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SHERYL CROW lyrics - Globe Sessions


Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] Do do do do, do do do do Do do do do, do do do do I was riding on the e-train I was whistling to the rhythm I was thinking about my live-in I was feeling pretty fine I asked the time Got a poke in the eye When I read the latest news How we can't believe he wore those shoes Should we have the man impeached Or should we shoot him in the foot Well you waste my time You waste my time Looking for two hundred ways to hang a guy [Chorus] Allegations Interrogations Investigations Then more taxation National past time is aggrivation I think I'll move out to a desert isle Just for a while To avoid all that's distracting Like newspapers and magazines Insipid propagandizing To tell me what a loser I've elected But you've neglected to tell the truth That your politics is tied around his foot And we too are dangling [Chorus Twice] Do you think that we are crazy Low I.Q., that we are lazy That we sit here watching sitcoms That we have no clue to what is going on Well you got that wrong Wait and see, the boom will fall The morning eggs will hit the wall And everyone I know will call To say that change is hanging in the air You'd best beware You'll wake up and average Joe is in your chair Just because he'd kinda like to do what's right But more cause all you politicians do is fight [Chorus Twice]

Angels Of Mercy

Badlees "River Songs"
CHORUS There must be angels of mercy Lookin' down on me 'Cause when I lok up to the sky I swear I see Angels of mercy lookin' down on me Well, I know what I know And you know what you know too And I know that you know Exactly what I think of you And if I were you and you were me I wouldn't blame you for not liking me Even though we aren't enemies CHORUS Time can have a way of changin' Everything you think is right And time can have a way takin' Everything you hold too tight So you search for explanations And you find some now and then While the angels They're gettin' impatient With your experiments CHORUS I believe there's a power of healing That comes with experience I believe in believing you feelings Even when they make no sense But I believe that the way I'm going I'm gonna end up too soon dead Well, when asked to give my reasons This is what I said I might have used my education If I gave a shit I night have spoke for my generation If I agreed with it Now some say that I've gone crazy But I ain't gone nowhere Some say I'm apathetic, man But I don't care I admit that I'm a loser I admit that I am scum I admit I like cheap beer and women As much as anyone I don't worry about the future Who knows what that will bring I just wait to see what happens And I pretend I planned the whole thing So let's see what tomorrow brings CHORUS 2X

Feed My Frankenstein

ALICE COOPER "Hey Stoopid"
(Zodiac Mindwarp/Alice Cooper/Nick Coler/Ian Richardson) Well, I ain't evil, I'm just good lookin' Start a little fire, and baby start cookin' I'm a hungry man But I don't want pizza I'll blow down your house And then I'm gonna eat ya Bring you to a simmer Right on time Run my greasy fingers Up your greasy spine [Chorus:] Feed my Frankenstein Meet my libido He's a psycho Feed my Frankenstein Hungry for love And it's feeding time You don't want to talk So baby shut up And let me drink the wine from your fur tea cup Velcro candy, sticky sweet Make my tattoos melt in the heat Well, I ain't no veggie Like my flesh on the bone Alive and lickin' on your ice cream cone [Chorus]

Descent Of The Archangel

[MEPHISTO:] Speak my friend You look surprised I thought you knew I'd come disguised On angel white I can make Your dreams come true What a couple... Me and you On journey through the night I will show you everything so vividly You can't deny me Bathed in moonlight I'm proclaimed by angels cry Think well Do take your time Because your soul Will be mine the day you die Name a pleasure One...a few Any form Of lust in you Will tremble at my touch I come down from heaven's light I have all the perfect alibis There's so much... I will show you everything so vividly You won't deny me Bathed in moonlight I'm proclaimed by angels cry Think well Do take your time Because your soul Will be mine the day you die Call my name or carry on Till that last resistance' gone I'm sure we'll meet again I'm your true disciple When the flesh desires You won't deny me


GENESIS "A Trick Of The Tail"
When you're asleep they may show you Aerial views of the ground, Freudian slumber empty of sound. Over the rooftops and houses, Lost as it tries to be seen, Fields of incentive covered with green. Mesmerised children are playing, Meant to be seen but not heard, Stop me from dreaming! Don't be absurd! Well if we can help you we will, You're looking tired and ill. As I count backwards Your eyes become heavier still. Sleep, won't you allow yourself fall? Nothing can hurt you at all. With your consent I can experiment further still. Madrigal music is playing, Voices can faintly be heard, Please leave this patient undisturbed. Sentenced to drift far away now, Nothing is quite what it seems, Sometimes entangled in your own dreams. Well, if we can help you we will, Soon as you're tired and ill. With your consent We can experiment further still. Well, thanks to our kindness and skill You'll have no trouble until You catch your breath And the nurse will present you the bill!


It's so hard to lose the one you love to finally to have to say goodbye you try to be strong but the pain keeps holding on and all that you can do is cry. Deep within your heart you know its time to move on, and the fairy tale you once knew is gone. CHORUS When the last tear drop falls I'll still be holding on to all of or memories and all of what used to be.When the last tear drop falls I will stand tall and know that your here with me in my heart when the last tear drop falls. VERSE2 See now I'm alone and life keeps moving on, but my destination still unknown.O'yeah. Will there be a time when I fall in love again. When I would want to just walk these streets alone. If there was just one wish I could be granted here tonight. It would be to have you right back by my side. (chorus) Now its time for me to find my hapiness again of the emptiness of missing you will never ever end. (chorus)

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