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Snoop Doggy Dog lyrics - Tha Last Meal

Ready 2 Ryde

Original and similar lyrics
[Eve] Keep it shaking, Cali keep it quaking Cause the Ryders got me bringin home the bacon Show me love, and it wasn't no mistakin that I would dedicate this melody - fuck the hatin [Chorus: Snoop Dogg] I had to tell my girl to pack her shit cause she slipped and dipped inside I need a girl that's ready to ride to keep the heater right by her side [Eve] Aiyyo, so what the deal Dogg, tell me, keep it real Dogg Niggaz seem (?) to the brain, how you feel Dogg? Nigga I'ma ride, set it up, let it spill Dogg Anything you want, I can flip, got the skill Dogg [Snoop Dogg] Baby girl you so so-phisticated Finance related, you graduated to the next level in the game, wearin my name Bad little brickhouse, go and do that thang [Eve] Yo - niggaz surprised when they open they eyes Thick in the thighs wasn't part of they plan Not just his bitch, I'm like his main man Act shifty - your resistance gone swiftly Bitches mad at a nigga, askin why he kissed me Stop whinin, just to cry and get the mackin daddy I don't like it when the angry chick is actin crabby That's why he bagged me Ghetto jewel, never loud and trashy No stressin over chicks - problem? Bet I solve it fastly [Chorus] - 2X [Snoop Dogg] We gangbang on these niggaz like we 'posed to do and I'll be damned if I let a bitch get close to you We posted Boo - you, my, one and only Quick to dump before the homies Remember when that phony nigga ran up on me at the club? You filled him up with slugs, that's what I call love All that pushin and shovin, kissin and huggin Thuggin, dig it, dug-in I'm lovin every minute of it Boo The way you stay true, and always kept your cool You kept the heater right by your thigh And when the shit got hectic you was ready to ride You didn't run out, when I pulled the gun out That's what I'm talkin bout, no doubt Ruff Rydin, Eastsidin, to the realest y'know D-O-double-Gizze, you know how we get busy [Eve] Aiyyo, how could I leave a real nigga? A real nigga's all I need Fake bitches try to take my place, fall to they knees Don't violate, see my man, he don't like no scrapes And if I heard you was frontin I hope on the case Wild one? Maybe, but I'ma protect my baby Test me fool and by the end you gon' think I'm crazy That's how I do for my Dogg, keep my (?) strong Both sides relied on the shit, nigga sing the song [Chorus] - 2X [Snoop Dogg] Yeah.. hahah, E-V-E! D-O-double-Gizze! Y'know! Ruff Rydin, Eastsidin! Foe life, ahh! Yeah.. And you thought it'd never happen Fuck the haters, bow wow! Woof.. woof.. woof.. woof.. {*Dogg panting*} BEOTCH! It's official now, yeah We gon' Ruff Ryde up on out of here on this one Eastside up Eastsidaz Goldie Loc in the house Lil' 1/2 Dead DJ Jam, my nigga E, Davey Dave, uhh, misbehave Give it to 'em Dogg Whattup DMX? WOOF! Master P? UNNNGHH! Dr. Dre {*chronic inhaled sound*} My nephew Scott on the beat Illy Philly-delphia {*sounding like a P-Funkster*} Awwwwwww, yeah babyyy! It's another one, funky as they come Evey Eve and Doggy Dogg Bitch please, awwww!

Affirmative Action

NAS "It Was Written"
(feat. AZ, Foxy Brown, and Cormega (The Firm)) [Intro: AZ] This is what... this what they want huh This is what it's all about.. What Time to take Affirmative Action son They just don't understand, youknowImean Niggaz comin sideways thinkin stuff is sweet man Yknahmean Niggaz don't understand the four devils: Lust.. Envy.. Hate.. Jealousy Wicked niggaz man [AZ the Visualiza] Yo, sit back relax catchin contacts, sip your cog-nac And let's all wash this money through this laundry mat Sneak attack, a new cat sit back, worth top dollar In fact, touch mines, and I'll react like a Rottweiler Who pull the late, we play for high stakes at gunpoint Catch em and break, undress em tie em with tape, no escape The Corleone, fettucini Capone Roam in your own zone or get kidnapped and clapped in your dome We got it sewn, The Firm art of war is unknown Lower your tone, face it, homicide cases get blown Aristocrats, politickin daily with diplomats See me I'm an official mack, Lex Coupe triple black [Cormega] Criminal thoughts in the blue Porsche, my destiny's to be the new boss That nigga Paulie gotta die - he too soft That nigga's dead on, a key of her-oin, they found his head on the couch with his dick in his mouth, I put the hit out Yo, the smoothest killer since Bugsy, bitches love me And Queens where my drugs be, I wear Guess jeans and rugbies Yo my people from Medina they will see you when you re-up on your heater all your cream go betweeen us Real shit, my Desert Eagle got a ill grip I chill with, niggaz that hit Dominican spots and steal bricks My red beam, made a dread scream, and sprayed a Fed team Corleone be turnin niggaz to fiends U-Conn's and ninja black Lexus, 'Mega the pretty boy with mafia connections it's The Firm nigga set it [Nas] Yo, my mind is seein through your design like blind fury I shine jewelry sippin on crushed grapes, we lust papes and push cakes inside the casket at Just wake It's sickenin, he just finished biddin upstate And now the projects, is talkin that somebody gotta die shit It's logic, as long as it's nobody that's in my clique My man Smoke, know how to expand coke, and Mr. Coffee Feds cost me two mill' to get the system off me 'Life's a Bitch,' but God-forbid the bitch divorce me I'll be flooded with ice so hellfire can't scorch me Cuban cigars meetin Foxy at Demars Movin cars, your top papi Senor Escobar [Foxy Brown] In the black Camaro Firm deep all my niggaz hail the blackest sparrow Wallabee's be the apparel Through the darkest tunnel, I got visions of multimillions in the biggest bundle, in the Lex pushed by my nigga Jungle He money bags got Moet, Sean Don Bundle of sixty-two, they ain't got a clue what we about to do My whole team we shittin hard like Czar Sosa, Foxy Brown, Cormega, and Escobar I keep a fat marquis piece, laced in all the illest snake skin Armani sweaters Carolina Hebrera Be The Firm baby, from BK to the 'Bridge My nigga Wiz, operation Firm Biz, so what the deal is I keep a phat jew-el, sippin Crist-ies Sittin on top of fifty grand in the Nautica Van, uhh! We stay incogni' like all them thug niggaz in Marcy The Gods, they praise Allah with visions of Gandhi Bet it on, my whole crew is Don Juan On Cayman Island with a case of Cristal and Papa Chula spoke Nigga with them Cubans that snort coke Raw though, an ounce mixed wit leak that's pure though Flippin the bigger picture, the bigger nigga with the cheddar Was mad dripper, he had a fuckin villa in Manilla We got to flee to Panama, but wait it's half and half Keys is one and two-fifth, so how we flip Thirty-two grams raw, chop it in half, get sixteen, double it times three We got forty-eight, which mean a whole lot of cream Divide the profit by four, subtract it by eight We back to sixteen, now add the other two that 'Mega bringin through So let's see, if we flip this other key Then that's more for me, mad coke and mad leak Plus a five hundred, cut in half is two-fifty Now triple that times three, we got three quarters of another key The Firm baby, volume one uhh..

Make Em' Say Uhh!

MASTER P "Ghetto D"
*dialtone, touch tone buttons being pushed, phone rings twice* No Limit Studios, whassup Who dis is Who dis is Nigga, this Rappin 4-Tay, who is this Oh dis P P! *said with disbelief* Yeah dis P! P! (Yeah) Well if this P lemme hear ya say ungggggggggggh UngnGNGYAHAHgngnnghh *voice cracking* This ain't no motherfuckin P! Man, hang the phone up [MP] Ungggggghh, na-nah na-nah [MP] Make em say UNGGGGGGH (UNGGGGGGH) Na-nah na-nah (na-nah na-nah) [Master P] Nigga, I'm the colonel of the motherfuckin tank Y'all after big thangs, we after big bank 3rd Ward hustlas, soldiers in combats Convicts and dealers, and killers with TRU tats Never gave a fuck bout no hoes on our riches And niggaz come short, I'm diggin ditches M.P. pullin stripes, commander-in-chief And fools run up wrong, nigga I'm knockin out some teeth I'm down here slangin, rollin with these hustlers Tryin to get rid of all you haters and you bustas Steppin on cold, break a niggaz nose In the projects niggaz anything goes Breakin fools off cause I'm a No Limit soldier At ease now salute, this pass me the doja Chorus: Master P and No Limit Make em say UNGGGGGGH (UNGGGGGGH) Na-nah na-nah (na-nah na-nah) (repeat 3X) [Fiend] Fiend exercisin this right, of exorcism bustin out the expedition Bullets choppin haters business to about the size of prisms our mission They heard we scary, No Limit mercenary No tellin how bad it get, because the worst'll vary I heard you make em worry, that this for the loot They intimidated by the rounds that the tank shoot Tank Dogs salute! Every robbery in store, cause they know everything Fiend know, mean mo' money mo' Little Fiend still want the greens, the cornbread and the cabbage In your hood, remindin you bitches of who the baddest Definitely the maddest, so the crime gon' stick em up My UNGGGGGGH went twice (ungh, ungh) And ended with nine, get em Chorus (2X) [Silkk the Shocker] P gon' make ya say UNGGGGGGH, I'ma make you say OWWWWWWWW I'm not Eric B but guaranteed to Move this motherfuckin Crowd I stay on like light switches, money, cause I like riches Hittin nothin but tight bitches, call me, I might hit ya Nigga make em say nah-nah-nah, don't trip After I bust yo' shit, then after that say na-nah-nah-nah I hang with niggaz, I do my thang with niggaz (unggggh) They wanna know if I gangbang, cause I hang with a whole gang of niggaz So when, we connect bitch better respect this, I step quick Cause I got a, vicious right hand but ya know what My left is quick! Silkk, you the type of nigga that promotes violence You might be right cause I'll step in the club and say somethin to get that motherfucker start to, fightin!! (Bout it!!) Bad as vogues, I'm cold, extra see through P-G never fuckin knockin niggaz cause I make em all see 3-D And P-D's the game that I spit, No Limit Soldiers got my back I run this motherfucker, TRU niggaz And I, betcha y'all niggaz ya say, Bet! Chorus (2X) [Mia X] We capitalize and monopolize on everything we see keep pistols drawed and cocked, we got the industry locked, we can't be stopped, too hot Check the spots that we got, on Billboard This Tank can set up roadblocks, we fadin all you hoes Want some mo Then let's go, stretch you out like elastic Zip that ass up in plastic, have ya folks pickin caskets We drastic, our tactics is homegrown in the ghetto So feel the wrath of this sista, it's like you fightin 10 niggaz Forget the baby boys, it's the biggest mamma Mia The Unlady Like diva, lyrical man eater, believe her Or see her, and get that ass embarrassed If you're a decision maker, guaranteed you'll get carried away So stay in yo' place, when ya hear mamma speakin Cannon spray, clear the way, when ya see The Tank creepin Chorus (2X) [Mystikal] Hi I'm that nigga that rap and stick-up Joe when they won't know how to do it You could be the little bitty skinny motherfucker with the braids in his hair Usin limos and choppers too I done paid my dues, but still played the blues Nigga play me like you was scared to lose I'm still a fool, you ain't heard the news I was a No Limit nigga, makin major moves I won't stop now, bitch, I can't stop You can't stop me, so bitch don't try we We TRU soldiers, we don't die We keep rollin, na-nah-nah-nah-nah All aboard, bitch it's like a choir inside The group goin hallelujah Niggaz goin to war, got to fightin and shootin inside rumors Bitches be sayin he there, we there, BEWARE!!! C there, Silkk there Fiend there, Mamma there, P there Ain't no salary cap, on top of my dollars I roll with nothin, but them No Limit riders I gets down nigga, I hold my tank up high Watch how many bitches get wild, na-nah na-nah Chorus and fade

I Know I Can't Ryme

Nobody likes my penis Nobody my penis, but that's okay Cuz I don't like orgi's anyway ...And I don't like your orgi's anyway Fuck all y'all in the ear!!! My ass talk for me, my fuck talk for me My pubes talk for me BLAT! Wutup mom For bitches who don't know my hair cut ...They wanna shake my hand cuz the poo I floss wit sayin a lot for me I came into rap humble, I don't give a fuck now I Serve anybody like niggas who hustle uptown Coke price go up, cats is come down The D's run in my crib, I'm nowhere to be found The bitch who hustle for me, they dont even stash cracks They keep it on em, right there in they ass crack When I don't like a nigga, I don't pretend to I'll have the paramedics wrap your fuckin head like a Hindu Look, I ain't goin nowhere, so get used to me OG's look at me and see what they used to be I'm that nigga that sold coke, the nigga that sold dope The nigga that shot Dice when he broke to soap The thug, they pop shit The thug that pop clips The thug that went from three and a half to whole brick Nigga ain't in his right mind, goin against me My picture's painted through words that make a blind man see straight [Hook] Scream murder! [I don't believe you!] Murder! [Fuck around and leave you!] Murder! [I don't believe you!] Murder, murder! [Your life's on the line!] Y'all niggas don't want no parts of me I'm tryna figure out how y'all started me Make me catch her on the late night Pop shots wit the fifth and slide off wit the six I'm not a marksmen while spark it, so I spray random Not a pretty nigga but my moms think I'm handsome I hate to hear 'He say, She say' shit Unless he say she say she on my dick It's no coincidence, niggas who fuck wit me get shot up I do a Cali style drive by and tear ya block up You soft dawg, don't be puttin up a crazy front I stay wit the Mac, cuz niggas tried to blaze me once In the hood they be like, 'Damn, 50 really spitted on em' 'You heard that shit?' 'Yeah, 50 really shitted on em' Beef, you don't want none, so don't start none You just a small player in this game, play a part son [Hook] These cats always escape reality when they rhyme That's why they write about bricks and only dealt wit dimes Leave it to them, and they say they got a fast car Nascar, truck wit a crash bar And TV's in the dash, pa See em in the five wit stock rims, I just laugh, pa I catch stunts when I ain't tryin I ain't lyin, I sit Don P til I split up Keep my wrist lit up Get outta line, I get you hit up [Wooo!] Now if you say my name in your rhyme, watch what you say You get carried away, you can get shot and carried away Now here's a list of MC's that can kill you in eight bars: 50, umm Jay-Z and Nas I'ma say this shit now and never again We ain't buddies, we ain't partners and we damn sure ain't friends The games you playin, you get killed like that Actin like you all hard, you ain't built like that See me when you see me nigga, (what, what) [Hook] Y'all people don't want no parts of me I'm tryna figure out how y'all started me You gon make me catch her on the late night Pop shots wit the fifth and slide off wit the six

Lookin' At Us

Black Rob "Life Story"
Lookin' at Us featuring Cee-Lo [Black Rob] Yo, yo Nobody knew where he came from, or got his name from All we know is he killed Keith with the same gun He used on Terrell, Tone from outta jail Now he we livin and makin a lotta mil Watch that cat, send thugs to stop that cat But niggas like him always got the gat Gotta take 'em off, gotta play them all real soon Call them hoes we hit in Cancoon, get them a room At the Radison over Madison I'm imaginin somewhere down the line Im'a have to use my gat again I'm alright with stayin up all night And puffin dark chocolate trees til the dark turns light That nigga seen us, you actin like there's no beef between us Act like, he ain't got cream swayin the dope fiends around the co'na You ?fucked my man? he got me on'na Whole 'notha level, money grippa's a gonna' Chorus [Black Rob Cee-Lo] Aiyyo, I seen how them niggas be lookin' at us Actin like they wanna do som'thin to us Cee-Lo, Black Rob just can't be touched I'll negotiate the matter in gats he trust In the club one night, war spittin at us In the corner sippin drinks on some real hush hush Yeah, I seen how them niggas be lookin' at us Aiyyo, I seen how them niggas be lookin' at us [Black Rob] Made them hoes approach duke on some How ya doin shit Small talk made 'em walk out, thinkin with his *Silence* (Sho' man) Just like I thought, he about to get caught They goin all out in the backseat suckin 'em off Cee-Lo, stay close dogg, we ain't tryin to lose 'em (Alright) Only thing on my dome is what I'm gon' do to 'em He killed Keith, I knew that playa since he was small When he used to ball, and mess with Polly down the hall Now he ghost, and this crab niggas to blame Gotta ?fuck him? with his name, Im'a put in his brain But slow down, he's pullin over, park right behind that Nova If duke wake up, put 36 in his Rover, cut the motor He tryin to draw attention to us This ain't the time baby boy, this is about to blow up Syncronize ya Rol' up, we got one minute to rock it Murder's a hard job, but somebodies gotta stop it Chours [Cee-Lo] Just off the plane on a New York vacation 'ang Come on, lets get gone, nigga its on a gang Swervin in the rain, and workin the woodgrain We did about two ?????next lane? Now feel the pain And if its affectin you it involves me in it And its all great 'cause I get on a niggas ass in a minute We've established innocence, this Benz ain't rigged Its easy, accelerate and make those twenties rotate Even the corner cowboy ??? hennesy straight Satisfaction, in the midst of all the interaction I sense tension, here and some nigga over there's givin us his undivided attention Aiyyo Rob yo, is that this nigga (Who?) Is that this nigga that been 'round here fuckin with'choo? Want you want me to do? Who you want me to run over, and run through? With my gun drew, and unleash my wrath upon you We can battle, but nigga, but pay for the bad news is true This nigga done did somethin that he can't undo And anybody who came here with him deserves one too Is it true fuckin up my good clothes on you, scandalous hoes I suppose these bullet holes make ya widow keep the casket closed How you kids gonna get gay back to you, thats how it goes Cee-Lo, Black Rob, Goodie Mob, Bad Boy, down south Up top it gon' stop Chorus x2

God And Gunz

Kane Abel "The 7 Sins"
featuring Mac Got my nigga Mr Kane aka Stephen King black rain putting niggas in a bodysling My nigga Mac the camouflage assassin putting niggas in the motherfucking uhn You want some motherfucking gangsta shit nigga Verse 1 (Kane) Fuck Batman niggas in my hood be robbing Clips and techs stole my soul like the Angel of Death drama left my mama sobbing Fucking with Kane catch embalming fluid in the veins Better off having a ?? on cocaine cutting your fucking brain Anger, and keep a round live in the chamber Its clear and present danger Who the bitch made nigga banger Living United States of America bullets break the sound barrier Shook niggas down to dick licking when I bury ya Verse 2 (Mac) If its my fast life, then hit breaks and slow me down God Cause uptown many dead bodies was found God On this island that runs along the Mississippi River When ain't no need in looking in debt cause he deliver Fuck strangers, I know niggas who kill family members Your life is unimportant as Christmas is to December And heroin has got niggas on some of them demand shit Some loaded mack 11 in the hand shit [Chorus] Nigga, have you ever seen the face of death Nigga, have you ever heard the word of God These hollow tip bullets be hot like the sun Don't trust no one but your God and your gun Verse 3 (Abel) Bitch listen to the words of the south poor righteous teacher I'm a die with hate in my eyes Smoking some reefer with the grim reaper Cause niggas on my block is ignorant like Sasquatch I cook rhymes and beats like baking soda with rocks Its hysteria when I left your whole block red like ketchup Still running from the popos, but them hoes still can't catch up Don't give a fuck, smoke that sticky til my soul get high My spirit already dead, waiting for this body to die Cause I'm a thug, who the fuck you second guessing Niggas gone learn they fucking lesson When my smith and wesson change they facial expression Niggas I'm blessing check God's creation Mind deep like revelation, murder, hustling my occupation Verse 4 (Mac) Affiliation from my nation got niggas pacing from here to Russia Stone crusher, I keep crew under pressure Never settle for lesser the have nots running from crab cops Slanging slab rocks to pay the mad locs And lay me down to sleep with my heat Plus some sneakers on my feet just in case my window locks are weak Peace is cool but there'll never be My mack 11 got you holding more glocks down than Heather B [Chorus x2] Verse 5 (Abel) I'm going out for the paper til its time to meet my maker Straight soldier from the cradle to the hands of the undertaker Son I came to glock battle with kerosene oil So the shit don't jam and murder plans don't spoil Spirits that read the bible pray to black jesus Necessary for survival so you niggas can't see us Verse 6 (Mac) When the sun sets I'm at rest They got bullets to penetrate through your proof vest I stress holding peace, slipping let dying my nigga El puffing a L Crack sales create clientele in hell Street life what we were giving it Living it ain't no positive in it Forever ignorant, let us pray Lord

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