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Rickie Lee Jones lyrics - Pop Pop

The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men

Original and similar lyrics
Sing a song of sad young man Glasses full of rye All the news is bad again so Kiss your dreams goodbye All the sad young men Sitting in the bars Knowing neon nights Missing all the stars All the sad young men Drifting through the town Drinking up the night Trying not to drown All the sad young men Singing in the cold Trying to forget That they're growing old All the sad young men Choking on their worth Trying to be brave Running from the truth Autumm turns the leaves to gold Slowly dies the heart Sad young men are growing old That's the cruelest part All the sad young men Seek a certain smile Someone they can hold for a little while Tired little girl does the best she can Trying to be gay for her sad young man While the grimy moon Watches from above All the sad young men Play of making love Misbegotten moon Shine for sad young men Let your gentle light Guide them home tonight All the sad young men

Just Let Me Cry

Gore Lesley "Golden Hits"
Oh stars on high, why can't I make you see, That I don't want your light to shine on me. He said goodbye. Just let me cry. Don't let me hear the robins sing above. What good's their song if I've no one to love? He said goodbye. Just let me cry. Hide ev'ry lovely flower from my sight. Don't let that dreamy moon come out tonight. And please don't let me see two lovers kiss. Don't let me be reminded what I miss. He said goodbye. Just let me cry. Oh stars on high, please won't you shine on me. And help me to erase this memory. He said goodbye. Don't let me cry. (the song ends here, but these additional lyrics were written.) Please let me hear the robins sing above. So I'll forget this longing for his love. He said goodbye. Don't let me cry. When I see that dreamy moon come out tonight, Let me find two other arms to hold me tight. I need the magic of a burning kiss. To lose the mem'ry of the lips I miss. He said goodbye Don't let me cry.

Goodbye My Love

hear the wind sing a sad, old song it knows i'm leaving you today please don't cry or my heart will break when I go on my way Chorus: goodbye my love goodbye goodbye and au revoir as long as you remember me I'll never be too far goodbye my love goodbye I always will be true so hold me in your dreams till I come back to you see the stars in the skies above they'll shine wherever I may roam I will pray every lonely night That soon they'll guide me home Chorus


JONAS BROTHERS "Jonas Brothers"
[Verse 1:] Take my hand tonight We can run so far We can change the world to anything we want We can stop for hours just staring at the stars They shine down to show us That... [Chorus:] you know when the sun forgets to shine I'll be there to hold you through the night And we'll be running so fast we can fly tonight And even when we're miles and miles apart You're still holding all of my heart I promise it will never be dark I know..we're inseparable [Verse 2:] We could run forever if you wanted to And i would not get tired Because I'd be with you I keep singing this song until the very end We have done all these things [Chorus] [Bridge:] I would give it all Never let you fall Cause you know we're inseparable I would give it all Just to show you I'm in love Cause you know we're inseparable [Chorus]

Elemental Child

T-Rex "Debora"
Torch girl of the marshes Her kiss is a whip of the moon Dawn's damsels are dancing To the hum of her sunny young tune Gems hemmed in the heart's head The shield of the rivers is hers She one told me to think white And the night disappeared like a bird Hold the glove of gold behind you Love the glove of Truth.

Song Of Wyoming

JOHN DENVER "Windsong"
(Lewis) I'm weary and tired, I've done my day's riding, nighttime is rolling my way. The sky's all on fire and light's slowly fading, peaceful and still ends the day. Out on the trail, night birds are calling, singing their wild melody. Down in the canyon, cottonwood whispers a song of Wyoming for me. Well I've wandered around the town and the city, tried to figure the how and the why. I stopped all my scheming, I'm just drifting and dreaming, watching the river roll by. Here comes that big old prairie moon rising, shining down bright as can be. Up on the hill there's a coyote singing a song of Wyoming for me. Now it's whiskey and tobacco and bitter black coffee, a lonesome old dogie am I. But waking up on the range, Lord, I feel like an angel, Feel like I almost could fly. Drift like a cloud out over the badlands, sing like a bird in the tree. The wind in the sage sounds like heaven singing a song of Wyoming for me. A song of Wyoming for me.

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