest car Your catered at the bar I have you shining like a lucky star And all you gotta do is take this and bring it back Take this and bring it back Take this and bring it back Shit, and now I'm laughin at the money stacks And all your friends and your buddy pack is lookin for this rap cat Man it's the gift boss And get the hot sauce And don't ask what the clothes or the cars cost I like to mad floss Man get my hair did And talk shit to a chick eatin spare ribs She said she love me I make her heart feeze Alright baby, then move these CD's

Jane 3

EPMD "Business as Usual"
(Let's take it to the stage sucka) Erick Sermon: It's the E and I'm smokin'. Wild like Tone Loc I'm roastin bakin' MCs the E I'm not jokin' so back up punk slack up. Watch your weak posse before they get smacked up. One by ONE two by TWO three by THREE Yo P... [Parrish: What's Up E.D.?] Pass the Uzi to blow up any wack MC that show up there goes one blast 'im now. [E hold up.] *Don't make me wait-wait* because it might be too late, the punk might escape, and buck whyle, and in fact, bite my style, and I'm-a catch a bullshit charge, plus trial. It's my thing to swing, your first mistake to bring a duck MC that can't hang. Don't forget, I'm crazy swift. My name is Erick Sermon [yeah, and I'm Parrish Smith] I could act foolish, start blastin'. Ha ha ha ha, now who's laughin'? I'm-a let ya slide, but ya owe me, next time you see me... [...holler like ya know me!] I'm mad... Refrain: (Here's a little story, I've gots to tell) {scratching} (I'm mad!) 4x Parrish: My life story I tell straight from the heart. When suckers tried to crash my shit straight from start. A young black kid destined for success, no Old Gold, no cocaine, or buddha cess. Straight up hard work. No sleep and no shorts. Brainstormin' with the skills that Pop Duke taught. To keep swingin', yeah, and not to quit. Now I ride the Benz, you ride the dick, with your punk friends, straight up pussy from Punk City, my attitude's fucked up and real shitty. From the backstabbers, yeah my so-called friends, who swim in my pool. When it's time, flex the Benz, around town, windows down at the South Town, Cool J tape or K-Solo Spellbound With fly girlies dippin, brothers grippin' and sippin' Old Gold, Red Bull, hands on my dick and I'm just lampin' with my EK shades, truck-jewels, obviously the man's paid. But of course not, brother can't get his props like for instance, when I cruise up the block in my 560 lampin' on my Metro phone, chrome kit beamin' all off your dome. But like a sucka, yeah, you looked the other way That's how I knew you're on my dick kid, but it's okay. It's normal, relax, your whole head's busted. Caught in the rap skit, ya couldn't be trusted. Cuz my sounds pound from here to Okinowi...{kiss} peace and I'm ouuuutie! Refrain Erick: Stay tuned to this last episode, when I rock the house and the mic explodes. This is not the buckwild style that I be usin', in fact black, it causes {mass confusion} It's a fallout, when sucker MCs and crowds call out my name, oh what a shame I got {fame!} Parrish: I'm not a new jack, my rhymes are not wack, and in fact, I'm like Clint Eastwood, 'stead of bullets, rhymes I pack in my flow gun, so son, ya better run, cuz when it comes to hostage and prisoners, we take none. We move wax like kilos ...{scratch} and when my jam hits the streets, the sounds explode. Watch the right hook, duck the death blow jack, I wonder where the E and the P's at... [Can they do it again?] You bet your ass, black. [See you in '91] Until things get the bozack... [I'm mad...] Refrain

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