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SNOOP DOGG lyrics - Duces 'N Trayz - The Old Fashioned Way

So Low

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Kokane, Lil' Mo) [Lil' Mo (Kokane)] Roll with me Come smoke with me (Smoke with me) Come close to me So low (Come flow with me) Dance with me Take a chance with me (This is your chance) Take a dip with me Don't go [Snoop Dogg] Oh no, I have a party to attend With some civilized people, and some more of my friends I wish I could stick around But I gotta take a trip back uptown, now Layin wit'chu, stayin wit'chu Playin wit'chu, is somethin I ain't gone do Now look here boo, there's so many freaks up in here And I done already been there, so I don't really care Now you can take that, take that Bitch, I know you hate that, hate that You can't do nothin about it You know damn well what I got back at the house And I refuse to loose, trade in my shoes Gimme the blues, hand my the booze Strap on the fools, overabuse or misuse it So I'm skatin steady, datin on the move to groove I ain't got nothin to prove infact, I got too much to lose Girl, you got a nigga way and way too cool But I ain't leavin here wit'chu, for real [Goldie Loc] Yo, this the single house We gone disconnect the TV, leave the stereo and move the couch Everybody get they groove on I'm sweatin like a rainy day, but I get my groove on Dip baby dip, fall back a little bit while I hold the hips Pass me the drink, while you hit this G-13 Pocket holler one time, fashion statement clean Stacy Adams supe it up, baby girl boot it up Almost dropped my glass when she lift that damn booty up Dog walk to the cat walk I'm ridin that ass like Tony Hawk There's somethin about the way you blow my mind Got me wanna boogie all the time Baby this is what I'm lovin Forget the last dance just to end up huggin, let's dance [Tray Deee] Lil' momma got a gang of ass Plus that mini-skirt make me think she fast Passed by and asked if she'd like to dance Spark a conversation to ignite the flash Bling bling all gleam, and I'm clean to whip Saw the proper full crew I'm leavin with You can act like the mack don't effect your type Cuz you know a nigga tryin to have sex tonight Ain't no secret, come freak with the real McCoy Skip the guilt trip baby and just feel the joy Make it rugged like you love it, never soft and sweet Throw ya legs in the air and just start to beat You can leave your thong on like it's all discrete But it'll slide to the side when you fall asleep Is you sho' that you can roll, dip, and smoke with me Girl cuz I'ma give it to ya like it's 'sposed to be [Kokane] Come fuck with me Drink with me Smoke with me Yeah, yeah Loc with me Drink some Hennesey Goldie Loc, and Tray Deee Yeah, yeah [Snoop talking (Lil' Mo singing in background)] Yeah you tryin to fuck with a nigga huh I can't even trip though It might seem like, some shit like, two-two Beep-beep, haha, two-two Beep-beep, two-two [Repeat until fade]

Shake It Baby

LL COOL J "The DEFinition"
[LL Cool J] Yellow canary, tennis bracelet necklace, knahmsayin? Three quarter black mink; shades, canaries in both ears Knahmsayin? Black Phantom, triple black, with the oak wood Gucci shoes, that's how I play [Verse One] Hold up, I don't gamble, I don't play no craps I was taught early on don't jeapordize the stacks Before I open my mouth, I get all the facts I could never fall off, it's too many hot tracks I'm affiliated with too many hot cats to end up, crawlin out of a hole in Iraq Try to topple my regime You end up in need of a scalpel to your spleen Is there a medic on the scene? Easy children, Queens is in the buildin That blank look on your grill'll get filled in Slow down baby, you actin like a clown homes You get your fronts remodeled like a brownstone You hear my heat rock comin through your sheetrock It means you're OD'n homeboy, here come the detox I get my swagger on, proud as a peacock Bars is hot, beats is pumpin like a ? box [Chorus] Shake it baby shake it If you a real O.G. put your hands in the air with me, c'mon Shake it baby shake it Young ladies in the spot, if you came up in the place to rock, c'mon Shake it baby shake it Divided we fall, stay together and forever we ball, c'mon Shake it baby shake it You do it for the gangsters I do it for the ladies, but it's all money baby [Verse Two] They pay me so much it's hard for them to swallow When you got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds follow Pay yourself first, that's one of my main mottos Picture Bill Gates on the block dodgin hollows I can't see it player that's beneath my vision I'm beyond focused, every decision is made with precision It seems like greed's the world religion But L want cake, save the crumbs for the pidgeons Black man, get the flies outcha eyes You can't cause where you born but you affect where you die Until that day, health and welfare, cheers And after my wake, the hood'll talk, man listen here He kept a mink and canaries in his ears Like the Enterprise rollin over stars for years Spit bars for years, kept hot cars for years The dice was loaded but he beat the odds for years, uh-huh! [Chorus] [Verse Three] To be or not to be the man, that's the question Got a vision in my mind, I can see that I'm destined To lean up in the backseat, givin directions Sweep the block clean as November elections On the Blackberry readin cash flow quadrant Brim to the side, my gorillas is bonded CLS Vision, four Hummers behind it You forgot I'm from Queens? You can get reminded I'm a man's man, when you chumps gon' learn If you play with fire you get poured in a urn You must have been puffin on blunts of sherm All my albums is platinum, it's been confirmed I'm more than a symbol of sex, I get respect For livin in the hills but still keepin it mad real Stay on course, the boss crush obstacles You burnin me, two words: im-possible [Chorus] [LL Cool J] Like I said Yellow canary tennis on the neck Three quarter black mink Gucci hat to the side, shades Gucci shoes, baggy jeans Black Phantom, oak wood That's how I play Yeah (Shake it baby shake it) You do it for the gangsters I do it for the ladies, but it's all money baby

What's Up Wit It

Grand Puba "Understand This"
Yeah, yeah, yeah Grand Puba, yeah [Hook] It's you and me (Get up) Right now (Get up) on the floor (Get off) Doin' things (Get up) what's up wit it What's up wit it, what's up wit it It's you and me (Get up) Right now (Get up) on the floor (Get off) Doin' things (Get up) what's up wit it What's up wit it, what's up wit it [Grand Puba] As I do it like this I be some where on the top of the list Makin' classic joints way before The Source exists No ice, maybe just a lil' bit on the wrist And doin' this since Hot 97 was crisp Now birds wanna press but I ain't with all that Do y athing, ma no hatin' I just did all that It's all good, a nigga been bouncin' hot shit through the hood When only two or three cars came with wood A legend MC Never got rotation on MTV That don't bother me, got mad love for BET You can bet cha' last dub Every time that I drop I get l-u-v So get up, ain't no need to play the seat now Put em' cause ya know we bring the heat now No time to waste cause horsin' be coursin' Watch me scramble words like they be chicken abortions [Hook] [] Yo, I'm from a place where niggas pack rhymes like a loaded nine We self-exploit signs and explode in your corroded mind I zone the line, I cross it Ya got the strong arm, enforce it I dare ya Like these crooked as jakes, niggas compared to snakes First mistake thinkin' I bluff then I get irrate Ya best make side stakes, thinkin' I'ma fall Y'all do this just for love, y'all niggas got some gall I'm the answer on the mic like A.I. on the ball If you talkin' money I'm part of that conversation If you talkin' funny, plannin' ya expiration And I ain't even hak on niggas, it's just the truth I rock with a crooked tooth My bedroom's the mic booth I'm 80 percent proof, 20 percent show 50-50 on the dough, 50 percent chance ya live If ya ain't got 50 percent to show [Hook] [Sadat X] I think I just found the sound that we was lookin' for It's what I have to go downtown to the booking for My four eyes could've saw right through her thighs Intertwined bodies, I don't really play the party These fraudulent niggas handshake me to death The industry types try to mop up what's left By the code of my dead ancestor's, no doubt All four wheels, so we can be out I drink the mean green six pack And keep police back at bay Work or play, I stay a beast She bitin' on my ear, telling me to release I'm for this winner's side Straight rims and Chucka Tims Black leather, black all weather skullies And 20's of dro, I'd thought I'd let you know That I'm a be here till the black wax melt I'm felt like the Garden fight On my arm is something tight [Hook]

Living In A Bubble

EIFFEL 65 "Europop"
the bubble's are not reality but it's inside your mind, making you forget where you're from and what's behind. isn't it suspicious how the world is now your friend, getting in return 1.000 more than what you could ever send. oh yeah we live in a bubble baby. a bubble's not reality. you gotta have a look outside. nothing in a bubble, is the way it's supposed to be, and when it blows you'll hit the ground. oh yeah the bubble's are not reality but it's inside your mind, making you forget where you're from and what's behind. isn't it suspicious how the world is now your friend, getting in return 1.000 more than what you could ever send. the bubble doesn't make you but it's you that makes the bubble, and you better try to remember that it's in your head. the bubble is a very tricky thing all full of type and it is not easy to try to see the way things are they'll always be. we live in a bubble baby. a bubble's not reality. you gotta have a look outside. nothing in a bubble, is the way it's supposed to be, and when it blows you'll hit the ground. we live in a bubble baby. but it's not the place to be. cause it's a place of lies and hype. don't believe the bubble cause it's nothing but a dream, and when it blows you'll be alone. oh yeah living in the city living for the go one for the money two for the show. i spend a lot of cash and i buy a new house everybody just a watch while me drive my big car. i have everything and nothing is missing spending all my time hugging and kissing. sleeping in the most expensive hotels hanging out with the most beautiful girls. everywhere i go people just follow me. i'm famous, and i'm on every screen. i travel around the world in my private jet. i see my face in every magazine. my nick name is vip. life has become everything that i see. i got my name up in the stars. famous all over from here straight to mars.

Fight The Feelin

Too Short
featuring Rappin 4-Tay Too Short: Say hoe yeah you Can I ask you a question You like to fuck? Oh, you don't want me to talk to you like that Will you like to make love? I saw you walking down the street, and I had to stop Turn up the radio and drop the top I see you look so good, and your so fine Young tender, would you be mine I get you in my car, drive you to my house Cuz I'm a mack, I cold turn you out I wont ask, and I sure won't beg Reach right over and rub your leg I let my hand slide between your miniskirt Slip a finger in your panties, straight go to work What time is it, don't watch the clock Lay back baby doll and I'll rock the cock Funky Fresh I am, and I always can, Freak Nasty I'm the man I take you out to the finest resturant Buy you any damn thing that you want You want flowers, I'll buy your ass a rose But later on your coming out them pantie hose You want gold, girl whats next It's me and you, doing the sex So now you know I'm just a freak Give it up baby, I can't wait two weeks I want it all, Don't say I won't Get it girl, now I'm telling you don't . . . -girls voice- Nigger please You provoke no feeling You must of forgot, the girls of whom you're dealing We haven't the urge, to get busy Like those dizy lizys, who used to dance for you, your through I can't put it more blunt, your vocab is restricted You're addicted, to the words you inflicted Time after time, line after line Talking bout the bitches that are on your mind Do they call you short, because of your height or your width Dis me boy, I'll hang your balls from a cliff Wrapped around a slinky, your a dinky It's an easy task, to the corner cause the curb didn't want your ass Your name is yuck mouth, you don't brush Gotta cover your mouth like this They call you yuck mouth You refuse to brush, no sweetheart you can keep that kiss Your a freak with no tale You have no ass, class,you can't pass, your simply trash Your a typical nigger, the kind you don't take home scissor tights and Barbie from the dangerous zone Like a short dogg that carries fleas You make my ass itch, twitch, don't you wish you could scratch it And grab it like you want it The name fits cause your all up on it... -Too $hort- Get mad if you want, I won't front When it's time to hump, won't be no punk Roll your ass over and tap the butt Too $hort baby all in them guts I'm not your ABC, from the alphabet Every letter I'll write'll get your pussy wet It's just a freaky note, from me to you At the bottom I signed it Playboy II I'm a player, bitch, I thought you knew Like every other nigger in my crew I bump hoes, now it's your turn Tell me young tender when will you learn I cold mack like pimps you know Won't sell you though, or sell your blow Just your average everyday straight bump up bitch My gold rings come from spitz Look baby, You know what I want Your acting like it's that time of the month Are you bleeding, can't think about sex Irritated by your Kotex We don't need to kiss, we don't have to fuck I'll pull out my dick bitch, you can suck Now here, don't say I won't Get it girl, now I'm telling you don't... -Girls Voice- Punk I'm not a tease, I'm not a skeezer And most definately, not a dick pleaser You dreaming ,and sceeming, and fiending for my lust You don't have enough For you I feel disgust Wait, small things I hate For goodness sakes, If I wanted someone small I would masturbate I'm not talking 'bout your height, weight, or what you dream When I say too short, you know what I mean You see, I need man, not a boy to approach me Your lame game, really insults me Your name is Too $hort, or shall I say too skinny If size were money honey, you wouldn't have a penny Little boy, your not a player I'm your savior To try to get at me, shows of gracious behavior I have to sit on my feet to come down to your level Your mother should have hung you, from her umbilical cord If she would have known your mission Okay little boy, here's a proposition You wanna bit of danger, Step you to my zone You call yourself a dogg, thatz how I'll send you home With your tail between your legs, screeching and whining Jealous of you got some, nigger please your lying Cause I fight the feeling, that would have to be one And mathmatically, me plus you equals none... -Rappin 4 Tay- I am the rapper that they call 4 tay I'm gon tell you like my homie Short Dogg would say Hoes in the world, trying to play it sweet Knowing damn well that they wanna freak Some do this for maybe a week And then it's cool to get up under the sheets Trying to work that thang, but she said no That's about as far as it's going to go So I toss and turn, to make it loose Finally she feels the act right juice Some of you hoes say, oh that's nasty Back of your coat say sweet and sassy 24 deep, that's how you sleep Undercover freak every day of the week You see some of you freaks just need to quit it Playing that role like you ain't with it The rest of you freaks just won't admit it Especially when you know just who can get it Ain't body tripping cuz I know I'm right You could be black or you could be white For a (low bass) girl it really don't take to long But a (low bass) girl's always trying to turn ya on With a little squeze, but it's just a tease Give it some time, she'll be on her knees Then I'll pick her up, so I can work the butt Baby, I just wanna try to bust a nut But don't get me wrong, cause you started it all Coming to my house in a Camasol But when it's time for me to shove Then you front on all that love First you said that I deserve it Now you fight, don't want to serve it Gave it some time, so make up your mind Don't fight the feeling, this time to unwhine You was talking 'bout you gunna give my some But I'm Rappin 4 Tay it don't make me numb... -Too $hort- Yeah man, the little hoes got ill So now it's time to get way to real I know they never have some real dick They need to quit talking that childish shit You wanna rank hoe Go get your bank hoe My little dick'll have you screaming though Because when it comes to sex, you don't know what's up Your still playing that finger fuck See I'm a grown man I bust some young cock out I like big butts, not big mouths I know some little girls'll break you down in bed Pull your drawers down, give you some head But little girl, you wanna have some fun You better go to magic mountain cuz your way too young So at this point, I can't really say shit Ain't dropping no lines, I'll just call you a bitch...Beyotch!!!


Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez "Supernova"
3, 2, 1 What what what, man turn that down... Gimme five more minutes Five more minutes... What times is it I'm tired man 11:59 already Wake up in the morning one thing on my mind Cheerios with vanilla on my milk It's all mine, I devour, take a shower Grab the papers and sack See ya'll later I'm packed Smoked up till I get cataract Laid in the Cadillac Switch lanes out of the driveway Like I was on the highway (yeah) I ride a big boy Y'all ride a similac and oh my Cadillac Has 50's in the back Playin' Rick James and Tina, so relaxing Passed on by the neighbor Red Lane They called him insane Here's Mr. Chang limps with a cane Had a crush on Ms. Payne Blessed and he's strange Now he can't walk the same Innocent three-legged rover Kinda says four-leafed clover His owner smooth Jason Yeah Jane like Playstation Had the girl's hearts racin' Like you're nervous and pacin' Well I swerved the curb Corner action like verb Cops throwin' the bird you heard I'm on I-20 wit' 20's (unh-huh) And beats I got plenty can't wait to see Jenny I been all around the world, met a lot of girls Jenny, yeah that's my dog I been so many places, seen so many faces Still ain't none like my dog I been around the world and back again Ain't nobody like her yet Don't forget your homies, can't forget my homies Well, as sun starts to dim and I'm under the speed limit And there's hectic traffic too, got off at exit 22 Stopped at Lorraine's she's datin' Mr. Kane And she's just as deranged and insane in the brain Man she blew up his Range, shouted things so profane Unh-huh (sounds like Left Eye) So we go to Pit's Lane, way over by the main To get the rest of our girls With them ghetto ass names Toleda, Bonnie, Quesha With them hairdo's Look like they went through a seizure You know, went to the movies And you can't see the feature (ha ha) And Jenny's father's a preacher And see her unleashed around daddy so sweet Without daddy she a freak (she a ho!) Ain't never seen her with the same nigga for weeks Naahh wait a minute (yeah) I seen her three times with Saadiq I been all around the world, met a lot of girls Jenny, yeah that's my dog I been so many places, seen so many faces Still ain't none like my dog I been around the world and back again Ain't nobody like her yet Don't forget your homies, can't forget my homies Pull up to Jenny's and she's waitin' outside My hair ain't done get your ass in the ride It's Friday night, me I'm high and tight Jenny sippin' on the Henny, I'm drivin' tonight My exhaust is about to ignite, we turn on Morland Ave. And then I see these blue lights (blue lights make me nervous) I feel fright Jenny yells I ain't goin' to jail tonight girl So anyway I'm drivin' slow, then enormously fast Then Jenny dumps her shit and I slammed on the gas She says I'm fucked up (ha!) Not to mention all the weed in the ride And the way we drive and are stupid to ride I bust a right on Memorial Drive (go left left) She threw out the Henn and I threw out the stash And we was goin' so fuckin' and oh so fast And we stopped, the cops had caught us at last Knew I forgot somethin' I might have needed some gas So the cop walked up knocked on the window I dropped, I ain't drunk, I forgot Jenny's uncle's a cop Yo relax it's me man, you just forgot your keys Your keys Dumbass nigga I can't believe I threw out my stash I shoulda whooped your ass I know I have some crazy Friday nights But somethin' about Jenny makes it alright I been all around the world, met a lot of girls Jenny, yeah that's my dog I been so many places, seen so many faces Still ain't none like my dog I been around the world and back again Ain't nobody like her yet Don't forget your homies, can't forget my homies

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