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SARAH CONNOR lyrics - Green Eyed Soul


Original and similar lyrics
Verse 1: Someone like you is rare You're not afraid to care Always say how you feel It's part of your appeal We've shared some special times I'm glad that you are mine You showed me a better way It's shame you couldn't stay Rise: I wish the miles between us could only disappear Until that day I'll just hold back the tears Chorus: Imagining you're right here with me Thinking of all that could be Imagining your gentle touch I'm missing you ooh so much My imagination's running right out of control I'm missing you more than you could know Verse 2: You show such tenderness I feel that I've been blessed We've got a chemistry That feels so right to me I know you always said It had to be like that But sometimes I feel like I am going out of my mind Rise Chorus Bridge: I know for now that we're gonna have to wait The rest we are gonna have leave to fate It won't be long before you're here with me 'Cause it's our destiny baby Chorus 3 X

Too Late

Brand Nubian "Foundation"
Intro/Chorus: Shelene Too late, too late baby, bye-bye I'll be there tonight You'll get left behind Now's my time to shine Verse One: Grand Puba Now I got the best birthday present when my ass born It was my mama, old dad plant the seed like a farmer Life was kind of hard livin in hell's backyard Didin't have a job, honey fronted on the GOD Shorty racing, only hollering at cats who be lacin She had some shit with her, she was caught up in the glitter Brother come see me when you get five digits bigger Oh that's the way you tryin to doo-doo on a nigga She likes the lavish, no time for a brother livin average Play the knees for the cheese like a savage Now she lost and turned out, rotten teeth in her mouth cos she ran the wrong route Shorty 'member me, now I'm seven digits bigger Platinum artist status, mad cheese from Hilfiger Now ya feelin me because you're smoked out and high but too late baby, bye-bye Chorus Verse Two: Lord Jamar I wish you could have been there when I had my first fight The other kid said he was gonna get his father I didn't bother to respond cos I knew that you was gone Forced to carry on and teach myself right from wrong As far back as I can remember you was never around In September it was back to school The eldest member of my family so I packed the tool It made a nigga feel manly when I smacked a fool with it, could've schooled me on pussy before I hit it Or took me to a park with a ball and said Hit it But we was all left in the dark, accepting the parts of you we was able to get, affectin my heart Nowadays you expecting to start, anew when I lived my whole life apart from you Too late you better check the due date See there's no explanation for the expiration Chorus Bridge: Sherene It's too late, bye-bye Oh bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-byeeee, yeah It's too late, bye-bye, oh babe Bye-bye-bye-bye-byeeee-bye-bye Bye-bye-bye-bye-byeeeee Verse Three: Sadat X Niggas disrespect my crib droppin ashes on the floor Another half of beer I'm findin behind the chair Let you meal like you wish but you can't even wash a dish but you love to eat and rest them stink ass feet And blow up my telephone line like you was home Seen a nigga make five quick calls to the dome Ride around all day, 'Dro-ed or hash I ain't never heard once Can I help you with gas I ain't never heard X, can I buy you a meal But if we going downtown niggas is ready to wheel Now if you broke you broke, you got five dollars, give me one Cos most likely I'll give it back before the day is done If I'm spendin and bending, you should do it pendin That day when you break out and finally get your cake But I don't let that stress me cos life is but a test, B And every waken day, I'ma stay okay Chorus to fade

Funk Freakers

CYPRESS HILL "Cypress Hill III - Temples of Boom"
Verse One: B-Real Let me introduce my self I'm the one who rules the set So don't you forget Bad for ya health but ya still be tryin' ta push buttons But you ain't nothin', no frontin I bring the level up a little louder In the clubs, an' the jeeps an' the after hours Fools on the street wanna feel the funk Lookin for the 'skunk' that's what'cha want Ya betta, sit back and let the track flow Like smoke in ya lungs from puffin' on the indo Rythems upside'cha brain, can ya hang, can maintain Can ya feel the funk flowin' in ya veins Get'cha fix and ya bag of tricks In tha mix I got the stix and stones a few bricks I'm gonna hit 'em high He's gonna hit 'em low Open up ya mind so that'chu can feel the flow On, an' on till there all gone Fools be runnin' but they won't last long Chorus: I'm the freaka (8X) Verse Two: B-Real People always wanna get what you got, no matta what Can't take care of themselves in the big hunt In the quest for the crown An' the jewels, and the cheese Motherfucker please Enemies wanna plot against me with envy in they hearts But, I rip their sorry ass apart In a minute, I can take ya to the limit Temprature risen, nasal highzen Verse Three: Sen Dog Comin' back in with the lows, for the fows Fuckin' up egos, an' anybody, oppose The numba one skunk freaka, the Cypress Hill cliqua Blowin' a hole in tha speaker You don't wanna dis the Perro, the Real One, or the Werro Slangin' rythems through the ghetto Ya best keep ya ass in cheak Come on little mutha fuckas betta show respect An whats next, the big brown takin' ya down How ya feel (how ya feel punk) When your sorry ass can't hang with the Hill Chorus: 1/2 Outro: B-Real Can ya feel the effects of the chocolate tide Nobody even knows how I kick the flow Slow down, cause ya commin' up too fast Ya might get smacked down cause ya got no class [Fades out]

Trumpton Riots

Half Man Half Biscuit
Ow! Oh! Oh! Oh! {? Unemployments rising In the chigley end of town. And it's speading like pneumonia; Doesn't look like going down. There's trouble at the fire station; Someone's head to sack. And the lads with homes and the larger schemes Get rid of Captain Black. Tell B. C. McGarry To get himself a mate. And Ahmed tells the C. S. Gas They're gonna be out late. {? Will has had cankers forming in ?} since 1966. And throws subversions in the air The shape of flying bricks! Chorus: Someone get a message through To Captain Snow That they better start assembling The boys from the Balzac. Keep Mrs. Honeyman right out of sight, 'Cause there's gonna be riot Down in Trumpton Tonight. All this aristocracy Has really got to stop. We could overthrow the surgery And kidnap Doctor {? Muff! ?} And {? ?? ?? ?? ?} the Socialist Who stormed the market square And make plans to assasinate Our autographic mayor! Winding militant leaders {? Bypass Congress ?} into war With {? ?? ?? ?? ?} and {? ?? ?? ?? ?} They smash the town hall door. But Snorty and the boys arrive With one by air-strike ??? ?? ??? ??? they bring about A military coup. Chorus x 2

What You're Missing

CRACKER "Forever"
What You're Missing (Colton, Redlands....) (protegido por monos) (various town names, neighborhoods, mostly unintelligle) North of Broad... (peli roja, protegido por monos) Mentone, Yucaipa The name is MC Cracker D. The singer in this band. (listen up) Thats Cracker with a C not a K or uncle understand. And if you?e got a problem With your geometry I can help you out with that Cause I have a mathematics degree CHORUS Hey, hey, you don? know what you?e missing What you?e missing Hey, hey, you don? know what you?e missing Now. (c?on peli roja) [Brandy Wood] Here I am the only girl So I get my own room Unless somebody needs the phone And then I get the broom (huh) Checking out the haircuts Not making any fuss I ask one up for tea But David throws him off the bus. (he was a drummer!) CHORUS (give me some room) (I smell something) (you call that a guitar solo?) (i? trying) (you call that a guitar solo?) CHORUS (watch me break this chair) (Professor Raagini) [Kenny Margolis] Me and my boy Sammy We?e hanging in the park (his science is strong) There? plants and birds (mysterioso!) And rocks and things we Best be home by dark Climbing up, sliding down Tumbling with the tots Swinging sounds of laughter Does anyone remember laughter? (yeah that was Uncle Led Zep right?) CHORUS (okay throw that chair Johnny) [Johnny Hickman] They call me Lonesome Johnny I helped to start this band (yeah right) Came up with MC Cracker D But was not in Camper Van (he was in ?icked Scepter? I play the lead guitar round here But Sometimes it plays me (your pants are too tight) And I don? look like Richard Grieco That pendejo looks like me. (ohhh) (protegido por monos) (play it professor) (his name is Professor Raagini) (when he don? play keyboard He plays tambourini) [Frank Funaro] (heavy brooklyn accent) If you need some riddem den i? the man for you. (is he from England?) (what happened to the Mexican guy who used to play drums) If you got a sister well ... I? da man for her too (dream on brother!) I may not be a singer But I play one on TV I wrote myself deese lyrics Wid a rhyming dictionary CHORUS (protegido por monos) We have lots of friends In our extended family Of freaks and geeks and wierdos That keep it quite unique So if you think you?e one of us I?l tell you what to do Step over have a listen Then you?l know just what you?e missing.

Take A Chance

by Eric Clapton, Greg Phillinganes and Nathan East If I don't take a chance, If I don't make a move, If I don't go looking for new romance, How will I ever find my groove? If I don't play around, How am I gonna have my fun? If I tried to settle down, Would I be fooling anyone? I'm out on a limb above a sea of bliss; I don't know why I feel this way. I only know I love it. And I feel so free today. You know I feel so free today. That's right, I feel so free, no matter where I go, But I feel so free today. If I don't make mistakes, If I don't play the fool, If I have to worry 'bout the heart I break, How am I ever gonna learn the rules? I'm looking for danger inside the sweetest smile; I don't know why I feel this way. I only know I love it. Chorus Chorus

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