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SHOOTER JENNINGS lyrics - Family Man

The Real Me

Original and similar lyrics
I wake up with my children Right around the crack of noon And I do good like a good daddy should Till the devil rolls out that moon Once that whiskey hits my lips It opens up Pandora’s box And I start a lyin and a smoking and a fightin Getting crazy as a white tailed fox. My eyes start burnin wild and red Two horns cut thru the top of my head My teeth get jagged, my tongue gets sharp, Cold neon blood starts a pumpin to my heart My hands get frisky, with a mind of their own, My legs start walkin me anywhere but home And I’m a double talking, chicken-lickin Meaner than the dickens sick and wicked Hole digging pickin son of a gun, And I’ll love you like the devil, bite you Like a snake and then forsake and break Everything I don’t take before I’m done Most people who know me, say I’m as nice as a guy could be. That’s all fine cuz most of the time They never get to see the real me. “He ain’t got a bad bone in his body” Is how they talk about me back home, But here my dark side is unable to hide And you don’t want to see my bad bone. I ‘m mean when I’m lonesome, I’m angry when I’m high, But I’ll chase that nightmare until I die.


GARY NUMAN "Tubeway Army"
See the strange boy keeping to the shadows He's a very good friend of mine I've seen you running from the ladies Don't tell me you're not that kind I've got the time if you've got the money Mister you'll be pleased you'll see We'll meet by the tubeway as the screamer cries eleven And you can have your way with me You're gonna make me feel so cold See my one love talking to the pretty boy I never did like her taste My skin is rubber on a skeletal body I'm physically going to waste Feel my eyes and the tongue of a killer I'm a humanoid logic machine Don't touch me with your painted little fingers 'Cos I know where they've been You're not gonna put those scabs on me I must hide from a thousand grinning faces All sucking from my crazy mind Take a ride out in my imagery of ages And heaven knows what you will find I've no time for the chitter-chatter ladies I'm so busy trying to break this wall Hear my words 'cos emotion now is leaving You see I'm really not a human at all And I don't think I wanna stay

I Can't Sleep Without You

GOLDEN EARRING "The Naked Thruth"
Silver like a fish slappin' on my tongue Speak to me the way you do Hide me all summer in your arms Hold me the way I like you to You fill my cup 'till it's crackin' up The button that says alarm says me I'm not supposed to be like a champ that's going down Fighting to get close to you Everybody gets up, excited by love The sight of the ring, the sight of the blood I can't sleep without you (4 x) Referee's in black and he's in shock The judge is hammering for some solid proof My heart keeps racing like a clock, yeah I can't sleep without you It's like a time bomb, ready to go off in my head and in my heart The lights keep fading in the dark Just like a nightmare that's comin' true I can't sleep without you I'm crazy in the city, it just ain't fair You send me to my corner, and you're never there I can't sleep without you I can't ..............

Social Disease

BON JOVI "Slippery When Wet"
You can read it in the papers In some places it comes in thirty-two flavors But you wouldn't tell no one Your favorite if you could From the White House to the alleys From the President down to Long Tall Sally Can't live with it but You'll die without it - yes you would Senorita's in the kitchen She's a fistful of dynamite You call 911 but you Can't stop the fun tonite, it's alright [Chorus:] You can't start a fire without a spark But there's something that I guarantee You can't hide when infection starts Because love is a social disease Where you look you can find it Try to run but you're always behind it So you play hide and seek like a blind kid Till you're caught - yeah you're caught So you'll say that you had some But they took it and held it for ransom Were they tall, dark, skinny or Handsome - you won't talk So you telephone your doctor Just to see what pill to take You know there's no prescription Gonna wipe this one away [Chorus] So full of high grade octane She could run the bullet train on 38 double d's Now you know for sure, you know the cure To make a blind man see

Redneck Side

JUSTIN MOORE "Outlaws Like Me"
She takes me to a party Dressed up in city clothes Pretending I'm somebody Everybody oughta know But once I get a cold beer in my hand There ain't no mistaken who I am I can't hide my redneck side It's in my blood till the day I die When I start havin' a real good time Oh I can't hide my redneck side Went to meet her family For a weekend in the sun A big house on the ocean Yea we were really havin' fun Til they caught me in the pool at 2am Wearin' nothin' but a farmer's tan I can't hide my redneck side It's in my blood til the day I die When I start havin' a real good time Oh I can't hide my redneck side I like guitars in my music Muscle in my cars And I like girls that hang out at bars No one can change the way they are And I can't hide my redneck side It's in my blood til the day I die When I start havin' a real good time No I can't hide my redneck side No I can't hide my redneck side I can't hide my redneck side

Piggy In The Mirror

THE CURE "The Top"
Shapes in the drink like christ Cracks in the pale blue wall I'm walking slowly and quickly but Always away Twisting twisting to the floor Flowers in your mouth and the same dry Song the routine from laughter land 16 white legs and a row of teeth I watch you in secrecy Your dying for the hope is gone >From here we go nowhere again I'm trapped in my face and I'm changing Too much I can't climb out the way I fell in Jump with me For that old forgotten dance The midnight sun will burn you up Your life is cold Your life is hot Your life's too much for words These occasions are such a relief Another point another view to send We start to talk And it's all so safe I feed you in my dreams Footsteps on a wire High above my head The stain reveals my real intention I'm the waiting beast I'm the twisted nerve As I dance dance Back to the body in my bed Look at the piggy Piggy in the mirror

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