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SHOOTER JENNINGS lyrics - Black Ribbons

Last Light Radio 11:16 PM

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The night seems so calm, doesn't it? As if time is frozen The city below used to sound like a mechanic motion moving in giant waves Now, it's silent No cars, no kids, nothing but transport trucks and men with guns standing on street corners What a waste! But, isn't this what they wanted? What they bargained for? They create a problem so they can offer a solution They scare us then offer relief, and we fall on our knees in gratitude They create a war, promise peace, and we walk into their traps - like mice From where I sit I can look down at a big park where I used to watch birds gather while old men played chess, Tired women pushed sleeping children in strollers Where teenagers used to hold hands and sometimes - stop to kiss Now it's a tense city filled with soldiers there are guns instead of roses I can see one armed man clearly and I've gotta wonder if he thinks he's serving justice, I gotta wonder if he truly knows who he is Which brings us to our next song To you son, with your guns and grenades, standing there in all your graceless glory, I dedicate this next song Here's Hierophant with Everything Else is Illusion from The Well Wisher's album I'm Will 'O the Wisp, you're you, and we're riding the night together

This World

Dream Academy "Dream Academy"
There's danger in the air They walk around in pairs Dancing to the Dansette Well God Almighty don't forget You came here with me. While Cinderella's getting hypnotised By the Italian with grey-green eyes I stand deliberatly out of bounds Winding you up just to bring you down To my level So I'm sitting in a corner with a knife in my back Pretending not to notice that I'm under attack When a positive lack of direction breaks upon my shoulders You may dance with him all night long Live your romance out in a popular song But baby you're gonna miss me when the radio comes on And they're playing my song. The boys are queuing up at every one-night stand To issue their final demands The stand's telling them about this guy And so they're standing with her but they're keeping their eyes On some other girl Me, I'm trying to hold it down By thinking about the words to some other song When I'm forced into making polite conversation I open the window to get some ventilation Try to break away from the intellectual starvation. Meanwhile the taxis are calling And the angels are falling Down into the garden of truth Where two star-crossed lovers Cut across one another And make their way home one by one. He may fire imagination into your eyes I know strong personalities are hard to find You messed up mine; We've got a good thing let's keep on trying Baby you're gonna miss me when the radio comes 'round to my time.

Places I've Been

Killah Priest "View From Masada"
[Killah Priest] Yeah, take it back, in the days You know, of reminising Just, just chillin Word Late at night, ah shoot its damn near morning Check it out From shootouts at block parties, from God Bodies That flooded the project lobbys, cold degrees Smokin weed, talkin 'bout the black and latin seeds Durags and universal flags On the ave little niggas throwin up tags They get defeated, almost bit the broken tree I recall, niggas who was nice in basketball Just as my nephew, he had a gift that was special But instead at least seein him with a scholarship I'm lookin at him in the funeral parlor and shit Life is a bitch, some go down, tryin to make it rich Some say fuck it , and start takin shit Sometimes I wish, when bullets are sprayed, the fake niggas get hit Cuz you know, we know When you lose something that you really love, is hard to replace it But we have to face it till the day we lay [Chorus x2: Killah Priest] From niggas I've seen, places I've been Have my share of fake friends, ran with evil men Chillin with the snakes is a sin But through it all, I kept it real within [Killah Priest] From the giggles of a murderer, or the hugs of a burglar So many faces tryin to read us, I need an interpreters In these dark dreams, where the car thieves lurk around the park, Jeeps, NARCs creep At night the sharks eat, streets is so cold As if they hearts don't beat From niggas with tanktops, yellin bank stop At night they fight like gang cops Wet eachother like rain drops And keep sinnin till the game stop Until there's no longer breathin Shit at last the soul is leavin They goin nowhere fast Tryin to escape this life is a difficult task [Chorus x2] [Killah Priest] To the little niggas on the corner holdin their dicks Rollin in clicks, had to get control in their strips I ain't provin shit, bad asses cuttin classes You need your ass split, maybe that will save you from that casket And I copped the blast quick, with young black males of black bastard See those niggas who trigger happy? Maybe they will take the lives of mad niggas' daddy I know it sound harsh, but I gotta kick it like this And I don't give a fuck if you don't like it Go to save the righteous and your ass walk around here lifeless Trust me, I know it, you say I'm psychic When the order hits its gonna be a crisis And believe me, I ain't gonna be concerned who's the nicest We made a crack sale, away the next fighters When you look up and see that sky lit, you will know Christ lives So until the next time, or if there is one Check for the jewel, I left deep in your eardrum Be aware, and stay awake, because we got to watch the snakes [Chorus x2] [Outro: Killah Priest] Know I'm sayin? We gotta wake up motherfuckers We gotta sit together Word, you know? For all my motherfuckin, gigantic army And just, you know, being together The sky looks like Coney Black, nigga Be aware Yeah, fuck that shit

Success Story

THE WHO "The Who By Numbers"
Friday night, I'm on my way home They oughta make work a crime I'm home for the weekend I'm gonna make the most of my time There's a rock and roll singer on the television Giving up his music, gonna take up religion Deserted rock and roll To try to save his soul Saturday night, gotta gig with the band Playing the electric guitar Someday I'm gonna make it Gonna be a super-duper-star Get a flashy car And a house for my Ma The big break better happen soon 'Cause I'm pushing twenty-one Just like Cinderella When she couldn't go to the ball A voice said, 'I'm your fairy manager You shall play the Carnegie Hall' I gotta give up my day job To become a heartthrob I may go far if I smash my guitar Away for the weekend I've gotta play some one-night stands Six for the tax man, and one for the band Back in the studio to make our latest number one Take two-hundred-and-seventy-six You know, this used to be fun Monday morning, I just got home Six and the birds are singing I need a drink and my clothes are wet Ooh, and my ears are still ringing There's a rock and roll singer boppin' on the TV He used to be a preacher, but now he sings in a major key Amended his decision to the new religion


ANI DIFRANCO "Little Plastic Castle"
You crawled into my bed like some sort of giant insect And I found myself spellbound that night at the sight of you there, Beautiful and grotesque and all the rest of that bug stuff Fluttering your way into my mouth, Behind my teeth, reaching for my scars. That night we got kicked out of two bars and laughed our way home. That night you leaned over and threw up into your hair. And I held you there thinking I would offer you my pulse If I thought it would be useful. I would give you my breath except the problem with death Is you have some hundred years and then they can build Buildings on our only bones. A hundred years and then your Grave is not your own. We lie in our beds and in our graves unable to save Ourselves from the quaint tragedies we invent, And then undo from the stupid circumstances we slalom through. And I realized that night that the hall light which seemed so Bright when you turned it on is nothing compared to the dawn, Which is nothing compared to the light which seeps from me While you're sleeping beautiful and grotesque, Resting cocooned in my room beautiful and grotesque, Resting. That night we got kicked out of two bars and laughed our way Home and I held you there thinkin' I would offer you my pulse. I would give you my breath. I would offer you my pulse.

Walk Alone

Well she says she needs Just a little bit more And you know I want to give it but I'm not sure how You know I'm gonna miss her as she's walking out my door it's been a long, long time since I've been alone I'll remember the good times (sing it) Sometimes you gotta walk alone Sometimes you gotta go on singing your own song Sometimes you gotta walk alone And at the end of the night when your tired and your crying Just come home I was riding in the back of a beat up old chevy on my way to Amarillo six a.m. and the light grows I saw a sign on the side of the road And it reminded me of you And all the things you used to do But oh baby the road is so long Sometimes you gotta walk alone Sometimes you gotta go on singing your own song Sometimes you gotta walk alone And at the end of the night when your lost and lonely Just come home And I don't know where I'm not sure how But I'm gonna get back to her She taught me about love She taught me about life we stayed up late into the night and it felt right and it felt good You know the way it should Sometimes you gotta walk alone Sometimes you gotta go on singing your own song yeah Sometimes you gotta walk alone And at the end of the night when your lost, lonely, scared and crying Just come home

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