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SISTER HAZEL lyrics - Fortress


Original and similar lyrics
It's bitter Tastes a lot like winter And will it- release me So heavy How much more to bring down the levy And kill me - don't kill me Chorus I've been stayin' high... And I've been feelin' sorry For myself And I've been resurrecting my Fortress to protect myself Shattered Tired, beaten, worn down and tattered Can you-even hear hear me? What do you expect out of me I'm being buried alive and screaming Can't you see - Can't you see me ? Chorus Weary My hands slapped I'm cautious and leary Of tryin' - oh but I'm tryin' How am I to figure it out All alone I've been kickin' around Without my home - I'm so lost... Chorus


WILL SMITH "Big Willie Style"
Verse 1: Will Smith Excuse me Miss, can we chat for a second I'd ask how you doin', but you fine I reckon Wait, do you have a man, cause I aint' into home-wreckin No?. .Aiight cool just checkin Look, from a hundred yards you caught my eye An all my boys said I didn't have the heart to say hi I'd like to have your number you don't have ta give it now But if you diss me while they lookin I'm a never live it down Y'know what I mean, Aww damn, my name's Will Maxine. Pleasure to meet you, look here's the deal Can I sit? Thanks, now I don't mean to objectify But this the metaphore that crossed my mind You sweet, good enough to eat Make a brother wanna TLC--Creep A brother can't sleep It's like a kid fallin for you So here's my own private nickname, I'm a call you Chorus: Candy (No Doubt, Do you wanna bounce?) It's the same feelin I always feel together but now Candy Let's get this started now Let's get this started now Verse 2 : Will Smith I ain't gonna lie to you, I remember layin eyes on you All I thought about was livin life beside you, Boo All I wanna do is be the perfect guy to you Tell you the truth, it's like (Candy) cause I'm feelin like its callin me You're tryin ta hold on, but fallin Seem quite far ta me I stay strong but it's hard to be Cause somethin bringin out the dog in me (It's like Candy) when I'm keepin my zone Chat on the phone, I lower my tone Steady plottin on takin ya home Gettin all inside of your dome, makin you moan You shoulda known (It's like Candy) As I'm seein you here, Mommy I know your peepin my stare And feelin my glare, brother thinkin bout unrollin the bear Strokin your hair, (Touchin me where?) Yeah there Chorus Verse 3: Will Smith I know the deal, I talked to Mary Jane and she said Your ex-boyfriends Mike and Ike are both Lemonheads I ain't tryin ta player hate girl I know That you go with Bazooka Joe Now you know he don't love you like that He tryin ta get a Reeses piece of the Kit-Kat Really hon, what he need is a jawbreaker Cause I'm the one that'll love you baby Now and Later Be my Peppermint Paddy with a Hundred wishes An I'll be your Hershey daddy with a hundred kisses Get the Twins M M's, they booked all outta flights today Me an you can Starburst to the Milky Way I don't care what it cost, girl a Hundred Grand We could snicker all night at my Jolly Ranch Just me and you, I'll call your friends up too Cause I could get my friends Babe Ruth and Charlston Chew Chorus 5x

After Hours

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "People's Instinctive Travels"
Chorus (After Hours it was cool x8) Q-Tip: Ten after one I think I'll hop the horse Downtown late of three of course Just came from fishing couldn't get a catch Downtown they'll probably have a batch A whitened sandwich and again it stopped But with the bail though I had a bout So I exchanged it for some apple juice I had the blues but I shook them loose A jeep is blasting from the urban streets Loots of funk over hardcore beats The moon dabbles in the morning sky As the minutes just creep on by I get a thought and hear comes my Tribe Ritual shakes and in good vibes Like always the Quest begins In the mist though but the rhyth's move in We find a spot and we sit and chat Speaking on the status quo of rap A derelick makes a real long speach We pay attention to the words he read When he was done we rattled on There was no lunch because it wasn't dawn We pointed things out about this times The worlds famons and the crazy crimes Inflation of the nation, it bothers me I better go gold, to pay the taxes Gotta be swift society The man whose made is the man who maxes The grounds for living are being discussed As we go it gets close to dusk Gather thoughts and savor breath Cause there's only a few hours left Chorus: After Hours it was cool (x8) Q-Tip: Me ohh my, hey-hey, hey-hey The human hours are here to stay This is how it seems(?) my witness Bug out all night, ask Phife, he's with this Girls be screaming on this conversation I have my two cents for a revelation And my watch continuously tic-tocs Shaheed will bring up the beats that rocks I hear the frogs and the smashing of bottles A car revs up and I hear it trottle It probably moves with the morning wind Ohh my God, here's Phife again (?) talking about last nights game Trying to remember someone's name So hear the frogs dancing in the streets Once again Ali will bring up the beat Like this (Sounds of frogs) Q-Tip: The beat is over and so is the night The sun is risen and the shine is bright We all say peace and go our separate ways Youth is fading as we gain our days Expedition for the song is simp' The hours creep, excuse me, I mean limp As we go you hear a gasp of laugh As we start up our rhythmic path Like this Chorus

O E Commercial

Extra Prolific
I was raised in Houston 3rd ward amongst the drama Pops was off the hook but had a bible toting mama Sunday school BTU was a must plus I'm inertia Wondering why my dad don't come to church plus he hurts her All repetition till I'm 12 years old Preacher kickin' old time religion hit me dead in the soul And now I'm up at the altar Choir blowin' that way in the water Lord help me Reminiscing on innocence this pillows soaking That's when my mom left my pops, brought me to Oakland Negativity hitting me from every angle Could've sworn the devil sent his every angel In this strange old land, I see I'm fallin' Moms keep stressing me, stop ignoring my calling But something in me keeps runnin' like I need to go They say you reap what you sow Black people what Chorus The ending has come The moonlight is gone Look up high, you'll see his arms Say not for you But still it's true Will you be waiting when he comes Romans 10 to 9 Says believe it with your mind, and Confess it with your mouth, and You will be divine, and I'm still kickin' on the altar Cause it sure hurt me when the preacher turn to me faulty y'all Made me feel more comfortable about my backslidin' G's don't get to heaven so stop hidin' Everybody that was raised on prayer is now a player You can call me a square If I don't care Then your soul's on my backside And who gonna show them kids how to act right Last days, these days be the last ones Fast ways erased cause we passion For the man there's no way we gonna get high Not by smokin' on that bomb, but up in the sky It's not hard but he gave us a chance y'all God bless every man in the sound of my voice It's the second sermon Chorus x2 As we approach another day Guide are steps when we want another way As our brothers and sisters go astray Let's intercede, on our knees and pray And as the congregation stands Black people let us all join hands Choose the right of 2 lands So we can all see the man It's the second sermon Chorus x2


Come take my hand, you should know me, I've always been in your mind You know I will be kind, I'll be guiding you Building your dream has to start now, there's no other road to take You won't make a mistake, I'll be guiding you Chorus: You have to believe we are magic, nothin' can stand in our way You have to believe we are magic, don't let your aim ever stray And if all your hopes survive, destiny will arrive I'll bring all your dreams alive, for you I'll bring all your dreams alive, for you From where I stand you are home free, the planets align so rare There's promise in the air, and I'm guiding you Through every turn I'll be near you, I'll come anytime you call I'll catch you when you fall, I'll be guiding you chorus (Instrumental break) chorus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tell Me Where You Are

Bryan Duncan
You never said goodbye Before tearing away, and I could never find you It's good to hear your voice Tell me are you O.K.?, sounds like you're so far away Take all the time you need, just stay on the line I'll hear you this time (Chorus): Tell me where you are Oh, I don't want you to feel lost forever Tell me where you are I'll be there and if you need, I'll bring you home ----- So much we left unsaid Though we never agree I still miss the time with you here You'll always be my child What I'm longing to say ...let's lay this broken past aside If you're reachin' out to me again, I am here I'll give you my time (bridge): Sharing the pain won't wash it all away But there'll be a cleaner wound It'll heal one day If you're reachin' out to me again, I am here I'll give you my time (Chorus): Tell me where you are I don't want you to feel lost forever Tell me where you are I'll be there for you I swear, I'll bring you home.

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