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RUN DMC lyrics - Raising Hell

Raising Hell

Original and similar lyrics
[Run-D.M.C.] Kings from Queens from Queens come Kings We're raisin hell like a class when the lunchbell rings The king will be praised, and hell will be raised S-s-s-suckers try to faze him but D won't be fazed So what's your name D.M.C.! The King is me! Your High-ness, or His Majesty! Now you can debate, c-c-c-concentrate But you can't imitate D.M.C. the Great! Dissin all devils, causin havoc in HELL At a very high level base and treble shall YELL Heard in the heavens are the sounds supreme So clear to the ear it is sometimes seen So loud like a cloud with thunder and LIGHTNING So proud to the crowd it is somewhat FRIGHTENING No calm in the storm like a beast unleashed There's no stoppin cause the rockin cannot cease; BREAK! [Run] You see it's harder than hard, not one bit soft Courageous and contagious so you better break North Not a cold, on a roll, did you hear me cough Just listen while I'm dissin cause you're pissin me off Cold bedding is spreading all across your face You can't take when I break and if that's the case I'll go on, and on, and kick the bass So back up off the cup while I take my taste [D.M.C.] It's highly appraised when the hell is raised So demanding and commanding that you all stand dazed The unbelieving receiving prophecy so true I cut the head off the Devil and I throw it at you My mighty mic control, already brought his soul The rock king is so bold when he rocks and roll A black hat is my crown, symbolizin the sound Signifyin, we won't play around; BUST IT! [Run] Rappin and climbin beat-makin every day No synthesizer sound, so silence when I say I am great, get it straight, cause that's my fate My name is Run I'm number one, that's how I rate He's in the place with the bass, and style and grace His name is J he's here to play, and win this race He's off the wall, on the ball, his name is D Kind of tall yes y'all, he's down with me [D.M.C.] From the mountain valley to the deep blue sea The word is heard as told by D I don't sing I bring, much delight Like a star shinin bright in the darkest night If you are cold, I'll bring you heat Like I brought the whole world my funky beat Mysterious and serious I ain't no joke Fire from the depths of hell AND YOU CAN SMELL THE SMOKE! [Run] Kickin and tickin while you're havin a ball Like chicken finger lickin I'll be vickin you all So do the bird, have you heard, did they give you a call Just me and D.M.C., cold shakin the walls [D.M.C.] There's no fearin when hearin sound of this kind Across the land every man is goin out of his mind On the face of the earth spreadin like disease Contaminating infiltrating like a horde of bees [Run-D.M.C.] Lord of lyrics, duke of discussion Ruler of rock, your king at cold-crushin Puller of people - controller of crowds Lingering lyrics all lasting and loud [Run] Left y'all, ah to the left y'all because I rock upon the mike real def y'all [D.M.C.] And to the right y'all, ah to the right y'all because I rock upon the mike all night y'all [Run] You see, I.. [D.M.C.] .. want respect, if I'm correct They're all like a ball that I have checked And the shots they take have no effect The pope try to dope but he broke his neck Cause I rock harder, and I get farther You wanna battle D hey please don't bother To waste your time, messin with my rhyme The only kick you get out of is in the behind! ttin' behind

Proceed Iv (Aj Shine's Proceed Without A Pause)

Here we go Heh heh here we go Heh, heh heh, heh heh, heh here we go Heh heh, heh heh, heh heh, here we go Heh heh, heheheheh, here we go Heh heh, heh heh, heh heh, here we go Heh heh, heh heh, heh heh, heh, heh heh heh heh, heh, heh heh, heh, heh heh *fades* Verse One: Malik B I can make you dance, I can make you shout The scripts in the scroll turned the whole party out Inject my lyrics in a sec with dialect Why accept, because it's from the highest eye and depth Rap extrordinaire share me never ever See through because I be true, Malik's together Intox your cells till your brain vein swells *gunshot* claim terror when their never parellel Once I have a hunch that there's MC's that front I just crunched a whole bunch, in one big munch I always stand firm, under any term My actions never squirm cuz my tracks is perm Have a tendency to defend this MC My residency is simply in sensei I makes it vivid, on different continents of earth I pivot It seems extreme and exquisite but ask it is it My style is like a cat from a seventies flick Talkin jive as he strut with his afro pick Or a predator, just before he stalks his pray When I talk this way, I do dismay See you're puzzled, now how I think you're trying to juggle My mind is like a nine M double, now there's trouble The Roots bring you styles and all types of creed I sign off but I shall proceed Chorus: I shall, proceed, and continue, to rock the mic (4X) Verse Two: Black Thought Yo, we could get fly, we could get fly We could get fly that's the anthem of my crew not to glorify still it's sorta high Troubles of the world bring tears to my eye wonder why my man, can't vaccinate, y'all know the fate Similar to the way I'm a disease on tape Within a world of hate many mics I *gunshot* To escape Metropolis is such a violent state I spill words over pages, styles over phrases from the world's different stages for crowds of different ages Though not a nova, you witness like Jehovah Now *gunshot* beg for lyrical plague to pass them over Right right n----z is like stick up kids Doin bids you got caught, enter the Black Thought I interface with bass when I communicate Crowds I elevate, to a higher mindstate of rap thinking, see musically the Black thinking rhythm therefore, I give em what I'm giving, therefore I give em what I'm giving that's the hardcore The Roots'll keep it real for sure, and I shall proceed Chorus: I shall, proceed, and continue, to rock the mic (7X) I shall, proceed, and continue, to rock the to rock the to rock the... Representin, the planet, West Oakland The A-to-the-J, dip to the dollar, the sign, the shine Watch the Heat, Productions Red Hot, and Cool, youknowhatI'msayin?


KMFDM (Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid) "Symbols"
You break my back You won't break me All is black But I still see Shut me down Knock me to the floor Shoot me up Fuck me like a whore Trapped under ice Comfortably cold I've gone as low as you can go Feel no remorse No sense of shame Time's gonna wash away all pain I made a god out of blood Not superiority I killed the king of deceit Now I sleep in anarchy Sacrifice to the cause Turn your code into law Compensate to validate the loss Take a thief Nail him to a cross Gospel of rage Faction of hate Deviate from the absolute Born of revenge Raised on cement Chaos created government I made a god out of blood Not superiority I killed the king of deceit Wake me up in anarchy

Razzamatazz / Jazzamatazz

TWISTA "Runnin' Off At Da Mouth"
[VERSE 1] Oh - back again makin the rhythm kick jazz Used to be wick-wack, now I got funky pizzazz Idryss'll do my fade-up cause he cuts em like class And the chicks want me to lick cause I'm too quick, I think I'll pass Dollars, if I don't fold em, I roll em like a bolo Other steppin to brothers cause he be God Oh no G-o-d, I be not he, it's true, don't call me loco And my man Eric the Wiz will stir the mini mix up like Coco Cut like Michael Myers, start up fires, I'm a scar hard Thinkin I be wimpy, I just simply rip em far apart Ansaars in New York, I know that you know that you are God This brother's from Chicago, so I guess I'm a Chigagod Rhythm is my producer of rhythms on the wax The posse Lower Level be kickin some funky tracks Never ask, I ax, I get madder than Max Diggem smacks, if they try to tax I play em like a sax [CHORUS] Rock - me call it what (Razzamatazz) Rock - me call it what (Jazzamatazz) [VERSE 2] Styles, I hand em, I brand em like cattlecakes Better get flows from your bros if a battle takes I hear a hiss, the tale of a taddle shakes Backs this breaks givin aches to the rattlesnakes I get spunky with funky stylin Rhythms I flow, I kick them wild and Tryin to get with the styles I'm pilin For your sob story I better get the violin Come again - watch a fun one construct I don't like sissy chickens and I hate a sucker duck Some label me a sucker because ducks I like t pluck The only way I be a sucker is if women wanna suck Always goin broke so I don't dig into my stash I'm cool as Brian Robbins on the show _Head of the Class_ If you don't get the picture, make the camera go flash When this rhythm was a baby, doc spanked him on his - jaz [CHORUS] [VERSE 3] Study my culture, soar like a vulture My teacher Marvin Howard will create my sculpture I'm kickin Islam, some brothers try to bomb Facts can harm but I still say Salaam Sometimes I blush, bust and leave puss Hush if I must, plus I don't forget to flush With suckers I fuss, thought I was soft like a slush Chicagods crush cause they think toys r us Hip (hip what) hop This funky hip (hip what) hop Is funky hip (hip what) hop This funky hip (hip what) hop 'll make a drip (drip what) drop I like to rip (rip what) shop I always slip (slip what) cops Reachin the tip (tip what) top Come in again Buck-buck, my rhythm be knockin at the do' Mi stamina rock, mi stamina rock, bloodclot, I do not know Why they judge me by one rap and say too fast I flow Even though I kinda thought I said it slow - oh [CHORUS]

Sports, Drugs & Entertainment

CAM'RON "S.D.E. (Sports Drugs and Entertainment)"
[Jay-Z] uh huh, yeah [Cam'Ron] This goes to all my hustlers, entertainers And of course, athletes in the struggle [Verse 1] Yo, yo yo yo yo Some get a little and some get none Shit, I was part of the some get none The ball, run for run, play the slums for crumbs Wired, real tired, till my lungs are done After all, I was nice in ball, But I came to practice weed scented Report card like the speed limit 55-55 expellable If your nice they make sure that you eligible Pretty final, '92 played the city finals Pretty swift, real mvp, and 55th I can hoop, yo All-American in my age group, yo Raised bad settled for a ju. co. (junior college) Uh, but why they let a thug on campus All i did was rob and mug on campus Sliced, rolled dice, got shiest on campus At the toast got bad, payed the price on campus Forgot about ball, I was done dude Now I'm in county in an orange jumpsuit, middle of Texas Call moms, she dont want the phone act She dont condone it, Cam dont come home, shit [Chorus 4X: Notorious B.I.G.] Cause the streets is a short stop Either you slangin' crack-rock or you got a wicked jump shot [Verse 2] Yo, yo, ayo Comin back home, I thought it'd be cool But everbody like, Cam, 'Yo, i thought you in school' Nah, im about to go back, huh, they know that im lyin' See me on broadway, know what im buyin' Niggas gettin' money, know what i'm eye'n Shiesty again, no where without iron Seems like my school life self destroyed Fuck gettin' a job, BIG self employed Slugs pop, drug spot, runnin' the thing Played ball on the weekend, 300 a game Till one of the workers pulled a small case Mouth runnin' like a dog race, tryin' to get us all laced I was slangin, but wasnt a kingpin A slow case n', verdict probation Tryed to fuck my P.O., she ignored that Said, 'Know what Cam your found with more crack' See what happen', stopped the crackin' Start rappin', quit the clappin' [Chorus] [Verse 3] Yo, yo, as a young nigga, always into crime But no matter what, yo, always used to rhyme So in that i became more curious Fuck bein' up north delirious, more serious Uh, so Killa did mixtapes CEO's heard, now here come big cake But one cat said Cam you better recoup Before you back on your block, baby, dead on the stoop But Un hooked me up with all this cheddar and loot The best rap deal of all time next to Snoop Money more the clutch, money more the touch I dont just rhyme I own liquor stores and such, but yeah Yo, the rap game remind me of the crack game Niggas wanna get they gun, then start the clap game, for dat fame Throwa Untertainment Sport, Drugs, Entertainment Till the arrainment, Killa [Chorus] [Cam'Ron] That's how it go on my block Mad props, let off mad shots All my peoples out there tryin' it Dis a problem for they environment, killa Sports, Drugs, Entertainment Till the arraignment

Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon

I enter the gates Into the realm where nothing dies But I'm still so cold inside Mesmerized... By visions past and gone Till the end of time I will eternally dwell Im dunkelsten der Stürme Falle zusammen die Kerkerwand Die mich schier endlos band Und herrlicher und freier walle Meine Seele ins unbekannte Land In the darkest of storms May crumble the dungeonwall That bound me almost endlessly And delightful and free may pilgrimage My soul into the unknown land I fly with the raven Through timeless spheres of frost... Through wasted lands of dreams Geflohen vor der Wirklichkeit - vor Ewigkeiten Und jenseits der Schwärze erstreckt sich Ein unendliches Meer aus Grau... Ein Meer aus gestaltloser Leere Doch die Qualen und der Schmerz verbleiben Als Erinnerungen an die vergangene Zeit Stolz und doch verzweifelt... Und in meinem Innersten hoffe ich Daß mein Leben nur ein Traum ist... Fled from reality - for eternities And on the other side of the blackness An endless sea of greyness extends... A sea of formless emptiness Yet the misery and the pain remain As memories of passed time Proud yet desperate... And deep inside I hope that my life is just a dream... The moon is my blanket In this cold domain So ancient - so cold... As a nightmare creature I crawl Awakened from my sleep To forever be... Wiedergeboren... Bei den drei Monden durch Mittwinters Tore Reborn... By the three moons through midwinter's gates I'm a shadow on haunted ground Laughing in sorrow Crying in lust The storm is calming and death is rising Evil - as pure as night Proud - full of sin Once again I'll rise... To survive eternity...

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