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Original and similar lyrics
Watch them go, 'cuz one by one they rise to fall Hearts in tow It's just a game she's only having fun She laughs and turns away Surprised, she mocks 'It's all the same, tonight's the loss, tomorrows' gain' and in the end it's so. Oh! Stand in line, 'cuz one by one they march in time in the wings, we stand and watch these foolish things go by just preparing for the play aloof she moves, the confidante with practiced step memory dance, she executes her role, role. And as the cavalcade begins to thin do you stop and look around free to choose but not to win you're just too late, your show is at an end now you're the victim of your game through your fingers, watch them slip familiar moves just hit and miss the one who never slows

Dreams Go By

HARRY CHAPIN "Greatest Stories Live"
There you stand in your dungarees Looking all grown up and so very pleased When you write your poems they have so much to say When you speak your dreams it takes my breath away You know I want to be a ball player A regular slugging fool But both our dreams must wait awhile Until we finish school And so you and I We'll watch our years go by We'll watch our sweet dreams fly Far away, but maybe someday I don't know when But we will dream again And we'll be happy then Till our time just drifts away There you stand in your wedding dress You're so beautiful that I must confess I'm so proud you have chosen me When a doctor is what you want to be You know I want to be a painter, girl A real artistic snob But I guess we'll have our children first You'll make a home, I'll get a job Listen to the seasons passing Listen to the wind blow Listen to the children laughing Where do broken dreams go? There you stand in your tailored suit So many years gone by, but your're still so cute We take the car to go and meet the bus When our grandchildren come to visit us You say you should have been a ballerina, babe There are songs I should have sung But I guess our dreams have come and gone You gotta dream when you are young And so you and I We'll watch our years go by We'll watch our sweet dreams fly Far away, but maybe someday I don't know when But we will dream again And we'll be happy then Till our time just drifts away

Watch Out

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
One little, two little, three little indie rap Headphones, backpack, watch 'em all... It goes watch out! Jack the Ripper, Jack Jack the Ripper Peace to Jack tripper and those Wellstone bumper stickers My name is Sean and I never had dreadlocks Instead I got an army full of women screaming Headshots! I guess that explains it, don't it She started to make a mark but it came apart That's what you get for tryin' to make your little sister eat the kitty litter Let's watch a rapper get bitter like the city winter What the fuck you thinkin'!? You frustrated or something? Did you have a bad week? Man, you got issues, I feel sorry for you Yo, shitting on me is so 2002 (Bitch!) Turn your mic off, and turn the lights off Whoever put your record out must have needed write-offs Who they play when the game's in a tight spot? Slug, you can find me in the A's of your iPod [Chorus] Watch out! When the crowd gets loud It could burn up the roof or make the walls all fall down Watch out! When you open up your mouth I can smell that you don't know what you're talking about (It goes) Watch out! We all love a clown But we don't wanna see you climb up out the underground Watch out! If you don't like the sound Fuck you! I'm just tryin' to put it down for my home town Cars drive by with the booming system I must be getting old cause the bass sounds ridiculous And nowadays, every body's biting Tupac So fuck it, I'ma stand over here and do the moonwalk Besides police, I've got no beef Just me, my beliefs and my bad teeth A cargo van and some Ant beets Enough rap to slap you to last week Caught between the vice and the advice Drunk, walking out in traffic just to fly kites Time out, the free-style rhyme out, my last rights Fuck a classic album, give my life 5 mics And when the smoke clears, you won't be able to suck dick Like you did as a teenage slut trick And with a mat on his grill, he asks "Who the fuck are you?" Don't worry man, someday I'ma be nobody too [Chorus] Look, I understand your hate When I was younger, I wanted to be LL Cool J Then he started making records for the girls and shit So I ripped up the Kangol and threw it away I stole moves from KRS-One A little Big Daddy Cane and some DJ Run And then we took our life and made it a song And look, nowadays Rhymesayers is on It's the B-I-G D-A double D-Y S-E-A-N He hasn't hit the rooftop to jump, guess he waitin'? For what? I don't know, but who wanna come with me? I got at least one more tool with me So criticize me, or idolize me Study from a distance or stand right beside me It don't matter, just act like I know And watch your back on the beat Or get sacked at the free-throw [Chorus]


Attica Blues "Test don't test"
You gave your all Expected nothing in return but a promise that you would be the sole one I told you then I saw it all But could just stand by to watch you fall deeper Your skies caved in Tears escaped Then the anger came with a strength Another point of view Doesn't count for much When the objective one Isn't missing his touch I stood by you then I'll stand by you now But don't want to just watch you fall deeper Deeper Started to accept, Just to carry on, But excluding him meant a whole piece of life gone Couldn't let it go Barriers came down Now you're there again like the scar forgot the pain I told you then I said it all But now again I watch you fall deeper Deeper

Time Moves Slow

AQUALUNG "Magnetic North"
Leaving on time Gone to look for a place to stand And watch the world pass by Living on a smile There's nothing you need to explain Where no one knows your name And that suits me fine Once I was young, I was stupid And sure of myself The truth is the word that Gets harder and harder to spell Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up And all will be well But time moves slow Tonight Sleeping lay my body down Dream a dream where everything You lost can still be found Escaping laying my body down All the weight of my skin it goes At the great unknown It's all uneven now Once I was hot, I was hungry I knew I was right It's easy to do if you're wearing Your wounds thrown inside out ?? Stretching out back But time moves slow Tonight I'm leaving for a world Gone to look for a place to stand And watch the pass go by Remember, remember, you told me You'd be always be mine We run, we run, we run, we run We run, we run, we run, we run Tomorrow wake up ?? Make up my mind But time moves slow Tonight

A Million And 1 Questions (Extended)

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
[Jay-Z:] I did it again niggaz Fucked up, right ha, I know I know what y'all niggaz asking yourself He gonna ever fall off No... ...lot of speculation on the monies I've made, honeys I've slayed How is he for real Is that nigga really paid Hustlers I've met or, dealt with direct Is it true he slay the beef and slept with a tech What's the position you hold Can you really match a triple platinum artist buck by buck by only a single goin gold Roc-A-Fella ship fold, and you're left out in the cold Is it back to charging motherfuckers 11 for an O For the millionth time askin me Questions like Wendy Williams, harrassin me then get upset when I catch feelings Can I get a minute to breathe And in that minute you leave While I'm looking at my Rol' ice spinnin on my sleeve Uggh, nice watch, do you really have a spot Like you said in Friend or Foe and if so, what block What you doin in L.A., with phillipinos and ese's Latinos and Cheve's, down by Pico withh Frederico I answer all your questions but then y'all got to go Now the question I ask you is how bad you want to know BLAOW! uh-huh uh uh uh uh-huh uh-huh, How we do What uh-huh uh uh uh uh-huh uh-huh, How we do '98 Primo remix and ain't nothing different I don't kow what the hell niggas been snifin' Jiggas still dippin Chrome on the whips and 4 days out the week find me in the kitchen Still in the game nigga, hooked like glue Popie gave me one pie, but it cook like two I'm a crook like you, Cats around my way was buyin brand new whips and shit, what could I do Know when I'm supposed to style, I'm the huster's poster child, Rock lizards and crock-a-dile Live ironic and what-not Put all that ice on the face of a watch just to make it hot Now you see me on them stages Rocks in the air lookin' like Blue Lasers, Never fool gazers Act couragous, I smack 'em wit da two aces Mack double one, nigga I'm troublesome All I got for chicks hard dick and bubble gum Flip bricks like Fred, Barney Rubble and thum It's the Rock-A-Fella click, What's Fucked up wit' thum Not a damn thang nigga, we doin our damn thing.. BLAOW!!! uh-huh uh uh uh uh-huh uh-huh, How we do Come on.... [Radio Announcer:] Sounds so beautiful, Don't you agree ladies and gentlemen [Music Changes] [Jay-Z:] HA! Well they call me Jay-hovah cause the flow is religious Ever since I was 16 I been holding digits I'm seeing this industry clearer As if I had coke in the trunk and cops in the rear mirror I slow flows all to death, So ya'll ho's know whos best, Jigga!! The flow be ipendito, for the mama's I hable espanol nikito O-et-te I got timing like a subway, now holla back ba-by Uh-huh-huh Jay-Z, you motha fuckin right in the darkest nights let off my gun for light To guide ya'll through, show you how it's done I'm the question and the answer like Iverson Jets be private ones, no gate to lift So when I take flight it's from Hanger 6 Bang wit this, Wake up wit one in your brain and the cocaine flows straight, numbin your pain This ain't your speed young man, run in your lane So I can come through doin a hundred and change I put one in your frame picture that, Who's runnin the game Let's get to that I guess we one in the same, A Million and One Once Again Novacane flow, ho you ain't know Like a balla in an Impalla Jigga remain Low Then I pop up and tear your block up and kick off like soccer In a range rove twist ho's like ankles, Till the next time Poppa I hit ya'll with a million more

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