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Ruff Ryders Anthem (Dj Clue Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
(Drag-On) This thing right here.. (yeah yeah) is for my peoples in the streets.. (ha hah) Swizz Beats (uh-huh) And this thing right here.. (Ruff Ryders) will get your ass off your feet (Remix! .. c'mon) They call me Drag-On, when it's time to bomb I burn em all, til they all say turn em off Cause these chips, I'ma run em all Chickenheads, know I, be the Colonel Cause I burn eternal, mixed wit the inferno So be careful, 'fore I burn you You better learn dude, yeah I heard you but I'ma hurt you, but you don't know? My versatile, is a virtue Ruff Ryders be the team, which means a lot cream, lot of schemes Lot of beams to make your stock drop, right on the seams Nigga here is too hot and too much for you to touch Better tell your man cause I'm too tough Indubitably, too dust Do you bust? Cause we do You need to ask the people, but quietly But they don't believe until they leave violently Is you buying this? Cause niggaz that purchased is under the dirt kid They call me Drag-On; I'm the youngest but get bonkers Collabo' wit my dogs from Yonkers but this Bronx bomber's spittin flame so you better wear your armor Flame on! Chorus: DMX (repeat 2x) My dogs gon' STOP, your dogs gon' DROP And then we gon' SHUT EM DOWN, OPEN UP SHOP First we had em like OHHH, now they like NOOO What baby?!! THAT'S HOW RUFF RYDERS ROLL (Jadakiss) When I pop up, I lock shop up, pull the drop up Park a block up, hit the alarm, put the top up Stash the 'dro in my sock then pull my sock up And keep the burner but if it's hot put my glock up You know what I'm about, slidin off get my cock sucked Or writin rhymes watching Scarface in the hot tub Whatchu wanna bet, when I pull it out if you don't shout that every bullet'll go in and out Who you know besides 'Kiss take the piss in the bottle of Crist' and then give it to a modelin bitch And you like your watch plain, I'ma flood mine Alligator bloodline trained to find coke and bite one time (Styles) Y'all niggaz ain't hearin me out, til I pop up appear in your house, clearin it out, holiday style Everybody actin violent and wild Snatch the wife silence the child, that's how we move Kill me my man kill you, that's how you lose I Ruff Ryde, I don't like to slide felt that I slipped Then the gun's only helpin the clip And the clip's only helpin my hand And like who the fuck is helpin your man? When I cock back and hop out the van Double R, get a job, play the shit in the car Hit a party start a fight at the bar, and snatch your R Sell your shit for some coke and get the fuck out of Dodge (ve) Guess you figured that my niggaz, flippers, pullin triggers News team crowd around, tryin to flick a picture Get witcha, this bitch from Illadelph marches quicker Nigga not makin sense better stay up off the liquor Blonde bombshell, car-a-mel, heavy spender Groups be sayin I'm they sister, hush ya mouth 'fore I hit ya Stickin in wiseguys, fake thugs, and bullshitters Take you for a ride, cover up your eye, then I get ya Used to be shy-er, now I'ma Ruff Ryder Big niggaz play me close, when they used to ride by her Snatchin up your figures, frontin, know you dig us Haters, screamin, 'Who that bitch?' (UHH, UHH) Mind your business nigga Chorus [DJ Clue * talking over chorus *] Yeah!! DJ Clue! The Professional! Part One C'mon! Mad shout out, Donnie Brascoe Big Skate, Duro.. CLUE! (MX) Uhh, uhh, uhh.. The X is gonna hit y'all niggaz hard, leave y'all niggaz scarred Fuckin with the Dog when you fuckin with the God Rip y'all niggaz off, faggot niggaz soft Remember me from up North, I had you scared to cough My name is ringin bells, in penitentiary cells I'm making thugs rebel, ain't hard to tell You never really wanted it, so the mic you jumped in front of it Outta sixteen shots I'ma hit, which one of you niggaz am I gonna get Thought you knew what I was gonna spit, this time with this rhyme but by the end of it, y'all niggaz is gon' be like, 'Yo X ripped it!' Did my thing as usual it's never gon' stop Them cats can't be for real, I got this shit locked! Is that a game or a joke? Say the name or get smoked Simple as that, simple as black, to the throat Hit em all up to the coat, now you losin your life (Grrrrrr) A dog is a dog for life!

Roll With 'Em

JUVENILE "Solja Rags"
Juvenile: It's enemy turf that I'm on, so I'ma play it how it go Cock the hollow points into my black calico Hit the coat with some of grams of that dope fo' sho' it's bout to go Niggaz graduated from sellin' dope to snortin' dope Gangsta be bustin' heads Lil Reggie be bustin' heads K.C., he be bustin' heads Think I ain't 'bout nustin' heads Boddies bled, I'll put infrared up in your Cutlass You play with 226, that's my clique so I say fuck it Ruckus, war deep, World War III in the mix 5 Hot Boy$ runnin', bringin' G's to they clique With them hundred round tip-tips, to make sure niggaz ain't breathin' You recievin', a punishment for not believin' Curly head lookin' for me, cause I'm hot and word don' got loose Bundles of dope fronted, from the Magnolia to the Goose Snitches wanted to testify the shit that they know Set a bomb on the front door, put a key in the door and the place blow Look I been walkin' way mo', with a coat full of yeh-yo Nothin' but clientele, from 11-5, sale You don't think it's legal, nigga we can take it to the scale You gon' double your money, gon' get credit make your bail Chorus: Juvenile (4x) With that iron, I'ma roll wit' 'em, momma don't pray for me I don't back down frome no nigga, they got a place for me Juvenile: My biological father, was a sperm donor, around the corner Was the man that killed lil Lanny, who knew we'd understand it That way that, my mother was heartless to her kids So he took us in his home, and he raised like his own Now we grown, and we learned responsibility, The devil tryed to get wit me To affect all of my dickin' inability But it's gon' be some shit, when a collision is occurin' Asurin', of me bein' a factor, through '97 and after And I'ma have to, get my ten percent Or I'ma get punished, like the rest of these niggaz and there's evidence 'Cause ever since all these cars and all these mansions, and all these luxuries was givin' You wasn't givin' no thanks, to the reason you was livin' So I'ma keep an open mind and make the right decision And ain't tell you niggaz shit, and put my self in a position That's unescapable, 'cause you capable, of puttin' my life in danger And it's causin' confusion, confusion draw conclusion And shootin' up some niggaz that pose a threat Until somebody warns you that you're close to death Chorus: Juvenile (4x) Mannie Fresh: Don't love ya, don't need ya, so why the fuck would I feed ya You bitches want my riches, delete ya Cause it's movin', it's shakin' number one spot takin' Rap shite tight and money we be makin' Clock six figures, with brown beats and triggers Drinkin' from the riggers, poppa said the gon' fig us Everything I make, and everything I drive Everything I scratch and everything I ride Touch it, , live for it, you niggaz kill for it The new Juve tape, got you hoes loosin' weight Can't get your life straight, music to masturbate Juvenile: Test a, nigga like me boy and you better Have on your bulletproof sweater, ridin' in an armored Jetta Beware of these, thugs in E's Everytime you breathe you recievin' a part of me Look, my lyrics be combustable like gases When I'm grabbin' for the mic and performin' for your masses I'm never found on the ship that's steady sinkin' Total control and all about self my way of thinkin' Bankin', off top, runnin' with them boys from the block Totin' glocks that we only use when we put on the spot Now I got, a reason to live for than to die Keepin' a tight inventory on my supply, of gettin' high Know when to stop, don't wanna be it, can't even see it Not even them little niggaz that I be wit' Chorus: Juvenile (10x) I'm gettin' tired, of this bulshit that we hearin' I'm gettin' tired, 'bout to get my iron ready to ride Ready to ride Ready to ride Ready to ride, lil wodie Momma don't pray for me, I don't back down frome no nigga Momma don't pray for me, I don't back down frome no nigga Momma don't pray for me, I don't back down frome no nigga

You Can't See Me

King Tee "IV Life"
[King Tee] I run that old gangsterism on the normal The name is King Tee, I pack guns like it's formal With the utmost respect I be chillin Knockin MC's out cause I'm the best in this building I be the G-R-E-A-T, plus majestic Magical, radical, the technique is hectic I, floss upon the scene in the front and back Caddy Yeah, here goes Big Daddy, heh In my trunk I keep a whole fifth of 'gnac in there with some extra hollow points for my strap Cause I bust on fools, I shoot down fools that front The last of the few with the funk King Tipsy, who flips the, rhymes like I'm crazy You know these artificial gangsters can't fade Tee The original G, from the C-P-T I'm no joke on the funk fool, you can't see me To all my people with the funk.. (Yeah) You can't see me! To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? You can't see me! To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at-at-at? [King Tee] Huh, I'm really into girls with fat cats Hoochies, and hoes, and some hoodrats I take 'em to the Snooty Fox for the spin but if they real proper, we hit the Comfort Inn I grab a fifth of Tanqueray and some Squirt A fat bag of chronic then we're coolin like Levert Turn on the porno flicks just to set the mood Toss the bitch up and leave her ass in the room Cause a bitch ain't shit like Snoop told it All I do is toss and let the next man hold it I chill at the bar because that's the spot where a bitch'll get ten dollars just rubbin on the cock Yeah, Tee bein a trick won't work You won't spend my money on no (??) and that's real, comin from a real-ass G I'ma just toss yo' ass like a salad beatch, you can't see me To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? You can't see me! To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? You can't see me! To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? [King Tee] Now I'ma take the third verse to the neck then ask who's next and, ask who wrecks? I bring Tha Alkaholik spirit to the room Down two 40's, then hit the boom Release all your doubts cause, I'm what it's about The funky drunk man, in front with the stout And niggaz wanna test the fashion cause I bring passion, for those who's askin I don't trip I just, hit the switch for the funk shit I don't fuck with the punk shit I slang my rap like crack, and niggaz be cluckin A quick blast for the buck then they spark, and yo oh, peace to Mark for the beat from Carolina to the Compton streets They'll know, the original G, from the C-P-T I Act a Fool on the funk boy, you can't see me To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? You can't see me! To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? You can't see me! To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? To all my people with the funk.. .. where ya at? {*scratches ad-libbed to fade*}


LIL' WAYNE "Lights Out"
[talking] I know, I know, Weezy Wee, this dedicated to my father Damn nigga, y'all excuse the expressions What it be like up there baby boy, ay this here ya son hollerin at ya I miss the shit out ya, it's hard to be without ya But I know you watchin, peepin down on how I'm livin Ay, tell Jesus I said thanks for the blessings he sendin Please ask him to forgive me for the sins I commit Just let him know I'm still young and at risk Say, I'll never forget the time that you caught me smokin herb in the house I was dead wrong, I deserved to get out But you just talked it over with my mom and got it situated in due time Told me get the paper instead of high So now I take that advice and shed light over my whole life dog I wanted to be just like you my whole life dog I can't believe them niggas stole ya, that shit's pain to me But don't trip, I hold you down, you still remain through me And dog I know I can't see you but I bet that you smilin And I'm a make you even happier, I promise [Chorus 2x] I know you can't be close to my nigga, I know But I know you watchin over me nigga, I know But the shit's steady hurtin, burn deep But it's alright dog, everything gon' be alright dog I know you see my daughter growin up and bad as ever But she cool 'cause she do whatever daddy tell her And your wife, she's still the most wonderful woman I just built her a new house, she ain't runnin from nothin B and Slim, them niggas still love me like they own child Ms. Rose nerves get bad, but still she gon' smile And me I'm on some 'squash it' and some debate it But I know they love it way more than they hate it And I know you probably laughin at the way I treat these hoes and these bitches I try love 'em, my BM be trippin But Rabbit, you know one thing, I got the game from you, every perspective That's why I keep the gun at close connection for protection And you see I left school behind and chose CMB It was impossible on the road every week, but I know enough And I follow by everything you ever told me, think wisely Watch over me my nigga, just guide me [Chorus] I swear to you man, at some times I really wish I was with you 'Cause I get fed up with this life and I miss you Somebody pass me a tissue, and let me wipe the tears from my eyes Yeah, nigga I cried, it's 'cause I loved you dog I promise I won't ever put nothin above you dog So I live my life in dedication of you dog I know you see me happy on the outside and hurt within Make me wanna grab that gun and burst again But I know they got a reason why I'm here And I know they got a reason why you gone And therefore, I'm succeedin on my own But you ain't never left me, nigga, you still dwell in my heart I can't forget you kept it real from the start And until my last breath I exhale, I'm a keep you with me And when we do meet again, I'm a keep you with me And tell them niggas Pac, B.I.G. and Pun I said 'thay's my peoples' Watch over me nigga 'til I see you [Chorus 1 1/2x] [Wayne talking to fade]


ASAP FERG "Trap Lord"
[Intro] Yeah, a lot of you people look at me like "Who the fuck this nigga think he is?" Lord Ferg the Second, the Fergenstein All the trap lordians stand up, yeah [Verse 1] Hi! I'm Fergivicious To a bunch of bitches man, I'm Fergielicious Riding with a bunch of little trap villains Turn it up, leave yo ass on the ceiling Fuck your opinion nigga, I be killing Hippy white bitch on the penicilling Getting all the bad bitches I be feeling Think a nigga trapping? Yeah, I'm drug dealing Hit her with the crack pipe get her lifted Take a little sip-sip of my drip-drip Fuck a litle trill bitch 'til my dick limp I love the way you lick-lick on my dick tip Riding in the Bentley, you in a Civic Fuck your main broad 'til she on my friend's dick 4-5-6, yeah, my niggas tripping Shout out to the max and my niggas cripping A$AP Q, yeah, my nigga cripping Marty with the Mac, yeah, he blood dripping 5 point star for a thug nigga 'bout 2 keys for the [?] White gold teeth cause a nigga don't sleep Nightmares of bein broke cause I'm seein no cheese Bitch coming at me cause I'm dropping [?] She can get up on a nigga for about a couple G's [Hook] All I know is pain Surviving on my own [Verse 2] Hey, Joyde! Hi, twin! Thinking 'bout my goddamn father again Why he couldn't see a nigga in Medusa lens Why he couldn't see a nigga cop his first benz Why he couldn't see a nigga pop his first band Only bitches love me tryna get up in my pants Riding in a limo with a bunch of fake friends Who be only around me cause I make ends I feel the pain for my bro cause his dad died My daddy gone too my nigga, that's life But them niggas did it up in they past lives Mo├ęt with Crystal nigga, that's right Bet them niggas dressed up in them white suits Rhythm and the blues in a white coup Spit it through a cloud with a nice boo Daddy, Anna Nicole probably like you Ahh, I'm so vicious Riding in a coup with a bunch of killas Are you gangbanging, man? I couldn't see it Like twisting up your fingers in a pair of mittens Put 'em in the water with a bunch of fishes Watch a frog leap were his fucking chin is Are you popeye? Eat your fucking spinach Bunch of young trap lords and we down for sinning A$AP Soul, that's my fucking nigga Young Tarzan, that's my little nigga Crawling in them bitches like a caterpillar The bitch can't be all in my Hilfiger Flacko join in, he a trill nigga Twelv' the good goon be that real nigga Nasty Baby want to kill a nigga All us together the illest niggas [Hook]


C-Murder "Life Or Death (Explicit)"
[Master P] Yo C-Murder Nigga you woke? Keep your eyes on the rollers nigga. Pass the weed (ok) We gon' head up interstate 10 We gon' pick up Pimp C, and Bun B (that's my niggas there) We gon' get rowdy rowdy and bout it bout it We gon' handle our business We gon' smoke We gon' make it back to the N.O. Cuz u know whut? Us South niggaz don't playa hate We got love from the South, East, West, to the Nizorth But it's your time baby We gon' handle our business And we gonna do this shit like g'z We gonna represent the gizame Ya heard me? [Pimp C] This game fucked up I ain't got no friends I done spend my last 70,000 dollars on a drop-top bienz Ugh, and I'm a real nigga Down to put a forty-five to his head nigga Lay it down muthafucka because I'm bustin' for mine Take that ine everytime and I ain't try to dine Niggaz dyin' podarthur (huh nigga what?) Thank that I'm playin? (huh nigga what?) Bust 17 times and let 'em feel what I'm sayin' UGK and C-Murder Cadillac and a Tank (Master P) Bout to fade the platinum Smoke some dank and some drank But bitch luv me when I come to your city Serve my dick out her pussy and bust my nuts on her titties Ugh, it's just a matter of time before I'm up in your house With my mask on my face and my thang in your mouth Now get your mind right nigga (mind right) and make a pimp bitch and never put trust in a trick ass bitch (trick ass bitch) [chorus x4] I'm bout ta pull akickdoe! (ugggggggghhhhhh!) Lay down on the flo' (flo') Want the cheese and the money or everybody gotta go (gotta go) [Bun B] They try to run up in the manger (run up) Now hold oon Bun B I see me P and C in danger (danger) Just like the ATF, PD, and Texas Rangers Fuckin' with me and my middle fanga. But to this shit nigga we ain't strangers But I Gotta bust my magnums Gotta gage these pistols Hand grenades, and land mines chopper smoke bombs and missiles Some of them bitches whistle Some of them bitches silent But all them bitches handle business All of them violent Bout it bout it and dangerous soldiers that wanna gang with us Bang with us, hang with us get that No Limit slang with us I came to bust every ass in my way till it's over so get the chip off your shoulder feature this I done told yah we own 5 on your bitch in your bumpin' conflicts Nigga I can see that you got plicked Sit down and take a time trip this ain't nothin' ta sneeze at the fear in your eyes I see bitch where's the key's g'z at? [chorus x2] [C-Murder] Lay it down muthafucka Everybody gotta go Give me the loot is what I tell 'em When I kick in the doe' Nigga I'm mad at the world for my lack of havin' papers Fuck the law and the cops Cuz I'm down for a caper [Master P] Some say we dangerous Especially when we broke I'm mo daily than a dope fiend fiendin' for dope I just live for confetti You see I'm daily like Freddy You see I run through your house and leave it messy like messy [C-Murder] I got to much choice in my head I wanna take my own life My last chance is a 211 But it got me thankin' twicee It's a drought right now So these drugs ain't happenin' And if it wasn't for No Limit there would be no money or rapping. [Master P] You see my boy had an apartment full of keyz and g'z The word on the street is his homie told his baby momma to freeze! You see you can't trust nobody in this dope game keep your eyez on your enemies Stack some chips and get out man. [C-Murder] Give me a ski-mask, a 9 I'll be a down ass nigga And watch me pull a flee-flicker And make my cheese get bigger If I get caught it's 25, but that don't mean shit Cuz if I go to jail it's gotta be better than living like this Nigga 2 shots in the air Cuz I ain't bout bein' broke And if you bout i make a move nigga, everybody gotta go Just some bout it niggaz from New Orleans With tapes hooked up C-Murder, Master P, and UGK Now Nigga what? [chorus till fade]

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