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Rickie Lee Jones lyrics - Pirates


Original and similar lyrics
She was pregnant in May Now they're on their way Dashing thru the snow To St. John's, here we go Well, it could be a boy But it's okay if he's girl Oh, these things that grow out of The things that we give We should move to the west side They still believe in things That give a kid half a chance When he pulled off the road Step in a waltz of ted moon-beams Said he fit an APB, A robbery nearby And he go for his wallet And they thought he was going for a gun And the cops blew Bird away Some kids like watching Saturday cartoons Some girls listen to records all day in their rooms But what do birds leave behind, of the wings that they came with If a son's in a tree building model planes? Skeletons, Skeletons.

Ain't Gotta Work

HOODIE ALLEN "All American"
[Verse 1:] I got Michael Clark Duncan on my speed dial You ain't impressed girl? He from Green Mile Buying things I couldn't afford, let my keep mine Rich kids never payed for clothes, that's "free" style Said I'll give you the world, said what you need kid Siamese like where the fuck do I begin? It's kind of funny, we all chasing the money tree Son of a bitch, cause bitches want to have sons of me Is it right girl? Is it sex trade? White girls, push that white girl to get paid And do you blame 'em when you meet someone who's famous On the internet, for saying all the things that you've been saying Man I do it for the principle, yeah you know that "holy" crap Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who hold me back It's fictitious, I'm here with some big wishes But I'm really not sick, please don't tell Kobe that [Hook:] Here we come, on our way We don't got no job today We don't want one any way Here we come, on our way We don't got no job today We don't want one any way [Verse 2:] Everyone's a critic, but no one listen to their advice Staring like I'm Angelina Jolie in a pair of tights Foreign kids, and yoga pants, but she use to go-go dance Sample my parents favorite record, Like I know that band I make 'em real proud, I make 'em hold their hands Speak a little Spanish, but how do you say Gold in France Le ore. Put everything on the tour bus On deck circle, but I'm waiting 'til you're up And I've been skipping out on life a bit You've been trying to come between us like we hyphened it Promise that I'm a listen to everything that you said, but I'm busy making these hits, and you're busy making your bed So, sleep on it, we on it I got a couch no Chappelle put your feet on it Gave me a little buzz in the oven, now I'm a honey bee But no one's gonna like you when you're twenty three [Hook] [Bridge:] This is for my friends that I lose If I don't grow up, I won't grow up now This is for my friends that I lose If I don't grow up, I won't grow up now This is for my friends that I lose If I don't grow up, I won't grow up now This is for my friends that I lose If I don't grow up, I won't grow up now [Hook]

We Ride On Dem Thangs

[Rap verse] Come on cuz don't playa hate cause I'm riding on dubs, I'm big willie with this shit aint no f'n with us, I'm on the strip, chillin with chicks feelin their hips, Got their man pissy mad cause I'm freakin their chicks. I keep 'em on lock the enterprise keeps me on top with these, Head banging track keep you bobbin like that, I stick and I move around the world with women I choose, And every ride that I drive got a new pair of shoes, Who gives a fuck if I'm musky if I wasn't a star the girls would, Still rush me my life is too lovely and everyday is the same, cause we ride on them thangs and you be on teenage rims, playa hating on a playa cause I bought me some tims now what's the problem needing some dough needing some cheese your girl want her done its all on me tre it up [Verse 1] Tell me that you like what you see girl Cause I been watching you, watching me girl Its time to hit the floor, move your feet girl If you want to rock with me tonight [Chorus] Meet me, meet me at the spot Girl we can make it hot Cause baby we ride on dem thangs Girl work it all night long I'm still getting it on Cause lady we ride on dem thangs [Verse 2] Ooh you turn me on, I can't stop now You are the baddest one in here Shorty hands down I cant see no one else Just want you for myself So if you wanna ride with me tonight [Chorus (2x)] Bridget Now we're standing here It's just me and you I can read your mind Girl I'm freaky too You can leave your girls I can leave my crew And we can ride, ride, ride [Repeat chorus]

The Road

JACKSON BROWNE "Running On Empty"
(Danny O'Keefe) Highways and dancehalls A good song takes you far Your write about the moon And you dream about the stars Blues in old motel rooms Girls in daddy's car You sing about the nights And you laugh about the scars Coffee in the morning cocaine afternoons You talk about the weather And you grin about the rooms Phone calls long distance To tell how you've been Forget about the losses, you exaggerate the wins And when you stop to let 'em know You've got it down It's just another town along the road The ladies come to see you If your name still rings a bell They give you damn near nothin' And they'll say they knew you well So you tell 'em you'll remember But they know it's just a game And along the way their faces All begin to look the same And when you stop to let 'em know You got it down It's just another town along the road Well it isn't for the money And it's only for a while You stalk about the rooms And you roll away the miles Gamblers in the neon, clinging to guitars You're right about the moon But you're wrong about the stars And when you stop to let 'em know You got it down It's just another town along the way


ATTILA "Outlawed"
Here we go! Pack your bags we gotta leave this town for good Don't complain, I've never done these things before Flashing lights in the rear view, hit the gas If one things for sure- I will be going fast! Smoke it out Step on the gas Smoke it out Another 127 more miles to go And I'll be back in the city that I once called home I will run forever, days and nights will pass They'll never find me Things were going well, I even left a note We kept in touch until about a half hour ago That's about the time my world turned upside down One things for sure, I'll never be found! SMOKE ME OUT now This is an order! SMOKE ME OUT Step on the gas! They're catching up to me Don't let em get me I don't wanna spend my life in jail Don't let em get me I'm going out with a bang! I'll never know why being bad has to be so fun Everybody's out to get me Pedal to the metal to avoid the consequence No one ever said I couldn't run from my problems! We can leave this city Lets escape our demons They'll never catch me alive!

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