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SHOOTER JENNINGS lyrics - Family Man

The Long Road Ahead

Original and similar lyrics
Mother may bell's in a a quiet hell. I hear a gun and a heart and slay bells. I'd say things have changed quite a bit, Since I was young and mother didn't give a shhh. I can't be saved it's too late, But with a little help I might concentrate, Long enough to start believing just to make sure your still breathing. [Chorus] No time for the broken hearted, Got to finish just what we started. The only promise to the pour departed, Is that they wind up dead. Just as sure as holy violence, We starve our songs in silence, Were all looking for a little guidance Down the long road ahead There's a cold breeze through city streets, Blows leaves like dreams neath busy somewhere in an easy chair. Somebody's momma crying, cause baby ain't there. My baby's so lazy like to lay around... Drive me crazy. [Chorus x2]

No Time To Cry

JOE NICHOLS "Revelation"
My father died A year ago today The rooster started crowing When they carried dad away There beside my mother In the livingroom i stood With my brother and my sister knowin' Dad was gone for good Then I, I hung around just long enough To lay him in the ground Then i caught a plane to do a show Up north in Detroit Town Because I'm older now And i ain't got not time to cry I got no time to look back I got no time to see The pieces of my heart that have been ripped away from me And if the feelings start to come in I've learned to stop them fast 'Cause i don't know if i let em go they might not wanna pass And there's just so many people Tryin' to get me on the phone And there's bills to pay and songs to play and a house to make a home I guess i'm older now And i ain't got no time to cry I can still rmemeber Before I heard of Merle So many things have changed So much here in my world I remember sitting on the front porch When an ambulance drove by Listening to those sirens i would break down and cry now i'm walkin' and i'm talkin' doing just what i'm supposed to do working overtime to make sure i don't come unglued Because i'm older now...and i ain't got no time to cry i sit down on the sofa and i watch the evening news there's a half-a-dozen tragedies from which to pick and choose the baby that was missing was found in a ditch today and there's bombs flying and people dying not so far away i'll take a beer from the fridgerator and sit in the yard with a cold one in my hand i'm gonna bit down and swallow hard Because i'm older now and i ain't got no time to cry It's true i'm older now just ain't got no time to cry no time to cry no time to cry

Power Of Desire

A1 "Make It Good"
[Chris:] Fallin' for a fantasy I threw away my destiny I don't know where to stop Feelin' broken-hearted I'll think about it And to see my eyes To cry to dry for I've forced All this time [2x] With you, ooh... [Chris:] I was tempted by the power of desire I surrendered to the calling of the fire There's nothing I could ever say to change the things I did But I promise you I'll make it up to you [Mark:] Take me back to yesterday When all our dreams were swept away I'd never crossed that line I changed across of time I could never live this way If only you'd forgive We'll start again With all my heart All my love for you [2x] [Mark & Chris: (chorus)] [break] [Mark & Chris:] No surrender no return If only you believe that... [Chris & Mark: (chorus)]


ALY & AJ "Insomniatic"
Everybody's trying to get to me Every guy is all for the kill I'm the type of girl worth pursuing But I won't be caught standing still,I won't You're blowing all of your attention on me Take your best shot I bet you'll miss You got me interested enough to stand closer Maybe try a little, kiss You hit the bullseye, baby (You hit the bullseye, baby) Now I'm into you crazy (You know ya hit the mark) Don't know how you got me started (I'm not an easy target, HIT IT!) (You hit the bullseye) You hit my heart I'm surprised the way you affect me Like an arrow penetrating my heart Naturally you seem to just get me So obviously you're pretty smart HA HA HA! I like the way you're all dressed up, messed up I like the way you don't care I wasn't certain that you'd ring my bell but Then you whispered in my ear You hit the bullseye, baby (You hit the bullseye, baby) Now I'm into you crazy (You know you hit the mark) Don't know how you got me started (I'm not an easy target, HIT IT!) (You hit the bullseye) You hit my heart You hit my heart (heart, heart) You didn't ask me for my number? Wait, you didn't ask me for my number? Hmm I like the fact that you didn't ask that Cause you already got my number, huh You hit the bullseye, baby (You hit the bullseye, baby) Now I'm into you crazy (You know you hit the mark) Don't know how you got me started (I'm not an easy target, HIT IT!) (You hit the bullseye) (You hit the bullseye) (You hit the bullseye) You hit my heart

At 17

Brian Kirk And The Jirks
At 17 my mother's screams at night could wake the dead Four days this week I didn't make the bed What's important to you now is something we don't share Can you learn to fear when your already scared? I'm lining up defenseless for a war that's never won Some things are easy for some I'm looking at the road again, the futures lined and neat Required college courses on a sheet But there is no choice for you, while your father pays the fee So register into your destiny... Then tell me what its like to be the one Some things are easy for some I'd end it all right now to know someone Give me a gun- some things are easy for some I haven't known the girl I know; I wonder what it's like To sleep with her on some romantic night With no football jacket to offer her And a face with cheeks this wide there was only one Way I was getting inside Spend time on my music and hope my looks Shell overcome but...some things are easy for some All the songs I wrote about her I never could get done Some things are easy for some

Drive On

AVALANCHE CITY "Our New Life Above The Ground"
In the car on the way to the city In the morning it was foggy on the windscreen We talked about the day ahead And shouldn't we just run away instead We started to believe our dreams And I just kept driving right past the exit Throwing our cellphones out of the window Yelling at the city goodbye we won't miss you I knew now that our life's on track As I felt the strength down in my bones come back You smile at me and I at you Cause this is all we ever wanted to do So to the South now with our hearts alive And our heads free of worry that our lives provide Off far in the distance almost out of sight Goodbye to city days, so long to city nights So believing every word we say I drove on until the break of day A smile stretched from my ears to yours There's nothing a bit of fresh breeze won't cure Go on, you said Drive on, you said Go on, go on

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