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SILKK THE SHOCKER lyrics - Made Man

It's Going Around Outside

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[Silkk:] Yo' let me holla at y'all for a minute It's like when, I was in the ghetto I was never in the ghetto, because my mind was elsewhere And if I was locked down, I would invision myself being free But God, I got so many questions I just want you to anwser Help Me Out... [Rico (from Sons Of Funk):] I wish that God would talk to me (Talk to me) About all the pain that I've seen (I know you seen it too) Move on, coming out right Cracked out Mother got nerve to be crying All my friends seem to pass away (Rest in peace, all y'all rest in peace) I heard one say, that's the only way (No it ain't) [Chorus:] But I wish it would rain I wish I'd rain, I wish I'd rain, so it could wash away all my pain It's going around outside I wish I'd rain, I wish I'd rain, so it could wash away all this pain It's going around outside [Rico:] My best friend's house payments behind Now he lives in the park outside Mary complains about the money she makes I see some more people dying of AIDS (I feel ya dog, I feel ya) [Silkk:] Yo' Trying to make the whole world invision my pain (invision my pain) Trying to pretend that the ghetto was all good Ya' know what I really wish for change But it seems killas and drug-dealas But they stereo-type me as a thug Hard to see clear Supposed to be one-night stand, I ain't supposed to be here, Mom and Dad never was in love It seems domestic violence is always the problem When I go home (Go gome) Hoping once in my life that Mom and Dad would get along See my grandfather died in the war And all he ever got was medals, and my grandmother got a letter Only things my kids ever GOT! Was a trip to the ghetto Have you ever seen a crackbaby Or someone die of AIDS! Watch them suffer and with all this money I got They can't be saved We all hustle so fuck the color, white or black We all struggle, we act like We better then each other, we're supposed to be all sistas and brothas Feel my pain It's better that you know But don't feel sorry for me, even though I lived hard and rough I lived better than most Knowin' one day I gotta go, and I can't buy time I gotta homie that's doing 99 He sending me pictures and letters like it's all fine I know it's not And ya' know what It's even worse They got us killin' over turfs I don't know when the last time I went to church Can't sleep, doin' too much dirt In the middle of the ghetto, just wishin' for clout (wishin' for clout) Ladies forget having babies by these fake playas and shady bustas Thinkin' they can get you out See now my quest to live hard, a quest to live large God I have a question Why's it so hard! (Feel my pain, feel my pain...feel that) Ya' know what I'm sayin' Killin' over dolla bills, paper Fightin' over turfs, when none of it don't belong to us And racism! Still exist, but ME! I'm color-blind We gotta realize we gotta problem And the government The only time they care, is election time And they seem to think the only solution is Build more prisons to throw us's not right But I got homies dyin' over nothing (Rest in peace Biggie, rest in peace Pac) And all the fallen soldiers Ya' know what, it used to be in my community...drugs and violence Now it's going around, now it's going's going around Soon to be in your spot, if it's not there already I'm out (It's going around outside)

Life I Chose

Even though sometimes I feel like giving up I don’t know why coz I still chose my life with you. Even if the rain would fall down soon enough Still don’t know why Coz I chose to live my life with you. Life with you is like magic And I feel blessed Though sometimes we tragic What had we missed Explains all the logic I don’t treat relationships like a game of project Just so you know I can get emotional about it But I'm tryin’ to find solution So we could go about it This problem is soo person-al So crucial to the point that deep inside we dyin’ Hell nah That ain’t soo me Why is it lonely You already had me Don’t cha really know me We have enough time to adjust You and I is suppose to be build with trust and not lust So stressed out But yet We don’t wanna get out Though it’s killin’ us softly everytime dwell out Don’t want to end this like a lonely song But when it’s on Then it’s on Until we gone That’s soo wrong. Even though sometimes I feel giving up I don’t know why coz I still chose my life with you. Even if the rain would fall down soon enough Still don’t know why Coz I chose to live my life with you. Life I chose is the life that I’ve always been dreamin’ With you alone just completes the whole season How can I explain things without gettin’ mad After what we had that be soo sad Heart break get off my system Let’s try get back to how we started You know it The mutual attraction Observin’ every little move and every action See you laugh’n You know though That I’ll move mountains for you Seriously!I can be a fool for you Definitely! Not the choice but if you say so. No need to go away Would you stay with me here though Lookin’ for answers Aren’t you sick of this Bypolar love searchin’ for the missin’ dove Naturally We rotate round love and hate Wait But for loves sake Let’s shape things up and have faith love. Even though sometimes I feel like giving up I don’t know why coz I still chose my life with you. Even if the rain would fall down soon enough Still don’t know why Coz I chose to live my life with you. Choose here, choose there Better play fair Do the walky talky to the atmosphere Treat me just right girl you know you ma queen Most beautiful thing that anybody had ever seen Don’t ever look around seekin’ for them trouble I’m right here and I’ll serve you on the double Look at the right sign Here baby if you mind You know you need me like I need you for a lifetime. Even though sometimes I feel like giving up I don’t know why coz I still chose my life with you. Even if the rain would fall down soon enough Still don’t know why Coz I chose to live my life with you...[4x]

Impulsive Necroplasma

Edge Of Sanity
Impulsive necroplasma. Injected in your veins. Spiritually deceased. Bringing life to dead and death do life. Chemical injection, producing immortality. From this fate, you cannot flee. Suffocate, filled with hate, pray to die!!! Suffocate, ripping your soul. Sience abuse has reached its goal. Filled with hate, all feelings are gone. You are trapped within. You feel no pain, pain is all you feel. Injection is prepared, for eternity. It circles in your blood, rigor mortis course is twisting impulses your life is but is no more. Die... Rise high above the low. Deathless... Still you can feel the flow. Never know which way you'll fade. Insane cell will always be. Dominate, ripping your mind. In the maze of existence...

Truly Untrue

Hate is what I feel. I hear you talk to me I have no interest in what you say to me What you talk about is nothing new to me Don't you understand you are my enemy You say - You're true - What does it mean? An image - It seems - To me - How does it feel? I'm wrong - You're right - What do you mean? Uphold your dream - To me - It isn't real If you are the problem Why don't you kill yourself True or not true - True or not true Satanic, False, Christian, Belief, Religion, Right, Relief Useless information You paint your head like you are dead You wear the cross inside your head But still you feel the pain of me You build a church to worship him You sacrifice. A ritual The pain remains

Lady Vemon

[Verse 1:] Ever heard of Vertigo Well ain't no way else to go Prevail knows the faculties, our poison lay you vertical It's only murder for every small animal committed The only difference is I won't admit I did it There's a limit as to how far my posse's willing to bend The Don of a blinds the minds of most men from the quarantine, praying for the end You can tell by the stench that the venom's setting in On the plane in which you reign, it's classified as 'Do or die' But in the realm in which we dwell, its 'Puncture necks and multiply' Imagine the madness, the return of the Jew from Nazareth The hunter and the hunted, the colonizing and savages The only challenge is, did they bring enough to dirt to bury us Be aware, I hunt with the god as a cerabus Where we're going, don't stress, there'll be plenty of time to rest Close the curtains, brace your sternum, this is just a contest [Chorus: Arabic singing] [Verse 2: Madchild] The ultimate experience, I've already felt it Madchild tasting her tounge, his heart melts With the second chance for this demon that she dealt with Few and far between from Beauty and the Beast To a perfect combination, once this passion is unleashed Golden Angel, precious Princess and since This is more than just lust, trust if not now, then soon One love, we'll have our chance to dance on the moon Now the feel the trance of this goddess, vicious vibrations Lapdances, venomous serpents of temptation Awkward balance, scars on my back from her talons An evil evening, drinking blood by the gallons Drenched, venting tension, adrenaline rush Pain stains the carpet when you run into us An effortless task, cold hearts and iron masks Nightmares have been implanted, that you shouldn't try and grasp [Chorus] [Verse 3: Prevail, Madchild] [Prevail] Come stand amongst us, just don't ask us who brung us Just one of them amongst us, come on, you can trust us We're the league that serves the justice, we're the confident ones Come run amongst us and conquer someone [Madchild] Some come to seek honor [Prevail] Some seek to reek havoc [Madchild] Either you do or don't have it [Prevail] If we speak, it's tragic [Madchild] When the sun rises, are you surprised that I'm a beast Leatherface withers, cracks, and starts to crease Feel your heart rate decrease, the unveiling of the vain White widow, crystal palace, champagne, who calls them strange [Prevail] And down here it's the strangest thing [Madchild] Flaming skies start to fall [Prevail] My jaws of life, the cause of death, my breath swing a wrecking ball [Madchild] This is your beckoning call [Prevail] While we checkin you all, All praise the Circuit Breaker that circulates through your walls And appalls all who call [Madchild] I brawl, maul, and maim [Both] WE BLESS AND DESTROY WITH STRENGTH STILL OUT OF RANGE

Thru A Thang

Dayton Family "What's on My Mind?"
I'm going through a thang (Repeat 3x) I'm having problems in my life, steady going through a thang Fall to my knees beggin please that my life will change My life has been good, but still it riles me, nothing is time is stored Jacking this store for a gain of, something cause blacks are killing blacks I gots to hustle while I, can Don't depend on tomorrow cause I might be a dead man I wake up in the morning, there's no food in my, fridge My momma give her '86 is cussing out her kids Age of 13 I started smoking on that endo Kicked it with Jodi now I'm peeping out the window A lot is on my mind and there's a lotta pressure pressing me America and its system, I figure that they're testing me I fall and catch myself, falling in my wisdom Daddy's raping daughters and having sex with em My mother's turning tricks and I'm ??? no more My sister had a baby and she's eating off the floor I'm going through a thang, my mind's about to crack Somebody took my sack, I gots to take it back My heart is in the ghetto cause the ghetto's steady pacing me Last night I slit my wrists cause Jason was steady chasing me No jobs in my city, I thankt that's a shame Shorties in the house drinking 40's and we all going straight through a thang

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