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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN lyrics - Time Is Money

Country Life

Original and similar lyrics
[ESG] Just cuz we live in the country Doesn't mean that we slow [Chorus (ESG):] Country life Southern strife What gives you the damn right To come pointin' fingers down at me My life is so slow [First Verse (ESG):] I live that C-O The U-N The T to the R to the Y The E to the S to the G be screamin' Southside til' I die See I ride, with Carlos, or should I say the S-P-M A six three, high, two D's, I almost cracked my damned rims I swang and bang, I do my thang Mary Jane be in my brain Codeine in the cup, got twenty's in the truck Hol up! Country life, we got horses and chickens But our chickens transform into ounces in the kitchen I ain't snitchin', I'm spittin' on what we do in Southern life Candy cars, ghetto stars, be sippin' Ball all night Two dice, swangin' and bangin' and doin' my thang all night I paid the price, to have my teeth filled with ice Look twice you might get blinded by the way my diamonds glisten E-S-G's who I be, boy I'm country like chitlins And cornbread, I'm gone fed, Kenny Red ain't no joke A last resort like Papa Roach Pass the sweet and let's smoke Cuz uh... [Chorus (2x)] [Second Verse (ESG):] Got to keep on truckin' baby to the end, cuz we got to make it through You see I know these K-K-K's, they on my trail, they searched my room Country life ain't all what it seems And, some of y'all think it's a muthafuckin' dream But I got many problems on my mind My weed tolerance is down and I can't get high Besides that, it's hot as Hell outside The temperature keeps on risin' And I ain't got A/C in my ride I don't abide I ain't the one, I ain't the dumb, Country man that you really think I am Country life [Chorus (2x)] [Third Verse (SPM):] I'm the country bumpkin, comin' out the South-uh Rascal like Spanky and Beesh is Alfalfa Pull it up out'cha, ki's in my couch-uh Eight in my fam, I don't give a damn about'cha Yowza, yowza I sleep with the cows-uh Rattlesnakes and crickets in my overall trowsers Got my own stable, own record label Sittin' on the table, eatin' steak and potatoes Sippin' on syrup, pickin' your girl up Take her to my trailer and she make my toes curl up Silence them boys when they see my toys My dooley, on twenty-two inch chrome alloys Got a bourbon that I stretched to fit twenty-four people Call me Chico with security that look like Deebo I used to hang in clubs sellin' tapes in the restrooms Now I float in the boat with six bedrooms [Chorus (2x)]

If I Should Die

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
(feat. Da Ranjahz (Half Dead & Mais)) [Jay-Z] Come If I should die don't cry my niggas just ride my niggas bust bullets in the sky my niggas And when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas get on my niggas when it's real say word to Shawn my niggas If I should die [*echoes*] Don't cry my niggas it's been one hell of a ride my niggas in the middle of the trial I flip pies my niggas I did joints with Mary J. Blige my niggas I've eluded the coppers got booted with Big Poppa Skated through with the Ceasar Picadas At high school got head by the lockers gassed the baddest girl in the class to show me her knockers rocked jewels dropped school still didn't fail rhymes still written well hold court in the street never sit in the cell for a second then I'm gettin' my bail shoot it out with the bounty hunters fuck sittin' in the county for summers if they should down me everybody around us become one for that day to live life get your shit right & play Don't get it twisted like rays if I miss that's ok but life's short don't miss a day uhh If I should die don't cry my niggas just ride my niggas bust bullets in the sky my niggas and when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas get on my niggas when it's real say word to Shawn my niggas If I should die... [Wais] ...don't cry my niggas it's been one hell of a ride my niggas say word to Wais my niggas when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas just keep gettin' it on my niggas say word is bond my niggas I got a lot to look back on in '88 got my crack on ten years later gettin' my rap on gettin' shorties like a thespian had an episode with two lesbians got a fetish for that drunk ginseng with Japanese chicks & pulled the root out squeeze my whole clip to survive shootouts been on both coasts fired all kinds of heat probably be kinda glad to leave these mean streets I got dead mens to meet and questions to fulfill like is that mystery God real and how was Kennedy killed I ain't mad I must've smoked a ton of reefer sipped Coronas with Latifah broke the code of Geneva I know when I reach the other side I'ma see the cat I had beef with who blood remains on my sneaker then it's on again if I could be born again I live my life through my son and tell him never have a friend just family reincarnated I'll show him the time that I waited to get paid tell him never be afraid niggas hearts pump Kool Aid and yo blood run thicker never shed tears cry liquor my nigga If I die don't cry my niggas it's been one hell of a ride my niggas say word to Wais my niggas when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas just keep bangin' these songs my niggas say word is bond my niggas If I die... [Half Dead] ...don't cry my niggas just stay gettin' high my niggas don't wonder why my niggas when I'm gone live on my niggas just follow my path my niggas say word to Half my nigga I'm the aftermath of pleasure never die alone born to live forever through life's struggles I cut corners & took drastic measures see you niggas life expire right in front of me time could never mend what these cold streets mentally done to me too often I close my eyes and see my own coffin feelin' haunted ready to leave this world that I'm lost in my only chance to see the seeds I lost through abortion when I'm gone y'all niggas better not mourn keep flossin' as long as my name lives on what's most important I'll be down in hell scorchin' preparin' for life afterlife still torchin' & blazin' these mics It'd rain for 40 days & 40 nights & I'd return on the 3rd like Christ without my physical portion my spirit a poltergeist for sure I'll be back through the heist tomorrow blood over y'all fake niggas door What you thought (huh) What you thought (nigga) If I should die don't cry my niggas just stay gettin' high my niggas don't wonder why my niggas when I'm gone live on my niggas just follow my path my niggas say word to Half my nigga When I die...

Headz Up

NAPPY ROOTS "Watermelon Chicken & Gritz"
Use your head silly... [Chorus] Where yo' head at Shawty, where yo' head at Show me where yo' head at Shawty, where yo' head at (that's all I know) [B. Stille] Y'all ain't never heard of B. Stille, the look that seals Screwed up coupe DeVille, peep the vertical grill Well Killa Cowboy pull the dirty cowbell Hell anyway ya do the certified playa The thickest, the thicker, the better, the pick of the litter The sicker the chicken, the bigger the dick I deliver The kidney, the liver, the shiver, the give in her BACK Make the bigger the nigger deliver the miggity-MACK! [R. Prophit] Y'all so ridiculous, hoes all up in my businesses Got 'em stuffin up my tennant biz My friend is here, so come around actin shady I warned ya (Dick Tracy) like Warren Batey Prophit hit it, 2-3-4-5 Kicked it off, 6-7-8-9, from behind 10-11-12, I'm... a glad man slingin geni-til y'all [Hook: Big V + (Prophit) - 2X] Want that, get that - (here we come now) Jump back, get back - (keep it goin now) Which one this one - (think about it now) 'She gon' lemme cut that's all I know' [Chorus - 2X] [Ron Clutch] I'm bout to leave ya juice joint Drunk as a mug, drunk out his mind Too damn drunk to drive, jump out the ride Lookin for a chicken to pluck, with plumped up thighs Gotta be thicker than Granny's gravy on the side So when I get it, I can cut her, big ol' chunky slice And if I love it, I'ma lick it like it's pumpkin pie Now you guys don't really wanna it, this is countryfied Now tell me whattcha really know about the country side [Skinny DeVille] I been in the wild slums po' Now won'chu tell me whattcha'll know about them country folk With all the chicken wing and fish and the dirty spokes My yeaga smoke, betta sell and twank, and blowin smoke (That fool cool ain't a thang) Look how that Caddy roll On them twenty-two like Muddy () the fuck and blow We forever reppin 'Tucky and e'rythang below Skinny D, slum, Nappy's how the stories roll, we got that bump fo' sho' (yea) [Hook - 2X] [Chorus - 2X] [Big V] Got the keys and we leavin, didn't even see the laws So do we believe in [Scales] Man these girls is bout freakin Suckin and fuckin and tusslin, for the evenin, please believe 'em [Big V] Who's that girl Oh that girl Somethin outta magazine, curvy queen Cross between, Britney, Whitley, Whitney (crispy) Mya, Pink Kim and Lil'... [Scales] Oh where yo' head at, askin me where my bread at Tell ya man, man I said that Stop the askin me, and naggin me, and harrassin me for it be a tragedy [Big V] Don't you know the damn thang They come to do the damn thang For they leave best believe they do the damn thang [Scales] Scales throws scragglers Hooks 'em like hagglers Don't talk much the game is spectacular [Hook - 2X] [Chorus - 2X] (Told you to use your head silly [distorted laughing]) Where yo' head at I ain't stutter Getcha mind outta the gutter and pass the butter That's all I know, come on 'She gon' let me cut, that's all I know...' 'She gon' let me cut, that's all I know...'

Rise Like The Sun (Part 1: The Dawn)

(All original rude boys know what do I, so heed warning as I stand before you without sorrow, driven eternally by the immortality of blackness, which leaves me confused when gangstas die today, the sun will still rise tomorrow) Aiyo, pain stains my brain, I go insane At times I wonder if I even know my name Or who I be, who I perceive to be me In a world where the fake get payed fully You can't fool me, if you can't cycle the greenbacks I mean that, so just chill with your feedback And all, all that talk about billboard charts Number one hits with no heart Now where as a kite gets you high like the rising sun I be breakin' brothers down and suprising 'em With my lyrical prophocies, no one's stopping me Cause I magnify words to high velocity Sing this, do you know where you're going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? [Chorus] I rise like the sun sometimes, but then I fall And like a black moon I rise when the night falls And when the night falls, the mic illuminates And it's the ultra-violet rays that keep me rising on my mission I take a penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your desire I got the vocab to set the world on fire Now I remember laying back as a youth Just looking at the sun, wondering about the truth And how it's supposed to be And how at times if the music felt close to me Rocking spots since the age of sixteeen You know what I mean, as I grab the microphone, come correct and hit the scene So let it fly baby, let if fly baby I got the vocal canibus to get you high baby You know these brothers rock the spot when it's all said and done Definetly represent because we rise like the sun [Chorus] I'll save the vanity for your man and expanded to global spaces You can see the cold heart looks on their faces It's all a plan to exterminate the truest Kos meditate like a microphone buddhist Now, I'm not a teacher Just trying to reach ya I'll make you recognize The sun will always rise And even when the night falls, the moon illuminates brilliantly It's all resellient, see Sometimes I think about this world that we live in And get fed up, and yo I think I want to give in But it's the ultra-violet rays Saving days And stimulates my melonance To eloquance [Chorus]

24 Hours To Live

DMX "The Great Depression"
[Puff Daddy] I want you to ask yourself one question If you had twenty four hours to live, what would you do That's some deep shit right there, a lot of pressure How would you handle it Mase, what would you do [Mase] Yo, I'd turn out all the hoes that's heterosexual Smack conceited niggas right off the pedestal I'd even look for my dad that I never knew And show him how I look in my Beretta, too I'd do good shit like take kids from the ghetto Show them what they could have if they never settle Take every white kid from high class level Show 'em what Christmas like growin' up in the ghetto Teach niggas how to spend, stack the rest Give blunts to the niggas under massive stress Give every bum on the street cash to invest And hope Harlem will blow up be my last request [Jadakiss] Yo, yo if I had twenty four hours to kick the bucket, fuck it I'd probably eat some fried chicken and drink a Nantucket Then go get a jar from Branson And make sure I leave my mother the money to take care of grandson Load the three power, hop in the Eddie Bauer And go give all six to that papi that sold me flour Get a fresh baldy, make a few calls Shop at the mall, shoot a lil' ball Have all of my bitches on one telly at the same time Spread it out on different floors And I'm gon' play lotto, for what Even though I ain't gon' be here tomorrow, so what [Black Rob] You know when I was close to the ledge I'd probably be in the wedge With this bare spanish mami playin' 'tween my legs Then I'm off to get choke and smoke one a them dreads And get that bitch from '89 that gave us up to the feds Thought of momma, wrote her a note, we ain't close I hate her boyfriend so I put one in his throat Fuck around and sniff an ounce of raw, bust the four Fours, pull out my dick and take a piss on the floor Jump in the whip, git them cats I wanted to git Since the Tavern on the Green robbery in eighty-six Went home took a shower in nice cold water And spent my last hours wit my son and my daughter [1] - If you had twenty four hours to live just think Where would you go What would you do Who would you screw And who would you wanna notify Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die If you had twenty four hours to live just think Where would you go What would you do Who would you screw And who would you wanna notify Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die [Sheek] What hey yo, if I had twenty four nigga gotta get the raw Run all them papi's spot, put one in his head at the door For the times that I paid for twenty an he gave me twelve The other eight had to be baking soda by itself So papi fuck you, you dead now, I'm off to the bank With those bricks in a bookbag and a stolen Jag I just grabbed Went in there grabbed the bank teller wit the pretty face Fuck her in the safe, and have her take me to my place We'll make a kid but that's selfish and that'll be bad For my son to have the same shit his pops just had And when I'm down to twenty three, I'm a be strapped wit TNT Run up in city hall and take the judges wit me [Styles] If I had twenty four hours to live, I'd probably die on the fifth Run in the station squeezin the inf' I'll be waitin' to get to hell and bust down Satan Styles' on this shit and I got spot vacant Back to the twenty four I make it out the precinct Shootin niggas that I hate in they face while they eatin' I'm on the job robbin' every so-called Don Give the money to my moms and tell her that I'm gone I would school my little brother that niggas mean him harm He should learn to tell the future without readin' palms When they come in with the bullets, you prepared with the bomb So fuck bein' violent get stocks and bonds [DMX] Twenty four left until my death So I'm gon' waste alot of lives, but I'll cherish every breath I know exactly where I'm goin', but I'mma send you there first And with the shit that I'll be doin', I'mma send you there worse I've been livin' with a curse, and now it's all about to end But before I go, say hello to my little friend But I gots to make it right, reconcile with my mother Try to explain to my son, tell my girl I love her C-4 up under the coat, snatch up my dog Turn like three buildings on Wall Street, into a fog Out with a bang, you will remember my name I wanted to live forever, but this wasn't fame [Repeat 1 until fade]

Rodeo Life

I suppose, there's a better way to make a livin' To make money so I could live in luxury But the life behind a desk in a building Would be like a prison sentence to me My manners are not refined or even polished and my speech it may be crude to most you see I guess that I was just born a dreamer But in my life I relish pride and being free My clothes are high heeled boots and a big hat and the buckle on my belt I wear with pride You might even find a snuff can in the pocket of these old wore out faded blue Levi's Well I'm a cowboy on the rodeo circuit and when it's time to ride Well I bear down and try but when I play I go to some ol' crowded bar room and get drunk wild along with the other guys Well I know it can't go on like this forever and I maybe a fool just runnin' wild through life But it's my life and I'll live it to the fullest and I can look back and say that it was right And some day when my rovin' days are finally all over Well I can picture a little home down beside a stream and with a son and his mother sittin' by me and with love I'll help him to strive to reach his dream. Good Cowgirls keep their calves together *grin*

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