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SCARFACE lyrics - My Homies

Homies And Thugs (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
Verse 1: (Scarface) Ghetto niggaz remain violent all the killers remain silent niggaz strapped with 45's and ain't smiling And I'm driving to a place they're all rome' the lake we build houses but its the hood we call home In the ghetto the only place a motherfucker will keep it real we focused on the dollar bill, still The outsiders tend to disrespect the place where niggaz do thier struggling die with a straight face Surviving, under conditions demons dinin' you can run it but can't hide it so step aside Its the nigga that makin' music for the streets cause I love this motherfucker like pussy with no sheets, cause its deep Some niggaz make it out the neighborhood and won't circle and let the money make them nervous, what's the purpose? A motherfucker sitting on fat Who done came up in the hood but he can't come back Fuck that, I remain in the street game frame on a mission to maintian me and take aim In position to let my opposition know my life cause off in these streets I keep it real but what's right? Surviving, sitting on a key doing business on a beeper I'm sinking in this motherfucker deeper Fear the reaper that no man born or woman harm me fuck being a nigga in your army; though I'm a killer Enter the ghetto so that you can see what I mean when I say I love this cause it love me Let it be, stop looking at this motherfucker strange and talking 'bout a motherfucking change This is for my thug niggaz (chorus x6) This is for my homies and my thug niggaz (uuuuugh) verse 2 (Master P) 'Face, imagine us working at McDonald's and me and you selling fucking tapes in the Bahamas Gold slug, a car full of thug niggaz twenty inch wheels candy paint so we drug dealers No Limit soldiers to the fullest see I was raised on some red beans the size of some bullets, huh Real ghetto niggaz can't be stopped got me mixing up dope with little J down at Rap-A-Lot My phone tapped the feds on my tail got me paying luxury taxes on everything I build True to the ghetto that's my life you see that house on the lake its for the kids and the wife You can test me if you wanna cause I be dumping niggaz off from New Orleans to California Rowdy like a hurricane (uuuuuugh) independant, black owned got them hooked on this cocaine You used to see C.E.O.'s in a suit and tie but we young niggaz in tennis shoes and diamonds Executive street millionaires niggas gonna be bout it bout till we gray in the wheel chair Chorus x6 Verse 3: (Doracell) It's alive, and I'mma be tha muhfuckin' one Make these niggas want some Here I come Da Last Don Niggaz steady claiming this Tatted on my wrist since 86 What tha fuck? I'm sitting in my cell block stuck Listening to this shit my radio did Shit, gotta change the situation Write a letta to the warden mothafuck all this time wasting Chasin' niggas wit my occupation Clean across the nation Lookin' for two-facin The gangsta, the killa, and the dope-dealer all in one Now past me my muthafuckin' gun Niggaz feelin' they invinsible Til' they dealin' wit tha muthafuckin' principle Doracell nigga I ain't scared cause 2 pac got kilt I'm on tilt Feelin' the muthafuckin' guilt Thug Nigga

Fuck Big Boy

B.G. "B.G.'Z True Story"
[First Verse-Tec-9] I'm back again, reppin' and I got my four ten Doin' you in when I creeps and spin the bin Now the heat is on I'm comin' to get'cha Went through the 17th and couldn't even find ya Come to find out, that you were fat mouthin' and you'z a hoe The only time you seen the 17th is at a show Jealous muthafuckas wanna be like me I represent that 3, the capital T-E-C You bitches better keep my name out'cha mouth Before I get a bag of that fire and wait outside your house Nigga, I catch a drain, ain't no motive, ain't no blame on what I do ya Cuz I'ma fuck over you Now what's up? Cuz I don't think you ready to see no blood Fuck all that asshole and leave ya fuckin' head swollen I hit like floods, better yet, I stick like mud Them bitches P-N-C, I leave'em in a pool of blood Partners-N-Crime, y'all some bitches, y'all some snitches You stupid clown, Chuck got'cha riches [2nd Verse-B.G.] Partners you bet not do no crime, Get no time and go to JAIL Cuz in that two man cell, best believe you gone get NAILED Mystikal you'z a hoe, it's time I Iet'cha know Y'all ain't ready for Local five, got a boot camp fulla hoes I'm gat totin', ready to leave your heart open Bullets floatin', hot nine chambers smokin' Uptown, ya bound to get y'all wig split Y'all represent a 17th set that don't even exist Now that's a shame, you reppin' just to get a name You can't survive in this game cuz you niggas lame I'm ready to take it to some G shit, street shit Where caps get peeled, and wigs bound to get split I'm off Valence, ain't no doubt this B.G. ain't real I'm bout to *hic* hiccup some bullets out my fuckin' steel Peel, make niggas kneel, bow down From this clown that's gonna put you six in the ground. It's time a nigga put Big Boy where the fuck they belong Rollin' wit Tec-9 snortin' dope best believe it's on [Chorus-Tec-9] Partners-N-Crime you ain't nothin' but bitches Lick on the nuts and suck the dick [Chorus-Lil Wayne] Big Boy know, they ain't nothin' but hoes [Chorus-B.G.] You can jump up on this dick, like a morphodyke, BIATCH! [Chorus] [3rd Verse-Lil' Wayne] Say Ah ha, Ah ha , yeah you thought it was funny When you tried to rap, hunt, stunt, front, on Ca$h Money You must have been jealous of that title that we holdin' Try to rep on that Local 580 You must have been too loaded, too loaded, too loaded They tried to pull a lil' stunt, on that Local 580 Wanna be Pimp Daddy, Lil' Slim, and Baby They put that whole CMR all up in they rap They had us on they first tape and they proceed to sweat So let's show them wannabes what we made of nigga Try to knock a B.G., I'ma spray a nigga Swear to God you was hard, but you don't want none of me Cuz I'm a little-bitty killa off Amelia East So put two and fall, see I ain't with that boy Cuz all I do is grab my 9 and break a nigga off Somethin' proper, I will make you droppa I'ma baby gangsta, not no P-poppa This is dedicated to niggas that be fakin' Tryed to rock the crowd for the turf but couldn't make it It was complicated so how you gonna rock them? While they was busy doin' the Hike and Eddie Bow'n I'ma stand my ground even though you try to bring me down Cuz I'ma Ca$h Money clown from that Uptown, and I'm bout it Nigga you know you not bout it, Come around my way I'ma have to get ROWDY [4th Verse-B.G.] Damn, I hate a busta bitch talkin' shit But when drama time come they scared to do it Throw them thangs talkin' hard in the Mic Say it in my face, be a man, and let's fight Take it to the street with a real baby G I'ma show ya I came bust caps send ya six feet I ain't bout none of that playin' or assholin' Nigga I'm splittin' wigs, leavin' heads swollen Mystikal slippin' and on the pavement you get laid Light up through ya hoe, I'ma grab you by them dookey braids Put'cha head down, cuz I heard about'cha In Desert Storm, Uncle Sam got that mouth up out'cha So let me get that out'cha bitch, I'ma run in your shit, cuz I'm a 13th nigga and I'm bout it [Chorus]

How U Luv That (Vol. 2 version)

BIG TYMERS "Vol. 2 - How You Love That"
(feat. Juvenile) [Juvenile:] Aw, man Man I sho' need this one here man It's gon' be so huge I know everyone out there gon' luv this one ya heard me [Manny Fresh:] Now, who the fuck got cars for days Crazy hoes and momo's with the 20 inch blades Me and the Misses, drivin' Expeditions The back stabbin' friends (smooch) blowin' kisses Chrome struck bitches, wood grain witches Leather seats, la la look, anything else itches I don' done it, the bubble-eyed GS 300 Anything else around me playboy I run it Bought the black Yukon in Houston, a microwave, a fouton She not white, uh uh, she cuban Karats on my fingers Fuckin' R&B Singers 1998 Lexus, Dick slangers Nuts Hangers, from South Americon Don Peringion Me a peasant, move on Can you top a, nigga with a candy coated helicopter Move, shake, shove that Ask yourself nigga How You Luv That [Chorus: Lil Wayne (2x)] How You Luv That 20 Cars on chrome Nigga, How You Luv That 20 show in the dome Nigga, How You Luv That 20 Hot Girls to bone Nigga, How You Luv That Brrrr, 20 PrimeCo phones [Baby:] Nigga how you gon' tell me that shit ain't changed When nigga used to play curls now they playin' braids And in my crib I got a elevator fuckin' with these hoes heads With alligator pillow cases in my bed I got a screen TV so big Playboy I had to get aproval from the city and the muthafuckin' feds I say fuck these white folks 'til I'm dead Cause I'm gon' ball 'til I fall and spend 20 G's at the mall And Playboy you could tell me How You Luv That I bought my son a Rolex with diamonds and bezzel at nine months And a Cash Money medallion with 20 diamonds in each letter son So peeps this, nigga a got I million dollars worth of cars all on chrome can you compete wit' this, that's beautiful These six tires with that Range Rover Ear rings costin' 15 G's, wit' TV's Nigga I'm tryin' to put a screen on the hood of the Humvee And put my face on top nigga can you see me I got so much money I'll never do time I play them white bitches like they play me at all times I got 20 G's to put on they leather seat But, for open court charges three time felony on one rap sheet What the fuck I look like choppin' trees and pickin' cotton When I shoot, fuckin' hoes and money clockin' I'm a Big Tymer ask 'Lac you could believe that Play boy nigga tell me How You Luv That [Chorus: Lil Wayne (2x)] [Juvenile:] Baby what you mean that Juvenile ain't bout matin' Best get yo' mind right and go head with that hatin' What, you must think that these diamonds ain't real or somthin', ha All of this shoutin' gon' get me killed for nothin', ha Nigga fuck that I'm gon' ball 'til I fall From Calton by the levy, to General DeGaul So Baby pop the Crystille, and shine the jewels Give your cadillac a tool, with 20 inch L's Rolex with diamond bezzels with 20 G cells My floor shinin' from marble from across the canal In my position we make nothin but G's Your jewelery say you belong to CMB Don't hit us cause we beautiful niggaz please You think I'm stuntin' know just wait 'til I come back with them ki's Niggaz fear this, they hate but they don't come near this I don' wrote a song bout these bitches you wanna hear this They say, 'Juvenile you muthafucka you off the heezy' I got these hoes pussy poppin' tell lil keezy and breezy Can't you see me in that bubble-eye, How You Luv That Can't you see me in that BMW-ah, How You Luv That [Chorus: Lil Wayne (2x)] Wha, How You Luv That Wha, How You Luv That Wha, How You Luv That Wha, How You Luv That Wha, How You Luv That Nigga, How You Luv That Wha wha, Brrr, How You Luv That Ha ha, Big Tymers Diamonds that'll [Bling] blind ya Ha ha, Big Tymers Better act like ya know

Be Easy

T.I. "Trap Muzik"
[Intro] Ay, where the piano at shawty Y'all ain't neva seen a dope boy play the piano and rap at the same time have you I'ma show you somethin', dig this.. [Verse 1] I'm 22 and a vet in the game Say I'm, supercoo', still a threat at the same Time, rhyme bout the times I invested in 'caine Pleasure and pain in every aspect of the game I'm the answer to yo prayers if you prayin' for change So, I dare you compare us and say we the same When I'm, climbin' the ladder, they stuck in the same Mindframe, they accomplishments are nothin' to gain Eventually, see I'm outta yo range Except this rose gold glow from my wrist and my chain I entertain young niggaz who slang Like a picture, no frame, see it's simple and plain My shit bang, spit flames, put niggaz to shame Flow so insane, lyrics sick and derranged Now you can't, mention my city unless you mention my name T-I-P-I-M-P, I'm the man [Chorus] Ay be easy - you don't want no trouble with me Just be easy - the drama ain't nothin' to me Ay be easy - before you have problems just breathe Ay be easy - you ain't worth dyin', believe me Just be easy - you don't want yo mama to grieve Be easy - well mind yo bizness, don't bother the G Be easy - swear you stuntin' but you frontin' to me Be easy - behind the scenes or behind yo breezies Ay, be easy [Verse 2] kissin' ass when I came to leave Set the standard for Atlanta, rearranged the lead Okay, so what tha fuck is fame to me I been plottin' since kindergarten, you'z a lame to me I give the niggaz what they came to see A reflection of one self where they aim to be As you can see it ain't no change in me And you won't meet another nigga off the chain as me I'm so fly, no lie, don't deny it, ya feel it So inspired by my style, decided to try it yoself Bet you won't, meet nobody ranked as high as myself The checks you waitin' on, homes, I can sign them myself Tote gats, dro smoked that, now I'm high Seats way back in the Maybach I ride Through the streets of the westside, I slap five And throw dubs, show love, nigga don't hate be wise [Repeat Chorus] [T.I. talking ('Be easy' in the background)] What it iz pimp T.I.P., Trap Muzik, understand that Grand Hustle pimp! Ay, whus hattnin' Toomp Let's ride out homie! What it iz mayne P$C, Pimp Squad Click, shawty! Uh, uh... A-Town... stay down.. Keep it pimpin', pimpin'!

Bad Day / Worse Day

[Killer Mike:] CRIP - true blue to it BLOOD - Piru to it Gangsta music, is to drug abusin Don't confuse it with C. Delores Tucker FUCK her, and Bill O'Reilly And Reverend what's-his-name, FUCK his name Kobe the best player ever, with NO game Fell for the trick of that white bitch, so lame How lame? Lame as the new host of Soul Train Sheeit, lame as the old host of Soul Train I do gangsta music, FUCK Soul Train! All blacks got is BET Pardon me, that shit's owned by MTV Blacks ain't got shit, it's still 1-9-6-6 'Cause you can buy a car ain't shit Jordan cain't buy a team, and that nigga got six rings Cot'picker, see what I mean? Q-Tip's singin, Dre 3000 actin God-damn, niggaz too good, for this rappin I'm just askin, what the fuck happened? I'm just askin, nigga what the fuck happened? ! We went from "too black to too skrong" To Sisqo and the God-damn "Thong Song" We went from Farrakhan to Don Juan Don Juan keep it pimpin man But I'm just sayin Farrakhan got business man Plus he speak positive on that knowledge shit No matter how much my auntie holla I'd NEVER give a dollar, to the good doctor - Reverend Creflo Dollar Fuck dat! Befo' I do dat I'd join Mason Betha's church and quit rap I'd hang out with Murder INC. and sing 50 Cent raps 50 Cent raps; I'd rather let Eminem call me 50 niggaz Than break bread with a rich nigga readin scripture By the way, if you're Arian Nation - FUCK Hitler, FUCK Hitler! That's to let ya know I didn't forget ya Let me make ya bad day a worst day Me and Hitler got the same damn birthday That cracker dead, that's my God-damn birthday Go shorty, go shorty FUCK a protest, I got a Glock 40 Unlike these bougie niggaz, I ain't braggin FUCK killin blacks, I'm down for toe taggin Grand Dragon, Grand Dragon


PAC DIV "Mania"
[Hook:] Cooler than anti freeze, damn it these rappers be The baddest thing happening, since King had a dream Cooler than anti freeze, damn it these rappers be The baddest thing happening, since king had a dream Cooler than, cooler than, cooler than, cooler than Cooler than, cooler than, cooler than [Verse 1: Mibbs] Pac Div, Knuckleheadz, nothing for you bucket heads Got my cheese, got my lettuce, now I need my fuckin bread Word to baby Darrel boy I'm hot, Habenero Keep my mind on my money and my eye on the sparrow Mama I'm the coldest, just from my apparel Feeling like I'm Moses flyer than a pharaoh Tired of all you posers, tired of all you weirdos Tired of all you hoes leaving make up on my pillows Shout out my latinos, let's count this dinero All my niggas eat now, I'm not talking Karo's Look at all these O's, no, look at all these zeros I do hella shows, I got cheese like Sbarro Hello world, hello girls, hello fans, hello haters We the highly celebrated, number one, one No they can't stop us, they can't fade us They can't drop us, they can't break us We gon' rape this motherfucker till we're done [Hook] [Verse 2: Be-Young] We Let y'all buy them drinks, then we take them home Sean Paul and hoop shorts is all it takes to bone Sat back keep game then we break the code This' the type of fire motherfuckers can't control Play the [?], shake them [?] Now it's all grizzly, peep a nigga's footwear, now I'm all [?] Ricky D flashy nigga, on point Ashley nigga Coming up I was influenced by some khaki niggas Homie got them action figures, homie you can't match the figures You ain't really that tough, homie that's the liquor Popov got you talking fast like you got the twister Give a fuck about I go bag their sister Another blunt rap the twist up, another story told A new Motown packed it play that Barry Gordy [?] Coming through your audio, switch up like a audible Run it like it's cardio, take it to the body yo [Hook] [Verse 3: Like] Listen, I ain't about drama so I flip my peace sign up This is south beat but I grew up on East Sidaz Ay Pac Div poppin' like we got the grease fried up Looking for a ATL freak to loan me 5 bucks, eyes up, eyes up That is not my wallet miss, yeah, I'm big headed but don't make it so obvious I'm traveling the globe now, working on my politics Running for head of the state on my Barack shit Cut your fucking head on the plate on some Baraka shit Every verse I murder I don't care what the topic is Got a few [?] down in texas that I probably [?] All of them is winners and I coach them like Popovich Pop the Cris no wait up, pop that Smart Water Staying sober just in case I gotta dive in shark water Lady killer, heart robber, stick em quietly then I release Deuces like a siamese, gone

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