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Somethin' For the People lyrics - This Time It's Personal

All I Do

Original and similar lyrics
Aight now roll the track ugh yeah kick it, stick ugh astare vocals It doesn't matter, what time of the day Ask me what I'm thing about and it's you that I'm gonna say Twenty-four seven, fifty-two, three sixty-five Just wanted you to know how you stay on my mind (Chorus) All I do is think of you honey you stay on my mind All I do is speak of you honey you stay on my mind All I do is dream of you honey you stay on my mind All I do is think of you baby all the time You've got something special worthy of my love and I don't wanna let go, just keep on holdin' on Oh you got me going, thoughts of me and you And I can't help but talk about all the sexy things you do (Chorus) (And it won't stop)The kissin' and the lovin' The things you do to me you keep me satisfied (And it don't stop)Let me give you my lovin' Let me show you how much that I think about you every night (Chorus) Now now now I gotta admit you got me trippin alittle bit Cause last week I caught you 6 times in one day I was like damn, baby got me open alittle somethin' somethin' But that's good cause you got a waiste like a wasp and an ass like a hoss Feels so good, got a nigga calling you the boss To the end to the floor of my bed That's right Shit is tight like a man sittin' on dubbs That's what it was and that's what it's gonna be You know that I'm your freak Call me up any time of the week Before so I could come over there and put it down like a nigga supposed to yeah yeah that's what I'm talkin' bout (Chorus) repeat 2x's All I do is think of you honey you stay on my mind

Stay Gangstered Up

(50 Cent) Yeah, I stay with my rap shit nigga, Go ahead and jump back nigga You best be on Your best behavior in this motha fucker (Hook) I stay gangtered up Niggas that got shit on me And I stay wit my gat Incase i got to pop somebody G-Unit click, ur blind if u can't see That we run the streets Nigga u better ask somebody (Tony YaYo) I got a rifie with a scope in the trunk of the viper So I shoot off the roof like the DC sniper I just bought a ? and a bran new piece And a level 2 vest and a bran new piece These young hip hop nigga don't want no beef They'll get shot and draged to the hip hop police Nigga to guns up, I'll run up on your label Why is your gun in your house like a house potato?(Yeah!) (Hook) (Lloyd Banks) These hoes don't want me to stop, But this is the worse part I was born with this game, Like birthmarks I dont' trip, But i'm going to get alittle watch from my modeling chick Because she spent alot of time on my dick Bringing in a new fan every single time that i spit ? loving every dimond i get Fast and fury in a red rover, As my bread folds Beef i'll hit ur neck, Turn ur jewlery into red gold (Hook) (50 Cent) I'm from the bottom man Nigga's know i came up hard I got a temper man, I'm looking for some shit to start Man my tax record changed, I'm sitting on some change The hoes man they changed, They don't treat me the same It's not my looks that got me all up in them draws It's the new M3 with the Lamborghini Doors And my ememys they turned into dogs Smell a leak in my clothes , Shorty be barking at me Woah! Yeah Thats going have to be good enuff I own it to a friend tonight, Jam Master Jay Rest In Peace, I send my love to his family 50 Cent yall (Hook)

Take It Off

MC LYTE "Act Like You Know"
Now you called my house and you said come over Your mother and your father are gone, and you're alone with Rover the dog, but now you're frontin You said if I come you'd give me somethin So don't start playin around cause I'm serious What did you call me for cause I'm curious Or did you call me just to look in my face Now I know I didn't come just to take up space The night is right, and the stars are bright So c'mon now brother just treat me right and just take it off, I mean everything Hurry up pretty boy so that we can SWING I don't smoke and I don't get high but if I say I don't love well that would be a lie Because I do every chance I get But if I don't I won't fall I won't fret I'm no fool I got plenty of sense So I just be cool, and have patience Make up your mind, please let me know And when you give me the green that's when I'll go So please pretty boy don't hesitate And entice me nice and cooperate You tried the rest and I tried the best And when the time comes boy no regrets and just take it off Now take off your hat, untie your shoelace And after you finish, I want you to face me Now baby, don't get scared cause I'm not like the other girls so don't compare me Tender lovin care is all I give and if possible boy, well I would like to live with you And if I do it ain't everybody's business It seems to me ya just how you got into this Take it off, cause I'm ready to rock Like Maxwell baby, until the last drop Cruisin down the street in my SL when I seen this dude who was built very well Face was handsome, body was fine How did I know, I was cruisin behind him Looked at the car, looked at me Then he asked me my name, I told him Lyte the MC but I didn't want to outplay my hand So I talked so smooth he could understand me He was definitely the move I only said sweet things, that could soothe him Opened up the door, and he got in and automatically my mind just turned to sin I told him take it off - I mean everything Hurry up pretty boy so that we can swing I mean take it off, cause I'm ready to rock like Maxwell baby until the last drop Met this guy at an amusement park He was good to go and it was after dark You can guess girls what was on my mind Let's go under the boardwalk and have a good time baby Instead the boy asked me my sign And I said, Why? and he said, Never mind. When the time come and it's you I'm thinkin of A sign don't make a difference only how you make love to me You make me feel so good you're a man Oooh baby I melt like cotton candy If I could predict the rest of my life I'd be a millionaire and I'd also be your wife So let's take a bout through the tunnel of life because you know what I'm thinkin of.. .. c'mon baby just take it off Take it off Take it off That's right, now take it off Take it off Pal Joey, take it off C'mon now, take it off


PULP "We Love Life"
Just behind the station, before you reach the traffic island, a river runs thru' a concrete channel. I took you there once; I think it was after the Leadmill. The water was dirty & smelt of industrialisation Little mesters coughing their lungs up & globules the colour of tomato ketchup. But it flows. Yeah, it flows. Underneath the city thru' dirty brickwork conduits Connecting white witches on the Moor with pre-raphaelites down in Broomhall. Beneath the old Trebor factory that burnt down in the early seventies. Leaving an antiquated sweet-shop smell & caverns of nougat & caramel. Nougat. Yeah, nougat & caramel. And the river flows on. Yeah, the river flows on beneath pudgy fifteen-year olds addicted to coffee whitener And it finally comes above ground again at Forge Dam: the place where we first met. I went there again for old time's sake Hoping to find the child's toy horse ride that played such a ridiculously tragic tune. It was still there - but none of the kids seemed interested in riding on it. And the cafe was still there too The same press-in plastic letters on the price list & scuffed formica-top tables. I sat as close as possible to the seat where I'd met you that autumn afternoon. And then, after what seemed like hours of thinking about it I finally took your face in my hands & I kissed you for the first time And a feeling like electricity flowed thru' my whole body. And I immediately knew that I'd entered a completely different world. And all the time, in the background, the sound of that ridiculously heartbreaking child's ride outside. At the other end of town the river flows underneath an old railway viaduct I went there with you once - except you were somebody else - And we gazed down at the sludgy brown surface of the water together. Then a passer-by told us that it used to be a local custom to jump off the viaduct into the river When coming home from the pub on a Saturday night. But that this custom had died out when someone jumped Landed too near to the riverbank Had sunk in the mud there & drowned before anyone could reach them. I don't know if he'd just made the whole story up, but there's no way you'd get me to jump off that bridge. No chance. Never in a million years. Yeah, a river flows underneath this city I'd like to go there with you now my pretty & follow it on for miles & miles, below other people's ordinary lives. Occasionally catching a glimpse of the moon, thru' man-hole covers along the route. Yeah, it's dark sometimes but if you hold my hand, I think I know the way. Oh, this is as far as we got last time But if we go just another mile we will surface surrounded by grass & trees & the fly-over that takes the cars to cities. Buds that explode at the slightest touch, nettles that sting - but not too much. I've never been past this point, what lies ahead I really could not say. I used to live just by the river, in a dis-used factory just off the Wicker The river flowed by day after day 'One day' I thought, 'One day I will follow it' but that day never came I moved away & lost track but tonight I am thinking about making my way back. I may find you there & float on wherever the river may take me. Wherever the river may take me. Wherever the river may take us. Wherever it wants us to go. Wherever it wants us to go.

All Night Long

FAITH EVANS "Keep The Faith"
(feat. Puff Daddy) [Puff Daddy] I like this right here, yeah Bad Boy, and we won't stop Faith, '99 [Faith Evans] [Chorus] We can dance, dance, dance Clap your hands, hands, hands All night, if you're in the mood Do what you wanna do All night long Happy days are here So leave your cares behind Just relax your mind It's so easy to do it Just enjoy yourself If the feeling's right Get your groove on tonight Take your time tonight Everything's all right Ain't nothing but a party [Chorus] Get up on the floor Don't worry 'bout a thing The rhythm's got you now So come on, get into it Just enjoy yourself If the feeling's right Get your groove on tonight Take your time tonight Everything's all right Ain't nothing but a party [Chorus] Have a good time Lay back, relax Just free your mind Let the music take control of you [Puff Daddy] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah If it's a hot then I must've did it If it's not then I wasn't with it Bad Boy stay committed Whether hip-hop or R&B Featuring Faith Evans, co-starring me, P. Diddy You know I got the key to your city Unlock the door, rock some more Beats we lace Bad Boy heat the place We run R&B too cuz we keep the faith Givin the streets a taste Blaze the charts [Faith Evans] I remember [Puff Daddy] In case you forgot First Lady Be making it hot Ain't nobody taking the spot Now it's Faith instead of pain Coming through with a better grain In the dash, cell phone better range Get the cash, and stock paper for the whole four quarters Damn, some things never change Can ya feel me Ya feel me Let's make 'em dance Let's go [Chorus] Have a good time Lay back, relax Just free your mind Let the music take control of you [Chorus till fade...]

Days Gone By

Georgia Satellites "In The Land of Salvation and Sin"
(ricks part) Don't let this dream stop it feels so right nothing means nothing when the dark turns light let me wonder crazy and stumble back through the night head in the clouds with a hundred dollar bill nobody keeps score when it's time to kill and I oughta know better I can never buy me a thrill (chorus) and the memory comes back to me bring me back to days gone by and I can't pretend they'll come back again and I know too much, way too much to ask why you know I can't ask why (dan's part) oh let it fall down and shine it's sweet light on me as Richards tells a story every word he says has set me free (rick and dan) like a dream that's fading you can't catch when it's gone like a perfect night that's broken by dawn like everything you wanted out of reach from now on six out of seven still leaves you one shy you can look forever and never know why and it's time, it's time and the bottle just ran dry (repeat chorus)

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