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SHOOTER JENNINGS lyrics - Put The "O" Back In Country

Busted In Baylor County (Sweet Leaf Version)

Original and similar lyrics
“Come on boys, let's hit the road!” We left L.A. on Sunday, in Lubbock by Tuesday That's where we played our second show Where nobody knew us, so nobody noticed the songs that the band didn't know We were eatin' up the white lines, makin' good time Diggin' the songs on the radio And that party kept a movin' and you know what we were doin' We were smokin' up that California gold Now everyone was glad, “The Weight” played by The Band You know I never had that song ever let me down And I didn't notice I was speedin' but in the rear-view mirror blinkin' Were them state trooper's lights all spinnin' ‘round We rolled down the windows, so we didn't think that he would notice Something smellin' funny in that smoke cloud And he asked, “What you boys a-hidin'?” and we were all silent ‘Cause I think he heard us clear and loud And we were busted Busted in Baylor County Busted, busted in Baylor County “Oh no, my Weed!” He spread us all along the highway, cuffed us all and turned us away And started pokin' round the truck for cake And we all stood there high as a kite, and he found it alright And don't y'all make light of the number one dope dog in the state That mutt found the joint in my pocket that was buried and locked up In the back of the trailer underneath the guitars and the piano seat And off we went to jail all locked up in a cell Charged with possession of that sweet leaf And we were busted Busted in Baylor County Busted, busted in Baylor County Now I was still pretty buzzed when they called in the judge Who greeted me with a smile and a warm handshake And he said, “I'm so sorry,” ‘cause they couldn't unarrest us But that was up to some other official magistrate And he said, “Don't you worry, son, all the charges are gone But I've got a few autographs for you to sign.” And they sprang us out right quick, so we could get up on the stick To Wichita Falls by show time To tell ‘em... We were busted Busted in Baylor County Busted, busted in Baylor County Busted, busted in Baylor County Busted, busted in Baylor County

Real Men

JOE JACKSON "Night And Day"
take your mind back i don't know when sometime when it always seemed to be just us and them girls that wore pink and boys that wore blue boys that always grew up better men than me and you what's a man now what's a man mean is he rough or is he rugged cultural and clean now it's all changed it's got to change more we think it's getting better but nobody's really sure and so it goes, go round again but now and then we wonder who the real men are see the nice boys dancing in pairs golden earring, golden tan blow-wave in the hair sure they're all straight, straight as a line all the gays are macho see their leather shine you don't want to sound dumb don't want to offend so don't call me a faggot not unless you are a friend then if you're tall and handsome and strong you can wear the uniform and i could play along and so it goes, go round again but now and then we wonder who the real men are time to get scared time to change plan don't know how to treat a lady don't know how to be a man time to admit what you call defeat 'cause there's women running past you now and you just drag your feet man makes a gun man goes to war man can kill and man can drink and man can take a whore kill all the blacks kill all the reds if there's war between the sexes then there'll be no people left and so it goes, go round again but now and then we wonder who the real men are and so it goes, go round again but now and then we wonder who the real men are and so it goes, go round again but now and then we wonder who the real men are


JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
[Intro: Joell Ortiz] Uhh, look around in my neighborhood (aquí en el barrio, tú sabes) See how we live, see right there on that corner That's where they sell the drugs (la manteca broder) Run the numbers and, play dominoes, whistle at the fly ladies You know, I'm Latino, hahahahaha (pa que sepa) [Joell Ortiz:] The dope gets sold by the bodega While y'all call it dope, we call it the manteca We don't look for lotto numbers in the newspaper We play it right over the counter by the Now & Laters Sit down on milk crates and play dominoes ¡Capicu! Slam it down, tell 'em adios Another round of beers before we go upstairs And watch a fuzzy TV on some of the oldest chairs Relax, take a bath and get nice and clean Come out just in time for dinner, you know rice and beans A little chicken, maybe tostones, it's up to Ma She might be tired keepin this house all up to par Sometimes I look out the window and see some nice wheels I got a thing for rims, they give me slight chills Round here you get killed over a ice-grill Guns pop but the O.G.'s carry knives still (word) [Chorus: Joell Ortiz (La Bruja)] (Latinooooo) I'm that and I'm proud If you don't know us let me tell you about (Latinooooos) We got beautiful women (la-la-la la-la-la la-la) And they all seem to know their way around the kitchen I'm (Latinooooo) yeah we stick together We had hard lives so our skin is thick forever We (Latinoooooos) I'm that and I'm proud (la la la la la la laaaa) If you don't know us let me tell you about [Joell Ortiz:] See e'ry block got a different crew This kid I knew got paralyzed cause of his tattoo And he wasn't in a gang Just some young punk tryin to come up and get a name Put a bullet in his brain, it's a shame But yo, on a better note Latina women look so good from head to toe, get 'em and never let 'em go Baseball is big in my town So is boxing, a hundred he don't see the ninth round These young girls is fresh, they like to get piped down Babies havin babies, guess who on the WIC line now? Guess who got welfare? Guess who on Medicaid? Guess who left they kid with their girl for eleven days? Without callin, cause he's ballin One year from now he'll have a child support warrant It happen all the time in my community That's the difference between someone like you and me - I'm [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz:] Big Chino got a truck, and a bike, and a boat But Chino got a gun cause his life full of coke And Chino havin fun, he don't like bein broke But Chino gon' be done, FBI is no joke And I don't want Chi' to get knocked When the truck around he buy ice cream for the block See where I'm from the kids look up to the hustlers Even if they're family with some of the customers My abuela used to tell me to stay off the corner You heard what happened to Mrs. Rivera's daughter? See she had got caught in the crossfire right there in broad day Shot her in the back tryin run in the hallway By my buildin all you hear is, "Oye Ten cuidado la policia esta en la esquina de Broadway" There's action all the time in my neighborhood But see we all mind our business like a neighbor should See this one right here is for all my Latinos around the world Around the world man, there's so many of us man Be proud of who you are man, I love y'all niggaz Joell Ortiz [Chorus: w/ ad libs] [Joell Ortiz & La Bruja:] Latinooooos

The Return (Remix)

JAY-Z "Unfinished Business"
[Intro: Tone (Doug E. Fresh)] Yo, this Tone the referee, knawhatimean? And I'm about to bring y'all some history We got the best of both worlds And I got the Get Fresh Crew Doug Fresh! (one, two, three, come on!) [Jay-Z] Mirror mirror on the wall Whose is the freshest of them all? I love 'em all, but none of y'all Is Doug E., as me and the boy Kelly With the suicide doors, fuck 'em all We got hits like a thirty shot clip When we throw it in the air, everybody hit the floor Holla at your boy, boys When we boys, so we bringin' out them toys I ain't a lame, on them Dana Dane's Wiggie, you annoyed man, when the year change, we change Nigga, we right here, we can go bank for bank We can go clip for clip, nigga, chain for chain We can go bitch for bitch, got a pretty young thing That I keep by my hip, like my celly that rings [Hook: R. Kelly] Meeting Michelle at the hotel While Jay and Tone on the way to the afterparty Got the ladies sayin', oh [Jay-Z] Best of both worlds, and we rock the club youknowhatimsayin Boy H-O, Kells, we not playing Losers lose, so when we does what we do, we win And win again, like deja vu Then we win again, like M.J. do Three-peat, then we retreat to waters that's blue Young Scrappy, that's what grown man do, let's move [Chorus 2x: R. Kelly] In this arena, arena All we wanna see is them hands up, hands up This is for them hustlin' boys and girls It's the return of best of both worlds [Slick Rick] Well once upon a time, they left the glove and the star, kid He swore he was the man, but he was nothing but garbage Let me rephrase that, bubblin' with pride Did have skills, but he was ugly inside Instead of uplift folks, sittin' on the non sense Hurtin' people feelings like he didn't have a conscience Like 'I love you', when he's hittin' that stash Then degraded, the shorty, like he didn't have class Even let a gay jew man tack his jheri Then, got the nerve to call the next cat a fairy Swindlin', forgot the god above him Finally, fan base trinklin' down to nothing No concern for his estate, though, was yearnin' for a break Bitter and evil, didn't learn from his mistake The moral of the story is, don't be a pair of knickers Be good, boys and girls, and you can be as great as Rick is [Chorus 2x] [R. Kelly w/ Doug E. Fresh beatboxing] My baby momma's robe, my rent is overdue It took half the pay, and now my life is filled with rainy days But I stashed some dough, how much, you'll ever know It's Doug Fresh, Slick Rick, Kells and Jay-Z

Heaven Help My Heart

WYNONNA JUDD "Revelations"
Words and Music by Mary-Chapin Carpenter She turn fifteen with great expectations Her older brother knew somethin' was up He caught her goin' through his record collection Lookin' at Hendricks like a love sick pup She begged and she pleaded 'till dad fin'lly listened He drove her in the car down to sears roebuck He bought her that guitar and that was the beginning Now she's down in the cellar with the amp turned up Girls with guitars, Daddy's little angel Girls with guitars, what's the world comin' to Girls with guitars, mothers tend to worry 'bout girls with guitars Well, Saturday night she followed her brother It was socks and stockin's on the old gym floor While everybody danced to garage band covers She was checking out riffs and memorizin' chords She didn't care at all for the football heroes She didn't even notice the basketball stars Boys as a species were all a bunch of zero's except for the ones who played that guitar Ah, girls with guitars, she wasn't any debutante Girls with guitars, she didn't go out for cheerleading Girls with guitars, boys are kinda nervous 'round girls with guitars She went off to college , she got her degree Her parents breathed a sigh of great relief Daddy's thinkin' law school, mother's thinking medicine Daughters thinking how she's gonna break the news to them Now there's an old chevy van just sittin' in the driveway Filled to the gills with all her stuff She cut a deal with her brother to drive up the highway Figures New York City is close enough She gets the audition through a friend of a friend Who's checkin' out her legs, sayin', This'll never work She flips on her boogie and turns to the band Gives a little grin and blows away the jerk Girls with guitars, now everybody's rockin' Girls with guitars, there ought to be a song about girls with guitars There's just no stoppin' those girls with guitars Get your money for nothin' and your guys for free

R U Dumb?

JME "Boy Better Know - Poomplex >edition 2<"
[Verse 1 - Jme:] You think you're a badman to the fullest Cause you got a couple of shotbun gullets Don't run it up and make me get dark Cause I will chief you up in the par cark Tell your girlfriend to leave me alone Stop ringing my phobile mone Serious, it's getting on top Jeez, can't even shop to the bops I'm slim but I ain't got anorexia I spit like I've got dyslexia You don't want to make me get vexed Or you'll find out about my tourettes Boy Better Know Don't mess with Skepta, my bro My family, Joseph Junior My name's Jamie Adenu- Shh hut yuh muh Derkhead, wasteman, poomplex I don't know what you're thinking But it's not a me-and-you-spitting-in-the-same-room flex When I enter, you exit, cah You said shit 'bout me and Skepta See, now shit can't be perfect, cah You let the situation get complex Shh hut yuh muh Derkhead, wasteman, poomplex I don't know what you're thinking But it's not a me-and-you-spitting-in-the-same-room flex When I enter, you exit, cah You said shit 'bout me and Skepta See, now shit can't be perfect, cah You let the situation get complex [Verse 2 - Wiley:] Yo, yo, well everything seems clearer Seems like Eskiboy is the key bearer You on my level? No you ain't getting any closer Than last time I checked you're getting nearer, blud I can't hear ya, your best friends Can't compare ya, when I'm 'ere, come out the area How dare ya, ya getting bright Might get a couple shots in your new Porsche Carrera Yep, yep, yep, I eat lamb curry and roti I'm a war MC, they can all quote me And I might punch you in the boaty When you get up everything seems floaty I guess you wanna find me but I move low key In your house with no key, climb through the window You know me, my name's Wiley Yeah I'm that brere with a goatie You and your boys came round and thought you could fold me I'm from a city, not Holby Who's this chavvy looking brere? He looks like Jan Mølby It sounds like he's talking in Dolby Telling me he's gonna leave my t-shirt holey Wasteman, he can't test Wiley Coyote If it's the last thing I'll do I'll revenge Anybody that tries to stop me or hold me [Verse 3 - Cookie:] It's the downtown boy Drop boys to the floor then I stamp down boys Boys get boyed, oh boy I'm not a boy, I make big boys look smaller Downtown baller, clamp down boys Drop boys to the floor then I stamp down boys Boys get boyed, oh boy I'm not a boy, I make big boys, look I'm in and around the bits, see me around the strip They can never hold Cooks down, I'm bound to flip I know you're bound to slip, walking around The hood with no gun, it's obvious you ain't down for it I know I'm down for it You can catch me down town, with the goonies from round town We hold it down Used to be so many guys on the road but we own it now I ain't saying I'm the realest But I've been around some realness Some guys hate my bars cause they can't relate to the real shit They don't know about bare knuckle fist fights Knocking out guys on a quick hype Trying to make a little P, pan full of drugs and a flick knife Yeah I'm quite pretty but ask about Cooks in the hood You'll be told he's a sick guy [Verse 4 - Tempa T:] Pricks like you just get a beating Nike Air Dunks, I'm there stamping You can't move or stand up, I'm beating Get left on the floor, you're wheezing My boys round the corner, creeping Cock back and hear man, blasting Headshots are raining, bleeding You can't move or stand up, you're [?] And I [?] like you're teasing Draw for the mash, man'll start breezing Ducking out fast, they're not screaming Went into the woods start the [?] When he sees me [?] My four five, pop that, chest squeezing Your [?] your easing Lacking for the key cause I'm not starting Dash you in the back of the flats Grips, bang him He's on the floor No movement, he's on the floor

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