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SISTER HAZEL lyrics - Fortress


Original and similar lyrics
I'll go away I'll go on my wordless way Don't say anything Say nothing, just leave me. I've been merely, an actor In your painful play. But I feel too much to stay. Just cast me out. Pre chorus You can have the dishes You can have the jacked up car. And take the book on meditation I'll just take home what I brought, Chorus My, big painted velvet Elvis... Well take it away Take it all away Don't leave anything Leave nothing, except me 'cause I've been sadly misinformed I thought it mattered a little more than this I wish I was a thousand miles away... Pre chorus/ chorus Well I'm frozen here Caged in silence It's better that I Regret these words Than to stand aside And watch your tragic Storyline unfold... Just let me go Pre chorus/ chorus Well you took my heart And you took my soul And you used me, I've had plenty of that. It gets harder and harder And farther and farther From what I need for me.

Real Fine Love

JOHN HIATT "Stolen Moments"
Well I never went to college, babe I did not have the luck Rolled out of Indiana in the back of a pickup truck With no education higher Than the street of my hometown I went lookin' for a fire Just to burn it all down CHORUS: You've got a real fine love You've got a real fine love One I am unworthy of You've got a real fine love, baby I thought I had a line on something Maybe no one else could say And they couldn't find it in their hearts To just get out of my way Then out of nowhere, and from nothing You came into my life I'd seen an angel or two before But I'd never asked one to be my wife CHORUS Well you can sprinkle all your teardrops Across the evening sky But you cannot hide the twinkle Of starlight in your eye Well I left my map way back there, baby I don't know where we are But I'm gonna pull my pony up And hitch my wagon to your start CHORUS Well now the babies are all sleeping And the twilight's givin' in She looks like you, he looks like her And we all look like him Well maybe it's just the little thing The way I feel tonight A little joy A little peace CHORUS TWICE You got it

Winter Song

I hear the clock, it's six a.m. I feel so far from where I've beenGot my eggs and my pancakes too Got my maple syrup, everything but you. Break the yolks, make a smiley face I kinda like it in my brand new place I wipe the spots off of the mirror Don't leave the keys in the door Never put wet towels on the floor anymore 'cause Chorus: Dreams last so long Even after you're gone I know you love me And soon you will see You were meant for me And I was meant for you. Called my momma, she was out for a walk Consoled a cup of coffee but it didn't wanna talk Picked up a paper, it was more bad news More hearts being broken or people being used Put on my coat in the pouring rain Saw a movie it just wasn't the same 'Cause it was happy and I was sad It made me miss you oh so bad Chorus Bridge: Go about my business, I'm doing fine Besides, what would I say if I had you on the line Same old story, not much to say Hearts are broken every day. Brush my teeth and put the cap back on I know you hate it when I leave the light on I pick a book up. Turn the sheets down. Take a deep breath and a good look around Put on my pj's and hop into bed I'm half alive but I feel mostly dead I try and tell myself it'll be all right I just shouldn't think anymore tonight Chorus

Take It Back

You talked me into movin in and giving you my key You said you'd be a mess now if it hadn't been for me You said I stole your heart away by looking in your eyes I wonder now how many times you've sold that pack of lies CHORUS If this is how you act when you give your heart away Well take it back, take it back You told me I was everything you wanted and more Then tell me what you're doing now sneaking out the back door You're bringing home flowers and a bottle of Chablis You forgot I don't drink wine I know that bottle's not for me CHORUS REPEAT Oh you must think I'm blind And I don't smell you're new cologne You don't think I noticed All the nights I've spent alone Well, I'm not one for sitting 'round in some ole pitty pool You think you got a ticket and I must be some kind of fool I hate to steal your thunder, but your playing days are through At least they are with me 'cause babe, I got no use for you Tonight laying on the street Babe, your bag is packed So, take it back, ah take it back

The Jolly Butcher

CHORUS Oh, won't you come along with me, love. Come along with me. Come for the night, and be my wife. Yeah, come along with me. Hey! Well, it is of a jolly butcher, as you might plainly see. As he rode on out one moring, in search of company. He went into a tavern, and a fair girl he did see, Aw, come for the night. Be my wife. Just come along with me. He called for the girl of the best, And he made such fortune plain. Come have a drink, and I'll make us think That it is our wedding day. CHORUS Well, he called for a candle, to light their way to bed. And when he had her in the room, these words to her he said: A soverign I will give to you, for to embrace your charms. And all that night that fair young maid, lied in the butcher's arms. CHORUS Aw, early the nest morning, the butcher went his way He looked unto that fair young maid, and unto her did say: That soverign that I gave to you, now do not think me strange, but that soverign that I gave to you, Will you give me back me back me change? CHORUS Have a dance! CHORUS Well, about a twelve months later He rode on out once more And he went into the tavern, that he'd often been before He wasn't in there very long, when his fair maid he did see She brought forth a baby, three months old And placed it on his knee Aw, when he saw the baby He began to curse and swear And he said unto that fair young maid: Why did you bring him here? Well, he's your own, kind sir! She said Do not think me strage. Well, that soverign that you gave to me, I gives you back your change! CHORUS X2

Country Crowd

Lee Kernaghan
They're coming down from the hills and from out of the back blocks There's a whole lot of ead lights weaving their way down the track Heading to the showgrounds cranking it up for the big one Well you haven't seen a party 'till you seen 'em party way out back CHORUS There ain't nothin' like a country crowd A little bit crazy and a little bit loud We've got our own way of turnign things upside down I get together wiht these friends of mine Who are not afraid to step across that line There're that hrad livin' hell raisin' bonafide country crowd Those boys from Tara are cuttin' loose with the ladies And ol' stormin' Norman's having trouble holding up the bar And those Gatton girls are getting up on the tables Well I wouldn't be suprised if they took the whole thing too far CHORUS

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