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SARAH GERONIMO lyrics - Sweet Sixteen

Love Can't Lie

Original and similar lyrics
still recall the warmth of the night try to ease the pain in my heart and now that your out of my sight tears fall from these eyes echoes of my voice slowly die fears in every corner of my mind and even if it's over still can't bear with time how could you go? how could you say goodbye? it hurts inside cause by now still can't find the reason why love can't lie knowing that my life is so unkind so leave my thoughts and mem'ries behind but angels brought me to the past i'm with you at last *in you i have found my life you brought me to paradise happiness that i can't hide i feel inside (repeat chorus) instrumental (repeat*) chorus....still can't find the reason why it's hard to try with cryin' all the time my fate is you and somehow keep myself from lovin' you love can't lie


People talk about the way I dance dance dance They think it's funny when I lift my hands hands hands All the things I've been going thru'(I'm telling you) if you only knew, this joy is real,something you can feel. All my heartaches and my heartbreaks i thought I couldn't take you were there; Holding me and molding me,reminding me that you care Along time(never coming at the wrong time, always there and that's a long time) I'm not ashamed,can't help but wanna praise your name Chorus No matter what the people may say You can praise Him anyway You may have to cry sometimes But He promised it will be alright My brother if you'd just hold on All this pain will soon be gone Can't nobody nobody nobody do me like you do me Nobody nobody Can't nobodyu love me like you Give me joy like the way you do When I'm alone and my faith's gone,I heard 'be strong', I knew it was you A spiritual love affair,Knows how much I can bear Can't nobody(echo) nobody(echo) nobody(echo) nobody Back to Chorus Spanish Chant Nobody no nobody no nobody no no..............(3 times) Rap What the deal now?Holy spirit you can feel now Cats they wanna keep it real now But love is spiritual I'm giving you knowlege because it's critical and lyrical you know i'm on your heels now I won't stop , i can't stop cos you know His grace and mercy it will never drop Who flop? (not me) To Metropolis, ain't stopping this, ain't no popping this, all my people, Who be rocking this Back to Chorus Nobody no.....(till fade)

End Of My Rope

Where to run to, where to hide, much too full to swallow my pride But I'm still haunted by something inside as if another part of me has died. Paralyzed, I close my eyes, the pain inside surrounds me. Petrified, life fades away, at the end of my rope I'm waiting. Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone, empty inside, out of control. My heart a void, my empty soul, until it's filled I'll never be whole. How did things ever get so bad, sinking empty, full of despair I find myself alone and scared, in a world where nobody cares. A hopeless end, afraid deep inside Relief from my pain, the end a suicide. The tears I've cried have left me blind I yearn to find peace, a presence of mind. I said I'd stand with you forever if you needed me Help, arm in arm, hand over fist and carry you when necessary Like a fool I thought we'd walk tall forever all as one When the going got tough you stopped pushing and turned to run. I tried so hard, so sad to watch you drown. You turned and pointed fingers at the truest friend you ever had, And I prayed to God you'd find relief from the things that made your life sad. We were down forever, together forever all as one, But when the time came to step up and do it right, you turned to run. I tried so hard, to help you hold it down You never helped yourself, so sad to watch you drown. I tried so hard, to help you save your life You never helped yourself, shut the door and say good-bye. You and me, eye to eye, hands tied together, live or die Walk tall forever, all as one, never again, you turned to run. All for None

For The Love Of You

Earth Wind And Fire "Heritage"
Maurice White, Robert Brookins, Stephanie Mills M.C. Hammer When you find a brand new love isn't it fun love that special one to kiss and hug isn't it fun love bridge: I want you every night heart cries out to hold you tight You walked in times were blue nothing baby I won't do chorus: for the love of you-ooh for the love of you-ooh There's a sweetness in your smile isn't it fun love a wild flower you drive me wild isn't it fun love bridge: Touch me baby with your love stir the passion you're thinking of Stay with me a while tonite we will fly until morning light chorus bridge: Don't you know how I feel here's my love I'm for real time is right give us a chance nothing-I won't do-for you rap: To each his all and all the love I've grown three rolls of quarters in the telephone one at a time and I'm glad she's mine for the love of her and that's for a long time I want her, I love her, I keep thinking of her I want to be her friend because I'm definitely not her brother I'll make it clear that I'll always be near and for the love of you my love is here not so up on, one can always be taught for the love of you many brothers have fought so comprehend the feelings are true a day don't go by without thinking of you you're smooth as the night and I get hype your love and mine are the perfect type, yeah! I write a letter or play you a song we should get busy yeah get it on pumping out heat, burning like fire fall in love with you yeah that's my desire bridge chorus

Drowned World For Love

MADONNA "Ray Of Light"
I traded fame for love Without a second thought It all became a silly a game Some things cannot be bought I got exactly what I asked for Wanted it so badly Running, rushing back for more I suffered fools so gladly And now I find I've changed my mind Chorus: The face of you My substitute for love My substitute for love Should I wait for you My substitute for love My substitute for love I traveled round the world Looking for a home I found myself in crowded rooms Feeling so alone I had so many lovers Who settled for the thrill Of basking in my spotlight I never felt so happy (chorus) Mmmmm, ooohhh, mmmmm Famous faces, far off places Trinkets I can buy No handsome stranger, heady danger Drug that I can try No ferris wheel, no heart to steal No laughter in the dark No one-night stand, no far-off land No fire that I can spark Mmmmm, mmmmm (chorus) Now I find I've changed my mind This is my religion

He's A Rebel

(The Crystals) See the way he walks down the street Watch the way he shuffles his feet How he holds his head up high When he goes walking by He's my guy If he holds my hand, I'm so proud ‘Cause he's not just one of the crowd I think he's always the one to try The things I've never done And just because of that They will say, hey (Chorus 1) He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good He's a rebel ‘cause he never ever does What he should And just because he doesn't do what Everybody else does That's no reason why I can't give him all my love (Chorus 2) He is always good to me Always treats me tenderly He's not a rebel no, no, no He's not a rebel no, no, no to me If they don't like him that way They won't like me after today I'll be standing by his side When they say (Repeat Chorus 1) And just because he doesn't do What everybody else does That's no reason why We can't share a love (Repeat Chorus 2) He's not a rebel, no, no, no

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