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SISTER HAZEL lyrics - Somewhere More Familiar

Just Remember

Original and similar lyrics
A crooked chimney standing in the middle of a field Once surrounded by the walls of work By laughter and by love The sound of children playing And the sound of people saying I love you--yeah you A crooked tree stands naked near the center of the field Barely rooted in the browns and greys Of earth that once was green A place long since forgotten In a world of yesterday Except by me--yeah me And Oh--whose plan was this anyway And I never thought He would want it to be that way It once was beautiful--Right Here It still is beautiful--In Here You once were beautiful--I hear I hear it can be beautiful Just remember A twisted little image in your perfect little world Of the chapter where itd all begun About a song already sung Burnt around the edges Nearly faded--nearly gone Even you--yeah you A shiny building standing in the center of today Where indifferent people go to work Go about their pay Knowing they've forgotten In a most convenient way Yesterday--away (Pre-chorus) (Chorus) (Pre-chorus) (Chorus-Chorus)

Comfort Me

I was found after losing my way, Safe and sound after many a day. I was lost in a world of madness, Please take me from all of this sadness. CHORUS Comfort me, in whatever I do. Comfort me, and I'll comfort you too. Follow me, 'cause I'm trying to love you. Can't figure out what's wrong with my head, I used to think I wish I was dead. You took me from all of that sorrow, My future's bright, I can't wait 'till tomorrow. CHORUS There ain't nothin' to it, anyone can do it, It's easy when you're feelin' right. I know that I feel good, and I know that you should, Stop not doin' what you know is right. Don't know what it is that's causing this feeling, What ever it is I'm touching the ceiling. I won't let go of this beautiful sound, I once was lost but now I am found. CHORUS I just don't want to be your friend, yeah. You can trust me 'till the very end, yeah. I know just what I'm talkin' about, yeah, yeah. I'm talkin 'bout the love that you can't live without, no, no.

Beautiful Thing

All Star United
I want a Pavarotti voice 'Cause I'm a scary Connick A solo show with the Philharmonic No fake Monet Hey, the real Van Gogh A Seventeen, Cover Girl, Vogue, Cosmo Chorus: Whoo-hoo-hoo It's a beautiful thing/ Whoo-hoo-hoo To be loved by you/ Whoo-hoo-hoo Oh, that'll be enough to get me through It's a beautiful thing I'll take the Rockies gift-wrapped Or the Grand Tetons Add a truckload of those cherry bon-bons A '54 fire red collector's car A doggy-bag trip to the money super bar Repeat chorus Bridge: There's no trade Nothing could persuade I'm no fool You're so beautiful Yeah, so beautiful Yeah

The World Stopped Turning

Lillian Axe
I watched you bathing in the moonlight I heard you crying in the wind Oh, every day is just another symphony Of angels singing praises in your name Look up can't you hear them calling It wasn't very long ago That you and I believed in the same things And now it seems you've put our love behind you And turned away before you understood You can run but you can't hide Chorus: Can't you see I'm falling down Thanks to things I never knew Don't you know I'm tryin' hard To take this love from you Oh, the skies are falling And the seas are drying Oh, oh, can it be? The world stopped turning on me Well, I see you still but that's just fantasy I hear you call to someone else Oh, gazing at a distant cold reflection And crystal lakes of tears I cried for you Trying to keep this hope alive Chorus Solo Chorus (Repeat)


Dust For Life "Dust For Life"
Now in your confusion Out from blank eyes you stare Yeah Now in your confession Numbs me so I don't care Yeah In the blood we drown So beautiful are the scars where it cuts through Beautiful are the faces you can see through Beautiful are the holes I fell into Where you got bitten Now in your condition You crawl out from nowhere Yeah Now so close a martyr Self-made crown of thorns you wear Yeah Chorus Yeah Onward see what you came for A traveler for evermore Voices whisper the story Sadness walks to satori Break the bread Drink the wine Crawl the womb Climb the tide Tell the lie And ask the why You got bitten Chorus Yeah Yeah

Broken Record

Ted Wulfers "Upstream"
Broken Record Dillon/Wulfers Yeah you treat me like a broken record Yeah you yank me around like a ball and chain Yeah you act like a broken record How can you cause so much pain Take me to the west coast Don't you know I love it the most Love it the most Take me for a free ride Don't you know how hard I try How hard I try Oh it's plain to see that I'm in misery And I don't know where to begin I'm not tryin to be mean But it's time for you to leave I'm on the right track So I'll just help you pack I'll help you pack 'Cause you and I have been Where love can never win And I never ever knew Chorus Don't come knockin' on my door I don't want to see you no more See you no more I'll raise up my whiskey glass And lend a toast to the past A toast to the past Oh honey when you're gone My life it can move on But I never thought I'd say Chorus I enjoy bein' with you But I need somethin' new I need somethin' new Thank God that you're finally gone It's clearly been way too long It's been too long I love you too much And I will miss your touch 'Cause you just keep spinnin' around and around Chorus

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