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RODNEY ATKINS lyrics - If You're Going Through Hell

Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)

Original and similar lyrics
The declaration of independence Think I can tell you that first sentence But then I'm lost I can't begin to count the theories I had pounded in my head that I forgot I don't remember all that spanish Or the gettysburg address But there is one speech from high school I'll never forgot [Chorus:] Come on in boy, sit on down And tell me 'bout yourself So you like my daughter, do you now Yeah we think she's something else She's her daddy's girl and her mama's world She deserves respect, that's what she'll get, ain't it son Now y'all run along and have some fun I'll see you when you get back Bet I'll be up all night Still cleaning this gun Well now that I'm a father I'm scared to death one day my daughter's gonna find That teenage boy I used to be Who seems to have just one thing on his mind She's growing up so fast it won't be long 'fore I'll have to put the fear of god Into some kid at the door [repeat chorus] It's all for show, ain't nobody gonna get hurt It's just a daddy thing, hey believe me man, it works [repeat chorus]

13 And Good

Boogie Down Productions "Sex and Violence"
I walked in the place very big space Every kind of race dancin' and niggas made chase A very pretty face, feel the bass Basses kick, flygirl jumps on my tip The drink that I sip implies this it it She looked to be about 26 I ain't dizzy It's time to get busy!! Welcome female is in my arms. Overwhelmed by my playboy charms We jumped in the ride rushed to the crib I ain't gotta explain what we did Built to last I simply waxed that Ax the question, no need for guessin' Hey baby, how old are you? 21 24 maybe 22 I'm twenty five She shucked and kinda neeghed And said, hee, hee, hee I'm only 13 13!! I need a quick escape That's statutory rape But she was GOOD! Chorus: GOOD! (You should been there she was) GOOD! (Man that jail term won't be) GOOD! (But she looked) GOOD! (Man her brothers will beat you ) GOOD!! (Even if I get beat down it was still) GOOD!! The story gets better, This girl is kinda clever She said, I wanna be with you forever I said, Forget it I need to get my life in order You could almost be my daughter She started sighin' and her sighin' turns into cryin' Her cryin' turns into her replyin' Where's the phone?. I think it's time that I went home She called her pops and said, Come get me I'm all alone I'm sorry daddy I slept with an older man He said, Don't worry. The 45 is in my hand. I'll be there before you count to four. One two three four He's at my door She said, See what you did you caused me all this grief. Your goin' to jail my daddy's a police chief. If I can't have you no one will. And I ain't even on the pill. But you was Chorus: Repeat 6x GOOD!! Daddy walked in and the whole scene kinda changed He grabbed his daughter and almost beat the girl insane She's cryin' down the hall and now goin' home He closed the door and, I'm happy we're all alone Jump on the bed and look me straight into my eyes I think your kinda cute, don't make me use my 45 Daddy's lookin' for a lubricant He pulled out a little piece of gum and started chemwin' it He said, For year I've been lookin for a big strong man I've got an apartment out in Brooklyn Only my daughter and I live there You can see my daughter anytime, anywhere But it's you that I want to be mine The price tag is your behind Don't worry it'll be Chorus: GOOD!! The morale of this story? There is no morale you finish the story for me When your livin' your life everyday in the hood Wakin' up in the mornin' should feel GOOD!

Set Me Up

LEVEL 42 "Guaranteed"
Well a thing was said to me time's your enemy it may heal a wound, but it won't hide a scar and the only thing to do is to yourself be true 'cause a head that's in the clouds won't see the stars When I was young I never walked away I'd nail my colours to the wall though black and white soon turned to shades of grey there is one thing that I really know for sure Nobody's gonna set me up nobody's gonna set me up There's a bitterness in you 'cause all you ever do is to drag your spirit screaming to the floor but you gotta make your luck before your time is up and they take you in your box out through the door But I'm not saying I don't care at all I'd rescue you before you drown but if behind my back they start to talk I'm a tougher kind of man this time around Nobody's gonna set me up nobody's gonna set me up When you look back and see what you have done well was it really that much fun to laugh and kick the fallen ones Gonna grow another skin this one's getting thin I've been bitten twice but never lost my nerve well you gotta hide the hurt when people dish the dirt 'cause if you don't try nothing that's what you deserve There are people with their eyes of green smiling when you take a fall maybe a friend or someone never seen but even with my back against the wall Nobody's gonna set me up nobody's gonna set me up People said to me time's your enemy it may heal a wound, but it won't hide a scar Nobody's gonna set me up nobody's gonna set me up And the only thing to do is to yourself be true 'cause a head that's in the clouds won't see the stars

I Need A Girlfriend

B2K i got everything i want in my life except a girlfriend just caught bentley and parked in my garage at 2 o'clock i pull in for my massage and everywhere that we go they know just who we are there they go it's them ghetto superstars the latest throwback and air 1's on my feet get out the benz and im all up in the jeep takin pics with chicks that look alicia keys all of that i'm still missing 1 thing (Chorus) a girlfriend(girlfriend) i need a girlfriend(girlfriend) a girlfriend(girlfriend) would you be my girlfriend (girlfriend) we hit the mall and buy up all the nike suites im bein pampered while im chillin by the pool from the shore to the limo to the club everywhere showin nothin but some love got plenty cloths plenty ice plenty cash im pretty swoll pretty ass plenty shhh i got every single thing that i need except for a main squeeze (chorus) (alright alright we got b2k up in this beat) tell me who's gonna be my girlfriend... (and we need all the ladies out there lookin for a nice fella to get up out there seat) and who out there needs a real man.... (put your hands up ya'll uh) and who's gonna ride or die with me... (who's gonna be that ride or die chick for me tonight uh) who's gonna give me don't care what they need... (LiL Fizz) i need a thing with big hips that just my motivation no more game preperation this is pimperation she must be ready and steady for romance-session i'm talkin willin to learn a LiL Fizz lesson now she blamin it again and now we arguin talkin girl talk lesson tellin all her friends but i seen this new chick tonight and imma make her my girlfriend my girlfriend (chorus 2x's)

Right In The Middle

LUTHER VANDROSS "Dance With My Father"
If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get the same old stuff Life can treat you good, then turn as cold as ice And believe me when I tell you This thing called love, for sure, is like most things in life Not all bad, not all good (it's just something that I believe) Not all cold, not all hot (yeah, I like that) Not all bitter, not all sweet (sounds all right to me) So don't miss all the good, waiting for the best, there's still happiness Right in the middle Perfect love sounds real nice But that never seemed to happen with any relationship of mine It was always up and down, in then out And after the last goodbye, I still didn't know what it was all about You get disappointed if it ain't bliss all the time And you get so annoyed if you can't feel the same every night Not all bad, not all good (I'm tryin' to tell you that it's) Not all high, not all low (not all high and not all low) Not all heaven, not all hell (as far as I can tell) It's not some prize you win, you don't have a thing to prove, just enjoy the groove Right in the middle ‘Cause I've learned when it comes to love, it's the exact same reality That's why they say 'Que sera, sera' Which means whatever's gonna be is gonna be Whatever's gonna be is gonna be… Not all bad, not all good (I need somebody to understand) Not all sunshine, not all rain (you know that too much of a good thing is really no good) Not all laughter, not all tears (I'm only trying to tell you) To let your good times roll, keep your self-control, there's a lotta soul Right in the middle

Hook Machine

Emm Gryner
I left my heavy guitars in Maidenhead Instead of yelling and screaming I put it all Where no one sees it And sometimes I say to my brother You'll do just fine I need a rocket and you need time CHORUS One for the big mind Cause I know you need to dance to something Or sing it on your way home One for the big mind Cause I wouldn't want to disappoint You mean so much to me And you do Full grown man's gonna reunite his band If he can But all of that money in his shoe can't make him 22 Or half as cool I say to my animal and all her lives I could use seven or eight if you don't mind CHORUS Did I write a big enough Write a big enough chorus for you You don't know a thing about Know a thing about getting down when you're up In your skyscraper Copy-cat of a girl won't phone me back How about that Too busy I bet She's sick of being a sheep but I wish her well And I can tell I'm gonna make Castor a bigger star Than he ever thought he'd never get so far CHORUS (2x)

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