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SCARFACE lyrics - Last Of A Dying Breed

In My Time

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[Verse 1] It was a cold morning, gloomy, sun barely shining Figured it was gon rain today, so i'm in Sit around the house until the thunder storms slacks off Look at my nightstand, and pick the paper back up Nostradamus, I'm readin chapter, after chapter Predictions of the end of world, and after Life, wit no beginning, as the world stops spinning as a journey that's never ending I glance at my baby boy, I can see this in his eyes The little nigga glad to be alive And as the days go by, I thank god for watchin mines Prayin that I remained in fire The same man that I was, which starts from the other mind phrase Was it the cash I think my time came For me to venture off into different demensions The beginning, the endind, of my time [Chorus: 1x] What we fail to realize Is that we runnin outta time Do we ever be born again In my time of dying It's like i'm runnin outta time Will I ever be born again [Verse 2] In my time, I try to stay true steps on the game And if you nigga's thinkin like me, do the same Which is one minute ya smilin, the next ya start cryin Cause we can't accept we born to die And I, ease my edge, and be a nigga to the end But it's more to life then me and my benz When my mama told to speak to my friends I kinda took that shit to heart So don't fuck up your life, 'fore it starts Some nigga's wanna be like Mike I'd rather be like Christ(like christ) So at the end, i'll see bright lights(bright lights) I save a prayer for the fallen soldier's Too many nigga's died young, for tryna to hang On the slaim's of our slums And outcome, as mommy neals, sittin on the front row Hopin god will accept your soul The new millienium, and as I sit watch the distance Ships walk the horizon, I'll stare into space while i'm drivin And pray for me, all the ends of my sins The beginning, the end, of my time, till i'm born again [Chorus: 1x] [Verse 3] In my time, I've seen life born, and I been blessed Enough to see life lossed, it's just the price life cost And shortly, explain my born, I know i'm born to do it wrong So when i'm gone, life goes on Tell my mother, when she on the front row, hold her head up Shed no tears, and dred those years Smile, and even though my whole life's been a po'ball You did your's, and it's not your fault Tell my grandmother those words too She knows i'm headed to a better place That'll put a smile on my wife's face God's graced the evil spirit that surronded me And pass me, and anytime it could'a had me But when it all went wrong, sung the same ol' song Now it's peace after the storm blew on And, it's the better life, security for your's and mines What the evil lies, and not so guide In my time, it's been times, I would've stopped and called the quits But I might as well sit until it's over wit Eath to earth, and ashes to ashes, dust to dust It's the lord I trust The territory where I come from, so I guess it'll be when I return No sorrow, it was just my turn And in those, last trumphet sounds, put me down in the ground But i'll proably be at home by now And it's help will change(these helps will be changed) Blinking of a eye, but I don't think I'll get to see that In my time, till i'm born again [Scarface talking] It's changed, when we born And how we born from woman We born, from the spirit, of life And all our flesh remains And not, by the flesh of man And not by the flesh of man Do not believe that [Chorus until fade]

The Reflective Property

AUGUST BURNS RED "Thrill Seeker"
Soft memories of a life well lived. I'm thinking back and loving every moment I had. This dull feeling is working through me, and every waking moment is more static. As I step onto my porch of reflection, a brief wind of warmth is swept through me. We succeed in order to bring forth order in our lives. You have all felt it - the emptiness of being alone. Zoloft will not cure it, human touch will not solve it. This black, cold world is potent. Please bless the children, please heal their cries. A sweet sound is heard in my waking life. Tremors of anguish ripple through visions and dreams. Cries heal a starving nation facing death and destruction.

Can't Help It

I can't help it I'm on my grind She can't help it I told her we should take our time I can't help it I'm on that grind She can't help it A nigga always on her fine How you doin' baby? I'm good You know you took me high last time True I heard you fucking with the lame niggers Maybe It don't matter you know my ass mine You stupid Now put something on it Take my time there ain't no rushing on it I'm a player there ain't no coughing on it Got a squeaky mattress from all the fucking on it In the public she feel me touching on it While I'm driving she be sucking on it You see I'm loving don't it? Quit fronting girl you know you want it Quit fronting girl you know you want it I can't help it I'm on my grind She can't help it I told her we should take our time I can't help it I'm on that grind She can't help it A nigga always on her fine Summer time ass sticks Scooter out of sax fifth Pimp headstrong ain't afraid to say you that bitch Put you on that back shit coach you like it's practice Want it to bad she ain't even mind the traffic First night access phone numbers memorized Season with the pimpin fuck around I leave you tenderized Spit it fly until you coco butter with the mouth piece Can't help but place in hands on you like an outreach Do it on the couch freak tell me how I make your blouse slim Young live nigga in my prime and I'm spouse free You know about me young debonair Earrings getting lost hoes bring the extra pair I can't help it I'm on my grind She can't help it I told her we should take our time I can't help it I'm on that grind She can't help it A nigga always on her fine She all for my discussions morals to production She wanna blow my flute thought she was more into percussion Not to be brass but I like a big ass Underneath to see her leggings and she more into the function Heart like a drumbeat crash into my planet Similar my love I wait for y'all to understand it I never move bass but I'm solid on this granit I was polishing my gift y'all was probably playing mad and Now she polishing my woo and y'all probably can't stand it Travelling the axis on some parles vous france shit Accents germ roads, acoustics are my thing Turn your dress around and maybe I can pull some strings I put it in your mouth like it nearly sings But we want to spend so I keep this acapella clean Not gon' send no dreams she expecting diamonds rings But I scratched at all we gotta find this green I can't help it I'm on my grind She can't help it I told her we should take our time I can't help it I'm on that grind She can't help it A nigga always on her fine


Common Sense "One Day It'll All Make Sense"
Common: Yo niggaz don't want none of this Niggaz know they can't fuck with this Turn this shit up just a little more I walk the night in rhymin armor bomb a nigga like a winter coat Have him on Death Row searchin for an Interscope Yet I sparkle like Irene Cara Symbolize dope like sirens do terror Mariel just had a baby someone else decapitated Flashbacks of past raps make me so glad I made it Players is gettin traded I drop a gem off, them who's style is jaded My juice is grated Shit is so bangin niggaz say it's gang related On philosopher's rink of thought, I've skated with precision Crews is gettin split like decisions Com will let it ride in collision Vision like Colleco or tele, I battle stars in stellar... Regions, my thought scheme was my like my offspring Now, it's teethin My reason of rhyme applies to season and time Season of mind , body and regions divine In mom's cookouts, I'm leavin the swine Verbal vegeterian, squashed beef with Ice Cube Came in this rap life nude Now I'm fully clothed with flows You tricks can't hide behind expensive cars and clothes Old niggaz I expose like Luke does hoes in videos With classic material, imperial and rugged like Got mag, but my slugs a mic You fake like a smile, like a hug, I'm tight Skip ladies, this is rip a muthafucka night Oracle arouse, niggaz don't even run for cover right Downtown interracial lovers hold hands I breathe heavy like an old man, with a cold can of Old Style Hold a Stone Isle profile Mix between Malcolm X and Sef when I go wild Hold mics like a second nut until the second comin Hummin comin towards you with power like forest do Hip hop, you my bitch and like a Ford, I'm Explorin you So, wack niggaz be cool, with them, I stay cordial Flowin room temperature, cats is presumed miniature Like golf. Soft like Tiger Woods And real nigga angles I've stood with ways that's geometric Don't need to rob banks with dike broads to Set it I levitate to the occasion, lounge like a lyricist Rhyme wise, you a rest haven You sat by the door spooked like I was Wes Craven You need to do more deletin and less savin A praise in hell, raisin heaven Like the bill on my pager leavens What you should have known from day one You will on day seven (scratching)Hungry hip hop junkie in the city(x3)

Battle Cry

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
How many times I gotta tell y'all I'm second to none. No magazine's top ten cause I'm negative one. So I don't pay attention to them dumb folk Cause I'm a always be in first like the clutch broke I'm from where the cut-throats cut coke Cause school ain't cut it, they cut out the puff smoke And guess what? That's who I hang with, so when you speak INDUSTRY - I don't know the language But play the beat and I'll show you why I'm head honcho Ya'll gettin' away with murder like the white bronco Bunch of trash inbetween hooks Bars too cute to be gettin' all these mean looks Put the hottest rappers all on one stage together See who'll hold their arm up like Che Guevera I rhyme hotter and I say it better I'm a winter cold war I'm a product of the Regan Era Day thinkin till the page inkin' My 16 free ya'll I'm hip-hop's Abe Lincoln. Fam I don't know what they thinkin These niggas got me fucked up like I spent all day drinkin I'm a boss not a loss yet You're little lemons in a race with a souped up corvette I'm so hot I could stand still and pour sweat in the North Pole fully naked with my balls wet I'm a monster, these other niggas small pets Claim they sick but they get cured by your dog's vet I'm thorough from my Yank' to my gourtex You're bluffin, I play Poker I'm callin all bets Local boy, when's the last time you all left? I don't even know where the FUCK I'm goin' on tour next Last month Canada, before that? Europe I had Waffles out in Belguim, you ain't had Syrup Every time I write it's another flight Another whore with my kids on her underbite Another "YAOWA!" chant when I touch the Mic Another Magazine spread, yeah you fuckin right I'm on my grind like a pair of in-line skates Get on tracks and go banana's like a Primate Baboon, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, I'm Wild Ape King Kong under your skin, I'm bout to Sky-Scrape But the sky ain't the limit I could teleport through my mind any minute Take you to a place where the Lions go "ribbit" All the frogs "roar" and the fire is frigid I'm outta this world - don't belong here What heir'ing the thrown if I taught you from a small chair? Family, you niggas got it twisted Flow out of the box, yours chicken and a biscuit Gave me chicken pox when I listen, I be itchin' to cripple your career like a ligament is missin Dawg I'm on a mission like an intimate position When I swing it's Knock Out's I ain't gettin' a decision From here on it's locked ya'll a prisoner to spittin Can't escape my bars no visitor's permitted Welcome to Hell where Joell holds a pitch-fork And you burn in eternal flames for your bitch talk Dick in my hand I'm pissed off But I ain't bucklin', 'Everyday I'm Hustlin' - Rick Ross One day the whole globe will know I'm Clark Kent Underneath the shades on a Project park bench Superman when I grip the Mic The only way I'm slowin down is if I blow a pound of Kryptonite From now on I'm a bully I'm a pick the fight Let them pick you up off the ground when I check ya bite You'll become a little memory, gigabyte Me and these beats got married, I'm Mr. Right Little man you spit aight, I'm on fire You gotta little buzz - Miller Lite Man there's so many words runnin' round my brain If I don't put them on a track I would go insane Maybe that's why everything I say is crazy And everyday I wake up, with a naked lady With a V.I.P. band on my right wrist Pants on the flow, J.D. with a slight sip Left in the bottle tele-key on the night stand I go to the bathroom to pee and then I scram I live the life of a rock-star They ain't wanna let me through so I became a Cop Car Put the Sirens on every time I touch a pen Everybody move like dope - that's a fuckin '10' My peers know I'm gonna win. This music's like my first crush, for years I wanted in I'm here. Oh boy will you taste the wrath I'm a make it ugly like what's underneath Jason's mask I listen to alot of mixtapes and laugh All Ya'll nigga do is whine like Jamaican ass Every night I celebrate, we take a glass of Champagne to the brain Sometimes we take a bath Victory feels far better Than Defeat, you niggas weak, Solar's Letter I'm harder than a fonz-lebber My worst rhyme's 30 times rougher than your hottest bars ever I could front like a car fender Cause everything I'm on DJ's pull up like the bar tenders New York I'm the answer to your prayers Head Nod music, leave the dancin over there Project Shit, ain't no Mansion over here Just Murder on the strings, Charles Manson on the Snare I'm hungry the game's like a Food Court I just gave ya'll a loose hundred, Newports. Chea Joell Ortiz Who feel they... Who feel they better?

I Will See You Tomorrow

Deacon Blue and Ricky Ross "Fellow Hoodlums"
Outside the world The wind is howling Through the broken trees And the moon is shining As the river meets the sea And I will see you tomorrow Calm and bright in tender light And my heart will be racing Like your wakening eyes Inside my room the curtain's blowing And our bed it lies unmade But the morning will be broken By the loving words you say CHORUS Though you're far still your heart sounds loud beating time with me Through the day the only grace I get is I want to be you In the world time were rushing Like the cool evening breeze But my soul is calm And I will see you presently

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