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SARAH JAROSZ lyrics - Follow Me Down

Floating In The Balance

Original and similar lyrics
Sonic satisfaction Holds my ears in sweet embrace The endless chain reaction Of what we give and what we take Going through the motions And acting out this part Sifting through the pages Of the life that I can start Calloused fingers fumble On the boardwalk of my muse Feeling fit to crumble Some days I wake up with the blues Holding onto my time Or at least what I’ve got left I’ll work with what I’m given And I’ll dream up all the rest Throw away the watches Call off every bet The time ain’t mine for saving But I’ll take what I can get Holding onto wisdom Of the ones who came before Floating in the balance Of the calm before the storm

Sunshine Day

You'll hear me calling in your sweet dream can't you hear your daddies warning cry. You're going back to be all the things you used to be while in sweet dreams you softly sigh. No one can see us in your sweet dream don't hear you leave to start your car. All wrapped up thightly in the coat you borrowed from me your place of resting is not far. R E F R A I N : You hear my voice is calling to be mine again live the rest of your life in a day. Get out and get what you can while your mummie's at home a sleeping no time to understand 'cos they lost what they thought they were keeping.

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