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SARAH JAROSZ lyrics - Build Me Up From Bones

1,000 Things

Original and similar lyrics
Where are the days, the childish ways? They can’t be far behind me She once lived here, my old friend fear Ceaselessly to remind me Yes, Yes I, Yes I hear you! You may not hear the words I hear But rambling is her song So I translate, I fly, I skate Where child of sky and earth belongs Yes, Yes I, Yes I hear you [Chorus:] I find that I don’t do so well With the words that hide from me But the ones that introduce themselves Say a thousand things to me Say a thousand things to me You may not feel the burning sweat But a fire is raging inside her It’s burning through the black and blue Searing through all that I call mine Yes, Yes I, Yes I feel you [Chorus]


Henry Rollins "Weight"
I'm so tired of myself I'm tired in my sleep I'm so tired of my lies I'm tired of the secrets that I keep I'm so tires of looking inside myself Trying to find something I'm getting tired And I know I need something Because the grind is burning me out I don't want to hurt one of them But I'll do it I'm getting tired I'm so tired of the things that I hear I'm so tired of the things that I fear I've never seen the end so clear I'm getting tired I know I need something to make me live Because the grind is pounding me down I don't want to kill one of these walking insects But I'll do it I'm getting tired

Crystal Ball

Candlemass "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus"
Black heart, your soul is mine gaze into and the secrets you'll find Just read the signs Gaze into the crystal See what it tells It can bring you all fortune do you so well Visions and dreams you can see in the Crystal ball I saw the rainbows end I am raptured I cannot pretend I have found Atlantis The talisman of Seth I have seen it all dreamt away through the crystal ball Tell me more I want to know please hear my call

Spare This Life (Intro)

Diamond King "Abigail 2- The Revenge"
I, O'Brian of The Black Horsemen, forbid this sacrilege You all know that this demon child has Abigail's spirit inside But what you don't know is That she is the reincarnation of my stillborn half-sister Her spirit is not EVIL, nor is it GOOD All it wants, is to make things right again So spare this life, through revenge can be mine And Abigail can find her final peace I, O'Brian have spoken Let it be done

Smash The Mirror

THE WHO "Tommy"
[Mother:] You don't answer my call With even a nod or a twitch But you gaze at your own reflection! You don't seem to see me But I think you can see yourself. How can the mirror affect you Can you hear me Or do I surmise That you fear me can you feel my temper RISE. Do you hear or fear or Do I smash the mirror. Do you hear of fear or Do I smash the mirror SMASH!

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